Thursday, May 31, 2012

Long Walk To Bus Stop For Oakhurst Commuter!

Karim, a young and versatile  train and bus commuter from Oakhurst, sometimes walks approximately 3 kilometres to reach his nearest bus stop at Daniels road. 

He then catches the Busways 756 bus service taking him to Rooty Hill train station where he then travels to work. This only happens if his wife doesn't drop him or pick him up from work by car.

Karim also understands surveys should be conducted to see if there would be other potential public transport commuters that require the same type of bus service as he does in his area. Then if the response is good then recommendations to Transport for New South Wales for the require bus service should be implemented.

His decision to catch the train to Rooty Hill is based on the weekly train fares from Rooty Hill to city being $6.00 cheaper than Mount Druitt. Rooty Hill staion costing $33.00 and Mount Druitt station costing $39.00 weekly train ticket.

Can anyone explain to him why there is  that much difference in fares based on being one train station away?

Blacktown Commuter Has Simple Solution To Train Tenperatures!

Alex from Blacktown, a brilliant young train commuter with great perception of solving heating problems on trains, where he claims the majority of the trains he catches didn't have air-conditioning but  in winter the temperature controls are alright.

The solution is just turn 'on' the air conditioning and if it doesn't work fix it up!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mount Commuter Car Park - Stopped! Yet Now Rebuilding!

A few commuters have been asking me what has been happening with the Mount Druitt Car Park as it halted for a while and there was no notification sent by Transport for NSW to the local newspapers or even to us, until today, when I made a call:

Yes, I rang the old TCA (Transport Construction Authority phone number), switch lady called Alex transferred to Julieann Marino EA (Executive Assistant) to John Templeton, Manager of programs then transferred to Katie Brennan Public Affairs & Communications Manager. This is where I was explained why Mount Druitt has gone slow for building of the Commuter Car park.

So here it is: the previous construction project managers went bust, as  did ''Kel & Rigby Investments Holdings Pty Ltd' and it took time to locate another construction project manager called Structus Group'. I was told concrete is pouring everything is moving and that it is expected to be completed by August this year.

Blacktown City Council Acts On Disability Discrimination Act Compliant Bus Stops within Mount Druitt! On Bus Stops

Here's the response from Blacktown Senior Traffic Management Officer regarding making more bus stops more compliant to DDA:

Hi John,
I apologise for the late response to your enquiry.
I have liaised with different departments within Council and have the following information for you in regards to DDA compliant bus stops within Mt Druitt:
A number of bus stops along these roads will be DDA compliant by December 2012. Works are currently in progress and you may have noticed that some of the stops have already been completed.
Carlisle Avenue
Luxford Road
Hatherton Road
Belmore Avenue
Hallows Parade
Rymall Road
Rooty Hill Road North
Jersey Road
Emerson Street
A complete list of the stops can be made available once stops along these routes are completed.  Also, as advised by the Maintenance section, Council voted for funds according to wards. However, I was unable to get figures for the Mount Druitt area. I will advise you as soon as I get the figures.

Thank you.

(Name Omitted)
Senior Traffic Management Officer
Blacktown City Council

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Transport Officer: More Trains On West Of Western Line Required!

A clever Glendinning transport officer, Fred, travels by car to Mount Druitt to catch trains to and from Strathfield. This transport officer was one of only a few days where they travel by trains or other forms of public transport.

The  main issue he has is there are mostly more trains going to Riverstone than heading to Mount Druitt, has been waiting for 20-30 minutes, to catch trains to Penrith.

Transport For NSW  needs to compare the growing populations and growth areas of Riverstone and mount Druitt and see when and fit services where they are needed, thus then providing more trains to Mount Druitt.

In Japan's rail system there is a 3 minute panic plan, for late trains - over in Sydney City Rail he doesn't know if we have one!

Also  there is claims that Australians are not getting top jobs in City Rail, there are all controlled by Englishman or ladies and Australians are not even looked at for these positions.

Pram Commuter Denied Bus Access In Penrith - St Marys- Mt. Druitt Star!

