Sunday, September 30, 2012

Baulkham Hills Commuter - More Trains And Cleaner!

A lady from Baulkham Hills catches buses to either Seven Hills, Toongabbie or Westmead train stations to  take City Rail trains to the City and return.

Claims she would like more train services, cleaner seats in Peak times. She would like services increased to every 10-15 minutes which provides more flexibility and choice to arrive to City on time.
She also thinks that what makes it works is when there is track-work it takes buses 40 minutes from Seven Hills to Granville takes 40 minutes on an all stations stops.

This lady says she is aware that NSW for Transport has to look at statistics and give a general decision or blame not to increase services but as it is all in their hands  they have the chance if they want to do it and if not, it isn't fair!

City Rail Commuters - To Clean up Their Own Mess! - Mount Druitt Commuter

Carine from Mount Druitt, catches either Busways 761/750 to Mount Druitt train stations and then catches City Rail trains to and from Granville.       

One of the things she would like to see improved is  the condition of seats, where junk is left of seats and should not be left there, leaving  behind heaps of litter.

She has just provided an unique suggestion, which could be looked at by City Rail and NSW for Transport, that is, each commuter that brings food or drinks in trains, bring their own plastic bag and disposes the rubbish by themselves outside the  next train station stop in a public bin, in a respectable manner or  privately at home. This means  each commuter has responsibility and duty towards  public transport cleanliness.

Editors Notes:
I think, that if I remember laws around City Rail, food should not be consumed on City Rail trains. Over time commuters just eat lunch, dinner, have snacks on the trains and drink cool bottle water (in summer). In time this has been overlooked by City Rail and they is nothing stopping any commuter do this!

We welcome any other suggestions from other commuters!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Mount Druitt Commuter Sending Out The Public Transport Message!

I get excited when I hear thing that I don't expect! This my payment for helping the people of Mount Druitt!

Two days a go  lady called Tiffany, told of what she does with the information slips I provided to her before - she enjoyed our website she has made multiple copies of the  information slip (the ones that I hand out) and provided them to  families and friends.
Sending the right message!

This is what I call easily sending the right message across, with myself doing it - people love to hear  and learn of public transport for the future and even now! Thank you Tiffany! 

Friday, September 28, 2012

NSW to get Alphanumeric Road Numbering System

In line with other states including Victoria and Queensland, the NSW government has decided to spend $20million to create new alphanumeric (letters and numbers) road signs.

Read the Sydney Morning Herald article below:

Motorists heading north west on the Bells Line of Road will soon be driving along the B59 under a new project to standardise and rename major driving routes across New South Wales using numbers and letters.

Roads Minister Duncan Gay this afternoon announced a $20 million project to change road signs across the state in an attempt to make navigating long distances simpler, particularly for tourists.

Roads such as the Princes Highway or Bells Line of Road will keep their current names but will also receive a second alpha-numeric title, such as the A1 or B56, from March 2013.

The new names can apply to either a single road, or a series of roads that form a corridor.

Mr Gay said the changes would make driving simpler, particularly for those travelling routes that covered a range of different road names.

"If you were travel across Sydney from the Sydney Airport to the north, you would travel down General Homes Drive, Southern Cross Drive, Dowling Street, Eastern Distributor Motorway, Cahill Expressway, Sydney Harbour Tunnel, Bradfield Highway, Warringah Expressway, and on and on," he said.

"From now on, you'll just travel on the M1."

Motorways will retain the first letter M, while A will be used to designate routes of national significance and B will be used routes of state significance. Both the old name, and the new route names, will be displayed on signage.

The move brings NSW into line with other state such as Victoria, which already use the alpha-numeric system, and other countries.

The opposition has labelled the $20 million project confusing and a "waste of money".

"The people of NSW want their roads fixed and they want them built, they don't simply want them renamed," opposition transport spokeswoman, Penny Sharpe, said.

"Every school, every hospital is feeling cuts across this state. If money is tight the Premier should call his minister in to line and redirect the money from this program in to something more worthwhile."

Trent Zimmerman, from the Tourism and Transport Forum, praised the move and said it was especially important for tourists.

"We think it's particularly important for those international visitors who don't have English as their first language, because we know that English road names are more confusing than a simple lettering and numbering system, one which they're familiar with," he said

The roads around Mt Druitt affected are:

  • M4 Motorway now named the M4 Western Motorway
  • Great Western Highway now named the A44
  • The Northern Road now named the A9
We should see changes to signs across NSW in early 2013

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Earlier Announcements Required On City Rail Trains Out West!

