Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Train Maintenance Same Time As Weekend Track Work - Great Youth From Mount Druitt!

Frances from Whalan, a young year nine high school student has great attitude towards what she would like to see improve in public transport, while she transfers to buses at Parramatta to head to Gladesville.

Her passionate thoughts of improvement are an upgrade of trains away from the old trains on the western line, which consistently have  air-conditioning that needs to be improvement providing better cooler comfort in summer. She would like windows to be fixed so the heat doesn't get in providing a lot of discomfort to commuters, making it easy for her to study.

She has a great thought that should be looked at and that while there is track work on weekends why not  at tat the same time there is train maintenance work on the weekends while the trains are not being used on the Western Line. this is so the comfort issues are fixed and ensured in other journeys. During the week there should  be 10 minutes intervals of trains  to allow her to sit down. She mostly stands up while commuting, allows people to sit at Parramatta, Blacktown and all stations to Mount Druitt and then allows the needy to take their place on seats as she stands inside crowded doorways feeling squeezy.

Editors notes: I always said and believe that Mount Druitt people are great as they are part of a thinking tank to improve public transport in and around Mount Druitt.

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