Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Glenwood Commuter More Frequent Trains On The Sydney Trains T1 Line

Riz from Glenwood  drives his car from home to the Seven Hills Commuter Car Park and then travels via Sydney Trains to Town Hall and return Monday to Fridays.

 He would like to see improvements in frequencies at peak times and allowing for train to speed to destinations. Currently, if he misses a train he has to wait 10-15 minutes in south East Asia train services are single-decker carriages and run every 2 minutes. 

In UK there single-decker trains  providing efficient services with short frequencies and if this happens this reduces safety and security issues on platforms, were muggings could occur while waiting for trains. Thus creating less waiting times and  a safer  public transport community, which is important to him as well.

2nd Airport Proposal In Badgerys Creek, Western Sydney!

Click Here for further details

What do you think would you like us to have one? We invite further comments from the wider community!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Check Out New Visual Bureau Of Statistics Transport Travel - Information Bart Bassett MP

We are  making inroads in to getting more information released to the public of public transport bus patronage figures. In fact, from Member for Londonderry we have got a response from the NSW Ministers Office in trying to get released to public - public transport bus patronage figures.

there is no hard and fast rule about when data is uploaded. In terms of patronage and other performance data, Transport for NSW has to undertake a process to aggregate and check the data before publishing. This can sometimes take a bit of time given the amount of data. My best advice would be to regularly check the BTS website for updated data.

Although the real reason to get these figure to see where bus operators  and NSW for Transport get there facts to remove bus services. To date this seems to be a hidden fact.

Busways Representative Goes Out Of His Way Providing New Time Tables!

Last week I was talking to the Busways Representative at Mount Druitt Interchange, saying how difficult it was to get a time table. He stated that bus drivers were running out of time tables  after handing out and said they are doing their best to fulfill commuters requests.

He even went out of his way next day to grab a box of time tables and  tapped myself on the shoulder, so he ensured I ended up with a new time table. I would like to thank Busways and their management for having  such a good representative service at the Mount Druitt Interchange - a good reason why we need  permanent Customer  Service Representative based at the interchange.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Commuters Need To Understand Sydney Train Stoppages Or Disturbances On Trips!

A  hardworking Eric from Mount Druitt starts early in morning and spends 10 12 hours per day working - including travelling time. He walks to Mount Druitt train Stations and uses Sydney Trains  to get to and from Central train station.

At first he said he didn't have any improvements or issues to think of  as he does sympathise and understand where there is  travelling connection problems that occur.

He claims when these stoppages occur, commuters should be completely calm and relaxed as is it up to everyone how you deal with it and being over upset will not solve the issue.

The advice to commuters  is they need to go with the flow if the is a disturbance on a trip, as it is part of life that these things may happen. Sydney Trains will intensively go out of their way to solve these situations.

Commuters need to understand that  as we listen to announcements  and told of resolutions being made to solve issues, then eventually we will get home or to work or the ultimate destination we want to get to. They will ensure they do their best to ensure that all commuters are calm, relaxed and  are in easy sedate atmosphere, making sure that commuters do not get upset easily, so that there is understanding of  what they are doing to make the situation better. Place yourself in their job before you criticise!


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Bus Drivers Require Better Training & Education To Prevent Lateness To And From Bus Interchanges!

Another lovely commuter Evelyn from Dharruk had a very quick simple conversation as how she would like public transport improved. She travels by Busways 758 from Dharruk to Mount Druitt and then Sydney Trains to Parramatta return.

Evelyn  confirmed she has signed the Proposed Mount Druitt Free Bus shuttle petition and was proud in doing this as it is a much need service that is required for the people of Mount Druitt.

She would like to see more buses that is improvements in time tables and scheduled bus services to mostly avoid delays as sometimes this happens  to her and she claims the best way to probably solve this is to have bus drivers provided with better training and education. This then makes then aware of interchanging to change trains or visa-versa.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sydney Trains 2013 New Time Tables Feedback - Oakhurst Commuter Wakes Up Earlier!

We are starting to get some feed back on the  NSW Governments Sydney Trains new time tables. Today, I spoke to Mosen from Oakhurst and he has advised that for him the  train time tables will make him wake up earlier!

