Monday, November 24, 2014

NSW Waratah Train Guard Went Over And Beyong His Job!

From Lester Pasley:

It finally happened this morning.  The Guard of Waratah Set A71 warned passengers about the step down between the Waratah doors and the train platforms on my train to work this morning.  He is the first Guard to do so.  Other Guards just advise about the gap between platforms.  I've had this guard before on other services.  He has a North American accent.  At each of the stops my train made, he warned passengers about the step down as well as the gap between platforms.  He also gave passengers options for changing to other train services at each of the interchange stations.
This guard is a credit to Sydney Trains and I've written a letter to the CEO of Sydney Trains praising the Guard for his customer service.


Lester Pasley
Mount Druitt Commuters Improvement Group Inc
T: 0403 478 257

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Tribute To Ron Mulock - Fomer State Deputy Leader & Member For Penrith!

On behalf of Lester Pasley, Secretary of Mount Druitt Commuters Improvement Group Inc. here is a tribute to Ron Mulock, former NSW Deputy Leader and Member for Penrith:

Ron Mulock, the former Deputy Premier and Transport Minister, passed away last week.  Diana and I had the privilege of knowing him personally as fellow parishioners of St Nicholas of Myra in Penrith.  Ron and his wife Desley sat in the pew across from us at the Sunday evening mass. 

We later worked with Ron in the Sydney Alliance.  Diana looked up to him as a kindly uncle and he offered Diana some wise advice when she had to make a speech at the Transport forum in the Joan Sutherland Centre in 2011.  He reviewed her speech and edited it down to 2 minutes keeping it short and simple as all the speakers were restricted to 2 minutes.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Public Transport Update June - July 2014 By Lester Pasley

Check out  the new link from the new Secretary, of the Mount Druitt Commuters Improvement Group Inc, Lester Pasley:

Click Here

Saturday, May 10, 2014

NEW Inter-City Trains - May Not Stop At Mount Druitt!

What's happening in our state

The NSW Government will invest $2.8 billion in a new state-of-the-art fleet of intercity trains, giving long-distance customers a more comfortable ride and for the first time making trains air-conditioned.

Around 65 new intercity trains, including about 520 brand new carriages, will carry passengers to the Central Coast, Newcastle, the Blue Mountains, and the Illawarra. Sydney customers will also benefit from this significant investment, as the new trains will stop at many busy Sydney interchanges such as Central and Strathfield.

In addition, the Oscar intercity fleet - currently operating to outer metropolitan areas – will be reallocated to Sydney suburban services, meaning every train across the State will be air-conditioned. 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Another Win for Mount Druitt Community - New Bus Time Tables Available in Mount Druitt fro Busways Services!

New  Busways time tables are now being issued for the following bus services in and around Mount Druitt:

721, 722, 724, 725, 726, 727, , 737, 738, 739, 739V, 740, 751, 752, 753, 754, 755, 757, 758, 761, T71, T74 & T75.

Another win for the Mount Druitt Community is the 739V which is now going to be driving down Frank Street, which will cover the  southern part of Mount Druitt from Frank Street and surrounding  suburbs - resounding  win for Peter Kerr from our group that has continually been lobbying for bus service to go down the full length of the street.

Although it is a limited bus service, it will be up to the local community to provide  good patronage to this service so that the service will be retained.

It goes to show that Peter  had stood very strong for the community with public transport and myself I am so proud of him

Click Here for new time tables to Busways services

Friday, May 2, 2014

St Marys Option For Rail Link To Proposed Badgerys Creek 2nd Sydney International Airport - Sydney Morning Herald

This is another  rail proposal that has been introduced by the NSW Government, since their office of election between Mount Druitt and St Marys train stations that makes these 2 areas important hubs.

The one good thing is  there is plans for new rail infrastructure and services out west, creating ample job opportunity and a further transport link to the  Federal Government's announcement of the 2nd Sydney International Airport based in Badgerys Creek.

I support a recommendation by one of our group members. George Nicolaides OAM, recommendation to seek extension of train services from St Marys, Dunheved, Ropes Crossing and to Riverstone- providing another rail Loop. Maybe, in future this could be considered.

