Thursday, March 31, 2011

Well Behaved Bus Driver Under Crisis! Number 31

I watched as I learnt of a community member being asked to leave the Busways 755 bus, due to previous actions made on one night by this community member - what got me was the reaction of the Bus Driver GR 1842 towards this community member. I thought he took control without losing his cool and deserved to be nominated for the Happy Bus Driver Register!

Here is the original  Happy Bus Drivers Register:
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More & More Happy Bus Drivers! Number 30

This Morning I spoke to a Westbus driver who was involved in an anti-social incident of robbery, against bus drivers about three weeks ago. He was bud driver  GS 8604, driving without a guard on the bus this morning - apparently they don't not put them on until the afternoon - not required he said, " Not many issues!'

I have rewarded him with the nomination of the Happy Bus Drivers nomination because he has a lot of guts to be back driving with a smile of his face and being very courteous to all commuters while I was sitting down. Congratulations!

Here is the Original Happy Bus Drivers Register:
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That Little 'Birdie' Has Told Me Again................

That was is happening is a majority of drivers represent a bus operator would like the diverted buses to go that to their original routes. When asked why - the little 'Birdie' didn't know!

My guess is that they will get more work and then more pay to make their lives better and they do not want the community to miss out of important vital bus services that take commuters to correct destinations! Will wait for further news to advise you all.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Comments of Safety Security Guards And Spreading The Word To Youths!

A well built male community member spoke to me today and provided feedback as follows, 'It is great to see these security guards on buses but they mostly appear small sized men and some commuters would not feel that much safety with them!'

He was suggesting that the security guards on buses should be of heavy strong built and seem to show that with their built hey are 'Security guards'. It is amazing what community members are saying to us: idea after idea. As I go and kindly approach youths promoting our group and website, I am promoting more social behavior or not to behave anti-socially, enabling full possible cancellation of bus services for life if it was never ending.

The youths of our community are as much as important as other members of our community, they are our future - We need to instill love of friendship to these youths, love of neighbor, love of being so nice to one another, rid the hatred you have for others. be kind, be thankful, be grateful, be forgiving to others who don't mean to hurt you: life goes on!

I do promote goodness and i am careful in having a go at anyone - but I usually step back as I do not like confrontation - that is what is required: a peaceful mind and constant patience. If only we were all patient....

Pacific Islander Community Leaders In Bidwill Concerned

A pacific island origin lady living in Mount Druitt has advised me that there was community leaders from Samoa, Fiji, Tonga and New Zealand met in Bidwill to discus the disheartening issues that has been raised by the youth around the Bidwill community.

This lady called 'Toi',seemed to be extremely shocked with what has been happening with the anti-social behavior in the area. I have invited her and her community group leaders to meet with our group so we can all work together in 'making a difference' with these transport issues within Mount Druitt. I respect what these community leaders are going through and on behalf of our group offer our support and comfort to assist them.

Nomination: Chifley Youth Awards - Blake Bardowski

Yes, it is true, Blake Bardowski has been nominated for the Chifley Youth Competition prize.The presentation of prizes  and certificates of participation, will be made next week by the Hon. Peter Garrett (Minister for School Education, Early Childhood and Youth).

All judges will make their decision and announce the 1st and 2nd prize winners and all entrants, their parents and school Principals have also been invited.

This initiative by our Hon. Ed Husic ( Chifley Federal Member) is something that I am proud he has commenced as we in Mount Druitt, have mostly had negative reports of  youth and crime around our communities. This can turn around the youth off the streets and get then motivated to do something important for their lives. Something they are proud to do for themselves or even passionately for the community. I commend our Federal member to take this on - I just hope he gets good publicity and ensures this is carried on as annual event, thus promoting this Competition as an important competition for all youths.
I hope he may expand this if there is increased interest in years to come from the young nominees.

