Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Young Commuter With Brilliant Idea For Better Train Services!

Amazing! It took a young commuter to see that there issues on the Western Line to Richmond.

Yes, young teenager, Alex from Cattai finds catching trains from Riverstone a long wait, in important morning times. He travels to work by train from Riverstone to Blacktown and then catches a bus to his work in Blacktown and finally also rides his skateboard as a form of transport only for one kilometre.

What improvements he would like to see in his area is the dual carriageway increased from Schofields to Riverstone, enabling better and more services as is happening at the new Schofields train station.

Currently, when he catches trains  from Riverstone train station there are three choices to catch trains during the week and they are 6.36am, 7.08am and then 7.36am. As he has to commence work at 8am, he catches normally the 7.08am train service. 

At Schofields train station the trains run every fifteen minutes in the morning and he has seen a shift of commuters catching trains from Riverstone driving to Schofields and then allowing a better chance to catch the trains. They would rather drive by car the extra miles than wait at Riverstone train station, to catch more frequent trains.

Then I realised I was on the wrong train station at Quakers hill, so I thanked him, rushed out to catch the train back to Blacktown and transferred trains back to Mount Druitt! How I really got carried on in the train carriage.

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