Saturday, March 30, 2013

Change Of Heart For Community Member On Our Group

You might remember one of our committee members, being advised by a community member we are doing nothing and only care about our own bus services, not about other bus services.

Well good news is the community member has had a change of heart and approached our committee member and humbly apologised for what he said last. It appears the community member must have come home spoken to his wife. She must have asked him why he was upset and then he explained. Maybe she advised him that we not care about our own bus service, but of others. Good on you community member - you had the guts to correct yourself - you must have heard of our possible good deeds. This brings peace and harmony to my heart!

Click Here For Previous Blog On Community Members Initial Response To Our Group

Friday, March 29, 2013

Face Book Group - Would Like More Security On City Rail Trains

A face book group has commenced due to anti-social behaviour on City Rail trains between St Marys and Mount Druitt. They have reach over 1200 members so quickly:

Here is the link to it: Bring back security on  our city trains

Happy Easter To All Mount Druitt Commuters For 2013

On behalf of the Mount Druitt Commuters Improvement Group Inc, I wish every public transport commuter a 'Happy Easter' to all cycling, bus, train and taxi public transport commuters.

May you all be blessed with the happiness of giving, sharing and celebrating while using any form/s of public transport. May we all give happiness & friendliness to all fellow commuters and  public transport officers as we realise that every one is as human as you.

We also wish safe and comfortable travelling to which ever destination you are travelling to during the Easter Holidays! If you are a child, may you receive handfuls of chocolate and enjoy your wonderful time as a child!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

People Offering To Help Us With Sending The Free Shuttle Bus Petitions!

Today I met Kenny from Colyton who remembered speaking to me before and straight away signed the  Mount Druitt Free Shuttle bus petition.

Not only did he sign the petition, he offered to take the Petition to the Catholic Parish of Sacred Heart, handing it directly to the Parish Priest. One thing he admitted was he would ask his wife to refer to  the parish priest and this will enable more people to sign  the petition and gaining more support, for the proposal.

What i think is so good, is this lovely gentleman offered to assist straight away, without question, so kindly, so nicely.  This is really what Mount Druitt people are made of: good, proactive caring people!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Centre for Social Justice - Will Require A Central Free Mount Druitt Shuttle Bus

Well today I was invited to visit St. Vincent De Paul, 'Caroline Chisholm Centre for Social Justice' in Emerton, by Manager, John Stone. There, I met Allan Moroney, Assistant Manager of the Centre and explained the proposal for the Mount Druitt Free shuttle bus  route and the petition we have to hand.

The Caroline Chisholm Centre is a fully funded service that caters for  the community providing essential community needed services: legal aid, social workers,  probation and parole services in a supportive way, psychologist, budget/Financial Counselling, Department of Housing assistance with tribunals, family support, school holiday activities, anger management, computer skills, sewing, transpersonal art therapy and  parenting. That leaves quite a lot to do just for a quite busy centre! I personally give praise to the people that work there!

Since the Caroline Chisholm Centre is moving form the Holy facility at 254 Luxford Road, Emerton to Kurrajong Road, Mount Druitt, Mr. Moroney advised that this is an essential services that is required by the people of Mount Druitt and would make it easier for  the people that use their facilities, to reach their new  premises. In saying this, there was immediately proactive support as he stated that they will place their stamp on the back of the Petition (on each page) and additional to that, place a note on top of the petition that the people wishing to sign indicate they will use this service, by placing a tick at the end of each signature.

I left the premises overwhelmed (although I had visited the centre before about 3-4 years ago), I know what services they have and that I can promote for them. They see at least over 100  people per day, requiring their services. I felt for what they do, they may be under-funded - but that is my opinion - they  all have such a great positive impact towards the community.

Early Buses Needed In Mount Druitt On Weekends - Especially On Track Work Days - Lethbridge Park Commuter

Robyn from Lethbridge Park catches the Busways 780 bus to Mount Druitt bus interchange to Catch City Rail trains from Mount Druitt to Central train station.

Her issues are when City Rail track work is on weekends there are no early local  Bus-operated buses that are timetabled to take commuters to Mount Druitt train station even as early as 7.30am, from the community. This is so they can meet rail bus services which take commuters to their destination. An extra expenses is incurred when  ordering taxis to take commuters to the Mount Druitt train station. Robyn feels this is substantiated by a lot of other commuters in the area feeling the same - public transport buses should be  restructured and correctly planned by NSW for Transport and the current NSW Government to allow people to reach Major train station hubs, early in the mornings.

