Tuesday, January 31, 2012

NighRide Buses Does Not Stop At Every Station!

A Mount Druitt local identity, Ross', had an issue with  the NightRider Route N70 doe not reach Werrington  Train Station and it is not on the N70 route. Especially when it was about approximately 1.20am and the next service is in one hour. Some commuters would like to get off at Werrington Train Station to provide vital links to their home destination

Ross would like to see 24 hour services on CityRail which provides  a more efficient service to get home at night.

I have noticed on the time table it mises 2 train stations on the Western Line - see if you can pick it up - here is the time table:

Penrith to Town Hall

Penrith Station
Bus interchange, off Belmore St.
Kingswood Station
Great Western Highway
St Marys Station
Station St.
Mt Druitt Station
Bay 3, bus interchange, North Parade
Doonside Station
6 Hillend Rd., near Cross St.
Blacktown Station
Bay 1, bus interchange (near platform 3)
Seven Hills Station
Prospect Highway, near Federal Rd.
Toongabbie Station
Wentworth Avenue, near Ancona Avenue
Pendle Hill Station
Wentworth Avenue, near Bungaree Rd.
Wentworthville Station
21 Dunmore St., near Station St.
Westmead Station
Alexander Avenue, near Hawkesbury Rd.
Parramatta (arrive)
Stand A2, Parramatta Interchange, Argyle St.
Parramatta (depart)
Stand A2, Parramatta Interchange, Argyle St.
Strathfield Station
123 Parramatta Rd., near Lloyd George Avenue
Parramatta Rd., near Burwood Rd.
Five Dock
21 Parramatta Rd., near Arlington Rd.
Parramatta Rd., near Haberfield Rd.
297 Parramatta Rd., near Catherine St.
80 Parramatta Rd., near Larkin St.
185-211 Broadway, near Mountain St.
Railway Square
815-825 George St., near Quay St.
Town Hall
George St., in front of Town Hall steps

And it is Rooty Hill and Werrington train stations

Let's hope as next train/bus review the NSW Government ensures that these 2 train stations are included on the time tables!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Free Add For Public Transport - Actually Free Speech On the Needs For Public

On Saturday I filmed myself talking on Public transport and he need for it as demand increases. The more and more I work on getting improved transport services for the local Mount Druitt area - the more and more I see the great need to get the same for all of the Greater Western Sydney:

CityRail Track Work Cuts Employment Hours For A Mount Druitt Commuter

The other day, I met Lesley, an interesting young labourer from Mount Druitt  who travels to Central Station, to work every day. He told me that because today was Saturday and there was track work being done - his employer only allowed him to work a half day due to amount of travelling time to and Central Station used up during the day.

His other issue is on his daily return to home from Central train station,  there aren't many seats available for him to sit on usually. So he insisted that NSW Government look at extra services  to alleviate the issue and provide more comfort for him and other commuters that catch the train at Central; Station.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Mount Druitt Connects To Schofields Train Station

Yesterday, I  travelled to Schofields train station for experience and to see the wonderful newly upgraded train station, I did a video of the trip from Blacktown - it is so close to Blacktown and I am amazed how much available land there is for further suburban development and can see why NSW has  made the station the way it is:

According to a legend in the area I met or kind of  'bumped into' - the old train station is 850 meters up the railway line (towards Riverstone) to where it is now. The new train  station is approximately 2 miles distance from Riverstone train station. The Schofield sling track was 50 metres higher up off the track which was used  as a feed lot for the Riverstone meat-works for the cattle grazing around the area

He advised vandalism and graffiti is not easy here as the prospect of being caught is quite high and is  because the local communality keep watch to these items as well as  the security systems implemented in the new train station.
 The local elderly gentleman has been developing town houses around the area and was the first local person to do so. His thoughts on the new Schofields train station, he compares to a train stations along the north Shore of Sydney and rates it as a high class station, which he understands has done to accommodate the growing needs  of our population and also is a safe haven for rising sea levels - compared to coastal waters of Sydney. He claims  that  Schofields  is good for Governments, politicians and developers as land closer to the railway line will be in the high price vicinity and higher density housing will be created in the longer run.