This probably happens only when an unaccesible bus arrives. These services are being less and less as more accessible  new buses are being released into the area.

I do remember a few months ago that a transport officer from Westbus advised myself that Westbus places the 'crap' buses out in Penrith in the afternoons - as that is when there is more chnaces they may be damaged!

NSW Minister Of Transport, Gladys Berejiklian MP, Acknowledges Our Submission To The Transport Master Plan

We thank the NSW Minister Of Transport, Gladys Berejiklian, for accepting our NSW Long Term Transport Master Plan on behalf of our group and most importantly the Mount Druitt community.

Refer to Our Submission:

'Thank You', From Local Transport Officer!

Day to day I travel on public transport and I speak to more and more commuters and meet more and more transport officers. If you had asked myself to do the same thing when I moved into the area over  twenty-two years ago, I would have said no and be shy - this advocacy has made myself open out to reach into the deep issues that need to be resolved that individual commuters want fixed, improved and/or made better.

I can't fix these problems and I don't claim to do so but advise that many thousands of people in important roles of public transport check out this blog and enjoy it. I've even heard of university students actually using this blog to assist their ideals and goals to have a better society in the professions will be qualified in!

I get small compliments from all sorts of transport officers, from: 'You're doing a good job!' or 'Keep up the good Work!' Today, I got an overall outstanding remark from a transport officer that was upset that an elderly male commuter came onto the vehicle that was using a walking cane and struggled to get a seat. The transport officer couldn't drive off the vehicle, until the commuter sat down. 

This particular transport officer was upset and said, 'This happens to me everyday that one passenger takes their time and as they sit down, doors are shut more commuters want to come inside'.

As the transport officer let the commuters inside the vehicle, took off fuming saying, 'I Will be late now for the rest of my journeys!'

I was sitting in front and said to the transport officer, 'Don't worry, let the commuter sit down, you cannot help that. You may be a minute late but helping commuters is better. When we become old like that commuter we will need assistance and time!'

During the trip the transport officer said to me, 'If every commuter was like 'you'  - every trip will be much better and make life happier!'

Then came the punch line that really hit myself as I do not think I have much of an impact on any person but I do and if it is only to one person that in itself mean make a world of difference to everyone, 'You really made me better - tonight. Thank you!'

What more can be said!

Daughter's Mother Happy After Bus Shelter Rebuilt!

It appears there is sunshine after the rain comes also there is up after there is down and there is  bus stops rebuilt  even though State Governments take them Down!

So what am I getting at - received an e-mail - copy of letter sent to Hon. Member for Mount Druitt, Mr. Richard Amery. thanking him to get a bus stop rebuilt. One that was taken down in his ruling governments era but I personally think he didn't have any derision making in it! It would have happened without him knowing and that is myself understanding the process. Names have been not permuted on blog but I can assure you it is a genuine e-mail:

Date: Thu, May 24, 2012 at 12:08 PM
Subject: Thank you

Hon Richard Amery MP

Dear Sir,

I want to thank you very much for arranging for  the bus shelter for my mother (full named not permitted on blog) from ( full address  not permitted from blog) Dharruk nsw 2770.

She as well as her neighbours are over the moon over the reinstated bus shelter which was removed some 2 years ago.

We thank you for your direct involvement as well as the vigorous follow up on the matter.

My mother is blessing you especially on hot sunny and rainy days.

Yours sincerely,

(Names not permitted on blog)
Daughter and other family of mother

And here is her mother happy!!!!!!
(permission to use photos provided)

Monday, May 28, 2012

Mount Druitt Train Commuter - Requires Less Trains To Reach His Destination!

A well dressed gentleman, Abdul from Mount Druitt was changing trains at Parramatta, as he caches his third train home, from work at Olympic Park.

Abdul, another brilliant mount Druitt thinking commuter, has a suggestion that the Greater Western Sydney Commuters would be encourage to join in, to make their commuting life easier and improved.

