Thursday, February 27, 2014

More Frequency Of Trains Out West And Less Up North - Rooty Hill Commuter!

Each commuter I talk too has got such good qualities and wonderful in sharing their opinions on how they would like to  see improvement in public transport. The beautiful thing that I like in interviewing or discussing these topics with these commuters is I do listen - and when they come from Mount Druitt and surrounding suburbs I listen even better! No, it doesn't mean I don't listen to others!

Whilst talking to Jeanne from Rooty Hill, I was really encouraged with her enthusiasm with her passion for  improvement in public transport. It made  myself so realise that there are so many great people in Mount Druitt.

Jeanne travels by car from Rooty Hill to Mount Druitt and then then catches Sydney Trains to Town hall train station and return to home. She says the frequency of trains is very important issue in peak hours returning home, where there is a general tendency that the trains carriages from the city are very crowded and she is generally left standing up to Parramatta train, and sits when seats become available. 

One thing  she has noticed is trains travelling travelling towards the North Shore line are not are not as crowded or over crowed as the T1 Western line. this is where trains services may be taken from to cater  for more commuters travelling out West on the T1 Western Line.  

Jean also mentioned that it appears the NSW Government may not understand that there are workers out west that need to travel to the city or further for work on weekends.  Having on 2 -3 services per hour  on weekend peak hours needs to be increased to 3-4 services per hour, allowing commuters more preparation of time to catch the Sydney Trains at Mount Druitt. The current train services are like the old days when they was only weekday shopping and no weekend shopping - now it is 24 hour shopping, 7 days a week. We don't have the train services to match it, in our modern era.

Furthermore Jeanne  advised about a friend hers that catches the 756 home outside Rooty Hill train station, normally catches the Busways bus 756 and one day the bus didn't arrive for 20 minutes so she decided to walk home to Oakhurst and was completely tired , after one hour of walking on top of the  waiting period.  Bus services should be provided to the local community at correct intervals, to prevent community members being disheartened about bus services and spending  more time getting home!

Finally, Jeanne says that the Sydney Trains are more reliable as opposed to local bus services that disappear!

NSW Transport Officer Provides Issues On Intercity Trains

Commuters in the past were fined for travelling on a Sydney Trains intercity train and after many complaints raised The NSW government all commuters to catch these trains.

Inside information from a NSW for Transport Officer advised that the Intercity Trains were only to be used as drop offs at major train stations, allow commuter using the intercity trains to be seated on their long journey to Blue Mountains. Now this has been relaxed commuters who travel the long distance on the intercity trains are complaining about no seating available to them on the T1 Western Line.

What do you think is this fair? Do you think every commuter should travel on these intercity trains?

Sydney Trains Transport Officer Finds Difficult To Get To Work On Weekends!

The people in Mount Druitt that are workers, work in various different industries, travel in so many different directions using single and multiple public transport trips.

A Sydney Trains transport  officer has got difficult connections in catching Sydney Trains from Mount Druitt. The issue is simply,this person is rostered to commence work at certain times, relies on public transport and needs to get to work on time. On Saturdays, when the bus arrives at Mount Druitt bus interchange at around 11.21 am - the train has left and there is a half an hour or so wait for next train. 

Now, I personally know the NSW Minister for Transport has a personal goal of doing her best to get the trains on time, especially with interchanges with multiple modes of  public transport. Not 100 per cent of commuters will be happy with time tables that are based on making sure connections are perfect. 

Yet one way of  resolving this issue, is providing more time tabled services  - with fewer times for waiting, in case a Sydney Trains  service is missed by the commuter. Then and only then is  when   Sydney Trains  own employees can have a better chance to get to work on/or before time!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Better Running Better Sydney Trains Required By Emerton Commuter!

For years Annan from Emerton, who has been raised within the Mount Druitt area used to catch the 758 Busways bus service return to Mount Druitt,then catch Sydney Trains to Strathfield and then transfer to  Lewisham train Station. He used to work for  Blacktown City Council, which was more of a local public transport journey, yet when he considered his job prospects he knew there other commuters taking longer journeys, so he joined them taking  longer journeys. Now, Annan travel by car and return to Mount Druitt as after a few years has fixed up his car.

His main issues with Sydney Trains is when it rains he would like to see better running services. Every time the bad whether arrives, everywhere the trains seem to be out of time table! The best to solve this issue is to ensure that Sydney trains infrastructure  is well maintained and serviced, in regards to the railway tracks. ion turn this will make  commuters enjoy their journeys better, especially when they are long journeys.