Bus Drivers New Mobile Phone Policies - Good And Bad For Us!

Today, I have been advised about new policies introduced to bus drivers by the Management of Westbus & Busways, in relation to the use of personal mobile phones.

This is not confirmed  but if it is we will advise you in due course. From now on, the use of mobile phones are banned to be used individually by bus drivers to be used during the  completion of their trips. What this means to the  local commuter is safer journeys and this is definitely positive. I thought this was in practice already - amazing how  Bus operators can be behind the times!

Secondly, Busways has introduced a further policy in relation to mobile phones - bus drivers are not allowed to even 'touch' mobile phones  during their paid jsoourney breaks. That means when a  bus driver has completed a journey they may require a  rest break for 5-10 minutes before they commence a new route/trip. Yet if they are on a meal break (unpaid work) - they are free to use their personal mobile phone.

Now the second one , when some drivers break could psychophysically  break downs, raise stress factors and worries  for their,especially if they are waiting for important/ emergency call related that may affect close friend/families. Drivers may not concentrate and rush to get to their meal break or their end of shift. I feel that if they is a small amount of time in between journeys - they driver should have at least 1-2 minute quick time on their personal mobile phone so they are not stressed out or worried. I am only stating this as this may affect the safety driving for commuters also leading to potential accidents! Maybe Busways could reconsider or they may not and this things could happen to drivers and then affecting commuters!


I have also head that they are allowed to use their mobile phones in the depot as long as they are on 'unpaid' time! and three drivers were released from the bus operators employment, as they were caught on the cameras only touching these mobile phones not using them. This was after these policies were introduced - they want to keep it quite!

I hope they local press take up this story!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Instant Response from Hon. Richard Amery MP, Member for Mount Druitt

I just received yesterday another response from Member for Mount Druitt, Hon. Richard Amery, although no bus shuttle to Rooty Hill this year - it appears strong  support to be on the top of the  list - on the 'After Event Meeting' the Blacktown City Council has:

Rooty Hill - Australia Day Free Bus Shuttle - Mount Druitt-St Marys Standard

here is this weeks story on our proposal for Australia Day Free Shuttle Bus - it is good to get the local presson this now and they can work towards this next year:

Mount Druitt Bus Stops - Good News From Us - You Can Check Your Bus Timetable on 131500

Yes is it so true, private bus operators do not want to tell you, neither Transport for NSW but the good news is, if your bus stop has bus stop numbers like on this  Bus time table (as per photo).

Why they are hiding from us and not updating us wiith proper new improvements that make people happy on any form of public transport. You can guess what bus stop it is by using the  link on this website. Here are the steps you can take to enquire of bus time tables on your phone:
  • Ring 131500  
  •  listen to the prompts as this is important 
  • Press/Enter 1 for Bus timetable fares & enquiries
  • Press/Enter 1  for automatic next bus time tables
  • Enter  your bus stop number ( for example below 2770243)
  • And then you can listen to your estimated bus time tables next approaching your bus stop     

At this Stage, we can confirm that this is for Busways  bus stops around Mount Druitt. If anyone sees one of theses is seen for a Mount Druitt Westbus bus stop and it works, please notify us, after trying it

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Fireworks On Australia Day - Not This Year - Next Year With Shuttle Buses Good Idea!

Due to  weather conditions the Fire Works display was cancelled. Unfortunate for all but life goes on - I  know the Sydney Fireworks wet or dry happens on New Years Eve every year! I sorry for al and to all who wished to have a colourful night.

This is the type of whether I experienced in my back yard tonight:

What this has to with public transport is because next year we all hope to have free bus shuttles taking people to the Fireworks event at Rooty Hill as long as it sun shines!


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Peter Kerr's Transport Plans - One Of Our Group Member's

Here is Peter Kerr's transport plans  for Mount Druitt and his area in South Mount Druitt, we invite feedback from all parties who would like to comment:

USA Lobbying For Walking And Cycling!