Sangianish from Mount Druitt walks 7 minutes to Mount Druitt ( she times it exactly and then catches the City Rail train to and from Parramatta to work.

She would like to see improvements with advising commuters of late trains, more on time or in her case 'before time'. If City Rail knows the train will be late, then they should announce it at least 2 minutes before the  train is time tabled to arrive at the train station, not after 5-6 minutes after it is time table to arrive, this will will provide better and improved well informed commuters.

Sangianish also suggests in Summer there are plenty of old trains that  have 'Air-cons' not working, this needs to be attended too or even bring in newer trains to provide a well deserved public transport improvement for commuter on the Western Line and Greater Western Sydney!

Let's hope there isn't a website like this for our State Rail!

Guitarist Practices on Western Line!

Marvin  a guitarist from Rooty Hill, catches the city Rail trains to and  from Central train station.

He claims time management and cleanliness on trains are both important.  Cleaner trains means more hygienic for everyone and bases on NSW budget projections and constraints a supply of newer trains to get people to travel more on trains as well. 

Vandalism should be stopped, new trains to ensure multiple security cameras and people patrolling the trains providing constant security.

He even thinks placing bins on the trains can be regularly cleaned by the City Rail cleaning contractors for hygienic purposes.

Editors Notes:
 after I interviewed, spoke and discussed with the previous commuter, I heard music on the train carriage, so I raced up the bottom stairs and sat right next to this guitarist - and I have placed a video of his music for you to listen too -  he is good - imagine he use the train trip to practice, yet he doesn't do it too loud - loud enough for me to here nicely:

Sydney Uni Student - City Rail delays May Cost Her Late Exams!

Alay from Mount Druitt, a student a chemistry student from University of Sydney,walks to the train station at Mount Druitt, then catches the City Rail train to and from the City.

She claims that her main issue is a timing 
factor that trains running late affect her schedule for attending important exams and study classes, so that she achieve her academic qualifications. As she travels Off-peak periods, if a  train is missed there is a half an hour long wait this creates immediate delays to her and be frustrating.

She requests like 10-15 minute trains services to ease the long waiting period. We will see if transport stake holders listen

Councillor In Long Time Waiting - Elected Mayor Of Blacktown City Council!

Yes, you say why bring politics into public transport? Or why mention politics in relation to public transport, as to you it has no relevance?

Actual fact, against all opinions, Local Government Areas are to me, so vital in initiating future plans for public transport improvements and ensure that the future requires  meet the potential increase in future demand.

 We all know how Council can assist public trans vehicles an commuter to make life easier for the future:  the construction, maintenance cleansing and lighting of all public roads, decision process of bus routes, taxi ranks, cycle ways, bus interchanges, approval for bus stops and train stations offering loop buses for community making stronger community connections, ensure there is low-floor buses allow for easier access for all passengers having:

  1. level access through the front door instead of steps
  2. A ramp for wheelchair access
  3. Two wheelchair spaces up to 1300mm long, 800mm wide and with a loaded weight of 300 kilogram

So in saying this, local councils can have a great input into local changes and improvements to providing a better access and infrastructure with public transport for the future.

Last night Blacktown City Council Elected a Councillor that has been waiting to be elected as Mayor for over 26 years, Councillor Len Robinson (Liberal Ward 2), 8 votes to 7, while Councillor Russ Dickens, (Independent Ward 3) was elected Deputy Mayor unanimously,  15-0. All Elections of Office was proudly moved by Councillor Jacqueline Donaldson, which such pride and great diction.

After speaking last night, briefly to the new Mayor and Deputy Mayor (as part of my lobbying) I feel with the change of power  there could be progress  for the future of lead commuters into improved Public Transport Infrastructure and services, leading to more community members switching to public transport.

I was proud of the outgoing Mayor, Councillor Allan Pendleton providing his speech at what his leadership team at local government had done and what he envisages a population growth from currently 313,000 population to over 500,000 in 2026. We wish the new elected Local government well in the next 4 years as  part of the future of public transport improvements!

Councillor Jacqueline Donaldson and John Svoboda

Councillor Jacqueline Donaldson, Lester & Dianna from
Mount Druitt Commuters Improvement Group Inc.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Newer Trains Required - After State Budget Is Fixed Up!

Razi from Mount Druitt, takes a ten minute walk to Mount Druitt train station and then catches City Rail trains to and from North Sydney.