He caught Busways bus 754 from Oakhurst to Mount Druitt at 6.53am (old time table) and reached Mount Druitt prior  to 7.23am. Now the train service to North Sydney from Mount Druitt is now at 7.20am, he has to get the bus at 6.30am to reach the earlier train. This is because there is a highly likely chance that his bus service will not allow him to reach that train, as it stops at a lot of bus stops picking up commuters. He suggests that there should be a bus service at Oakhurst at around 6.45am- 6.50am and this would make it easier for himself, rather than waking early to get to work.

His only issues with the new 7.20am Sydney Trains from Mount Druitt to North Sydney is there is a lot of overcrowding on this express train service and very rarely does he get a seat on the train at Mount. Mosen says  if you catch this service and you don't have a seat at Mount Druitt, next  available seat is Central.
The solution to this is  provide additional  one to two carriages and then 90% of standing commuters of Mount Druitt's 720am train service will be able to sit down.

New Bus Route Time Table For Part Of NSW Bus Region 1 & Bus Depots

busways iconHere  is a list of Busways Bus Routes (part of NSW Bus Region 1): 

S7   - Parklea Garden Village Shopper Hopper
S12  -Quakers Court to Marayong
T70  - Blacktown to Castle Hill via Norwest & Bella Vista 
T71  - Blacktown to Castle Hill via Stanhope Gardens 
T74  - Blacktown to Riverstone via The Ponds & Schofields  
T75  - Blacktown to Rouse Hill & Riverstone
718  - Seven Hills to Kings Langley 
721  - Blacktown to Blacktown Hospital
722  - Blacktown to Prospect
724  - Blacktown to Huntingwood Industrial Area
725  - Blacktown to Douglas Rd, Doonside 
726  - Blacktown to Doonside Station (south side) via
727  - Blacktown to Our Lady of Consolation Nursing Home
737  - Mt Duitt & Rooty Hill to Eastern Creek 
738  - Mt Druitt & Rooty Hill - Eastern Creek Industrial Park & Horsley Park which  
739  - Mt Druitt to Mt Druitt South via Frank St 
739V- Mt Druitt to Minchinbury which you previously opted to receive email aler
740  - Plumpton to Macquarie Park via M2  
743  - Blacktown to Kings Langley via Kings Park 
744  - Blacktown Industrial Area 
745  - St Marys to Castle Hill via Stanhope Parkway 
746  - Riverstone to Box Hill 
750  - Mt Druitt - Glendenning & Dean Park 
752  - Blacktown to Quakers Hill via Pye Rd then Hambledon Rd
753  - Blacktown to Doonside  
754  - Blacktown to Dean Park & Glendenning then Hassall Grove & Mt Druitt 
755  - Mt Druitt to Shalvey & Plumpton which you previously opted to receive email 
756  - Blacktown to Mt Druitt via Plumpton & Rooty Hill
757  - Mt Druitt to Riverstone via Rooty Hill & Plumpton 
758  - Mt Druitt to St Marys via Emerton and Shalvey
761  -  Mt Druitt to Bidwill via Carlisle Av 

Click Here For Further time tables for Busways

Bus Depots for Region 1:

Monday, October 21, 2013

Saturday Morning Trains Don't Match What Weekday Services Do!

David from Woodcroft  during the week catches the Busways 750 bus to Blacktown and then catches a Sydney Trains to train stations all over Sydney, as his job differs from destination  to destination from day-to-day.

He is very concerned that on Saturdays he has to get a lift from a friend of  his to Blacktown train station, as there is no early bus service taking him from home to Blacktown. As a tax payer, he is very passionate that no Saturday morning services run in his are and would like to see weekdays timetables to be included for Saturdays time tables. Quite a few people  (that he knows would catch this service.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Seat Hoggers And Seat Pushers - Minchinbury Commuter!

Mariah from Minchinbury a university student travels by Sydney Trains from Mount Druitt and return to Central and return.

The ride on the trains are alright. The issues she has is when people play too much loud music and would quite carriages on each end of train carriages reaching Mount Druitt. 

Mariah also detests 'Seat Hoggers' that use bags on seats in peak times to prevent other commuters to sit down. She claims people should be more polite to allow others  to sit down where there is room.