I was referred a website that is lobbying for  cyclists and walkers in USA, I like a few photos they had:

Bike Ambassador on Capitol Hill
Bike to Vote
One Less Car


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

More Positive Feedback From The Nathan Rees, Member of Toongabbie - Re Bus Shuttle Rooty Hill on Australia Day!

Thank for the overall feedback from every one that keeps coming back to us - here is the Mr Nathan Rees, Member for Toongabbie:

Date: Tue, 24 Jan 2012 17:37:53 +1100
From: ElectorateOffice.Toongabbie@parliament.nsw.gov.au
To: mountdruitt_cig@hotmail.com
Subject: Fwd: RE: Buses Required for Australia Day - Rooty Hill 26/1 Urgent

Dear Mr Svoboda
My apologies for not getting back to you earlier, but I was waiting on a call back from Blacktown Council in relation to the request your committee has suggested regarding the use of shuttle buses from Rooty Hill Station on Australia Day.
Yesterday, my Electorate Office was contacted by Mr Wayne Rogers from Blacktown Council who informed my Senior Electorate Officer Chris Worthington that as Council has printed all its publicity material for the event which did not include information on a shuttle bus proposal, they were not prepared to act on the request this year.
However, Mr Rogers stated that Council has noted the request and it will be taken into consideration for next year's Australia Day festivities.
I commend you on your suggestion, so I would strongly suggest that following this year's Australia Day, you write to the General Manager Ron Moore requesting that the matter be given serious consideration for the 2013 Australia Day celebrations and that it brought to the attention of the Blacktown Traffic Committee, well prior to the event.
When doing this, could I suggest that you lobby your local councillors who I believe would strongly consider the proposal, and inform me when you have done so.
Sorry that I cannot be of further assistance at this stage.
Kind regards
Nathan Rees MP
State Member for Toongabbie
Shadow Minister for Police & Emergency Services

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Taxi Drivers Required - NSW Taxi Council Looking To Recruit Drivers - Opportunities For Increased industry!

Here is a link to the NSW Taxi Council - they are seeking to recruit taxi drivers and provide an opportunity to the community for someone interested to contact them.

After viewing the video they seem to have taxi drivers like I used to know taxi drivers years ago: friendly, courteous, honest, enjoys being nice to customers & fair dinkum!

Click here for interest members of the community - check the video out - great job!

Richard Amery - Responses Re Free Bus Shuttle Re Rooty Hill Australia Day

Richard Amery, Member of Mount Druitt has taken extra steps to assist us in lobbying for a Free Bus Shuttle for Australia Day in Rooty Hills providing bus services from all train stations within Blacktown LGA.

  • He has referred the matter to the Hon. Gladys Berejiklian MP, NSW Minister for Transport, who the Chief of Staff has referred to 'Transport for NSW' seeking advice on the matter.
  • To the Mayor of Blacktown, Allan Pendleton - response from General Manger advising matter referred to Director of Finance & Corporate Strategy.
Here are the letters:

Real Bus Time Tables Being Changed!

The other week I was at Werrington and notice this Westbus Transport Officer changing  bus time tables - I never have seen come up and do it - was fortunate and here is the picture:

You can see beside this man that his has his utility truck that he travels around in! Also he wears the special 'loud' top with luminousness silver stripes - so if you see other people appearing to take down or remove signs and they are not clothes as so - ask them questions  as they may  not  really be officially to to this job and then report your suspicions to the relevant authorities!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Australia Day - Free Bus Shuttle Bus Poll - Vote now!

Today we start our poll on whether Blacktown City Council supply free bus shuttles from trains stations within Blacktown LGA to and from Moreau Reserve, Rooty Hill on Australia Day!

You can vote on the bottom of our home page!

Refer to other blogs on the Bus Shuttle To Rooty Hill - Australia Day

Blacktown City Council Limited Information On Accessible Bus Stops - In Mount Druitt!

Although this is just a Town Access Map - there is indication on the linked brochure of accessible bus stops. Great for Mount Druitt but I would like to see figures for the greater Mount Druitt! Hopefully one day in the near future - in my lifetime!