For Blake, you have read story after story of him from our current blog and also our S.O.B.S. ( link is on our home page). He is on the forefront of great ideas on bus route improvements. He is promoting his bus system that will improve all bus network leading to and from Mount Druitt. I wish him all the best in wining the 1st prize for Chifley Youth Competition 2011.

Here is the Link for this award:

Or Here is the original story on Hon. Ed Husic's website:

Chifley Youth Competition now calling for entries

Young people in the Chifley electorate have the opportunity to have their say on issues that matter to them, their peers and community.
The Chifley Youth Competition is open to all students who received an award for community spirit or leadership from their school in 2010.

New Federal Member for Chifley, Ed Husic has established a new competition designed to give young people a chance to tell him about their priorities and major issues.

“I really appreciate the views and opinions of our future community leaders: the young people of Chifley”

“Young leaders in the community are already achieving great things especially in their local area.

“Having visited local schools and seeing the great achievements of these individuals I have established the Chifley Youth Award to further encourage students to continue to take leadership on issues they are passionate about.

“Entrants are to provide a statement of ideas on an issue in their area or a topic they are most passionate about and what they think can be done about it on a local level.

I’m also delighted that we have a panel of distinguished judges to help assess the entries” Mr Husic said.

The entries will be judged by a panel of leaders of the community including Mr Eric Sidoti, Director, Whitlam Institute (UWS), Natalie Chiappazzo, Manager of Blacktown Youth Services Association (BYSA) and Richard Errington, CEO Rooty Hill RSL.

The first prize is a 16GB iPad with wifi and the second prize is a $200 education voucher.

The competition has been extended and closes 20 February, 2011. For more information on the Chifley Youth Competition download a form here: 20 Feb Chifley Youth Competition 2010

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New NSW Liberal Government's Policies On Public Transport!

I have located the details that the new NSW Liberal Government's policies on public transport. 

Express Trains For Western Sydney And Central Coast

Commuters from the Central Coast, South Western and Western Sydney could save up to two and half hours a week under a NSW Liberals & Nationals policy to provide an additional 135 express and semi-express train services a week, NSW Opposition Leader Barry O'Farrell announced today.
"These additional trains are about making life easier for families on the Central Coast and in Sydney's South West and West to get to and from work," Mr O'Farrell said.
"More time spent on a train is less time spent with loved ones," he said.
"This policy is believable, achievable and will deliver real benefits for commuters in Western Sydney and the Central Coast.
"More express services means less overcrowding, reduced travel times and fewer stops."
The new express services are:
  • Blue Mountains Express – one extra AM peak hour express train service each weekday (stopping Katoomba-Springwood-Penrith-Blacktown-Parramatta-Strathfield-Central) saving a commuter up to 1hr 40 min a week;
  • Penrith Express – five new services including one extra AM peak hour express train service each weekday and two extra AM and two extra PM semi-express services (stopping Emu Plains-Penrith-all stops to Mt Druitt-Blacktown-Seven Hills-Parramatta-Granville-Strathfield-Redfern-City) saving up to 1hr 25min a week;
  • Campbelltown Express – 16 additional express train services – one per hour from 6am to 10pm – (stopping Macarthur-Campbelltown-Glenfield-Wolli Creek-International Airport–Domestic Airport–Mascot–Green Square-Central) saving up to 1hr 15min a week;
  • Central Coast Express – six new services including the first direct link between the Central Coast and the Macquarie Park/Macquarie University – three additional AM peak and three additional PM peak services (stopping Wyong-Gosford-Woy Woy-Hornsby-Epping–Macquarie Uni–Macquarie Park–North Ryde-Chatswood-Artarmon–St Leonards–Wollstonecraft-Waverton-North Sydney–Milsons Point–Wynyard–Town Hall– Central) saving up to 2hrs 30min a week for commuters to Macquarie Park.
"I understand train commuters, particularly in Western Sydney and the Central Coast, are fed up and frustrated after 16 years of failure and incompetence from Labor," Mr O'Farrell said.
"These express services are in addition to our commitment to build the South West and North West rail links.
Shadow Minister for Transport Gladys Berejiklian said the NSW Liberals & Nationals are determined to be responsible with our commitments, so we can actually do what we say.
"One CityRail train can take up to 1,000 cars off the road, so these additional services could help ease traffic congestion by getting up to 27,000 people off the road and onto public transport every day," Ms Berejiklian said.
Extra train services per week
Travel time savings of up to
Travel time savings per week of up to