Robyn  (when working late), finishes work at 8pm, catches the 8.14pm train from Central train station, reaching Mount Druitt train station at 9.09pm. her next bus for the Busways 780 is 9.50pm - thus leaving a 40 minute wait for her to reach. Otherwise she catches the Westbus 759 to Emerton - walks dangerously at late night for 10 minutes to her homes. She requests the Busways 780 service to be a half an hour service at night tome!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Mount Druitt Free Shuttle Bus Petition Is Released To Chifley Schools

I have just been notified by the Admin Officer of the Western Sydney Region - Mount Druitt, Department of School Education that all the Free Bus Shuttle petitions have been supplied to all Mount Druitt area schools. That would be public schools.

This is educating the people of Mount Druitt through the young and also should bring more smile to the thousands of people within Mount Druitt. This could be the start of people being proud for their community even being advised through their local High schools and primary schools.

Mount Druitt Commuters Improvement Group Inc. - Advertising signs - Quakers Hill Commuter!

A young university from Quakers Hill departs the City Rail train at Blacktown train station today and was very interested in what in what our local public transport advocacy group is doing and whole heartedly supports the Free shuttle bus route petition that we are proposing in and around Mount Druitt, which brings a deserved benefit to the people of Mount Druitt.

She thinks our group should  have advertising signs around the area advising letting people of what we are doing.

Blacktown Local Environmental Plan Draft - To Facilitate Population by 2036

The Draft Blacktown Local Environmental Plan (BLEP) for 2036 is a detailed report organised by Council Officers of the Blacktown City Council and focuses on a dramatic population increase in three main hubs Blacktown; based on population growths as follows:

                                                             2006              GROWTH  INCREASE                           2036

BLACKTOWN                                 114,000                                  55,100                             170,000

MOUNT DRUITT                             96,700                                   33,300                            130,000

NORTHWEST                                   75,600                                 140,000                            230,000


 TOTAL                                             271,000                                228,000                             500,000                                                                     

My only issue is, we have 5 local Council boundaries and  within the Council Boundaries in the plan they subdivide into 3 sectors. I personally think that when you divide the Northwest Sector into 2 - like they have in the bottom sector of the plan from Mount Druitt in the west to Blacktown in the East.

Most of it  is in reference to accommodate the future  population by creating higher density housing, in the centre of the  urban towns. How does this affect public transport - not much talk about as it stands. I'm sure this will come out in a broader plan.

I do note that commuter car parks are retained  in Both Mount Druitt and Rooty Hill urban hubs!

Click here for further details on Draft BLEP

Also you can visit your own local Library within  Blacktown City Council

Monday, March 25, 2013

No Political Reason For Mount Druitt Free Shuttle Bus Proposal!

Politics aside, I'm not using the Free Shuttle bus proposal for Mount Druitt to get the bus for Mount Druitt, for any  political party reasons and/or independents. I have spoken to Liberal, Labor, Greens and Independent politicians from local area to State to Federal and have lobbied to get the Free Shuttle bus only for the people of Mount Druitt and surrounding suburbs and (What I have recently discovered), also for people that commute by public transport or car from other areas around Western Sydney and Sydney, to Mount Druitt.

Yes, I will seek support from any political party members, independents and Greens that want to support our proposal  for a Free Shuttle bus within Mount Druitt. Without politicians we cannot get the support we need ad they are a vital part in getting the service implemented and introduced within Mount Druitt.

If and when we (Mount Druitt people) re provided this bus service, I assure you that the people of Mount Druitt will celebrate, something that is so good and needed by the community. There is so many pluses that make Mount Druitt people deserve a bus service like this: economical boost to business around the area, greater and easier community links and shopping links, enthusiasm, great esteem, community pride,  link for unemployed to get to job centres and interviews quicker and easier, for the real estate market having a Free bus shuttle places the value of properties a little higher, as it serves as a great link to services , shops, community groups, doctors, including specialists, Roads & Maritime Services, and the employment hub  around Kurrajong Avenue as well.

My heart is in Mount Druitt, before my heart was in the Eastern Suburbs: Paddington, Waverley, Bondi Junction, Bondi  and Kingsford in my younger days - but this has changed as each time I go there, there  high density housing and over-crowdedness.

 So today I was asked am I a member of the Labor party and as I answered, "No"  a lady signed the petition. I'm sure if asked of other party's members - the answer will be 'No!'