The issue he has is the result of choosing two services that can  determine how he reaches work from Mount Druitt, catching the 7.30am train service with allow him to transfer at Parramatta (twenty minute waiting time), for a service to Lidcome and then transferring to another train service to Olympic Park.  If he misses this service then, next train service leaving Mount Druitt is 7.50am and he gets to half  work late!  His solution is simple provide an express service every half hour stopping at Lidcome, straight from Mount Druitt. 

Alternatively,  this will entice commuters on the other express service to catch this train allowing more seating for all commuters, who also require less wasting of time on transferring to different train services

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Long Weekend Delays For My Mother From East To West

My mother  has recently experienced extended long delays in reaching my place using public transport, which would normally take her approximately an hour and a half from Central train station. My mother lives in Eastern suburbs of Sydney and has ample choices of bus services from her home to Central train Station (unlike Mount Druitt commuters living in the outskirts catching their buses to Mount Druitt train station).

So here is my mothers story told to me: 
'Just over three weeks ago, on a Saturday, she left Central train at around 9am after knowing that service will end at Granville train station, changing for buses to commute further west. She was carting  her 'weekend luggage' and like many other trips, she thought she will be at my place at little time.

Suddenly, whilst enjoying her trip, the train reached Granville train, stopped and announcements were made that the train service was ended and commuters to transfer to buses waiting for passengers. This meant a long walk up the stairs, down the ramp to the Granville bus interchange and then working out which bus to get, still carting her luggage. 

Then there was the long time on the bus route (all stations to  Blacktown), which increases the time compared to travelling on buses to trains by two to three times. Then checking her watch and getting frustrated. The worry of her wasting more valuable time, which could have been spent importantly with families. 

Next was getting off the Blacktown Bus interchange up the stairs to across the walkway down to platforms to reach the train for the short trip to Mount Druitt. Finally, she got off Mount Druitt train station ,up to the concourse and then down to the bus interchange waiting for the 755 Busways bus service.

As she was advised by another bus commuter the 755 Busways bus had just left and there was going to be another long wait for the next bus service. She decided to not wait and catch a taxi  to my place adding further costs to complete her journey. By then my mother was exasperated, exhausted and really made her have second thoughts about coming over to my place  which took her 3 hours from her home to my place.

My mother is  just over eighty years of age and is quite independent, yet travelling longer periods of time and in many modes of public transport to get to one destination can be quite distressful (especially when not used  to it). The same could be said for commuters of her age as well, who feel the same.

Yet my mother understands City Rail track-work needs to be done - she thinks it should be up to City Rail to look at other times for this to be done -  not to make it inconvenient, like what happened to her this important weekend.

This is  how fast my mother thought she going!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Bus Issues Can Cause More Waiting Time!

An excited young lady called, 'Nesrien', from Blacktown - has bus issues outside of Blacktown, which affects her lifestyle in Blacktown. Her issues are catching Sydney buses 458 from Strathfield to Concord in peak hour only half an hour service and would like this service increased to a 15 minute service, allowing less time to wait for missed bus services to and from Strathfield Station.

She also hates dirty trains and would like cleaner trains. Even commuters encouraged to  not leave their rubbish behind. - even a community advertisement  organise by the NSW government to promote more cleanliness on public transport.

Thirdly, she would like to see more heated rains  which means more updated trains on the western line in the mornings.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Bidwill Bus Service Required To Be Returned To Serve THe Community!

Mary from Bidwill works shift work in a hospital in the city starting work at 2.30pm -finishing 10pm and 7am - 3pm, drives car to Mount Druitt Car park at the Train station and catches return train as well to city.

her issues are pretty much what we are lobbying for - she would like the 761/762 bus service returned as she use to catch the bus  near Middleton Crescent before and now finds that the  great service it was proving from 4am made her life much easier to do shift work, when her shift work starting time was earlier and cost effective. She use to be at bus stop 5 minutes before and bus would arrive - now there is the expense of  using private cars using fuels and more travelling expenses.

Weekend was good for families back in those days when the service was available for using the bus for outings, leaving car at home and thus saving money on travelling as well as less wear and tear on private cars.

A Lot Of Heat Required For Winter Trains!

