Monday, March 24, 2014

Our Group Was In Dawson Mall, Mount Druitt Promoting Our Group Initiatives - Proposal for Free Shuttle Bus In Mount Druitt!

Group members taking shade
On Saturday 2nd March 2014, our group was in Dawson Mall, promoting our group and the initiatives we are taking on board to get improved  public transport services within Mount Druitt. 

A Community interest and checking out
the Proposed Free Shuttle bus route
The reception from the community was great and a resounding victory not only for the group but for the people of Mount Druitt.
Group members (on right)  having discussions
with 2 community members

Many people asked about many inquiries, from bus stop access, bus service time tables and service that aren't even there.

Waiting For Rail Buses Outside of Mount Druitt Train Station Heading To The City!

On weekends, we have to sometimes catch  buses to replace rail services called 'Rail Buses'. One of the duties of Transport for NSW is to schedule in buses to replace trains, whilst track work is being maintained, ready for services.

In Mount Druitt it is set up very simply. On the southern  side of Mount Druitt Train Station - is where you catch 'Rail Buses' to
                                     the city or beyond.
On the North side of Mount Druitt train Station, this is where you catch 'Rail Buses' to Penrith train station or beyond!

Although there are temporary shades placed for NSW transport staff and seating, we find there isn't any seating for the elderly and needed.

Yet, in saying this, the amount of bus services provided seem to matching or provide more service then regularly provided on weekends. Weekends are chosen to provide less inconvenience to commuters than during the week!

You can track the track work in Sydney  calling 131500 or  Click here for Track Work updates

Sunday, March 23, 2014

This Happened To Commuters In Mount Druitt - New electronic Signs Not Working!

This has happened to Mount Druitt train Station, with  the new electronic signs provided. The back up was the  PA announcements that the local Station Assistants use which is automated and can be manual announcements!

It didn't happen recently it happened a while ago.  We all get used to the new technology and as we do we have to deal with technical failures or issues, it is something in life we may have to get used too!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

In Mount Druitt Not Many Commuters Using The Opal Card As Yet But......

OpalSpeaking to a Transport offer from Sydney Trains, it appears there is a low usage of commuters using the Opal Card, that was launched recently.

This may be attributed to a few things: that there really wasn't a great publicity campaign on the day of the launch at Mount Druitt to promote commuters to use it - I had only witnessed one person handing information flyers. Also a lot of commuters use buses and are waiting for the launch of the expansion of the Opal Cards to buses later on this year.  Lastly there are a lot of people that may not be even aware of it being available!

Again , it all goes back to adverting in the TV Media. and  with the printing press - NSW Government should consider this!

Small Manufactured Buses To Provide More Efficient BUs Services on Time Tables!

Vijay from Kingswood catches Sydney Trains from Kingswood to either Blacktown, Seven Hills or Parramatta and then transfers to catch either the T64, T70 or 715 bus service to Castle hill to reach work.

He would like the NSW Government to allocate smaller type of buses on these services as sometimes he his travelling alone. This will produce less number of seats to sit down, services would then maintained or extra efficient bus services could be introduced into the table and thus this will reduce the ultimate costs of paying for  new buses.

He remembers when Westbus had the 'Nipper Services'- they were smaller  manufactured buses  running around the area. This idea could catch on he said.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Commuters Required for Press Conference for 'Park & Ride' - Sydney Alliance

Faster and Express Sydney Trains Required By Doonside Commuter!

Ravi from Doonside walk ten minutes from his home to Doonside train station and catches Sydney Trains to Town Hall train Station.

One of the improvements he would like to see with Sydney Trains at Doonside train station is more frequent trains required, compared to the new train time tables issued. At present trains arrive in the morning peak hour every 20 minutes, which can present long waiting times  for commuters, thence arriving at work late if missing train.

He would like to see included more express train services to city after Doonside reaching the City of Sydney. More trains immediately added to time table means as well as more faster trains.

Compared to countries like Japan their train services can reach 100 kms in  one hour, where our trains take 1 hour to travel 45 kms to the City of Sydney.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Access To Bus Stops Can Be Difficult To Community Members! - Check Out This Bus Stop!

 For  many years  commuters have been facing difficulty with access to and from bus stops at the corner of Gasmatta Crescent (South) and Luxford Roads Whalan. 
No Pedestrian Crossing - bus  stop used to be
100 metres up the road(right)

Firstly, Luxford Road at the best of times can be very dangerous in crossing the road as a pedestrian, especially where there is no pedestrian crossing.
On the  departing side of arriving from Mount Druitt commuters have to climb these steps, which can be wet and slippery in the rain. You can see how difficult it is just to get down the stairs. The  car over pass  and pedestrian underpass is dangerous at night as there is possible report of drug activity at the other side of it. I admit I haven't seen this activity.

These are the stairs that  are in of repairs

You can see  how slippery and wet it gets  on the bottom of the stairs.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Waikanda Crescent & Luxford Road, Whalan - Gets New Updated Bus Shelter!

After reporting last year that the bus stop on the corner of Waikanda Crescent and Luxford Roads, Whalan that the bus shelter has disappeared or was. All is good now, Blacktown City Council  have organise a new bus shelter which fits  in with the modern era.

Bus shelters in the area are important to have. Any bus shelters we have are important to the community. We probably need more bus shelters,  to be provided to the community, especially to  provide sun, wind and rain protection to commuters , whilst waiting for  lengthy times for  the next bus service to arrive.

 For your information, the  new bus shelter proved to be exceptionally good for myself, as I was cycling around the area and within a few minutes there was great downpour of rain.

Friday, March 14, 2014

NSW State Government RE- Free Shuttle Buses - Our Group Is Quoted Again - Good For The Area

Thanks to The Hon. Member of Mount Druitt, Mr. Richard Amery, who keeps myself, group, the Mount Druitt community and its wider community information of debates and discussions that are concerning the community in relation to public transport.

On the 6th March 2014, a debate was raised by the NSW State Opposition, to introduce or reintroduce bus services, the debate was lost, yet our group  was mentioned (as I am proud to say) by the Hon. Member for Mount Druitt, Mr. Richard Amery and this shows that our advocacy for improvements in public transport is being heard.

Here is the entire transcript from NSW Government's hazard 6th March 2014:

Click Here for the transcript

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Busways Has New Time Tables as from 17th February 2014

I have received advise that there are new bus time table for the following bus services, as from 17th February 2014:
724, T70 & T71

Refer to other links for Busways Time Tables.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Mount Druitt - St Marys Standard - Face Book Comments Re Dawson Mall And Public Transport Requirements Within Mount Druitt

Photo: The Mt Druitt Commuters Improvement Group is looking for information on suburbs that need better public transport options. The group will have an information table at Dawson Mall from 9am to noon on Saturday, March 22. 

How can public transport be improved in your area?
This is very promising comments raised by commuters within Mount Druitt, to see what improvements are required within Mount Druitt. This is on the Mount Druitt - St Marys Standard Face Book Group:

The Mt Druitt Commuters Improvement Group is looking for information on suburbs that need better public transport options. The group will have an information table at Dawson Mall from 9am to noon on Saturday, March 22. 

How can public transport be improved in your area?

We will add more comments as they come up!

Save Our Bus Services

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