More Looping Bus Services Require By Blacktown Commuter

 A lovely  public transport interested lady from Blacktown travels on City Rail trains from Blacktown and compares planning of bus routes from the City of Blacktown to the City of Parramatta and claims that Parramatta plans its buses on looping bus services. That means buses leaving one way and returning back to Parramatta in the same trip.
Amazing! It is amazing that so many people I speak to on trains and  buses and all people have so many different ideas, said in different ways and styles. This one was a brilliant idea - so simple and  yet so clever.

A find example is the Parramatta Shuttle Bus, which in itself is a looping shuttle bus service:

Free Parramatta Shuttle Bus

The Parramatta Shuttle Bus (formerly The Loop) is a free transport solution that connects tourists, residents and commuters to the commercial, retail and recreational landmarks of the city.
The free Parramatta Shuttle Bus runs every 10 minutes, seven days a week.
Monday to Friday Between 7.00am and 6.30pm
Saturday and Sunday Between 8.00am and 4.00pm
The free Shuttle Bus is a great way to get around Parramatta its fast, free and easy to find.
The Parramatta free Shuttle Bus operates on a continuous loop around the city centre connecting rail, bus and ferry transport interchanges with local clubs and shops, and other community hubs.
You dont need a ticket or a timetable just look out for the green bus and jump on board.
Parramatta City Council introduced The Loop service in 2008. This Parramatta Shuttle Bus now runs seven days a week and is coloured bright green.
 Download the map here. For more information visit or call 131500.

Free Shuttle Bus Map for Parramatta

**This is where we in Mount Druitt are lobbying for a Free Shuttle Bus Service - refer to previous blogs.
What Selina was on about was she would like to bus services  in Blacktown go to Walters Road and Tinsdale School, which returns back to Blacktown - the idea is to have buses go past schools reaching local communities.
She hasn't been on the free shuttle bus in Blacktown, just doesn't know where to catch the bus and has never been on one in Blacktown.
Blacktown Free Shuttle bus details:

 BLACKTOWN – Commenced March 14, 2011

The free Blacktown Shuttle runs every 15 minutes. The service operates on a one-way loop starting from Blacktown Interchange connecting Westpoint Blacktown, K-Mart, Civic Centre, Main Street, TAFE, Medical Precinct, Blacktown Hospital, Centrelink and Blacktown RSL.
The route number for the Blacktown Shuttle is 720.
Hours of operation are:
Weekdays: 9.00am to 2.15pm
Weekends: 9.00am to 5.30pm

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Young Lady Good Samaritan For Elderly Lady - Mount Druitt Commuter!

Yesterday, a non-English speaking elderly lady hopped on the train at Mount Druitt around 10.25 am and then jumped out of her upstairs seat screamed as if someone had attacked her or stolen something from her. She was speechless and in traumatic drama (which could have  resulted in a heart attack).

A young lady Samaritan went to her aid as she advised she left a book in Mount Druitt train station, including her ID - claiming in was her food there as well. So she left it behind at the station - the young lady just open heartedly said I will go back with you to Mount Druitt and got off at Rooty Hill with the lady. I have since contact Mount Druitt Train station this morning and was advised there was no report of book or ID taken thus I feel the good Samaritan young lady id such a lovely deed for the day.

Myself, I was running late for work but if I wasn't I would have done the same - would you?

Feedback From Shop Owners - Free Bus Shuttle Petition

A shop owner in Dawson Mall advised he had half a sheet filled of petitions he advised to come back in a week's time and he would have it filled in.

It is amazing that after I left he approached his customers immediately to sign the petition! This is when action speaks louder than words - he didn't see me watching him do this but when I turn my back I was so proud of him. It shows that he was interested in promoting the Free Bus shuttle!

City Rail Private Maintenance Contractors - Maybe Endangering Their Lives!

A Transport Officer from NSW has advised that now the NSW Government has privatised its rail maintenance centres in Sydney there has been more potential health and safety risks being reported endangering lives.

There was an circumstance when there was 2 private contractors working actually on the maintenance of the railway line directly and City Rail knew nothing about as trains were travelling on the line - somewhere in the communication department there was lost wires of communication. No communication was received or communicated to City Rail.

Young commuters are being very clever now-a-days. When they travel by train to the City - they block their feet on the closing electronic train doors, which prevents the doors from closing by the guard - the guard has to instruct them not to do that as block the doors to 'let their running late mates in' on the train. By doing this causes complete delays in the Sydney rail network for commuters and transport officers. This is probably the time when we require more policing on stations and trains when they know heaps of people travel to these events.