Click Here for Sydney Morning Herald Article

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Pick The Difference Of the Oscar Train Carriages On These 2 Photos!

Check out  the 2 pictures that we provide on this blog. Besides being the Oscar train carriage is on different angles. Can you notice something that stands out out in front of your eyes?

One difference not known to you, is the left picture is  the Oscar Train carriage is at Mount Druitt train station platform.

The second right picture you will not pick up is that this Oscar train carriage is at Parramatta train station platform!

Okay do you give up? 

The landings at the doorway entrances are at different heights. At Mount Druitt this could be a safety issue for commuter if not properly addressed. At a  last local meeting , this matter was address by Angie to the NSW Parliamentary Secretary of Transport and Roads, Mr. Ray Williams -  took the suggestion to  ensure Sydney Trains make audible announcements warning commuters of the height difference at specific train stations and its dangers.

This goes back to  the early days of the Sydney's Railway history where some suburban train station built train station platforms to suit country trains and platforms. Country train platforms were built lower then  suburban ones! We will wait for  further advice on the  platforms to suit Oscar Train carriages and what the NSW Government will do.

Click Here for previous blog regarding  previous meeting

NB: Please blog was published referring to Waratah Trains- this has now be altered to Oscar Trains - Thank you for the  comment below to correct myself!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Mount Druitt Receives Hon. NSW Parliamentary Secretary for Transport and Roads As Guest

(Left to right seated) members Mary, Christina, George,
Mr. Ray Williams, members: Allan, Anne, John,
Dianna, Peter and Joan ( left to right Standing), members: Angie,
Councillor Jacqueline Donaldson, visitor James and member Lester.
The Hon. Member for Hawkesbury and NSW Parliamentary Secretary for Transport and Roads, attended our meeting yesterday as guest speaker.

Mr. Williams has been a member of the NSW Parliament since 24th March 2007, and has a attended a community meeting under Save Our Bus Services, Mount Druitt and Surrounding Suburbs in 2009, when we had lost many bus services across Mount Druitt, under the previous Labor Government and had some partial bus routes returned.

Mr (Ray) Raymond Craig WILLIAMS,  MURP(Curtin) MPWe have approached Local Councillors,  Transport officers From Blacktown City Council, The Hon. Richard Amery, NSW Member for Mount Druitt,  The Hon. Bart Bassett, NSW Member for Londonderry and made representation to the former NSW Transport Minister, Hon. David Campbell.

Mr. Williams listened to our concerns of still advocating for proper local bus services to be returned in Mount Druitt and surrounding suburbs. All members of the group where allowed to be heard from the 762 Bidwill bus service - not operating on Sunday and limited services provided,  755 partially returned  bus service and the 764 bus service that is limited and has gained successful increases in patronage since implemented and how it can be  add to the 'Tregear Only' Bus Route.

He was provided by maps and  history details of each bus service, indicating how they can link straight back into the community, the way it was before bus services were removed. Mr. Williams agreed and remembered that under the former labor State government bus services had been running perfectly before  for so many years and  all of  a sudden 3 bus services were removed  causing havoc and shock within the area.

Mr. Williams heard how it is difficult for local commuters to get to jobs, job interviews, family events on weekend train services services on weekends, when bus services don't start early and allow people to get to events on time. Also that Hoyts Mount Druitt is finding it difficult to employ young people as they can't get home late from this employment.

He also understood that as the 2nd stage of the North West rail link will continue into Mount Druitt in years to come but we need local bus services to have better links, cater for the community not to take us back into the dark ages.

Mr. Williams explained of what has happened with height differences with the new Oscar Trains on different train station platforms. It goes back to the times when some city trains station were constructed  as country train stations to take country trains. The NSW Government is looking at ways to attend to this, maybe by immediate audio  warning announcements at train stations that have that height difference.

Discussions were raised as to how the new Opal Card is being implemented to reduce fraudulent fare evaders and how once this is fully implemented  new technological advances will provide automatic reporting on  patronage on all bus, train and ferry trips. Although he understands it will be a slow process to educate the  elderly on using and purchasing of this ticket outlets and availability.