Mount Druitt Town Access Map

Friday, January 20, 2012

Mayor of Blacktown Is Listening - Letter Received From Mayor Of Blacktown City Council - Re - Australia Day Bus Shuttles!

Sometimes, after a hard days work you get home, read e-mail and feel dismal. Today after a hard days 'work holiday' I came home  and read my e-mails. It was wishful thinking that when I came to the Mayor of Blacktown City Council's e-mail  today I had a great big smile as I know that the Mayor, Alan Pendleton has  pushed all his buttons for this year's Australia Day event and due to advertising of the Bus Shuttles to the event - not advertised in any Council's promotional material, thus unable to proceed so far.

That means he has listened (read previous e-mail) and done  more than his best to get things done for the Free bus shuttle. Not this year but next year this will be this option for transport on Australia Day will be considered for the Council's Traffic Management Plan for the Australia Day 2013. Good news for next year! 

Thank you to all that have raised this suggestion  of improved traffic issues for the future Australia Day events.Other Council's have and as far as I consider we should have had it by now! we will follow this up, during the year as Council elections are this year and this will turn heads!

Busways Financial Excuse For Not Returning Community Required Busways 755 Bus From Mount Druitt to Blacktown

Yes, today I had to make Busways aware that we still require 755 services that the community still wants and needs.

Click on here for original letter and blog

The Information Officer (contact on letter), in the beginning could not comment  on  backing up the information that was incorrectly stated on the letter as mentioned in previous blog. You have to understand that when I raised their negative comments on the letter it was unbelievable as to how it could be supported - I never actually had a go at this Information Officer. She was just a 'pen pusher' for the management of Busways. I mean why have an 'Information Officer' if you cannot support what you sent out.

After a while, I accepted that fact that she could handle the matter further to hopefully give the people of Mount Druitt a better result. She agreed work to with me - I asked if she could only call back she agreed.

About 1 1/2 hours later Mr. Andrew Glass contact me directly and we finally were able to clear the air as to this letter. He apologised for 3 letters being sent of the same issue firstly. The advised that with the  Bus review of 2009 consultation with the community was sent by letter box leaflets/letters, half page adds in local news papers and Blacktown City Council Transport Forum. From the review it was decided to change one bus service to three 755 cut off 750, 754,758 new services.  from the feedback they receive the cut service  went ahead.  There was no direct consultation with the suburbs that lost the 755 bus service and bus drivers agree the service should be increased as well.

The cut bus service was to shift more commuters from Mount Druitt travelling to St. Marys, with easier access. Fine with that - Why are they entering Westbus area in St Marys? A lot of crossover! What he doesn't realise there isn't an easy way for commuters in West Mount Druitt to get to Black except as he says'catch the bus in to Mount Druitt and sit and wait for transfer to Blacktown on the great 754!' it is is not everyone's ideas in West Mount Druitt to go to St Marys and bus companies should not dictate this to Transport for NSW and the people of Mount Druitt. In fact there is no bus service that contacts from west of Mount Druitt (Which was well patronised0 to the East of mount Druitt directly and then joining to Blacktown.

When I mentioned how people in Mount Druitt I represent close to 60,000 ( doesn't include surrounding suburbs) he wasn't the least bit interested.  I left him with a note that we will keep on lobbying until Busways changes their minds, Transport for NSW, Mot  and the NSW Government as I will ensure the people need and want. We are not to be trampled on in Mount Druitt by a private company that wants to rule the bus routes. I advised him our State Members also have a voice as well  and support our cause and the support for us is growing.

Advising on the  increase in patronage  that we have had in Region 1, he tried to say it is because of the bus reviews, (I didn't want him to have a swell head) and added there are many reasons economics, age etc. Then he  agreed with me!

On positive points he agreed for Busways to include our group in the consultation process in the future - which is a step in the right direct and he in return  advised that we need to raise our issues with Transport for NSW not the 131500 enquiry - I advised that is not what Transport for NSW advised - they advised the process I have done is correct. Not an issue with me will do the both methods.