Ethiopian Commuter Likes Nice Speaking People On Trains!

An Ethiopian orthodox monk from Mount Druitt I spoke to 2 days ago is currently travelling to Parramatta and City sometimes.

He was very positive that our public transport is very good and he was extremely impressed that there are very nice speaking people on trains. This is when we do speak to people, that believe we have a good rail network and trains are an vital important way of commuting to different areas with no complaint and complete peace.

Bus Drivers Smoking In Front Of Kids Activity Centre Mount Druitt And Block Parents Drive Way

This is where the buses stop
Sarah from Mount Druitt Kids Activity Centre advises that she is quite happy to support and also ask parents to support the Petition for the Mount Druitt Free Bus Shuttle as she sees it as a great benefit for the community.

Sarah did have a few issues to raise about public within Mount Druitt, especially when Busways and Westbus park their buses on the side of the Kids  Activity Centre, which blocks a bus stop, their gate driveway which they place their bins for Council to pick up bins (and that can't be met at times) and finally the exit driveway for parents to leave the premises.

This is where buses park
 blocking bin pick up from Council:
Check the Non-Smoking Signs!
The second issue was bus drivers parking there would  create a bad health environment to the children at the activity centre as they, light up and smoke whilst the new anti-smoking laws where being placed - maybe bus drivers should also be fined - who smoke a cigarette. My advice is Busways are listening on this issue and Westbus are ignoring these requests - we suggest Blacktown Council  Transport Officers to monitor  both these situations. Mount Druitt Kids Activity Centre have gone to the extreme of placing Non-smoking signs as well as copying the law in relation to the new smoking or  anti smoking laws in public.

Click on here for our original blog on the introduction of the anti-smoking laws

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Jobs Growth Out West To Mount Druitt Supports Community Free Shuttle Bus Around The Hub Of Mount Druitt - Mount Druitt Standard

Mr. Reg Murray* prominent Mount  Druitt Chamber of Commerce President, supports jobs growth, announced by the NSW Government for Mount Druitt to be a big part of it in the greater west.

By having  potential jobs growth, this will reduce the high unemployment factor Mount has and most definitely support potential for the Mount Druitt Free Shuttle Bus that we all need. My belief is the Chamber of Commerce also supports the motion of the 'Free Shuttle Bus within the hub of Mount Druitt as I do you Mr. Reg Murray I will ask him and come back to you!

*Reg Murray is one of the principal agents for Murray Douglass Real Estate 271 Beames Ave, Mount Druitt NSW 2770

  • (02) 9625 8088

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Free Shuttle Bus Mount Druitt - Passageway Of Travel Bringing In New Community Links To Ordinary People!

I've spent  up to 3 hours in Mount Druitt obtaining signatures for petitions for the Free Shuttle bus Route we are proposing to lobby for.

People are shocked we are lobbying for a good thing. A good thing in Mount Druitt people need - needs that fulfils daily requirements of every single people in Mount Druitt. There are people that thought when I am announcing the Free Bus Shuttle' that I am preaching of religion, asking or pleading for money. What we are doing is not asking for money and I see it is hard to talk to people, when they are rushed to go home or even work or even for entertainment.

So far I have raised just over 100 signatures and I'm sure there are  more than hundreds around the area being signed organised. What I like is the word is going around. People are talking about it during their breakfast, lunch and dinner with their family and friends. One person speaking to another and then that person speaks to another - it there for doesn't take long until the words spread, outside of Mount Druitt to other Western Sydney suburbs and then hitting Sydney and the offices of  NSW Transport Minister, The NSW opposition spokesperson on Transport, The Leader of the  Opposition Leader and the NSW Premiers desk. I'm just talking about words of  'Free Shuttle Bus' the petitions may hit their desks later and then that will solidify what the people want from within Mount Druitt.

People are saying, ' This is good. This is what we want. It is good what you have there. I'll give it to others to sign. This is what the community needs and finally a lot of people are wishing us good luck!' Well what more can be said - when is the last time Mount Druitt had something good to talk about? And I hope it won't be the last!

Thank you people of Mount Druitt keep it up!

Last Of The 'S'' Set Carriages Leaves Service - Lester & Diana - Mount Druitt Commuters Improvement Group Inc Members

View Group at Cronulla.jpg in slide show

Lester Pasley (Group Member of Mount Druitt Commuters Improvement Group Inc.) has kindly provided his journey on the last "C" Set Trains  and the events that happened, which ended up in a positive result:

Picture of Diana and myself on the last S set run on the Illawarra Line taken on Friday 8th March 2013 at Cronulla Station.  The picture appeared in an article in the St George & Sutherland Shire Leader.

