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1.The weekly MyTrain tickets are valid for unlimited trips between the origin and the destination and that means you can use it multiple times of the day. on Mymulti Weely Tickets Unfare For Only Western Sydney Commuters! travelling 1-2 Zones And Paying For 3 Zones!

2. Multiple trips are a positive for the communters regarding weekly/My Multi tickrts - that means you can travel to use all the CityRail train network at your own convenience! on Mymulti Weely Tickets Unfare For Only Western Sydney Commuters! travelling 1-2 Zones And Paying For 3 Zones

3. Hi John, I don't really see it as a deal breaker if someone gets sick, since pretty much everyone has a phone and can let the others know; even if it is an inconvenience. However, taking the bus or your own car can also mean your car breaks down, you get stuck in traffic longer as expected or public transport is on strike. Otherwise you can check out, they have a few lifts in Sydney. onWhen I Was Younger......I Thought Of Carpooling!

4. This site seems to indicate this is for long distance journeys all over Australia for backpackers etc. Yet ic also cover short distances as well. I suppose the risk is you don't know who is driving you around, personally. Yet this is the same with Bus drivers, train drivers and taxi drivers. on When I Was Younger......I Thought Of Carpooling!

5. Those rock throwers are the scum of the earth. They should take their or their parents centrelink benefits off them for 6 months and see how they like it then. Better still, take them to Eastern Creek race way and make them drive down the main straight while we throw rocks in their windscreens. That might teach them not to do it again. on Bus Drivers Maybe Resigning Because Of Rock Throwing!

6. i caught the bus yesterday and bus driver GS 1565 was my driver, what a pleasant, polite man he was smiling in a fantastic mood and seemed to enjoy what he was doing. on Happy Bus Drivers Register!

7. I feel sorry for all the people that are effected by these diversions. Im a busdriver in this area & I have a family to go home to as well. I no my family worry when I drive through these areas at night. It's not a nice feeling knowing there are people out there trying to hurt me when all I am doing is working to put food on the table for my family. I feel like a siting duck in a easy target every night, its a joke. Im quite sure that if everyone had 1 member of there family that was a busdriver, this sensless trouble would stop!!!!!! on I Was Affected By The Bus Diversion Tonight? Were you?

8. Hi John, Please refer to below URL for google translation tool we talked yesterday in bus. below Chinese words for your first try. "你好,希望这个工具对你有帮助” Kevin on A Weekend Problem For A Commuter!

9. Nice post! Thanks and keep on sharing. Michael on WSROC - Invitation To Transport Forum - Getting Western Sydney Moving

10. Good idea, but as a bus driver it would drive me nuts listening to that all day. Just as easy to ask the driver where we will be going too & it makes the passenger happy having personal contact with the driver. Ive made many people happy & laugh just talking to them. Some people don't get much personal contact with people they can trust, this is one way they can on Our Group Member Has Great Idea For Buses!

11. Yes, that would be an interesting topic - I dont know what the criteria is for a free shuttle? Is it community demand, or need or some other objective criteria? on My Idea Of A Mt Druitt Free Shuttle Plus Some Others.

12. Poor man, doesnt he own a jumper. Toughen up princess on 'Colder Trains In The Morning!' - Doonside Commuter

13. Dear sir on the train, As these students music teacher I say thank you for putting this video up. They are very keen students who had just watched a classical piano concert at the opera house....not their usual listening genre but they had a great time. Glad we could share a sing-a-long with you! Mrs Rathbone on Western Sydney Has Got Talent: Cambridge Park High School 'Singing Trainees'!

15. 780 doesn't run near Glenmore Park? It stays north of the train line from Parker St, Penrith all the way to Mt Druitt. on Lady commuter Advises We Need More Policing Around All Communities With Buses Travelling On All Routes

16. That is myself in the nightshot @ Whalan shops. I agree with my friend about placing a permanent bus shelter there, for the days when it's raining, and the people waiting, for the bus, beats sitting on the rock, lol on News! News! Whalan Shops Has Re-situated New Bus Stop!