NSW For Transport Opal Cards - A Great Improvement For The Community!

The NSW Governments introduction of a major overhaul of the states public transport ticketing system is gradually been implemented and can be seen as a great improvement for Mount Druitt, Western Sydney and Sydney.

In fact it is showing  that what is being done now could have been done by previous NSW Governments. Every member of the current State Government should be proud of this wonderful electronic ticketing system that will  be serving extensively on multi-modes of public transport. No more wasting time for change to purchasing fares, queuing up minutes on minutes for tickets. To be fair, cost factors may have prevented this to occur. The current NSW for Transport Minister, Gladys Berejiklian is leading the new revolution in making life easier with ticket purchasing and travelling on  public transport, providing this sweeping new technological change.

The Opal card at present only allows a commuter with a credit card or debit to purchase  and be issued with a card, currently for western Sydneysiders  to use this facility on the Sydney Trains Network -  ( T1 Line - for Mount Druitt commuters being launched as from 28th February 2014).  For myself, I will have to wait in line as I personally do not believe in credit/master/debit card for fear of fraud and believe in the old saving accounts. Although, I might be in the minority of commuters, the opportunity will come for myself to purchase a card paying cash at local stores and I believe Woolworth Stores, later on before the end of year. The only problem is I would be saving $3.60 per week on the new Opal card and because I prefer paying cash I will not be able to save  money as per other commuters, yet I understand the Opal Card is being introduced in different stages. Maybe the NSW Government could look at reducing the currently weekly tickets to match Opal weekly tickets for a temporary time until cash is accepted in Mount Druitt, Western Sydney. This is just a request!

My only concern is if a commuter forgets to tap on or go on and is charged   a default fare up to $8.10 on trains - this needs to be explained to commuters. What happens is there is a malfunction with the Electronic Ticketing System - will commuters be charged a default charge?

Where Do You Stand On Public Transport?

An unusual question that needs to be asked. Is using public transport vital or essential to your  daily life and if not why not?

What we do not  realise in our modern day of society is almost everything in life is laid down in front of us. From schools, shops, hospitals, local establishments that assist us in achieving our daily life's goals.

Such people in society expect changes, without their own input. That means relying on others. Some people don't want change to happen that is how they are. I'm sure that all members of the community have traveled in their lives one one or more forms of public transport.

Yet when it come to people travelling using our public transport bus, train or taxi network  are they happy continually travelling in these modes of transport or is it just a drag for them? Where do they stand for them?

Because our current NSW Government only uses the  internet to advertise public transport and doesn't  plastic gigantic billboards on Motorways or major roads promoting the benefits of public transport against congestive traffic driving whilst wasting fuel whilst waiting on long queues that stretch from road to road. Until the mood swings dramatically in the public opinion towards a majority of people using  public transport and fully utilizing all services to the ultimate.

The choice of  using public transport is yours! Where do you stand?

New Mount Druitt Website - Covers Areas We Cannot Cover!

We are an well established public transport group , for the last few years and we always come to issues that are community involved. Sometime people say to us we are  going away from public transport to other issues, that may be true!

Yet in other cases it is like saying what topic of a dinner conversation is not sports or politics? I have decided (separate from the group ), to start a Facebook  Group and the a website on 'What I love about Mount Druitt'.  This will be a community website that encourages people to e-mail myself  and ask for things to be done in the community, without even talking to relevant authorities.

This in itself, with support the advocacy for  improvements in public transport as  improvements are made and known to the community.

Click here for 'What I love about Mount Druitt website!'

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Kingswood Commuter Requires Better Rail Linkage!

Finally, since spending time on my personal life, getting back to work and then looking for the book I write down commuter comments (2nd one), I  met Ying, yesterday who requires a simple solution to her public transport problem.

Ying travels every day to work, from  Kingswood  train station to Blacktown train station and then interchanges to catch a bus to Rouse Hill. Her simple request is for a train service  from Kingswood to Rouse which will satisfy her public train needs as well as others thus improvements in time travelling.

She add it should also be a fast train service as well.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Spilt Water Raises Striking Conversation On Sydney Trains - St Marys Commuter!

Another amazing commuter can I say!