Overall the group was really impressed with Mr. Williams attending as a guest speaker: that he listened and heard. Our group, on behalf of the Mount Druitt community, will  report back to you any progress that arrives. Mr. Williams will report back to the NSW Minister of Transport. Hon. Gladys Berejiklian  and to the  the NSW Legislative Assembly.

*First Photo. Courteous of Hon.  Ray Williams, NSW Parliamentary Secretary of Transport and Roads

Thursday, April 24, 2014

North West Rail Link and Update On Opal Cards Being Introduced To 5 State Transit Buses!

What's happening in our state
North West Rail Link, Cherrybrook Station box

NSW Premier Mike Baird has inspected the progress of construction on the North West Rail Link and received a briefing on the $8.3 billion project.

The North West Rail Link is Australia’s biggest public transport project and this vital piece of infrastructure will create thousands of jobs and improve the lives of commuters in Sydney’s North West.

This crucial project is proceeding rapidly and the first of the four massive tunnel boring machines are due in the ground by October this year – ahead of an end-of-year commitment.

At the Cherrybrook railway station site, work is well underway to excavate the “box” area, from which two tunnel boring machines will dig six kilometres to Epping. The tunnelling contract alone will support about 900 jobs.
Opal Card

Opal electronic ticketing will start rolling out on State Transit buses, with five bus routes in Sydney’s eastern suburbs to join the Opal network from Monday 28 April.

The NSW Government successfully fast-tracked Opal on all Sydney Ferries services and 308 Sydney Trains and NSW TrainLink stations, and is now turning its attention to buses.

Five bus routes, 326, 327, 355, 361 and L24, will go-live with Opal over a two-week period from Monday. Customers can already use their Opal card on route 333, which was the first State Transit bus to go live with Opal as part of a customer trial.

To find ticket sellers, customers should call 131 500 or visit To order an Adult or Child/Youth card go to or call 13 67 25.

NSW Transport Minister Keeps Portfolio!

With the reshuffle of  NSW Ministers, following on from the resignation of Premier Barry O'Farrell, last week - we can now announce that Gladys Berejiklian has not been elected as Premier and retains her Ministerial Portfolio of NSW Transport  and The Hunter.

We  do not know whether the Parliamentary Secretary of Transport, Mr. Ray Williams has kept his job yet as Parliamentary Secretaries have not been provided to the public as yet.

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Rooty Hill Train Station Needs New Security Camera And Access Lifts!

 I was shocked the other day noticing that vandals had wrecked the security camera facing the Rooty Hill  train station platform. I hope that our local State Member for Mount Druitt and all public transport stake holders can look at  replacing immediately, to make it safer for commuters.

You can also see that there are long steps up and down to reach the train station platform and  also a long walkway to more outer steps/ramps to get out of the train station on the North side! We are still lobbying for this and  have a feeling it may come in before  next years State Election.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

NSW Sydney Trains Ticketing System - Old Tickets Have No Plans To Be Phased Out!

This is an interesting response from Opal Customer care. We understand that in other train network ticketing systems the old
ticketing countries or rail network of ticketing processes, old tickets cannot be phased
out so quickly and the old ticketing system is still sold.

Here is the e-mail received by myself:

11:27 (12 hours ago)
to me

Dear John,

Thank you for contacting Opal Customer Care.

Opal card will be available at retailers later this year. The station staff will be available to to help customer use their Opal card and educate commuters.

There are no current plans to cease the sale of paper tickets.

Reference Number: 462459

Yours sincerely
Opal Customer Care

Please do not reply to this email.

Should you need to respond, please do so via the Web Enquiry form
found at or by calling Opal Customer Care
on 13 67 25 or (13 OPAL) quoting your reference number.

Mayors' Response To Whalan Bus Turning Issues And The Community's Solutions!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

NSW Transport Minister Could Be New Premier?

It is not generally many times, you would offer support to someone you as a person you deal with in advocating for better public transport with a local community.

Today, I am offering (only) my personal support for Gladys Berejiklian as she runs to be elected a possible Leader and Premier of New South Wales. Also I offer support to ray Williams into the Ministry of Transport and Roads.  I share the e-mail I have sent her:

Good Morning Gladys,

First, I am personally saddened by the loss of Barry O'Farrell's Office of Premier ( which I think is a petty issue he resigned for).