He also advised that Busways have  spoken to the Police for the Rooty Hill - Australia day and are prepared to charter buses to Blacktown City Council - they are just waiting to see if Blacktown City Council are coming back with the funding.

If a Mount Druitt Free Bus Shuttle is approved - they would be please t o trial this bus service for a year in and around Mount Druitt - Yes the direct support for s Free Bus shuttle we wanted!

He would be glad to look at the Happy Bus Drivers certificate and still promote it - we will get back to him on this.

We agreed that Blacktown City Council is one of the councils taking steps to be  bus stops more accessible and others are seemly little more patient. He agreed without more accessible bus stops it will be hard as Busways rolls out buses that that are  more than 55 percent of them will be accessibly compliant by the end of year 2012.

Busways are looking at electronic devices to be installed in Buses that will show when the trains arrive at the local train stations - claims they have been taking pictures of the Perth bus ones ( which have these installed ) and will look at this new technology for the near future.

Although the former 762 bus service can be introduce (now 761) in Chestnut Crescent due to no or little anti-social issues of recent (as advised by Bus Manager at Busways Blacktown, last week! He is not interested to increase services claims on weekend the nearest walking distance as per international guidelines is 800 metres People can walk up the road on Sundays and catch the 750 bus service. Mr Glass, if you go to Google maps you will see  Sedgeman Crescent, Bidwill is more than  800 metres length most probably close to 1400 metres - check it out!

I also pointed out that the part of the re-introduction was  over 3,000 people from Mount Druitt requesting the full service back. Eac h person may represent up to 20 people in the community and so on! Do the numbers Mr. Glas & that is also called consultation on our groups part!

We agreed to disagree on some issues but moving forward looking to see if Busways will  work with our group in the future and not keep us out of the loop with information. We great information from NSW taxi Council and we work together. Mr. Glass you are paid for what you have to do and I am unpaid  really who got the real passion here to listen to our people and stand up for them and be counted. At the end of the day your company is only a service provider that may change one one day people.

NB: you have to understand Busways are there for the money and make their own profit and under contract they cannot change contract as they are only contracted to receive a certain amount - all to do with money! One thing is I am not stupid I can read between the lines Mr. Glass! That is why further extension of 755 is being rejected! And you cannot fool the people of Mount Druitt!

More Support From Member From Member Of Blacktown

Received an e-mail from Mr John Robertson, Hon Member for Mount Druitt & Opposition Leader confirming more support for the Bus Shuttle for Rooty Hill for Australia Day. This great and getting much more wider support! We thank John Robertson for his support!

Here is the copy of the e-mail:

Date: Thu, 19 Jan 2012 12:26:20 +1100
From: ElectorateOffice.Blacktown@parliament.nsw.gov.au
To: mountdruitt_cig@hotmail.com
Subject: RE: Buses Required for Australia Day - Rooty Hill 26/1 Urgent

Good afternoon Mr. Svoboda
I apologise for the delay in responding to you.
Please be advised I will ensure John has the opportunity to consider your request to make representations on your Group's behalf to the Minister for Transport, The Honourable Gladys Berejiklian.

Should I be of any further assistance in the meantime please do not hesitate to contact me.

With kind regards, 
Kelly Hutchison

Office of John Robertson, MP
Member for Blacktown
Telephone: 02 9671 5222
Facsimile: 02 9671 5266
Electorate of Blacktown includes: Arndell Park, Blacktown, Doonside, Kings Park, Lalor Park, Marayong, Prospect, Quakers Hill & Woodcroft

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Met Michael Creed, Electoral Officer For Bart Bassett

Yesterday, spoke to Michael Creed , Electoral Officer for Bart Bassett, ho. Member for Londonderry, and he gave me an update on the proposed Free Shuttle Bus for Mount Druitt - he has referred directly  to the Minister of Transport with Blake's ammendments and will  refer to us  when he gets further response.

He claims he hasn't heard anything regarding any fully returned bus services in Mount Druitt.