Click Here For The St George Leader Story

 It was a good run and we did two trips to Cronulla including one on the oldest car in the CityRail fleet, C 3805, which entered service in 1972.  It was borrowed from Hornsby depot specially for the night.  Unfortunately, 3805 was attacked by graffiti vandals at Woolooware, just one stop from Cronulla.  As 3805 was full of rail fans armed with cameras, they got photos of the vandals and when the Police met the train at Cronulla, they viewed the photos and identified the ringleader of the vandals.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Now You Can Be Involved In Planning Your Future Sydney

A stem of the the NSW  Long term Transport Master Plan with joint  planning with the State Infrastructure Strategy is your chance to  be involved  in Your Future Sydney - which involves the greater Western Sydney.

I have straight away placed a comment  on blog on their website, which is listed below and we will see what the  results will be hopefully in my lifetime):

The draft strategy promotes places like Sydney CBD, Parramatta, Liverpool and Penrith as important centres to focus our major transport improvement. Do you agree with these locations?

Planning & Infrastructure NSW

Add Your Comment

As a public transport Commuter, originally from Eastern Suburbs to South Eastern Suburbs. now travelling and on week days and sometimes on weekends from Mount Druitt to Parramatta. This gives us a great chance for  voice what we think is needed in the Greater Western Sydney,  which even i advocate for the people of mount Druitt and Furthermore Western Sydney

While there is vast lands available in the Western Sydney, our population growth can cope with the population increase to cater for the near future. In relation to public transport we do not have many looping rail services that connect commuters to vast areas of Sydney and the Greater Western Sydney. Light Rail should be considered to travel around major town/city hubs in Sydney and the Greater Western Sydney to plug in or cover areas not covered by buses.

Important issues in public transport like comfort,safety, reliability and  efficient services in a reasonable cost efficient way is what satisfies commuters and  promotes a great  public transport network.This is in relation of public transport even promotion of  carpooling and free shuttle buses  provided to all major  shopping Hubs. This in itself promotes a better public transport which in itself is not only good for the Sydney and Greater Western Sydney commuters but for overseas tourists that are using public transport to get around Sydney, providing increase business and better access to local community shops, organisations. local, state and Federal  Government agencies.

More Maxi Cabs issued to cater for multiple commuters on  this types of services, where fares can be shared.  transport infrastructure should be upgraded as time permits in our  modern growing  world, allowing for communities to  be updated with matching growth of population.

A better integration with all modes of public transport, especially tome tabled public transport matching links and connections without much time delay. In our words better communication between each one providing minimal  los of time for connection with all commuters.

Thus I support the CBD's of Parramatta, Liverpool, Penrith, Blacktown, Mount Druitt and other CBD's with have a high population in Western Sydney - all these centres in the Greater Western Sydney should be promoted  for improvements in public transport - with will connect people to better places of interest.

Click Here to check out the Website from The NSW Government Planning and Infrastructure

Three Seater More Comfortable on City Rail Trains Than Planes - Blacktown Commuter!

A nice gentleman who let myself sit down in the middle of a three seater today, travelling on the City Rail Train to Penrith. He spoke briefly but what he said intrigued myself as it confirms everyone is different. I believe he left the train at Blacktown.

He claimed that he doesn't feel comfortable sitting in a middle of  a three seater on a train carriage but then he commented that a seat on plane feels less comfortable! Well this is complimentary to City Rail and  NSW for Transport and even the NSW State Government. Good News!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Less Smoking Required On Mount Druitt Train Station!

Mohammed from Whalan travels by City Rail train from Mount Druitt to Parramatta, Monday to Fridays and finds  something important that needs to be addressed by the NSW Government, NSW for Transport and City Rail.

Mohammed says that commuters smoking in public places like platforms in Mount Druitt, when it is not allowed. As a result, there should be more PA system announcements  at Mount Druitt trains  Station and its platforms, to deter people from continuously smoking. By ridding smoking from train stations the previous and  current NSW Governments has indicated that the health of  non-smoking commuters is important and vital. More policing, on platforms not just the vestibule area as the smoking commuter  seems to happen in peak times in the morning.

He also would like to see more trains in peak time to allow more commuters to sit down  and commute comfortably.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

New Sydney Trains Will Have New Rail Boss From London

I'm a little bit late to advise of these news - yet better late then never!