Daniel from Hassall Grove travels by train from Mount Druitt to St Leonards and does understand  about not having air-conditioning  and opened windows as he gets cold trains claims as the  as the trains run their journey the trains get warmer.

For example trains should have what buses have - where there is heating coming from under seats to heat up commuters. Daniel also understands the cost of placing and maintaining on trains is expensive and finds  if they use the bus solutions then it would be  inexpensive!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Accessible Bus Stops More In Mount Druitt!

A lady that sneezed twice yesterday morning as I 'Blessed her' kind of told me how after 20 years there is a concrete slab, masking one more bus stop more accessible On Ropers Road, Colyton, on the left side of the hill heading towards the M4 from Mount Druitt, before entering the Motorway.

This had been completed one month ago! her concern was why didn't council consider it to be important for over twenty years!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

History of a Bus Stop In Mount Druitt Over 40 Years Ago!

A prominent lady who catches the Busways 758 & 750 told me yesterday of a tragic story that happened over 40 years ago.

I was probably a little shocked to place this story on the blog, yesterday, as I have been focussing on bus stops for a long time!

So here it is:  She told myself that  at the old site of the Mount Druitt train station on North Parade, the bus tops had an orange shelter with no seats. It had railings inside and one day a lady was waiting for a bus at the bus stop and the bus shelter collapsed on her and killed her!

Yes I was dumbfounded too (as you would have been when you just read the above), when I was told this - I didn't realise that bus shelters can be a dangerous place, if falling onto commuters. I think I'll have to now focus on safety of bus shelters for the community as well!

Commuter Gave Me His Ticket!

Yesterday I was handing our information slips at the top of the Mount Druitt bus interchange. All of a sudden a commuter provided myself with a pensioner excursion ticket.

At first I didn't look at it as I just smiled as I realised that is not my job. I checked the ticket today and realised that I should not have kept the ticket I should have provided the ticket  back to the gentleman! I don't think I'm a pensioner as yet!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Train Maintenance Same Time As Weekend Track Work - Great Youth From Mount Druitt!

Frances from Whalan, a young year nine high school student has great attitude towards what she would like to see improve in public transport, while she transfers to buses at Parramatta to head to Gladesville.

Her passionate thoughts of improvement are an upgrade of trains away from the old trains on the western line, which consistently have  air-conditioning that needs to be improvement providing better cooler comfort in summer. She would like windows to be fixed so the heat doesn't get in providing a lot of discomfort to commuters, making it easy for her to study.

She has a great thought that should be looked at and that while there is track work on weekends why not  at tat the same time there is train maintenance work on the weekends while the trains are not being used on the Western Line. this is so the comfort issues are fixed and ensured in other journeys. During the week there should  be 10 minutes intervals of trains  to allow her to sit down. She mostly stands up while commuting, allows people to sit at Parramatta, Blacktown and all stations to Mount Druitt and then allows the needy to take their place on seats as she stands inside crowded doorways feeling squeezy.

Editors notes: I always said and believe that Mount Druitt people are great as they are part of a thinking tank to improve public transport in and around Mount Druitt.

Commuter From Mount Druitt former WSPTU Enthusiast!

Hassall Grove commuter former and former Western Sydney Public Transport User enthusiast, Faribi, makes important decisions everyday as he travels to and from Town Hall. He sometimes drives to Rooty Hill or Mount Druitt and then  catches the trains. As Mount Druitt has more train services he will try to head in that direction to catch trains, rather than Rooty Hill.

He would have loved to carry on with his passion for public transport but he had a lot of family commitments and was thinking WSPTU was only looking at rail and was support by the then government, a few years ago. Faribi claims local transport planning is of high importance as we look at a growing public transport community

This happened before I had been involved with WSPTU and all I can say is we haven't had the NSW government at any time set the agenda for us at any meeting. Also as a WSPTU Vice-President, I can assure you that 'WSPTU', MDCIG and personally myself have been concentrating efforts on local transport. That is where it all starts from or should start from when Transport for NSW works on the NSW Long Term Transport Masterplan.