The trains  he catches, some of them are new train carriages and the rest is older train carriages, showing their age. This is obviously to him when he hears when the two ends of the train carriages meeting and make that continuous noise, whilst travelling on the train line. 

He also states that train carriages should wait for 1/2 a minute on train platforms to allow for prams and trolleys entering and leaving.

One thing he is very strong about is ticket prices are very high. Yet as he provides these comments says the State budget has to be fixed up to allow for improvements on newer carriages entering the City Rail system.

A Public Transport Story To Tell - New Penrith Commuter!

A real gentleman, well attired recently from Penrith catches the City Rail train  return to Parramatta to Penrith. H e has moved from Cooma and work in local towns.

He has a public transport story to share and that was many years ago the Bourke Railway line was constructed and later on blown up by the Australian Army and then reconstructed.

He find NSW public transport magnificent for them to using planning quite reasonable price when his weekly City Rail ticket is $39.00. He then said what more do you want?

The only thing NSW for Transport needs  is  to fix up the overcrowding and asks openly, what can be done about it? 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Real Story Of Public Transport Happiness!

Peter from Quakers Hill used to travel by company car to work to Parramatta, one day they took the car away from him.

It's been 4 months since that happened  and has feels better  for it as since that happened, he has found it easier getting to and from work as he doesn't have to worry of the hassle of driving, the traffic and he build up his hours at work quite easier. the only thing he asks for is for the trains to keep on running on time.

Editors notes:  This real time story tells you of how some people can be deprived of something they are giving as a package with their occupation and yet they can feel for the better, when a dramatic lifestyle is changed to catch public transport.

City Rail Trains -Improved Services Required on Weekends!

Jade from Marayong, I met last week travels from Parramatta to Blacktown using City Rail trains.

He would like to wee weekend service for trains improved from 1/2 hour service to every twenty minutes as he claims it would not just make it better and easier for him, but for others.

Monday, September 24, 2012

You Do Not Need A Ticket - Senior Card Holders - Suggestion For NSW Public Transport!

Seniors Card +go card

At times, we talk of subjects that people raise with us and we feel that they may not be that important to us, to pursue or follow through: whether it is important to us now or in the future, it is important!

So, I have been advised that in  Adelaide - commuters holding Australian Seniors Card can travel on trains and  buses free as from 9.01am to 3pm, Monday to Fridays, all day on weekends and public holidays.

Why does one State do it and others are different. This is probably what would be fare for seniors yet why not make it uniform in all states, especially in New South Wales.

Click here for Brisbane discounts on Senior Cards

Click here for Melbourne discounts on Senior Cards

Click here for Adelaide discounts on Senior Cards

Click here for Perth discounts on Senior Cards

Click here for Sydney discounts on Senior Cards

Click here to find out how you apply for a Seniors card

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Reason For Plaforms To be Extended!

I get ideas, suggestions, ways, methods, plans, visions and discussions on improvements on all forms of public transport. Yet One I want to state, not all credit goes to me. It goes to the people of Western Sydney, the people of Outer Mount Druitt, the people of Mount Druitt that talk to myself and provide ideas that haven't been used before, will find and solve solutions that can provide a Band-aid to the public transport system.

I am surprised where this comes from, even the people I speak too. I have a family member, Michael, from Granville has made such a short statement to me, that it has blown myself to bits about ' How can it be done?'

What is it, you are all asking. Well I mentioned it to The Mount Druitt St Marys reporter ( without realising that the credit goes to Michael):  that City Rail use 12 carriage trains on the Western and Cumberline lines 'Peak' time tables and 6 carriages 'Off peak' times. That is the statement!

The effect of using these trains has a three prong positive response:

  1. It will provide more seats to commuters, better comfort and reduce the effect of over-crowding trains.
  2. It will ease the burden to increase train services, as by increasing carriages you increase patronage.
  3. It will promote new commuters (what I call 'virgin commuters') to catch City Rail trains, which in turn provides further income, as more fares are being paid.
 The only issue that needs to  be fixed before this happens, is that train stations have to upgraded to meet platform lengths on 12 carriages. That, in itself is not bad as this will create engineers, planners and labouring jobs to get this done! This is a great benefit to the economy of NSW, whilst the upgrade is in process and most definitely after its completion. 

I'm not sure of the cost or the time to get this done on all train stations in Sydney and the Greater Western Sydney as the initial cost (when  all these upgrades are completed), will be overlooked as the 12 car carriage service will  reduce overcrowding and congestion. More commuters will have a better comfort and relaxation with their daily  trips to their destination. 

