Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Mount Druitt High School Student Travels Long Distance To School!

A young year nine student Abdi, who's family has lived in Mount Druitt within the last 3 years has to travel long distance to get to his Cherrybrook High School.

It appears there isn't a  north-west bus service (at least) that will make him reach the Cherrybrook area bus/train. This is where 'one' would not assume he would be heading this way to commute to school and I'm sure there are other commuters in the same 'boat' (pardon the pun)! The long way is: Mount Druitt to Parramatta train station by train and  transfer to catch metro bus M60 from Parramatta to Cherrybrook.  A  Metro bus from Mount Druitt to  Castle Hill would bring him closer.

Here is an example of time travel from trip Planner results:

ou Searched:


Mount Druitt Station




Wednesday, 02 May 2012

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Regular Buses, Trains, Ferries, STA School Bus


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OptionDepartArriveTravel timeTransport
Bulletin7:26am8:45am1hr 19minstrain icon bus iconView trip 1
Bulletin7:30am8:55am1hr 25minstrain icon bus iconView trip 2
Bulletin7:43am9:04am1hr 21minstrain icon bus iconView trip 3
47:53am9:11am1hr 18minstrain icon bus iconView trip 4
Bulletin8:01am9:27am1hr 26minstrain icon bus icon bus iconView trip 5

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