 She also has issues with seats being full and mostly women want to force their way to a seat that doesn't have room for them to sit down. This happens especially hen there are long seats close to the doors, at each end of the trains!

What do you think - do you face these issues - do you have a suggestion to sort these problems?

Friday, October 18, 2013

Young Commuter Fined On Train Station As He Smoked!

A young man I met on the bus yesterday said that as he was originally from Queensland, he was smoking a platform in Mount Druitt going by Sydney Trains for an interview, when he was approached by Police Officers and charged for $400.00, as he put out his cigarette butt. His issue there was no signs in the vestibule area otherwise he would not have smoked, yet there were some signs on the platform (small as they are).

Why this came up is because I gently advised him at a bus stop the  new laws in place and for not smoking 4 metres from a bus top etc. Although I advised  the practice of the law in our area has not been policed or enforced for fines up to $550 (on the spot), this young person  is to commended for  speaking to me about this in a nice orderly fashion, there needs to be more young people like him!

Check out previous blogs on this Anti-smoking Law!

My Story On A Former Mount Druitt Scammer on The Western Line!

 I remember years and years ago a young lady pretended 

to be a single mother with her 2-3 year old child stating she 

needs $10 to stop her being kicked out for unpaid rent. Little

 did she know that luckily I didn't believe her story as a 

young male followed her as she left Mount Druitt Train 

Station - hopped on the 755 bus where I was sitting 

opposite, and she pulled out her purse which flash at least 

$2,000 of $100 notes. When I stated aloud that she was 

running a scam, she and her partner did not say a work as 

she also paid concession rates!

Beware Of Charity Scammers On The Western Line!

More Newer Trains on The T1 Western/North Shore Line - Oakhurst Commuter!

John from Oakhurst travels to Westmead/Parramatta visiting friends twice or three times a week and also Busways 754 to get to Mount Druitt and return.

He uses the application  on the 'I phone' to check when trains and buses are coming and has checked out the new time tables starting as from 20th October 2013, so he thinks this fantastic for Sydney Trains.

 The item he would like to see improved is that either more never trains that have the electronic indicator boards, whilst seeing when the next train station is arriving, provides more comfort to each and every commuter. When he brings his young son with him it does make it that much easier knowing and understanding when his destination is arriving, makes his younger son  travel in better comfort. He would now like to see more newer trains on the T1 Western/North Shore line.

Electronic Indicators On Each Sydney Trains And Cheaper Train Fares Compared To Adelaide!

A virgin male commuter called Salman, from within our local area had yesterday been travelling on Sydney Trains for only 3 days.

Today  he was travelling from Mount Druitt and return to Wynyard for a job interview and made sure he reaches his destination early, preparing himself for the interview. Originally recently moved  from Adelaide, comparing public transport trains fares with Adelaide, fare are more expensive in Sydney.

In Adelaide commuters use a  'Metro Card' and pay $1.80 for a 2 hours of public transport usage, which in buses as well. Today it costed him $9.00 return for his journey. He thinks that the difference is in  Sydney there are more commuters using Sydney Trains rather than Adelaide which may fewer commuters.

After using public transport in Sydney he is now considering  to purchase a vehicle and travel by private transport. I explained to him of the  fares which may be cheaper overall and this may change his mind to  keep on using public transport!

In the three days he has been travelling on Sydney Trains, he has noticed that  not all train carriages have electronic indicators inside the carriage and as a new commuter he has to listen to  announcement at train stations to understand when his  train station is approaching. He says to reduce cost NSW for Transport could look at installing these electronic indicators on train carriages rather than supplying new train carriages temporary, this would  allow commuters like Salman (new or virgin commuters), with a better knowledge of where he is heading while on its journey.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Job Advertising Should Be 'Aloud' On Sydney Trains!

Yes that right, overhearing young people on the train coming back from Parramatta last night, I was so alarmed how they were so excited about speaking about their jobs and even one young lady was a bit disheartened when she lost her  job that day.

Anuja from Blacktown was very inspirational as she comforted her fellow commuter, who lost her job today. Another young male commuter talking with them said, 'Don't worry, you will get another job!' and was supportive to the young lady.