Using as an example The 'Waratah Carriage' - this holds 112 commuters per carriage. A standard 8 car train would hold 896 commuters and if extended to 12 carriages, would result to 1344 commuters, an increase of 448  commuters per trip.

Michael suggested the 12 car train would run in 'Peak Periods' and a 6 car train in 'Off Peak Periods'. The 12 car train can be disengaged into 2 trains to meet off peak trips!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Free Shuttle Bus Coming Closer! St Marys - Mount Druitt Star!

Free shuttle bus service would be welcome Save

L2r. John Svoboda (President), 16yo Blake Bardowski and Jacqueline Donaldson at the Mt Druitt bus interchangepic of Mount Druitt Commuters Group president and hopefully schoolboy Blake. They want a free mt druitt shuttle bus service similar to ones in penrith and blacktown. They believe with good promotion, the service will be well utilised.

BLAKE Bardowski, 16,  believes Mount Druitt deserves a state government-funded free shuttle bus service.
Blake proposes the loop service run every 20 minutes seven days a week, stopping at North Parade, Rooty Hill RSL, Mount Druitt Hospital, Shop Smart and near the industrial area at Kurrajong Road.He has the support of fellow Mount Druitt Transport Commuter Group members, president John Svoboda and Blacktown councillor Jackie Donaldson.
"These popular areas have no bus services," he said.
"Mount Druitt is Labor heartland but the Liberals could get some votes if the government puts in a shuttle bus."
Blake believes the service would be more popular than the Penrith shuttle introduced 18 months ago.
"The Penrith shuttle goes everywhere that's already serviced by buses," Mr Svoboda said.A regular passenger on the service, the Penrith High School student was not surprised it wasn't well patronised.
He suggested a three-month trial to gauge the need for the service.
Councillor Donaldson had hoped local businesses would sponsor the service but said in this economic climate there was very little money to spare.

Windsor Commuter - Free Public Transport!

A gentleman from Windsor who kept on saying he speaks limited English, at the end speaks, rmore then reasonable good English. He travels by City Rail  mostly from the City to Windsor and would like to see fee public public transport all over Sydney.

He claims at first that he would save money for himself. other commuters would do the same and  there could be an influx of increased commuters on every form of public transport and he believes it is good to do this!

Invitation To All The Community ' Making a Statement Day' Local Public Transport

This is an open invitation to all community members and around Mount Druitt to making a statement on public transport.
How many chances do you  have to do this. Please feel free to come over and have your ' Public transport say!'


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Rooty Hill Toast Masters - Guest Speaker !

A few weeks a go I met Darryl, a member of the Toast Masters International, Rooty Hill  Club  9627. He had spoken of his local bus stop issue, which I  am interested in his issue and in return he pleasantly invite myself as a guest speaker to talk our group (Mount Druitt Commuters Improvement Group Inc); its beginning to present, at his club.

I was warmly greeted by the majority of the  members and listen and following their meeting proceedings - which involved short speeches for 1 or 2 minutes, table talk topics (out of the blue) and longer speeches.

I must admit each speech was very interesting as each person spoke with true feelings and emotions from the bottom to the top of their heart. There were new members and members that had been there for years. I loved the applause after each speech and then all speeches evaluated by others. The ones doing evaluation must be alert and  focus on listening to every word. It was great and I do suggest anyone that wants to learn how to speak to others public or private and is seeking for self-improvement try International Toasters!

So back to guest speaking, I have spoken in front of 300 people at a 'Listening Campaign' at Bowman Hall, Blacktown for Sydney Alliance on 11/7/10. I was nervous before I started speaking yet, when started  - the nervous went away!

Guest Speaker
Last night, I didn't start that nervous but I think towards the end I was and this was in front of 12 people. Yet the applause sounded exactly like the applause for 300 people at Blacktown Bowman Hall.

I thank the Toastmasters International, Rooty Hill Club  for the providing myself the opportunity to provide information of our group and to Darrel for the personal invitation.

                    Here is a great speech by Darryl 'Children'!

Click here for the link to Toast Masters International


Good evening ladies and gentleman.