17. I catch the train from rooty hill to Parramatta. I dont see Police on the private buses, why dont we encourage more on and off duty Police on the buses by offering free bus travel. Its a thought of do you think that that person is a police officer. I would rather catch the bus if Police were on the bus on or off duty . I dont feel safe catching the bus now. Security is a good idea and is a good step. More CONSISTANT ACTION. onWestbus 780 Has Joined Busways With Immediate Security - This Bus Service Is Resumed!

18. 12.5m is the standard single rear axle. 14.5 is for double rear axle. 18.5m for articulated buses. on NSW Roads & Traffic Authority Interesting Information: Facts & Figures!

19. Hi this blog is really good. I share this blog to my friend. This is really great job man. Keep update to your blog and keep posting realistic and good. The travels is more competion to our world. All the best for your future process good keep it up bye... on Mount Druitt Free Bus Shuttle Service - Some Possible Barriers!

20. Great post John. I would like to see Job Seekers be able to buy MyMulti weeklies and day pass as well as weekly rail tickets. This would help them with their job search activities (which they are obliged to do). As you point out, they are on a lower income than almost everyone else, so these higher fares make it harder for them. And we want them to get a job, don't we? on My-Multi Tickets - One Year On....Mount Druitt Job Seekers Maybe Discriminated On My-Multi and Rail Weekly Tickets

21. here are two Busways CB60 Scanias that are used for the Free Blacktown Shuttle - Bus 858 and 859. Both buses operate as normal until 3pm - where they will both divert from Blacktown and head to various schools for school buses. After the school buses they will do normal trips until around 7:30 - 8:30. On Saturdays and Sundays, they operate the shuttle until it is finished, then Bus 858 operates a T71 to Castle Hill via Stanhope Gardens and Bus 859 operates a T70 to Castle Hill via Glenwood. Both buses return to Blacktown via a T70/T71 and then special to depot for driver to finish shift. on Shuttle Bus Located In St Marys!

22. Unfortunately for The Druitt. All those other shuttle busses seem to have pretty strong commercial activities that they support, eg, moving people from Penrith train station to Penrith Panthers grounds. Which I would hope mean, there is some commercial sponsorship of such routes... It would be difficult to find such commercial justification for a shuttle bus around Mount Druitt. on Mount Druitt Free Bus Shuttle Service - Some Possible Barriers!

23. From the other side of the windshield... I've had to put my bicycle sideways in the middle of multi-lane roundabouts because people in cars (big or small) or busses don't bother to give way to their right. Or don't realise I'm there, until they look at me with an "oh my goodness" blank look on their face. If a car driver hits a cyclist it will be a nasty surprise for the car driver, but life will go on. So if you're going to hit one, I hope that it will be the cyclist at fault when you do. on Do Cyclists Follow Road Rules?

24. I know there is at least one school child who commutes from or beyond Mount Druitt by train daily, he does his school reading with either or both parents every morning. I guess his age to be "about 8". I'm still wondering why Blacktown City Council doesn't have a map at this page, while Penrith's maps "overflow" to cover Mount Druitt: on A Young Commuter Is Fascinated With Our Group!

25. The driver should have refused. Imagine that flying around if the bus stopped suddenly. the bus services are NOT a freight service. on Westbus Furniture Removal

26. Yes, there probably are a few safety concerns here. It would be best to keep furniture of buses... B strange to see this anyway. Keep up the good works, send us more pictures. on Westbus Furniture Removal

27. IDK. Maybe, write to his office advising that you would like to invite him to a special meeting of he group - at a date convenient to him? But would need to be scheduled three weeks in advance. He has to have some obligation to consult with his electorate. on Mr. Amery - We Have Tried To Ask You.....(Twice) and Said 'No

29. Wow! I'm blown by this. Making connections to places buses didn't take you before! You have placed a lot of thought, consideration and time on this Blake - you deserve all accolades from everyone for this wonderful plan! on My Region 1 Masterplan

30. Hi Blake, you have put some work into this. I'm just wondering where the corridors of high frequency service are and how you came to these decisions. Generally, places that generate a large amount of trips (e.g. hospitals, universities, shopping centers etc) get more frequent services. I'd be keen to learn more about the plan. If you have a chance look at the NSW Service Planning Guidelines as this will make any work that you do more convincing - see Keep up the good work, regards Paul on My Region 1 Masterplan

31. T70 from Blacktown to Castle Hill 7 days a week! on Mount Druitt to Castle Hill Request For New Bus Service!

32. Very good interest to read. By Regards Wholesale Printing on Customer Service Training Needed By Bus Drivers - Inside Information!