Blue Mountains
20 minutes (AM)*
1hr 40mins

17 minutes (AM)*
1hr 25mins

15 minutes (AM)*
1hr 15mins

Central Coast
15 minutes (AM & PM)**
2hrs 30mins
* Calculated between each location and Central
** Calculated between Wyong and Macquarie Park

Labor's Record Over 16 Years

Under Labor, there are fewer daily rail services today than in 2005 and people have been forced back into their cars.
After 16 years of Labor, commuters in Western Sydney have put up with fewer services, longer travel times, overcrowded and non air-conditioned carriages. In 2004 a trip to Penrith was more than six minutes faster then what it is today.
Commuters from the Central Coast are spending an extra 13 minutes on the train due to 2009 timetable changes.
Peak hour trains from the Central Coast take as long as 94 minutes – compared with as few as 70 minutes in 1960.
Despite growing road congestion and strong population growth, in 2009/10 some 2.5 million fewer annual trips were taken on the CityRail network compared with 2008/09.

New NightRide Bus Services

The NSW travelling public deserves a safe, reliable and 

accessible public transport system, particularly late at night.

NightRide bus services play a valuable role in ensuring that

people in Sydney are able to get home safely from shift

work or following a night out. However, currently across

many destinations the service is simply not available, or is

too infrequent.
A NSW Liberals & Nationals Government will:
  • Provide a weekend timetable service on Thursday nights. In many cases this means that the frequency of services will be doubled.
  • Introduce a new NightRide Bus Service to Richmond. On weekends four bus services terminate at Blacktown. We will extend these services to Richmond with an additional ten stops – Marayong, Quakers Hill, Schofields, Riverstone, Vineyard, Mulgrave, Windsor, Clarendon, East Richmond and Richmond.
  • Increase the frequency of weekend NightRide services to Macarthur. We will extend the current weekend N50 Route that terminates at Liverpool to Macarthur, meaning there will be a service to Macarthur twice an hour on weekends. This will further assist people living in Campbelltown, Leumeah, Minto, Ingleburn, Macquarie Fields, Glenfield and Casula.
  • Introduce a new weekend NightRide Bus Service along the Carlingford Line and increase NightRide services to Parramatta. A new service will be established to run from the City to Carlingford. This service will follow the existing N60 Route between Town Hall and Lidcombe and then extend from Lidcombe to seven stops – Clyde, Rosehill, Camellia, Rydalmere, Dundas, Telopea and Carlingford. The service will run every hour, which will provide increased frequency for commuters on the N60 Route between Town Hall and Lidcombe and a new service for commuters on the Carlingford line.
These additional services will help people commuting to work at night, and ensure people having a night out arrive home safely.

South West and North West Rail Links

South West and North West Rail Links
People in South West and North West Sydney, our major residential growth and employment areas, expect and deserve high quality public transport.
Many people bought homes and started businesses in the growth areas believing Labor promises and commitments would deliver new transport infrastructure to match population and commercial growth.
The North West Rail Link was first promised in 1998, to be open by 2010 at a cost of $50 million per kilometre. It was then cancelled, resurrected as a North West Metro, cancelled again, and announced once again in Labor’s latest discredited transport plan.
Labor’s latest plan, has the North West Rail Link commencing in 2017 and not opening until 2024, at a cost of $300 million per kilometre.
The South West Rail Link has a similar story – announced, then cancelled, and then re-announced. Based on Labor’s current promises, the South West Rail Link will not carry a passenger until 2016.
The NSW Liberals & Nationals will:
  • build the South West Rail Link; and
  • build the North West Rail Link, starting work in our first term.
The NSW Liberals & Nationals believe the priority for new public transport links should be areas currently without such options.
Many long suffering commuters in Sydney’s north west and south west have no effective public transport alternative and are forced to use cars.
It is estimated that under NSW Labor’s regime, commuters who travel daily to the city from
the north west will have spent $65,000 in road tolls over 14 years before they have any public transport alternative.
Our commitment to building these essential links will help restore investor confidence in NSW and improve choices and quality of life for NSW residents and commuters.