Here is the story from Rail  Express,  New CEO of Sydney trains Howard Collins:

London Underground boss to run Sydney Trains

by Rail Express — last modified Feb 20, 2013 12:52 PM
— filed under: 
As part of it plans to reform passenger rail services in New South Wales, the state government has announced the appointment of London Underground chief operating officer, Howard Collins as the CEO of Sydney Trains.
London Underground boss to run Sydney Trains
London Underground's Collins to tackle Sydney Trains. Image: BBC
Following a worldwide search, NSW minister for transport Gladys Berejklian said the appointment is a “massive coup” for Sydney.
“The fact we were able to attract someone of Mr Collins’ calibre is a significant sign of confidence in the reforms we are undertaking,” NSW Berejiklian said.
“Mr Collins’ job will be to deliver a world class rail network for Sydney and bring in a new era of customer-focused culture.
“He has an excellent reputation in the industry, having been accountable for the daily operations of the entire London Underground network.
“His background includes a proven record in delivering quality, integrated public transport, including involvement as a senior executive in operations and customer service, security, electronic ticketing and reform.”
From July 1, Sydney Trains and NSW Trains will replace RailCorp, with Sydney Trains serving customers on the greater Sydney suburban network.
Collins will be tasked with delivering a customer-first culture, which Berejiklian said will ensure Sydney’s trains are as safe as possible and will deliver better value for money for taxpayers – the objectives that are set out in the government’s Fixing the Trains reforms.
Collins has enjoyed a 35-year career with London Transport, including the development of an integrated transport system with Transport for London.
He was lead director for London Underground and London Rail for the London Olympic Games in 2012, for which he was made an OBE.
Collins said he was looking forward to the opportunity of working in Sydney.
“Sydney is a world class city and I am looking forward to working with the NSW Government to deliver a world class rail system,” he said.
“I met with minister for transport Gladys Berejiklian in Sydney last week and I have a good understanding of the challenge ahead - one that I look forward to tackling very much.”
He will reportedly receive $530,000 a year in his new role.
Collins told the DailyTelegraph he was surprised how tough transport was for Sydneysiders on a visit two weeks ago, saying things had worsened since 2006.
"When I travelled it reminded me of the London Underground 25 years ago in terms of the ticketing, the technology, the environment," he said.
Rob Mason appointed CEO of NSW Trains
The new CEO for NSW Trains, which will meet the needs of intercity rail commuters and CountryLink rail and bus passengers, will be current RailCorp CEO Rob Mason.
Berejiklian says NSW Trains will:
  • Be managed by dedicated regional customer service management teams.
  • Improve the quality and amenity of trains, stations and passenger information.
  • Be strongly focused on ensuring local customer needs are met.
  • Be focused on running intercity and regional passenger trains, regional coaches and stations.
  • Have a permanent presence within the Rail Management Centre to advocate for intercity and regional services and ensure they receive adequate network priority to reduce late running and delays.

Even The New Pope Francis The 1st Supports Public Transport!

We all think that people of importance all around the world have limousines, their own drivers and convenience of  their own private transport, to enable to get to places of public important. In most cases it is true but it is unusual that this occasionally happens.

Well a first time that we know in our own living lives - Catholics around the world are celebrating the new election of a Worldly Pope, Argentine Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio 76,  known as Pope Francis the 1st. The first Jesuit Pope. The first Pope named as Francis and possibly the first Pope that uses public transport.

I am now supplying you with 'Thoughts With A Cuppa' from the catholic Parish of Holy Family, Emerton - details  of the new Pope Francis the 1st:

If Cars Had This Horsepower - There Would More People Moving To Public Transport!

Life is amazing, when we see how cars affect and use up all public highways, motorways and streets. I haven't see a car driven by one horsepower as yet but i'm sure if car dealers do sell car like this as a cheaper/economical form of transport, then I can see more people moving to commute using more public transport.

View Liberal & Labor old regimes copy.jpg in slide show

Please note  the above comments do not reflect the editors comments - this was a picture send to me by an interested commuter!

On the funny side what would happen if both there was a flat tire and the horse broke down at the same time?????

Station Managers No Longer - Replaced By City Rail Shift Duty Managers!

About 2 months ago, reliable transport officer within NSW had advised to myself of  dramatic cuts being made within City Rail, which I was shocked to hear.

As a non-politician, myself, I understand when a new government comes to power, they sweep the old 'deadwood' from what they  say is the budget closets for the first 1-2 years and then they place more funds spending, replacing the deadwood and going back to rehiring. In theatrical acting it could be called 'Dress Rehearsal'.