Regarding the Rooty Hill - Australia Day event for bus shuttles to the event - he claimed it would mostly be the Member of Mount Druitt and Blacktown to pursue and the Blacktown Local Government Councillors as well - He claimed all Bart Bassett can do is write to the General manager of Blacktown Council as a letter of support.
Check here for stories on the Bus Shuttle request for Rooty Hill - Australia Day

As an electoral Officer - he seems like being fair and would n't say something that is not practicable.

Met Lorna Moriarty Who Lobbied For The 782E Westbus New Service

Yesterday I met Lorna Moriarty who is the wife of Ken Moriarty - they both have lobbied hard  within the last 2 years with Patricia Guy for their bus service to be returned after being taken away. They constantly held community meetings at their home,  gathered petitions together and had the Shadow Minister for Transport Gladys Berejiklian in their area -n when the new Government was in opposition.

The then member for Londonderry, Mr. Allan Shearan started to campaign for them but it was too little too late - should have been been done at consultation time for the bus reviews. What a great person she was as he was transferring buses at Werrington. They both deserve to take their hat off for what they have done for the local community!

Richard Amery - I Shake Your Hands For Rooty Hill - Australia Day - Prompt Positive Response!

Yesterday I came to your office to shake your hands for the oncoming year and to congratulate yourself for your prompt response to Bus Shuttles to Rooty Hill for Australia Day. This was a great job for him to act so quickly!

Check here for further details on Bus requests for Rooty Hill Australia Day event

In return, Richard complimented our blogs. He advised he continually reads, enjoys and finds our blogs interesting. This in itself is very interesting and we thank him for this warm and positive feedback. 'Our blogs this keeps him up to date with transport' and regularly refers to it - that is why he sends to added onto our blogspot for general comment, interest and community feedback.

last he was interest to meet with a representation of us, providing him with all our issues, which he will  gladly be prepared to discuss with us. That is great - he is is listening mode and in saying this I do have respect as he has had years of experience as a politician and would also share the general respect of his experience as his Parliamentary colleagues on both sides of the fence in NSW Parliament.

Potential Pre-Pay Taxis - Mount Druitt - St Marys Standard

Here is another article from the Local Mount Druitt - St Marys Standard regarding potential Pre-pay taxis - good idea? Have your say - Thank you reporter for this story, Stacy Thomas report:

More Accessible Bus Stops Coming Up With Blacktown LGA - Mount Druitt - St Marys Standard

Here, our reporter at Mount Druitt - St. Marys Standard, Stacy Thomas has reported on essential and important upgrades that need to be done for bus stops around Blacktown Local Government Area. This is based on Australian Human Rights Commission, 'Guideline for promoting compliance of bus stops with the Disability Standards for Accessible Public Transport 2002'

The original story we did was from the Blacktown City Council Transport Forum 2010. Enjoy the article:

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Busways Do Not Want To Provide Further Extended Services for 755!

Today I received a letter (actually 3 letters: same letter copies in 3 different envelopes) about  the rejection  from Busways of further extending the current service to Dean Park and then to Blacktown. 

Do they think we're stupid? They say easy transfers to obtain Busways 754! Fantastic! What they are saying is,forget about the people in the western part of Mount Druitt - They will will have to go to Mount Druitt catch another bus to inconvenience them ( that is heading south and go back north and then North East at Blacktown)

I can assure you that My Zone tickets have nothing to do with rezoning buses within the same bus region 1 -  they are zoning tickets - that is also stupid and the existence of pensior tickets has always been there for an established time. Information Officer from Busways get into the real world and think twice.

The new services does not satisfy most travel needs - get real - 3000 petitions provided to the then Minister of Transport. Your bus operators have always pointed the blame on bus routes to NSW for Transport or previously NSW Transport. Would this be done if this was a government run bus route  not for likely!

And finally minor destinations Glendinning, Dean Park or Marayong. So For Mount Druitt commuters they are minor destinations - Busways are based in Pymble does that mean Macquarie Park, Hornsby or Gordon is minor destinations. People live, study, visit and work in Glendinning (even bus drivers), Dean Park and Marayong  and they are minor areas for this to happen, as proposed to what you think. 