Anuja suggested that young people should talk in groups on the Sydney Trains (not on quiet carriages) aloud indicating that they are  seeking jobs, if there doing so. 

This is so listening potential employers, could offer their services to the people seeking jobs. All they want them to do is listen to them! She didn't suggest to have special areas on the train dedicated to these commuters as some people could take an unfair advantage on these commuters!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Sydney Trains Underpasses or Overpasses To Eliminate Issues When Occurring On Different Lines - Rooty Hill Commuter!

Marie from Rooty Hill only catches Sydney Trains to Town Hall (and return) on a working day. When there is a problems and  incidents with trains - all lines or different train lines are affected.
 Railway Bridge overpass near Central

There has been different projects - Marie thinks that great consideration could be made by Sydney Trains and Transport For NSW construction  cross over or cross under lines (creating an under pass similar to tunnels  on West side of Parramatta train station), where for example the Western Line  crosses over the Cumberland line.

Here is an example of an under pass

By providing this public transport major improvement this should be constructed immediately, so that when incidents occur on different lines, it will not directly affect other lines and Sydney Trains time table will be kept to time table rather than the entire whole system goes at stand still or thrown into chaos.

Another issue Marie says she has is  not all trains do not have air-conditioning which provides discomfort  in peak hour and is inconvenient when  she and others catch overcrowded trains. The idea should be all trains should be checked to have all trains carriages properly maintained for air-conditioning on the Western Line.

Although she would like these improvements, coming from a 3rd World Country,, she appreciates that in her country she doesn't have  a train network at all and appreciates having  travelling ob public transport trains to get to  and from work. Comparing to Hong Kong and Singapore , our trains network and system is still behind the times but we are getting there!

Blacktown Commuter With Inconsistent Bus Times on Richmond Road!

Singh from Blacktown travels on the 702 bus on Richmond Road to Blacktown Train Station (and return) an then Sydney Trains to sometimes Parramatta or City for work (and return).

Claims buses are a problem 1/2 an hour wait along Richmond Road and would prefer 15 minutes to wait for buses, this makes it harder to catch trains on time. He would just like Busways and Transport for NSW to have the services changed for the better services, as every commuter doesn't want to waste time, as more waiting time means adding times at bus interchanges.

He has seen the new train tables and is OK with the fixed train tables.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Empty Train At Peak Hour Yesterday Heading Hone - Unusual!

Allan, a retiree from Mount Druitt, explained to myself yesterday when he arrived at Wynyard Station he was advised to catch a train  to Strathfield to then catch the Western Line train to Mount Druitt.
 The train he caught came from Epping and arrived at Wynyard. According to him there may have been an announcement as to why there was no direct train from Wynyard as the announcements were made on the platform and he  doesn't remember if the reason for 2 two was announced.

 His issue he hopes is solved with the train time tables is coming from from the city at around 3.25pm it is an all train stations to Mount Druitt (which takes time), he was hoping the new train time tables did reduce the number of sopping stations at that time as next train is about 20 minutes away. He will check the Sydney Trains new train tables in the mean time.

Check out the train from Parramatta that had hardly any commuters in this train, I was wondering if the next Sydney Trains journey (to Mount Druitt) would have been packed?

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Busways Buses Replace Westbus Buses In NSW Bus Region 1 While Head Office Watches In Secret!

Station Busways Bus With The Sydney Buses colors

While Busways  has now taken over the NSW Bus Region one are as from 6th October 2013,  which has no direct affects  to commuters with running of buses, we understand that full credit goes the Busways for spending the entire last weekend in changing the Westbus logo's over to Busways logo's everywhere on the buses. I think the idea is to reduce the confusion to commuters who may not be aware of the major operational changes.
 So do not get confused with the yellow buses anymore!

 Meanwhile while Bus Time Table checking is completed by employees of Busways. Busways Head Office Managers are checking the Mount Druitt Bus Interchange out. I just caught the car they were sitting in on the left side of the right picture here.

It is a bit like spy versus spy but it isn;t

Save Our Bus Services

Read our story on how we made it our priority to ensure bus services are re-instated from services taken away in 2009.