I personally thank Faribi for his comments, thoughts and expressions of interest, as I value everyone's input in public transport. We need people like Faribi to join local public transport advocacy groups and make a stand for the commuters of western Sydney whilst focussing on the important issues of local transport.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Bus Stops Around Mount Druitt Being Upgraded to Accessible Bus Stops - After 40 Years!

Well, well, well, well! Here we have situations where Blacktown City Council is organising upgrades of Bus Stops: bus stops along Luxford and Belmore Roads Whalan right up to Shalvey and Blackett and..... they have been doing this over the weekend. These bus stops have received their slice of the concrete slab.

This is amazing for our group, as this is one of many issues we have been blogging, lobbying, telling people of and promoting to transport stake holders at Council meetings and Blacktown City Councillors. There are 3 group members I would like to thank for this who have been consistently pursuing  this issue through their own  avenues: 
  • Debbie Robertson - the Blacktown Access Committee 
  • Councillor Jacqueline Donaldson through Council at Meeting and General Manager and 
  • Angie Plows at Western Sydney Public Transport Users Policy Meetings.
This means after 40-50 years of not have accessible bus stops in these area - the 'work in progress' is work to be progressed. I have even seen one of them being constructed at Mount Druitt Public School this morning.

I just hope this is not just electioneering sugar-coated sweets given to the community to grab votes for the Council Elections for end of year - but if it is we will take it any way  that is the accessible bus stops)!

It appears after a very long time, the Councils 'Work In Progress" has taken many decades to full-fill the communities requirements in updating/upgrading of  bus stop infrastructure. Just imagine if accidents aoccur on bus stops and they weren't accessible - the amounts of funds that would be paid out in compensation, the insurance premiums etc.

I took a picture of one that we requested before to make it more accessible, It  may be hard to see but it is there ( Although it is early in the morning it was taken):

Tickets - NSW Public Transport - Do You Get The Message?

Front Of Ticket!
When you purchase public transport tickets, for train and combined bus tickets, we tend to just read the front to ensure that it has the right ticketing details like price and destination. Then you may rush downstairs or you may take you time and  gradually reach the platform level, either and miss your train or wait for it's arrival.

Whilst you are on the train or platform - you decide to flip or turn you ticket over and discover their are train trip tips and or suggestions as follows ( refer left and thereon):

Obvious safety precautions needed to be taken in case! And the fine is expensive!
Good information about how we can be informed of Rail work!

This is really information which is common but surely good to promote this to concession commuters.

This can be relevant for paying commuters and even myself I thought Redfern was a City Station! Did you?

Safety Issue Warning to prevent accidents from potential hazards important for all, even ones that don't  read this!

Good to know your tickets cover night ride buses just ensure your tickets are dared to cover the night ride! What I like to see the sub-link on website to show where is the info on the website showing the time tables!
Super information on bikes on transport, my only question is who really checks the extra ticket at the barriers. Really I hardly see station assistants check tickets now a days as people do get upset

This is useful information as I thought the ticket was  covered until midnight. We probably need a ticket with information of what are the zones and who pays for what!

Great basic summary of the website - maybe more on trip planners would be good idea!

This is good for teaching commuters about safety - my only issue is  that hotline number should be written on every visible sight on the train!

This can be handy to know if you are aware of any anti-social behaviours around yourself or others. But I wouldn't use it if it doesn't have to be used - I mean don't abuse it!

Simple messages that people need to understand, especially if some  have had accidents because of it!

This is a good question I'm sure we all know the answer!

Some helpful hints for pram commuters!

Security is important knowing how many is around divided by stations divided by platforms and vestibule areas

So how have you found these messages interesting, boring, do we need other information on them - I will add more (of these), once I get more - Maybe you can give us an example of a message (polite) you would like to see!

Obviously these are becoming crowded train stations!

 This seems like the way  the new technology is going - online - not offline!
This is ideal info for commuters that aren't aware!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mount Druitt Interchange Bus Bays Can Be Dangerous - Need To Be Re-Designed!