I would like to acknowledge the Dharug people who are the traditional custodians of this land. I would also like to pay respect to the elders past and present of the Dharug nation and extend that respect to other Aboriginal people present.
My name in John Svoboda and I am from the Mount Druitt Commuters Improvement Group Inc. formerly Save Our  Bus Services Mount Druitt and Surrounding Suburbs.
Our group is made up of Mt Druitt community members who are fighting for the return of vital bus services that have been taken away from us by the NSW government; and for improvements in public transport infrastructure within our local community.

We are fighting for the community because we have heard stories of hardship; stories like elderly women walking for over an hour to see their doctor, no buses on the weekends, no buses early in the mornings or late at night, stories of community members spending more money on taxis because of the lack of buses.

I became involved with this group because of the impact the removal of bus services would have on my life. Travelling to and from work was going to be difficult for me- I also became involved because the heart of the community was being ripped out.
Today, I will be sharing our story with you.

Our story begins almost 3 years ago while I was waiting for a bus outside Whalan shops. On the 8th October 2009, I was talking to one elderly lady at the bus stop of corner of Ellengown Crescent and Bulolo Drive Whalan (Bus Stop Number 2770143). Her name was Betty.

 I began talking to Betty to find out what the local community group was doing about the cancelation of bus services in the area. Betty told me she would find out.

Two days later I was talking to Joan, another community member, she told me that I had really stirred things up by talking to Betty. Joan told me not to worry- that it was a good thing to get people doing things around the area! 

 We decided to put up posters at the bus stops around the area advertising a petition day for the reintroduction of the bus services that were cancelled.

On the day we met community members and the local press. Within 2 hours we received around 500 signatures on our petition. People came and told us how badly they were being impacted by the removal of bus services by the government right across Mt Druitt. What we had thought was only going to be one street affected by the bus removal turned out to be more.

Next day we decided to form our group – Save Our Bus Services. Our first action was to draw up another petition which included all of the suburbs affected by the cancellation of bus services in Mt Druitt. By the end of it we got over 3000 signatures.
During our time:
-         We have held three community meetings with big turnouts every time
-         We have made a film of community members from different suburbs talking about their transport issues
-         We have put over three hundred of our stories on our website of hardship.
-         Local reporters from the Mount Druitt-St Marys Standard & also St Mary – Mount Druitt Star always  contact  myself and members of our group in relation to public transport issues/improvements
-         We have been interviewed by 2UE, Channel nine and have had many stories in our local papers and have spoken at Blacktown city council meetings to be heard.

In February 2009, 6 of us met with the Minister of Transport, handed him 3000 signatures and told him our community story. Within 2 weeks of this meeting, one of our major services – the 755 was immediately partially reinstated. Also a second limited bus service 674 has been reinstated.

We have had success- even when some of us didn’t see any hope in our cause and thought we were fighting a losing battle with the government.

We have had group representatives on the Western Sydney Public Transport Users Inc. Policy Committee and I have been elected the Vice Present since October 2010, discussing public transport issues that have been raised by local groups and the support of them.

In November 2010, we started to look at changing our group to ‘Mount Druitt Commuters Improvement Group’ and it was officially started in March 2011 and commenced incorporation in May 2012.

March 2011, our young Blake Bardowski won the inaugural Chifley Youth Awards.
On behalf of the group, I have been invited to attend Blacktown City Council Transport Forum in 2010 Blacktown. The next meeting was held at the new Mount Druitt Hub (a suggestion from myself) in November 2011.

Both our Groups have been nominated as the Outstanding Community Group for the Zest Awards, Greater Western Sydney Community Awards 2010 & 2011. And Outstanding Community Leader, I was nominated for 2010 & 2011. Blake Bardowski, was nominated for the Youth Zest Awards and received the ‘High Commended Award’.

Our website has been visited over 50,000 times and has been mentioned in NSW Government Hansard as a website to visit.
We are currently holding an open to the public ‘Have a Statement day’ on the 13th October 2012, 1-4pm. Rooms 1-2, The Hub, Mount Druitt, open to the public. Monthly meetings are on the third Saturday of each month.

On a personal level I’d like to share my involvement with the individual commuters of western Sydney. Their stories and suggestions on public transport improvement has given this group the motivation and drive for change and progress within the transport system.

Our story has inspired other community members to do other things for our community- Blake a 16year old boy from the area has redesigned the bus system for Mt Druitt. We have worked for the return of proper bus services so that life for the community can be easier. The community told us their problems, we heard, we fought, we won and are winning back more, we have a long way to go, only for the community! Community comes first!

Save Our Bus Services

Read our story on how we made it our priority to ensure bus services are re-instated from services taken away in 2009.