Wake up Australia - we are not living in the dark ages - but you make it appear this way! 
How about you travel from West Mount Druitt to Blacktown via your 2 bus services and see if your information is correct and whether 2 bus services are warranted!

Rooty Hill Gentleman Faces Issues With City Rail Power Station

Amazing! The good people I meet every day, they all have something to say or even more than something to say about public transport issues  or just improvements. Here ia a gentleman I met today who had been stressed out with had happened to him. As he lives alongside North Parade Rooty Hill, he wasn't aware of was was happening opposite the road where his house was situated. There was City Rail (unbeknown to him) building a power station.

he approached them and asked what was happening and next day there was a transport officers representing City Rail, trying to explain the situation. He asked why wasn't the Community consulted through ''Community consultation programs'. The answer he received is 'City Rail doesn't need to consult with the community when they in the process of building!'

Then he was advised it was going to be 6 metres high and he protested on the basis it will hinder his viewing and be a distraction for receiving TV Channels. They informed him that it was going to be placed in front of the Rooty Hill High School - opposite the road but they protested and asked for it to be moved further down and then development started.

He was lost and thought he would stand no chance, whilst they are doing this. I provide him with two options:

  • Contact his State Member and get him involved, Mr.Richard Amery. Hon Member for Mount Druitt.
  • 3 local Councillors from his ward - it is election year!
  • I for got to contact 131500 and raise as a general enquiry.

Monday, January 16, 2012

More Positive Responses Re: Bus Shuttles to Rooty Hill - 'Australia Day'!

Well, for a good cause there is sparkling  feedback regarding our  lobbying for Bus Shuttles going to Rooty Hill, taking hopefully thousands to the colourful firework display.

I have received  a letter of support from Hon. Richard Amery, Member for Mount Druitt, providing his personal representations on my behalf to  the Hon. Gladys Berejiklian MP, Minister for Transport that the matter be investigated. A copy of his representation has been sent to Councillor Alan Pendleton, Mayor of Blacktown City Council. This letter was dated 13th January (quick response) - well done Richard Amery!

Today have been e-mail a letter from Mr. Ron Moore, General Manager, Blacktown City Council acknowledges the use of shuttle buses from railways stations to Rooty Hill in an effort to ease traffic congestion at the Australia Day celebrations. This has now been referred  to Direct of Finance &  Corporate Strategy, Mr Wayne  Rogers for advice and the mayor will respond to us as soon as possible.

What more can I say, everyone is now working hard, probably long hours trying to see if all public transport decision makers can provide the logistics to make this happen. I would certainly give a handshake to all concerned if something is done this Australia Day. Will keep you posted!

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Councillor Is Working For All Of Us For Australia Day - Great Show!

Yes, Blacktown Councillor Kathie Collins, OAM,  has come to the rescue to assist all Community members of  Blacktown LGA to  commute by bus to the Australia Day Fireworks, from their nearest train station and return.

 As quoted by Councillor Collins, OAM to an e-mail sent to me,' As I said to the general Manager, if we can put man on the moon there is a good chance that we should be able to move 20,000 people by public transport!' 

Councillor Kathie Collins

It now appears that  not only are the 'Wheels are motion....' as per our previous blog, but the speed is set to the limits, the BCC will be in high motion to get the ball rolling, let's see how we go - maybe not this year but next year! I'll be happy and I'm others will be happy as well.

Something that was thought by one person in our group and I  have taken grasp of my hands and reached out to others, so that good things come to people and people enjoy the festivities of life.

