Saturday, May 5, 2012

Blackett Community Lady Requires Extension of Busways 755 Bus Serviice

Julie, a grandmother from Blackett, a pleasant lady to speak too - explain of  her struggles in life  - and part of is visiting her son at least once every week or two and now travels by bus to Mount Druitt, then train from Mount Druitt to Blacktown Station and then bus from Blacktown to her sons house in Blacktown.

Before when Busways 755 bus was in service, she used to get it and find that is was a great service. It was an 'one straight service to and from Blacktown from Mount Druitt', which was an exceptional service that was well required by the community members of Mount Druitt. She is currently happy that the current service has been in operation as she walks ten minutes to catch the bus in Emerton. She wants better connections from Mount Druitt to Blacktown. She claims extending the bus service 755 will service the needy commuters along Rooty Hill Road and inside Dean Park.

On a separate point, she has a friend that lives in Castle Hill and has been suggesting and promoting to her friend to catch the Busways 745 from Castle Hill, which  goes through suburbs of Mount Druitt but not Mount Druitt.

So people do promote public transport to their friends and family!

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