Integrated Transport Authority

Integrated Transport Authority
The NSW Liberals & Nationals have committed to an Integrated Transport Authority. It will improve the delivery of public transport services by better co-ordinating different transport modes, and enabling more efficient delivery of major transport infrastructure projects.
The Integrated Transport Authority will be responsible for transport policy including planning, infrastructure, fares, ticketing and customer information. It will ensure that different transport modes work together, and that the interests of the travelling public are put first.
Under this structure, the operational transport agencies, such as RailCorp, State Transit Authority and Sydney Ferries, will be focused on front line service delivery.
Each frontline agency will play a lead role in their specific transport mode. These agencies will be required to focus on their core role – delivering clean, reliable, safe and efficient transport services, while the Integrated Transport Authority is responsible for planning and policy.
An Independent Board comprising a panel of experts will oversee the new Authority. The Board will be at ‘arms length’ from the day-to-day running of transport services but will play a critical role in keeping the State Government accountable on transport policy and providing expert advice.
Specifically, the new Authority will:
  • provide a central point of management for the provision of public transport services across Sydney and NSW;
  • be responsible for transport planning including the development of workable transport interchanges;
  • deliver better co-ordination between transport modes;
  • provide a central point of accountability for the planning and delivery of major transport infrastructure projects; and
  • put commuters first by providing more accessible real time information about services and ticketing.
For the first time since the 2000 Olympics, Sydney will have an intelligent, strategic and responsive public transport system to give its customers the service they expect and deserve.
Easy Access Funding For 
Rail Commuters 

The Liberals & Nationals will boost funding for easy access upgrades by over 50 percent to make train travel for seniors and people with a disability more convenient, NSW Opposition Leader Barry O'Farrell and Shadow Minister for Transport Gladys Berejiklian announced today.
"Today the NSW Liberals commit to an additional $60 million in funding to boost the Easy Access Program across CityRail train stations," Mr O'Farrell said.
It's estimated this funding could provide up to an additional eight stations with wheelchair access," he said.
"Currently 184 CityRail train stations out of 307 are not wheelchair accessible – we want to change that so that's why we've committed to this 50 percent boost in funding.
"The NSW Liberals & Nationals boost will ensure more commuters than ever will have access to the rail network, irrespective of whether they have a disability, are elderly, are less mobile or travel with a pram.
"Whether a parent with a pram, a senior with a walking frame or a person in a wheelchair, public transport should be as accessible as possible for all commuters.
"We want to ensure that as many people as possible can use public transport," Mr O'Farrell said.
Ms Berejiklian said Labor has failed to deliver easy access upgrades.
"It is simply unacceptable that the Labor Government has only delivered four easy access station upgrades in two years – at that pace it will take 93 years before all rail stations become accessible to the whole community," Ms Berejiklian said.
"Our plan will be partly funded by an expansion of public transport advertising revenue," she said.
"We believe there is an opportunity to utilise un-used advertising space to raise much needed revenue to improve access at our rail stations.
"We will re-invest the funds from better managing the valuable advertising space on our public transport network, to improve public transport access.
Ms Berejiklian said today's announcement would make the CityRail network more attractive to a greater number of people.
"If commuters are not confident that they can negotiate the rail network safely, they will simply not use the system," she said.
"We should be doing everything in our power to encourage more people out of their cars and onto our public transport network."
Liberal Candidate for Oatley, Mark Coure has been a long time advocate for easy access upgrades at Oatley train station.
"Today's announcement means the NSW Liberals are taking the issue of accessibility at our local train stations seriously," Mr Coure said.
"I will continue to lobby Barry and Gladys to ensure Oatley gets the funding we deserve under the boost announced today," he said.
"Local commuters already face a daily struggle to get to and from work on overcrowded and unreliable train services, let alone being faced with using the stairs.
"We want to encourage as many people as possible to use our trains both to decongest our roads and to improve the environment," Mr Coure said.