Sometimes when we travel on Sydney Trains, we either travel empty handed or we are carting with us some sort of bag or in some cases bags. When we are able to take a seat, we then settle ourselves down with bags  that carry our daily needs.

In my case the other day, my bag was rest on my lap as I was about to read a journal and I felt something on the right of my trousers. When I checked with my right hand  there was a  spot of water dripping from my water bottle ( which I realised was not tightened).
Then I also notice a bit of it went on the young man sitting next to me called Jamie, from St Marys.

Thinking to myself I was think how will this commuter react once I tell him - but as I advised him what I did we both laugh and  he was alright. We then started a English Soccer  League  (EPL) conversation as he was reading  a book of a life of one of the Liverpool players from 20-30 years ago. I was happy that he  wasn't negative to my accident that happened. Thank God!

He later was advised of our Group details and  was  very appreciative of what we are doing for the community. We both though there might other commuters who meet on Sydney Trains and  create  other striking conversations.

Have you had or started a striking conversation with someone you haven't met be fore, please tell us. We would like to know!

Mount Druitt Is Part Of Opal Card in Western Sydney For Trains Only

This is good news for Mount Druitt and for other train stations in Mount Druitt. 'Tap & Go' is the way to go!

The new electronic ticketing system called 'Opal Card' is being launched in Mount Druitt as from 28th February 2014. Are you ready for it, let us know. Mount will join the modern technological age of easy travelling. let's us hear about what you have to say? 

I don't know about you but I am excited!

Click Here for Opal Card details

Monday, February 10, 2014

Feedback On Comments Received on Mount Druitt Commuters Improvement Group Inc. - Really Impressive! - Thank You To All Of You!

I was want to respond to  a few blog readers providing comments on our blog spot.  I don't know where to start - actually I do!

I firstly would like to thank all  blog readers of over 100 readers that have placed a comment on out blogspot:  a majority are really  enjoying it and spreading the word. I also want to Thank Google for providing blogger to help  individuals and communities like mine to get our word across to the  people that need to know, so that improvements can be made in all facets of public transport in and around Mount Druitt.

There are many comments that provide positive feedback and compliments and there are soothers that provide positive correction to the blog or criticism.There are many I do enjoy buy there are 2  of them makes me further believe in what I am doing and what we are doing in the community, here they are:

Very shortly this website will be famous amid all blogging users, due to it's pleasant content Here is my web page - ghd straightener cheap onDoonside Commuter Passionate About New Train Time Tables For Doonside & Rooty Hill Train Stations!

Howdy! I realize this is somewhat off-topic however I had to ask. Does managing a well-established website like yours take a large amount of work? I'm brand new to writing a blog however I do write in my journal everyday. I'd like to start a blog so I can share my experience and thoughts online. Please let me know if you have any kind of suggestions or tips for new aspiring blog owners. Appreciate it! my site ghd from australia onCommuter From Penrith Gets Legs Shaking On Buses!

To be asked about creativeness of what I knew nothing about over 5 years ago, makes  it worth so much while as I  do know consider myself as an education but an information officer, informing the world. All the training and compliments go to Hugh Worrall former  Regional Transport Officer for Western Sydney Community Forum. Without his time and guidance, the world would not be able to see understand what we are looking to do to improve public transport in Mount Druitt.

Before I volunteered my time, thoughts  and hopefully any positive ideas I had not planned that what I have done so far, to happen to help the Mount Druitt and wider community.

The easy use of using 'Blogger' makes it so interesting, to publicise  to the world: opinions, facts, representing public views of real life stories that everyone wants to hear!

At first, I was way behind when I was first was taught how to write and publish blogs, never realising the power the internet has.  That is the sudden recognition is not just coming from within the community, public transport Transport Officers and Councillors, members of Chambers of Commerce, local State Members of Parliament, Minister of Transport, Shadow Minister of Transport, Premier of NSW, Federal Member of Chifley and Public Transport Stake holders.

The new concept of blogging has generated to myself, a  self-satisfaction that the message may be getting across and has since the beginning made me realise that there are two types of community members is Mount Druitt as follows:

  • The commuter that  has a Personal Computer desktop, tablet, I-Phone and or laptop, that are able to access information on our published blogs.
  • The rest of the community members that are commuters do not have the access at their home or travels to view our published blogs. Some rely on other family members and do not access information at local library, which is free to the public.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Mount Druitt Bike Route Number 10 - Blacktown City Council Needs Emergency Maintenance!