I wish to only offer my personal support as an advocate for public transport in Mount Druitt  as you had taken on a very hard task of Transport and in my area public transport. You have changed public transport and are placing us into a modern world on electronic ticketing and start new railway infrastructures especially the Northwest Link - which I am waiting for the 2nd stage of the Northwest link to reach Mount Druitt.

If you are elected Leader and premier today, I would like to recommend my support for Mr Ray Williams to the  Ministry of Transport and Roads - he has a passion for both within his community and Western Sydney.

Good Luck today,

John Svoboda

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Commuters Still Queuing For Older Tickets In Mount Druitt!

These 2 pictures taken in peak hour at Mount Druitt train station confirms that Opal Cards are not having a big affect in reducing queues for commuters.

We still say that educating people is the important factor and some people do not like automatic change and learning the new technology that goes with it.

We are looking at a way we  can solve these issues and come back to you at a later date as to providing this resolution to the Mount Druitt and surrounding suburbs.

Although, this is great for the local Sydney Trains employees in collecting tickets, it  lengths the time that commuters have available time to  catch their trains, loss of sitting down on seats, rushing down the stairs causing potential falls on stairs and platforms.

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Mount Druitt Bus Interchange Needs All Roofs To Be Cleaned Regularly!

Mount Druitt Bus Interchange is a fairly modern interchange, yet one of the main issues that it is attributing to the  ugliness of it, is  the regular throwing of  rubbish on roofs. What is needed is probably - total blocked walls (like the walkway), preventing any rubbish missiles being thrown there!

If you have any other ideas let us know!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Opal Cards In Mount Druitt Having Little Affect On Monday & Tuesday Mornings Ticket Window Queuing!

Speaking to a Sydney Trains Transport Officer advised myself that according to  commuter queues at Mount Druitt train station on Monday and Tuesday Morning the queues are getting bigger and longer, that means two possible things, according to local studies:

  • That public transport commuters are still purchasing the old  ticketing system as they are concession card ticket holders and they will have to wait until the appropriate Opal electronic ticketing system is launched. Click Here For the Youth/Children Opal Cards
  • There has been an increase in  new  people becoming public transport Sydney Trains Commuters.

So far, Opal card cannot be purchased at any Sydney Trains train station only Newsagents and  authorised agent retailers.

I still say it is hard to educate everyone to use this system, unless proper promotion , via  delivering mail to each resident in Mount Druitt, Greater Sydney and Sydney. What do you think?

Opal Cards Can Now Be Ordered For Youths And Children!

Now you can apply for an Opal Card if you are a Youth and for Children.

This is a slow release of  The Opal Card for all  befits and reasons, to ensure there is no hiccups with the new integrated electronic ticketing system. We believe Seniors and Pensioners will be released at a later date.

Further news is from a NSW Sydney Trains Officer by December 2014, there maybe no ticket office in train stains and maybe no staff for ticketing selling, ticket handling and assisting with information with Opal Cards! These are rumors but we will find out. The front line people of NSW Sydney Trains are the one that can provide increase usage of public transport, they they promote  commuters to catch public transport. Did you know that

Click Here For Opal Cards- Youths/Childrren

Friday, April 4, 2014

Mount Druitt Bus Interchange Escalators - Have Been Stopped For 5 Days!

This morning, I met  Hon. Ed Husic, Federal Member for Chifley and we discussed an important issue which is  requiring immediate improvement. This week since Monday, it appears that the escalators at the Mount Druitt bus interchange have not been working.

A Mount Druitt Sydney Trains Officer has advised that what happens a lot is young children press the 'Emergency Stop Button' and runaway. This happens a lot.

I might refer this to Mr. Ed Husic to see what can be done to prevent this stupid action. Understanding there needs to be an accessible 'Emergency Stop Button', can it be placed  somewhere else where these young ones do not operate it or can a  hard polycarbonate clear plastic guard be placed on/over it?

 I also think that  NSW Transport should investigate this issue immediately, to prevent more potential stoppages of the escalator for commuters.