So, when I was told that all Train Station Masters will be made redundant by July this year I wasn't sure whether to believe it or not until I received an  contact from Sydney Alliance that they have met with the Minister of Transport, raising  safety concerns on main Junction train Stations. It mentions how 118 train Station Masters will lose their jobs - Mount Druitt is not mentioned as it isn't a junction train station.

The current Train Station Master of Mount Druitt and myself have been discussing safety improvement required at Mount Druitt train station as we are working together to have a safer commuter community. We both agree Mount Druitt should be included in the Sydney Alliance request for train safety stations.

So the transport officer that had provided this information to myself, knows what he or she is talking about! Apparently  the Tran Station Managers/Masters will be replaced by shift Duty Managers.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Train Driver Opeterated/Controlled Air-conditioners - Penrith Commuter

I met Jason from Penrith yesterday who is a virgin cyclist, travels to Penrith train station and catches City Rail trains return to Wynyard during the week for work.

He  says that he has struck a day with other complaining commuters of  travelling in a non working air-conditioning train. This makes conditions extremely hot and sweaty for each commuter, providing total discomfort. People feel uneasy in commuting using public transport, if this keeps on happening!

His suggestion is that instead of technical staff operating/controlling air-conditioners in trains, that this is operated/controlled by each diver, which in his country happens like this in South Korea. 

Petition Signatures Collected - My Bag Also Collected!

Where do I start? Actually How do I finish this blog?

Well I am shattered, disgusted and shaking with fear as to what has happened to me today! I have been asking myself how could this happen to me?

This morning I thought I'd get out of home early, commute to Mount Druitt via Busways 755 and set up a petition stand. The idea was to collect signatures from the community  for the free shuttle bus around the hub of Mount Druitt. I started  with a few negatives, waiting for 18 year olds or over to approach for their signatory on the petition.

The negatives was because a lot of these people were workers and had to rush to the train station on time. Then slowly but surely people started to listen and learn and sign - ending up with approximately 58 signatures all up!

People were walking past saying 'no' and once heard the word 'Free' walked up straight away, ears popping up a hundred per cent attentive providing their support of it. One question I was asking a few people is, 'If we do get this service, will they travel or use it?' No one said 'No'! That was a good sign by itself!

A great part of this morning was when one lady came up and said, 'My husband told me to come to you to sign a Free shuttle bus petition' (he had already signed it) and at another time, one young man said I remember you, You were the one that got the 755 back'. I replied as I always do, 'I only steered the group and the community got the bus back!'

I was enjoying myself but I made one stupid mistake - as I was talking to people, I left my bag beside the garbage bin on the set down walkway junction of the Mount Druitt Interchange and the corner of Dawson Mall. I walked within paces of the bag, whilst speaking to people. Oblivious to myself, my bag had been stolen whilst I was petitioning. The two ladies I spoke too then said it was their fault that it happened and I disagreed.

I trust the people of Mount Druitt - yet there is a small  group of people that may not be trusted. There was something that was spinning in my head. I was doing what I classify as doing something good for the community and behind my back. This person or people would have seen that I was doing this and took it to their great advantage to steal something that meant a lot to me, as I felt I was left naked. 

The most important things that I was concerned about was my mobile phone, USB drive, id card for work, some important documents, my reading glasses and my prepared lunch for the day.

I walked in the Direction of Mount Druitt Police Station and then changed direction to Westfield as I thought cancelling and ensuring the mobile is barred straight away. This was then organised with the telecommunication company that my phone contract was with. The lady that served me - even ensured I contact the police. She was prepared to allow police into the shop. As I contacted the Police Assist Line, the gentleman who took my call was so great, calm and reassuring. I was told these petty criminals will take what is expensive and leave the rest. 

The police also will request for CCTV tapes, to see if they can make any identification of the petty criminal, to assist in the investigation. In my hands I had the petition folder, envelopes of blank petitions and a pen. I was left abandoned by hope and forlorn, the feeling that I felt inside.

Yet I believe in building your own strength to carry on. I purchased a new bag (as I believed I would never see my bag again). My  lovely daughter, I bumped into (so to say) thought my wallet was stolen as well. It wasn't - she gave me $10 to purchase my lunch. I  refused , yet she slipped the note in my hand.