Soon I will be purchasing a bicycle and become a part time cyclist,  using it as an exercise option to become fitter with my wife and at time by myself.

I  have been to Blacktown City Transport Forums and  there is discussions about 'The Blacktown City Bike Plan' and the future of  it.  Although, I am proud Blacktown City Council and their Officers discuss these promotions and bike plans there needs to be a sense of urgency to ensure that the tracks/paths the bicycles are riding on are regularly checked every month, so that members of the community can used it.

Check mount Druitt Bike Plan route Number 10 - see what needs to be updated and maintained - maybe a new track should be  organised asap before there accidents. We do not want patch-up jobs - that is cheap and  not proper!

Click here to watch the video on Mount Druitt Bike Route 10

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Checkout Improvement in First 6 Months of Sydney Trains - What do you think?

We refer to a recent  story from the  NSW government indicating their Report Card is rating A and hasn't reached A Plus yet.

We need to know after reading this story, your feedback positive or negative as everyone's opinion is very important!

Click Here for Article Re- Improvements with Sydney Trains

A Former Busways Bus Driver Remembers Myself!

As I was leaving work, walking along Church Street Parramatta to Parramatta train station,  bus driver working for Veola buses - former Busways bus driver  tooted to me and gave myself a friendly waive.

This was another strange unusual thing that  has happened, since advocating for an improved public transport within Mount Druitt.

I do remember the driver and  returned my usual happy smile  with a warm friendly waive. heck that was  such a blown out thing - I don't I have seen this drive for 6 to 7 years. Amazing how I have left a great happy mark to bus drivers!

Bus Driver Blocks Traffic On North Parade, Mount Druitt!

Yes, this is true a 'Little Birdie' has told myself of an incident where a Busways bus driver was frustrated with a private passenger vehicle at the exit  and roundabout of the the Mount Druitt bus interchange, entering into Mount Druitt.

This happened due  the private passenger vehicle not providing proper  access for the bus driver to leave the intersection. I believe that the bus driver stood there for 8 minutes and was asked by officials to move on, but  actually ignore directions. This blocked traffic from  both directions.

Although the bus drivers actions were uncalled for and not substantiated, for the action caused by the  driver of the private passenger  vehicle, the driver was very lucky police were not called for obstructing traffic.

Maybe this this could be investigated to ensure this doesn't happen again by Transport for NSW and the Minister for  Transport!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Mount Druitt Trial Of The Opal Cards Coming Soon On Multi Tickets!

Trial Tap & Go Electronic Ticketing Machine
at Mount Druitt train station
Well  we need to prepare ourselves on the new Opal Card ( Electronic Ticketing System) that Sydney Trains is releasing on their network. Is everyone ready for it?

They will be so easy to use 'Tap and Go'! How's that?

You will have to apply for them?
Click Here to Apply For an Opal Card

Although it is not advertising or pamphlets provided to commuters at Mount Druitt train station - it appears it will be  later on in the year as per   NSW for TRansport Opal Press Releases so far - click here

Bill Board Advertising At Mount Druitt

Here is a picture of a  Bill Board at Mount Druitt train Station, which helps us reduce costs of public transport. Although it is talking about land release at Ropes Crossing, it says only 15 minutes from Mount Druitt I assume by car and it doesn't promote public transport on a public transport bill board! 

Maybe NSW for Transport could ensure public transport is  advertised in the land releases add?

RailCorp Employee Offers Assistance To Elderly Couple!

This afternoon as I was heading home to Mount Druitt, I experienced a 'gentleman and a RailCorp Officer' offer his seat to an elderly couple who were sitting down inside the Sydney Trains carriage.

The elderly lady had one of those  walking trolleys that provided her assistance in walking. This was when they entered the carriage at Blacktown.

In fact, the young tall man with glasses was so polite, if you didn't see his 'RailCorp' logo on his business shirt, tou would have thought it is an ordinary person, who has the guts to care for others.  That is what has happened.  The generosity came when he offered  his seat as they sat down (after I stood up and offered my seat)  and he could see the seat near the  exit doors was overcrowded  for them. They politely 'thank him' as you normally do and they remained in their seat. The Railcorp Officer/gentleman sat back down in his seat reluctantly. What a man!

Does anyone see this kind of kindness be carried out during your train commuting day?

Save Our Bus Services

Read our story on how we made it our priority to ensure bus services are re-instated from services taken away in 2009.