By the way, the escalator was working on the way back today home today! Hooray!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Lifts At Mount Train Station Are Closed For Upgrading!

For commuters at Mount Druitt, the lights at Mount Druitt will be upgraded, they will be done one lift at a time and should be completed within a few weeks. They are waiting for parts to arrive to provide the upgrade.

So we suggest that all commuters be patient, until they are fully maintained and ready to work!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Council Results Regarding Safety Issues Overpass Or Walking Underpass For Commuters In Whalan NSW!

Check out results from Council re Gasmata Crescent Overpass issue for Commuters

Have You Ever Wondered What Happens With Remaining Expired Rail Tickets?

Here are collected tickets at Mount Druitt Train Station -
ready to be  recycled!
I hadn't until a Sydney Trains  Officer explained to myself that all the tickets in the exit part of the barriers are cleared at night and  environmentally placed in recycling bins, to be recycled.

Did you know that? I  now know that. 'You cannot teach an old dog tricks' - you can with me!

In fact as more Opal cards are issued there will be less of the paper tickets, how long do I think it will take for them to disappear up to 2 years. This concept is good for the environment as it is not wasting these tickets! The NSW Government should be congratulated for this!

Checkout Solution to Busways 674 Bus Drivers Access, Moresby Crescent Whalan - & Shortchanged with Bus Stop Issue, As Well!

Clich here: Whalan Bus Access Issues And Bus Stop Short Supplied To The Community!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Our Group Was In Dawson Mall, Mount Druitt Promoting Our Group Initiatives - Proposal for Free Shuttle Bus In Mount Druitt!

Group members taking shade
On Saturday 2nd March 2014, our group was in Dawson Mall, promoting our group and the initiatives we are taking on board to get improved  public transport services within Mount Druitt. 

A Community interest and checking out
the Proposed Free Shuttle bus route
The reception from the community was great and a resounding victory not only for the group but for the people of Mount Druitt.
Group members (on right)  having discussions
with 2 community members

Many people asked about many inquiries, from bus stop access, bus service time tables and service that aren't even there.

Waiting For Rail Buses Outside of Mount Druitt Train Station Heading To The City!

On weekends, we have to sometimes catch  buses to replace rail services called 'Rail Buses'. One of the duties of Transport for NSW is to schedule in buses to replace trains, whilst track work is being maintained, ready for services.

In Mount Druitt it is set up very simply. On the southern  side of Mount Druitt Train Station - is where you catch 'Rail Buses' to
                                     the city or beyond.
On the North side of Mount Druitt train Station, this is where you catch 'Rail Buses' to Penrith train station or beyond!

Although there are temporary shades placed for NSW transport staff and seating, we find there isn't any seating for the elderly and needed.

Yet, in saying this, the amount of bus services provided seem to matching or provide more service then regularly provided on weekends. Weekends are chosen to provide less inconvenience to commuters than during the week!

You can track the track work in Sydney  calling 131500 or  Click here for Track Work updates

Sunday, March 23, 2014

This Happened To Commuters In Mount Druitt - New electronic Signs Not Working!

This has happened to Mount Druitt train Station, with  the new electronic signs provided. The back up was the  PA announcements that the local Station Assistants use which is automated and can be manual announcements!

It didn't happen recently it happened a while ago.  We all get used to the new technology and as we do we have to deal with technical failures or issues, it is something in life we may have to get used too!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

In Mount Druitt Not Many Commuters Using The Opal Card As Yet But......

OpalSpeaking to a Transport offer from Sydney Trains, it appears there is a low usage of commuters using the Opal Card, that was launched recently.

This may be attributed to a few things: that there really wasn't a great publicity campaign on the day of the launch at Mount Druitt to promote commuters to use it - I had only witnessed one person handing information flyers. Also a lot of commuters use buses and are waiting for the launch of the expansion of the Opal Cards to buses later on this year.  Lastly there are a lot of people that may not be even aware of it being available!

Again , it all goes back to adverting in the TV Media. and  with the printing press - NSW Government should consider this!

Save Our Bus Services

Read our story on how we made it our priority to ensure bus services are re-instated from services taken away in 2009.