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Saturday, January 14, 2012

'Wheels Are In Motion..." - Blacktown City Fireworks - Rooty Hill

Yesterday, I was  speaking to the Mayor of Blacktown's secretary and she thought it was a a great idea to have shuttle bues and advised us to send a n e-mail request to the  mayor@blacktown.nsw.gov.au & so I did.   Here is the wordings of it...:

Dear Mr. Alan Pendleton,
Mayor of Blacktown CC,

I write to you urgently to advise that we are concerned of the traffic congestion at Rooty Hill for the Australia Day event and recommend  that bus shuttles be used from at least Rooty Hill Station and/or 10-12 stations around Blacktown CC LGA, transporting commuters and their chairs, eskies etc to the event. This will alleviate traffic congestion and traffic parking (Inclusive on both sides of Eastern Road), reduce fuel usage by private cars and provide a pleasant way of getting to and from the great event.

This will also provide a better management program for Council Officers to maintain in the years to come. Whether or not you can get this done this year is up to you but please look towards it at least from next year.

Refer to current blog stories done to support it and what we:


John Svoboda

PS: Further to the blogs - have just got advice  from an officer from operators (Provided this name to The Mayor) - they will look into it and refer to their planning department and get back to me! I then forwarded  this e-mail to 6 members of NSW State Parliament , who boundaries are within the Blacktown CC LGA being:

Richard Amery, Bart Bassett, ,John Robertson, Nathan Rees & Andrew Rohan & Kevin Conolly 

I then spoke to the secretary of one of the CEO's of the operators that operate around Blacktown LGA and received 3 calls all interest is making their enquires - actually, the last call was important as they wanted to know who would fund it? Great asking me that question (The power of one!).

My reply was it would be funded between Blacktown City Council and NSW for Transport! but that is not up to me to decide - this transport officer I respect said he will make his contacts and see what they can do - different to the other operator. The second call I got was advising me that it was up to the other operator to do something about it as they cover buses in that area. (Finger pointing - but we are used to it!

Now, today I have spoken to the President of the 2770 Board (Mrs Ivy Roberson) and she is prepared for her group members & representatives to spread the word around for this  bus shuttle run and claims this would be a great incentive for the BCC to organise.

See what I mean  for the heading of this blog, 'Wheels are in motion...!' I'm just a cog in the wheel, the spokes are the people I talk too and get action done the rims of the wheels is the end result - thus evrythong starting turning positively. One word of mouth to another to another 12 or so and 'Blacktown may have free shuttle buses' as to which year who knows but if we get one service in this year, fantastic, superb, great, astonishing, super, - I will feel overwhelmed and to all involved a Great Australia Day to all.

I've heard from other sources Penrith has bus shuttle service for their Australia Day - I'm sure there are other LGA's around Western Sydney as well.

Combined 739/737 Bus Service Mount Druitt (nights & Sundays)- Brief History

Here is short/brief history of the Combined 739/737 (nigh & Sundays) bus service: from 1981, you can see it has changed since its original operation commenced. We'll place other blogs on other services in and out of Mount Druitt.

Combined Routes 739/737 (nights and Sundays)


From 5 December 1992
From Mt Druitt (bus interchange) via 739 to Gt Western Hwy/Angus Av, then Angus Av, John St, Gardner St, Beaconsfield Rd, Gt Western Hwy, Cawarra St, Rooty Hill Rd South, Francis Rd, Railway St, Sherbrooke St, North Pde to Mt Druitt bus interchange.

From 7 June 1997
Altered: From Minchin Dr/Gt Western Hwy via Gt Western Hwy, Cawarra St, Rooty Hill Rd South, Evans Rd, Beaconsfield Rd, Gardner St, John St, Angus Av [now Rupertswood Rd], Rupertswood Rd, Charlotte Rd, Francis Rd, Railway St, Sherbrooke St, North Pde to Mt Druitt bus interchange.

From 13 February 1999
Altered: From Gt Western Hwy/ Angus Av [now Rupertswood Rd] via Angus Av, John St, Gardner St, Beaconsfield Rd, Gt Western Hwy, Cawarra St, Rooty Hill Rd South, Beames Av, Rupertswood Rd, Charlotte Rd, Francis Rd, Railway St, Sherbrooke St, North Pde to Mt Druitt bus interchange.

For other Routes you can check Here

Save Our Bus Services

Read our story on how we made it our priority to ensure bus services are re-instated from services taken away in 2009.