Bus bays at Mount Druitt interchange may be a safety hazard for commuters entering buses and yet are no warning signs to  prevent accidents from happening. They it is design is not the same as other bus bays that are in major shopping hubs like Blacktown and Penrith. Have at look at the comparisons! Blacktown City Council should take action straight away!

Mount Druitt Interchange Bus Bay

Penrith Interchange
Blacktown Interchange

Newly Elected Committee MDCIG 2012-2013 Moving Ahead!

Yes, I am proud to be of a  member of a local positive transport group that is  having such an impact on  all aspects of society. Yet, there are thousands of people in Mount Druitt that still may not know of  us and what we are doing. Yet every day there is someone learning of us and spreading the word around our community.

As  we look forward to the new Committee lobbying hard (as we have in the past), we will look at getting  improvements through all stake holders and not let go of what the people want. I first thank 2 former committee members Wayne Lu and Debbie Robertson of their personal time and support given to the group and the wider community, in the hop they understand that there work is carried on and well appreciated from all of us.

Here is our new Committee - congratulations to all:
President: John Svoboda
Vice-President: Anne Goncalves
Hon. Secretary: Angela Plows
Hon. Treasurer: (Allan) Beresford Bourman
Publicity Officer: Peter Kerr

We welcome 2 new committee members  who are strong public transport advocates in their own right: Anne and Peter. This, we will work together to promote public transport with the primary and secondary issues that we need to provide a better and improved public transport infrastructure and system!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mount Druitt Commuters Improvement Group Annual Report 2011-2012

                Annual Report of
Mount Druitt Commuters Improvement Group Inc.

The Inaugural Meeting of the Mount Druitt Commuters Improvement Group was held on the 19th February 2011, 10.30am – 12.30 pm at the Emerton Leisure Centre.

The meeting was opened by Councillor Jacqueline Donaldson; the room was filled with enthusiastic members and visitors to the group. The following were elected to the MDCIG Committee:

President: John Svoboda   
Vice-President: Angela Plows,
Hon. Secretary: Wayne Lu
Hon. Treasurer: Allan Bourman
Publicity Officer: Debbie Robertson.

Our Goals:
We are a local transport group  interested in representing all suburbs of Mount Druitt, with the goal of being involved in getting improved Transport services, and infrastructure with buses, trains, taxis, cycling, and walking in our local area.

We will lobby Blacktown City Council, Councillors, Transport Officers, and elected NSW Minister for Transport, and support from all areas to reach community goals.

We invite all and any local interested commuters to bring their ideas and goals, working for a better Mount Druitt Transport community.

Our Vision:
We are a local Transport advocacy Group, representing the community for the ultimate benefit of the Mount Druitt community and surrounding suburbs.
 We will work together with all transport stake holders, in resolving issues and providing solutions to improve current public transport services, and infrastructure. For the ultimate benefit of the Mount Druitt Community.

In its early stages we ran without having a monthly Committee Meeting. Angela Plows asked for the start of Committee Meeting, they started in August/ September 2011.

 The Hon. Secretary position has been vacated since the resignation of Wayne Lu at our Meeting of 17th December 2011.

Vice President, Angela Plows has been appointed Acting Secretary until the 2012 Annual General Election, and has been working hard to collate all Meeting Minutes, Attendance/Apologies, Agendas, and correspondence, into files, and folders for the group to view, and reference. 

Allan Bourman put to the group about a gold coin donation to raise funds for the groups expenses, and has since been in place with a $2.00 contribution at each meeting.

A Westpac Bank Account "Mount Druitt Commuters Improvement Group", with Allan Bourman, Wayne Lu & John Svoboda to be signatories on a new account. Mr. Bourman opened the account, but due to only one signatory on the account was closed in September 2011 by the bank.

On assistance of Vice President, Acting Secretary Angela Plows to open the Bank Account, the Mount Druitt Commuters Group decided the new signatories on the account will be Angela Plows, Debbie Robertson, and Allan Bourman.

 On the 21 April, at the meeting, the MDCIGI group was advised that the bank account was opened on 5 April 2012 finally and, cheque books issued a few days later.