33. They have the Northwest Rails link issue on their front door and are lobbying for improved transport services in their area. couriers UK on My Hills Transport Group Wishes Us A Merry Christmas - Thank You!

34. If everyone could afford to travel by private transport then they would have, an drowning economy that exhaust fuel availability. delivery on The Case For And Against Public Transport!

35. Can't we just check out the website if we wanted to see them all, instead of you posting them all here. on 674 Bus Service Mount Druitt - Brief History

36. Yes - theses details can be see on the link on that website. I would like to place the individual services so that if someone looks up their bus route number - then history can come up and they can refer to the original website after viewing ours website for other routes! on 674 Bus Service Mount Druitt - Brief History

37. Hi John I've had a look at the N70 Night Ride timetable and the network map. Rooty Hill is not listed as either a station or non-station stop on either the timetable or the map. It should not be too hard to add Rooty Hill to the network. The buses can use the bus stop used by the Route 737 and track work buses on the south side of the station opposite IGA and in front of the former Commonwealth Bank building. Werrington is listed as a non-station stop on the map but is not on the timetable. There are 2 official Night Ride stops at Werrington. Both are sign-posted with the official Night Ride logos (but no timetables) and are located on the Great Western Highway. The City service stops in front of the BP service station. The Penrith service stops across the road in front of the historic Four Winds Homestead (now vacant and fenced off). Four Winds is just before McDonalds and the Caltex-Woolworths service station on the highway. Bus times for Werrington are approx 1 on NighRide Buses Does Not Stop At Every Station!

38. I have been advised by a colleague from the Sydney Electric Train Society that CityRail will commence the withdrawal next month of the non-air conditioned trains sets (S, R and L sets). There are now six 8-car Waratahs in service (Sets A3 to A8) with Set A9 having recently arrived from Cardiff via Shanghai and undergoing testing in Auburn. Sets A1 and A2 with 4-car set A79 are used for testing. There are already no 6 car R sets in service. They have already been withdrawn. The remaining non air conditioned sets run as either 4 car or 8 car S sets with the 3 car L sets on the Olympic Park and Port Kembla lines. Once more Waratahs enter service, a corresponding number of non air conditioned trains will be withdrawn with the entire project completed by 2014-2015. Regards Lester Pasley on Non-Air-Conditioned Trains A Nuisance! - Mount Druitt Commuter!

39. Really Good Post!! Family disputes such as divorce or separation can be an emotional and chaotic time of your life - especially when there are children involved. Family Lawyers WA on Do We Need Quiet Trains Out West? Are You For Or Against It?

40. Steve, I worked with you to get some bus stops update on the Great Western Highway. You were courteous and very helpful. Condolences to your friends and family. May you rest in peace. on Transport Officer - Steven Wilkinson - R.I.P. One Of Our Local Transport Legends!

41. Yes a very good idea. They will send SMS or email for trackwork info for the week from 131500. But real time alerts for delays would be great. I think you can get something on if you can access that on the phone but I don't know how up-to-date it is. on Real Time Notification Required Especially For Trains Delays Like Yesterday

42. 'condemn' not 'condone'. Matthew Hill on Warning To Ladies At Mount Druitt Train Station

43. The state government has made changes to the security model on public transport by removing Transit Officers and replacing them with Police. The only trouble with this solution is that the government is pulling a fast one by only replacing 600 transit officers with only 300 Police as there are already 300 Police on public transport and spreading them across all modes of transport. Transit officers where rail only , all i can say public transport will not be safer under this government on Commuter Speaks From The Heart for Reduced Fares And Safer Trains!o!