We Will Set Our Transport Priorities To 'Making A Difference' in Transport'

Here comes our goals, ideas and suggestions to improve transport infrastructure around the community of Mount Druitt and surrounding suburbs. This is when we bring all our passion together, think of a better and good future so that there is a safer and more reliant. What is required efficient transport services provided in all areas of public transport, delivering a friendly customer service from transport employees - which  in turn promotes more commuters to catch more public transport services as everyone will be extremely happy to get to places, cost effectively.

Once our group sets our priorities straight, we will lobby consistently, with our new New South Wales Government State representatives, so that Mount Druitt is not neglected in all aspects of transport services coming in and around mount Druitt.

Here are the improvements that need to be done straightaway:

  • Attention given to provide security measures for the safety and duty of care to commuters with evening train, bus and taxi services and other high time crimes. These may mean more Transit Officers on more trains and similar officers on the complete network of bus services travelling after 6pm at night. Also require is a high profile of  Police Officers on either foot patrols and /or tagging buses and taxis (unmarked cars) ensuring less anti-social behaviors are affecting the community. Other security measures  for bus drivers are complete polycarbonate plastic guards and the introduction of  Prepay bus services, allowing  for cashless bus to drive around.
  • Hourly clean up the Mount Druitt bus interchange - fines incurred for leaving mess by individuals
  • More police patrolling the Mount Druitt interchange.
  • Re introduction of the Busways 762 bus from Mount Druitt to Bidwill full service (inclusive of weekends) and at least 6 bus stops on Chestnut Crescent, Bidwill
  • Return of the full 755 Busways bus service - via Plumpton shops and then to Blacktown as before.
  • A review of Blake way for bus services, including metro bus services and a free shuttle bus run around Mount Druitt.
  • Upgrade of Rooty Hill train station  providing more accessibility.
  • Double story Car park at Rooty Hill to cater for 500-600 cars
  • Electronic signs on Mount Druitt and Rooty Hill train stations.
  • Better bus and train connections and communications between bus operators and City Rail - allowing time for commuters to reach interchange and catching buses and visa versa.
  • Increased bus stop shelters (where required) from currently Blacktown Local Government Area from 34 percent to 50 percent
  • Policing of destruction and graffiti of public property - instant fines provided.
  • No gangs of youths hanging around on the top end of the interchange - thus creating potential brawls ( as witnessed before.
  • Youths Of Public Transport -  an educational program designed to show the importance of public transport in each of there lives - thus promotes  better social behaviors for the youth in the areas - also showing fines/jail sentences incurred for anti-social behavior on any public transport. This can be shown at all educational facilities in all community. at the end of the program  a free trip with to visit a City Train Station or bus operator depot understanding how they run and maybe taking an interest in this vital industry.
  • 'Paint your own Suburbia buses' - a scheme where a bus operator will allow one bus to be paint by the suburban community to brighten up colors of the bus  - matching and blending in with the bus operators colors/logo's. 
  • Bus stop numbers to be placed on all bus stops with time tables -
  • Station Master open day - commuters can meet the Station Master and view their improvements they would like for train infrastructure.
  • Promotion of the Happy Bus Drivers nomination to extend to City Rail staff.
  • Local Transport Group invited to attend bus reviews and train service reviews.
  • Promotion of 131500 Transport Info line for compliments and complaints. That is advertising on trains buses and taxis.
  • Promotional bus tickets providing  commuters with certain discounts or savings at participating local shops - all around Mount Druitt.
  • A free transport day exhibition -where there are shows and exhibits of trans services are shown to the public to promote more commuters on public transport.
  • And any other ideas that our group & community members will provide to us.
  • Do not like the use of buses with no air-conditioning during the summer season, especially on very hot days - they seem to disappear in winter time!
  • Buses replacing trains on weekends - had to travel to Penrith to get replacement express bus services to the City - from Mount Druitt they were all stops along all train stations.
  • More express bus services less all stops buses
  • Better notification of none or no services - services being cancelled
  • Bus drivers to allowing time for commuters to sit down first before the bus takes off.
  • When bus divertions occur why aren't School bus services rediverted as well?