On 19th February 2011, we had signed up 15 total members, by the end of the year we had increased our membership to 19 members.
So far by this year 2012 we have had 14 members resigned. With the rising membership, our group has been creating community common interest with other public transport community groups.

Western Sydney Public Transport Users Inc.
Angela Plows and John Svoboda, and an alternate member of our group (on each occasion) have represented our group, as part of the umbrella group, Western Sydney Public Transport Users Inc. Policy Committee. Group member representatives have provided strong input into policy and ideas at WSPTU Policy Committees and the WSPTU Transport Symposium.

Policies and Goals
Our true primary policies and goals are to seek, promote, and lobby for public transport improvements, so that as there is a substantial growing trend to get people to use the transport system. It needs to be an affordable, reliable, and a safe public transport system, so private cars are left at home, so causing less congestion of the main roads, highways, and motorways.

     John Svoboda compiled a submission on behalf of our group. His submission to the NSW Long Term Transport Master Plan, as submitted: 

  • Full return of Busways 755 bus service to be returned from Mount Druitt to Blacktown prior to bus review change of 2009. Every second bus service went to Plumpton following through to Dean Park and then to Blacktown -  here is Busways response to me - they are trying to move more people west when leaving people behind who want to go east of Mount Druitt for eg; Blacktown  Busways claims that commuters should take 2 bus services not one to Blacktown - do you think this is right?

              ·       Full  return of Busways 762 bus service from Mount Druitt to
         Chestnut Crescent Bidwill. Prior to reviewed and elimination of 
         service which was connecting people in the north of Mount  
         Druitt. In Easter there is 4 days in a row no bus services as
         they are based on Sunday time table services.

              ·         Full return of Westbus 766/769 replacing current Westbus 674
         bus along the west of Mount Druitt - not the shopper hopper
         service we have patronage has dramatically increased.

              ·         We need bus services in very early mornings on weekends and    
         late nights to cater for getting to State Government Sunday 
         Fun Days, shift workers getting to work and families
         meeting families and  having correct accessible transport.

             ·         We need Blacktown City Council to ensure that NSW For 
         transport - provides a high level of protection of policing on
         bus stops, interchanges, bus, trains and taxis and doesn't
         ignore this factor based on this area of Blacktown City Council
         being a low socio-economic area.This protection is provided
         directly for the safety of commuters and transport officers.

             ·          We require policing of smokers in non-smoking areas and  
         alcoholic areas for example; bus interchanges, taxi stands, 
         train, stations and cycle ways, even if it is through Council
         rangers (this especially affects the lives of non-smokers) and 
         has been neglected for years.

            ·           NSW for Transport Follow up with Blacktown City Council to             
         the acceptance of a Mount Druitt free bus shuttle confirmed by 
         Rudi Svarc, Blacktown City Council that Council has placed a
         recommendation to the Minister of Transport at the Blacktown 
         City Council Transport Forum number 37 –        blacktown-city-council-               

            ·              Since at the same Blacktown City Council Transport Forum
          where patronage has increased in Region 1 for buses - has
          our transport services catered for this increase of 6.5% and 
          further increases.

  •    Follow up of request to have bus shuttles from all train      stations within Blacktown LGA to take to Moreau reserve, Rooty Hill for the Rooty Hill firework - this alleviates traffic congestion. Approved by Mayor and other councillors. Other Council's in Western Sydney do it and other community, sporting and Blacktown City Council events.

  •   Due  to noticeable increase of population since 2009 to 2012 in Mount Druitt, transport services should not go backwards and have services removed or cutting services as more          people are commuting on public transport inclusive of bus services – thus moving forward more services should be provide to the demands of our increasing population, as there is a need for it.
  •  Ropes Crossing has there solution for bus service but this is not acceptable as this proposal is negatively affecting Willmot.
  •   Bus services should not be removed due to rock-throwing, missile throwing or any other anti-social issues - other preventative measures should be used to ensure continuing services and essential bus services should be returned back prior to bus review 2009 except for Willmot. Refer to our blog:
  • We need bus services meeting community links in one bus         service not 2 of them for example some community members         can only travel to St Marys Swimming pool as opposed to 2         buses services to Emerton (much closer).
  • Support for the North West rail link to continue under         Schofields, Marsden Park and loop into St Marys.