I arrived at work with problems reading the PC, struggled to read, until I received an e-mail at 1.50pm advising that the bag was handed in to Wentworthville train station. I felt a sudden gasp of relief as air pushed out of lungs with such happy emotion. 

The Station assistant was terrific, nice and had superb customer service skills. I was able to arrange to pick up the bag in the afternoon, checked the bag and all but the mobile phone was taken.

I was able to eat my lunch and be at peace. If the person/people are found - besides the return of the mobile, I would like just an explanation as why someone would do this behind my back. Especially if they knew that I was doing something good for the community? What have I done wrong to them? I do not want them to be convicted as I think if they really knew who I was there's a high chance it would not have happened.

So far, I would like to thank the police officers that I spoke too, the station assistant at Wentworthville and the Telecommunications Officer I spoke to today - you are all great and made me  a much better person then I was when I discovered what happened to me!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Without A Car Public Transport Is Good!

A nice gentleman, Madit from Cranebrook commutes on City Rail trains during the week for personal reasons to various stations along the Western Line: mainly Mount Druitt, then Blacktown and  Parramatta.

He had a very short comment to say of public transport and that was simply, 'Public transport is Good, if you don't have a car. Bus and Trains are Good!'

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Mount Druitt Passion: Free Shuttle Bus Is Moving People To Sign Petition - Linking The Community!

This is to The Premier of NSW, The NSW Minister For Transport, NSW Opposition Leader, NSW Transport Opposition Spokesperson, NSW Members for Londonderry, Mount Druitt, Blacktown  City Mayor and Deputy Mayor, and Mulgoa, Blacktown City Councillors of Ward 4 and 5, Federal Transport Minister and the Prime Minister of Australia.

Please note that, we the people and commuter representatives of Mount Druitt and surrounding suburbs, hereby are getting the 'message' of the Free shuttle bus petition, right across the community and the petitions are being signed. It has been a slow start, but the response has been great.

The more contact we make, the more people want to sign petitions. Networks of  people, organisations and businesses are spreading the  word for us. We have business owners, pensioners, husbands, wives, families, even transport officers, council officers, councillors are all starting to sign the petition as they can all see the positive benefit, provided to all the community - the greatest link to bring people together,  positive talking - less walking. People will be so proud of Mount Druitt. Not a place that is talked about  it's negative  anti social aspects it may have ( like many other suburbs in Sydney and Western Sydney), a placed that is liked as a place to live in: comfort and such beautiful self-pride. A place that we can live in honour of others living around us, the sharing of peace and harmony. The passion of  being happy and sharing that fulfilled happiness, with neighbours, friends and family. 

The people of Mount Druitt deserve something good to happen in our area, we have had good things happen in the past that  gets low key publicity: The Mount Druitt Hub and Emerton Leisure Centre. So, in Mount Druitt we need more good things to happen. The Free Bus Shuttle is not only a good thing, it is a  great thing to have: a great identity, linking the community to essential services that would normally be difficult to get too.

So take head, listen to us and understand what good things the community needs. We ask all of you to support our petition as  a petition of vital importance for the goodness of the Mount Druitt community.

Click here for Free Bus Shuttle Release Blog

Monday, March 11, 2013

Bus Drivers Not Picking Up Commuters - Shalvey Commuter

A young lady from Shalvey, finds it peculiar that bus drivers do not stop for her and pick her up . This is even when she is waiting for the bus. She finds this very odd - even if  she is running for  the bus and the bus driver sees her - he keeps on driving on.

She is a reporter from a different country that came to Australia to learn the English language. Although she thought her English wasn't that great, I gave her a compliment as she was able to provide  details that she has with buses she would like to see improved.

There is a thought she has of bus drivers do not pick her up because they can notice she is from another country. I reassured her this wouldn't be the fact!

City Rail Compared To Overseas Rail - Blacktown Commuter!

The other day a  young male commuter from Blacktown, catches  City Rail trains to Wynyard City Station and return on Monday to Fridays.

He claims, 'There is need for room for improvement for faster trains. The money we are paying is a 'rip-off', we have the most expensive  public transport network in the world. Compared to other worldwide cities rail have quick stop and go services. It costs more on a train then to travel by taxi from Wynyard to Central.

He wished he had more time to talk to myself, as his station was nearing. His last statement was The NSW for Transport recently dropped fares for overseas students, substantially. Why wasn't this done years ago?  He claims our City Rail is called 'Shitty Rail' and would like this image to change to a positive nickname.

Save Our Bus Services

Read our story on how we made it our priority to ensure bus services are re-instated from services taken away in 2009.