44. Exactly why dont the fast train stop at Rooty Hill we have very limited service at peak hours and is a real pain if you are in a rush and miss one. definatelty something that should be looked at. on Commuter Diverts Home By Foot To Rooty Hill (Keeping Fit)!

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48. This is sounds good in theory having Police on public transport until you look into the numbers 610 over three modes of transport 24/7. The numbers just dont add up, the Police will put on big show for couple of months and then they will just disappear away from transport. Leaving the Commutter to wolves on Will Transit Officers Jobs Come back?

49. The WORSTern line more like it..... on Blacktown Commuter Claims Western Line Is Not Best Yet!

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52. half an hour = 30 mins, so no increase? on Commuter WIth Desire For Increased Express Trains On Western Line

53. Good day! I could have sworn I've been to this blog before but after checking through some of the post I realized it's new to me. Anyways, I'm definitely happy I found it and I'll be book-marking and checking back frequently! my website - diets that work on 'Happy New Year' from Mount Druitt Commuters Improvement Group!

54. This is wrong!!! Busways or any other bus company do not cancel services from one small suburb to another to make commuters pay more, they do it because there is a limited number of passengers travelling from Whalan to Dean Park. Bus services are not for one or two people! onYoung Commuter Has Issues Getting To Work - Whalan Commuter

55. Congratulations, this is a great idea and a good shuttle route. In many ways Mt Druitt is a more 'natural' location for a shuttle than many other CBDs (including Blacktown) because of the spread out CBD and the natural loop that is available. There are also high proportions of people without a car, on low incomes and with disabilities. Hugh on My Idea Of A Mt Druitt Free Shuttle Plus Some Others

56. I have received a response from Dimitri Hondros, City Rail, Customer Service Manager, West: Hi John Please be advised that the toilets on Platform 1 & 2 both male and female have a remote lock located in the booking office. The toilets are kept locked at all times to avoid anti social behaviour and vandalism and both male and female customers are required to request the toilet be opened from one of our friendly staff. (they do this by simply pressing a button in the booking office) The only time a toilet would be left open as described by the customer below, would be if the remote lock malfunctioned and in between repairs the toilet door was left opened. Regards Dimitri Hondros Customer Service Manager West Service Delivery Group / Customer Service - Sector 3 RailCorp on Rooty Hill Trains Station Amenities And Possible Use Of For Ladies

57. I think free wifi is pretty hopeless anyway. certainly most sydneysiders own 3g connection is faster and more reliable especially here in sydney. I believe more reliable 3g/hspa/lte coverage over the rail network is what we should be aiming for. on Free Wi-Fi On City Rail Trains Could Be The Big Push For NEW Commuters On Trains!

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59. well if the m4 was finished all the way into the anzac bridge. parramatta road wouldn't be such a car park. on Toll Proposed For M4 - By Sydney Mayor - This Would Be One Way To Move People Onto Public Transport!

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73. Not its not an emergency it's so dum people don't get confused on Emergency Buses In Mount Druitt - Is This True?

74. Raymond lets get a few facts right Transits officer did have the power of arrest and so does every citzen of NSW. The other thing is i have seen Transits Officers removed passengers who had upset the travelling public with their anti social behaviour. on Night Train Commuter - Requires More Safety Patrolling Trains- Mount Druitt Commuter!

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82. If you clinked on that link that you provided, you would see that quiet carriages are only on Intercity services. Since there are no Intercity services that stop at Mount Druitt, there is no way that these commuters could have been in the wrong. Quiet carriages are designated by NSWTrainLink, not Sydney Trains. Check your facts first please. on 'Big Time Relieved Commuter' for Quieter Train Carriages After Constant Talk!

83. You know, you don't have to colour the words "Sydney Trains" or whatever every time you use them. The orange is a bit distracting and kind of hard to read sometimes. Can't imagine what it would be like for people who are more visually impaired. on 'Big Time Relieved Commuter' for Quieter Train Carriages After Constant Talk!

84. Yes the concourse area needs to be much larger as it can not cope with the large amount of people in peak hour. on It Appears That Transport For NSW May Be Looking To Upgrade Mount Druitt Train Station....


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