  •  Construction of Dual Carriageway from St Marys to Penrith and         also a third extra platform at Emu Plains, for terminating         trains.    
  • Instead of three different time tables for bus and trains, one        time table to cover seven days a week – this will make all        commuters aware of when their services arrive and leave,        provide better weekend and late night services which shift        workers to reach shift work, unemployed commuters a better        chance of reach job interviews in weekends, families to reach        promotional places for ‘Sunday Fun days’, commuters to reach        other families and friends, and also commuters to do their        shopping chores and return.
  • ·        On Bus Stops, and Interchanges (where there is multiple bus        services listed) colour-coded Bus stop Numbers for time tables         to make it easier to understand and comprehend.

  • Busways 758 loop to the Masterplan as that service is every        15mins, early mornings, late night, and a good weekend        service. That way most of Shalvey will get a bus back.
  • ·       The Myzone tickets supported excepted where Western Sydney        Commuters have to pay for 3 zones when travelling into more        than one or two zones – Zone 1 commuters only pay for        correct zoning. 

  • ·       Electronic signage at train stations and bus interchanges to        indicate when services will depart.

  • Also audio information on train, stations. 
  • Promotion of bus stop number as per NSW for Transport. Website 131500 also refer to the story on our        blog:
(No editing has been made to this Submission Angela Plows Vice President, Acting Secretary).       2nd May 2012

   Additional Issues Dealing With

  1. ·        Buses at Mt Druitt do not drive over the pavement in bus bays in Mount Druitt bus interchange – which has caused an accident to a commuter while departing. Other Bus bays in Western Sydney are not ‘angled, set down and pick up bus stops.’
  2. ·        More accessible bus stops  and buses compliant to the Disability Discrimination Act 1992
  3. ·        Split level interchange & car park plan by Peter Kerr

Meeting Venues
We have moved from the Emerton Leisure Centre to the West Trades Club in Dharruk, from approximately mid last year and we are thankful for the clubs services provided to us free of charge.

    2nd Annual Greater Western Sydney ‘Zest’ Awards

We had 4 nominations as follows:
Community Leader – Volunteer – John Svoboda
‘Out of the Box’ – Wayne Lu
Youth Leader – Blake Bardowski
Volunteer Group – Mount Druitt Commuters Improvement Group
Journalism – Kylie Stevens  St. Marys- Mount Druitt Star
Journalism – Susan Lui – Mount Druitt-St Marys Standard

The successful one was Blake Bardowski, who won the highly recommended Award. This is a reflection on his individual efforts in planning, and mapping bus routes for the community. Last year he spent one week work experience with Westbus Parramatta.
With our BlogSpot, we have had 644 blogs, 31,329 hits and 46 comments (on blogs) up until the end of March 2012. So the website seems to be a great place to educate people in and around Mount Druitt, and keeps them in touch with our local transport issues. NSW for Transport, Blacktown City Council Officers, Bus operators, City Rail staff, and Local media newspapers pick up stories, and commuters take great interest in the stories. The facts and suggestions help keep the community involved in transport issues, for better Transport Services in the Mt Druitt Area.

Annual Financial/ Balance Sheet 19/2/2011 - 31/3/2012


Golden Coins

Stamps (Allan)

Misc Income

Incorporation Costs

Admin Costs




Signed by Hon. Treasurer: Beresford Bourman _____________________   Dated________________

What I omitted from this years report is the great support we had from Councillor Jacqueline Donaldson, in getting concrete slabs done on bus stops, correct bus shelters on bus stops and other issues that need to be resolved through Blacktown City Council.

Also to the former Senior Transport officer Stephen Briant and  to Nirab Rijal who have and are currently supporting our group. Also that has made a possible result to our group,  local NSW State members of parliament that have an interest in our group as well!

Save Our Bus Services

Read our story on how we made it our priority to ensure bus services are re-instated from services taken away in 2009.