Mount Druitt Transport Pictures!

This is a picture of Gabbie - a long standing train commuter that travels everyday to the City of Sydney. She one of many commuters that carries a smile on her family early in the morning - most people that work seem tired and appear they want to go back home straight away! You will see our Transport Forum posters.

Monday, March 28, 2011

A Little 'Birdie' Is Telling Me That....

It appears that  a bus driver spokesperson has advise that the NSW Transport Workers Union is flying over to Perth to checkout the guards they have for buses over there and then they will review it to see  if this system works over here. Will keep you further posted!

Congratulations Richard Amery, Re-elected State Member Of Mount Druitt!

Subject: Congratulations
Date: Mon, 28 Mar 2011 11:17:46 +1100

Dear Mr Amery,

I am writing in to congratulate you on your recent election win in your electorate of Mt Druitt. I wish you the best of luck in your position and I hope that this will mark the beginning of a successful term for you and the residents of the Mt Druitt area. I look forward to hearing from you soon and I hope we can work together to help improve the local community.

Best regards,  
Wayne Lu
Mount Druitt Commuters Improvement Group

Results For:

State Electoral District of Mount Druitt

First Preference Votes for Each Candidate Post Election Night

Electors Enrolled: 48,234

Results Explanation

The First Preference Vote Post Election Night page displays the result of the check count of polling place votes by polling place, and the count of declaration votes by declaration vote type, for each candidate for a given district.
The total number of first preference ordinary votes from Sunday check count and count of declaration votes for each candidate is calculated in the second last line item of table and is identified as Grand Totals.
A percentage is displayed in the last line item of the table and is identified as % of Total Formal Vote. The percentage is calculated by dividing the candidates' Grand Totals by the Grand Totals derived from the Total Formal Votes column.
First Preference Votes Summary - Post Election Night
CandidatePartyVotes% Total Ordinary Formal Votes
First Preference Votes
Polling PlacesPRIEST
Bidwill Public4071171418411,506801,586
Blackett Public45294968181,460861,546
Colyton Public8451753438112,1741052,279
Dawson Public43194947691,388771,465
Eastern Ck Public272415730867828706
Glendenning Public8632171611,0902,3311372,468
Hassall Grove Public1,1432842411,3092,9772043,181
Hebersham Public6591501561,0171,9821012,083
Lethbridge Park Public270755947387783960
Minchinbury Public1,1582102411,0242,6332122,845
Mt Druitt Hospital38160905201,051431,094
Mt Druitt Public4971291688131,6071181,725
Plumpton Public1,3473033091,8663,8252094,034
Rooty Hill Arts Hall8241621881,0692,2431342,377
Rooty Hill Public9522002921,3452,7891652,954
Shalvey Public4181211027331,3741121,486
Sydney Town Hall*171171348149
Willmot Public236814644580890898
Total Ordinary Votes11,1722,5242,79115,26431,7511,98533,736
Declared Institution Votes2000202
Pre-poll Votes1,4682682862,2454,2672094,476
Total Dec Votes1,4702682862,2454,2692094,478
Grand Total12,6422,7923,07717,50936,0202,19438,214
% of Total Formal Vote35.107.758.5448.61-5.74-
  + Sitting Candidate or Party
   Percentage of Total Number of Votes Polled

Save Our Bus Services

Read our story on how we made it our priority to ensure bus services are re-instated from services taken away in 2009.