Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Reduced Fares For Mount Druitt Young Commuter!

A very young and excited Michael from Mount Druitt, is really depending on public transport trains to get to work all around Sydney, to reach his job as a laborer.

Today he was travelling all the way to Dee Why and was returning on the train back home. He catches the 4.12am train to the city and then returns at 4.300pm from Town Hall to Mount Druitt. At Town Hall he catches 2 buses to Dee Why and return.

What he would like to see improved is a reduction of public transport fares to accommodate him to at least $10 per day (as his work is  not  permanent 5 days per week, only travels 2-3 times per week at a  $15.00 cost per day to reach to and from work, although he uses a student concession fare).

Maybe he is right and maybe more younger commuters would be depending on  more public transport especially if there is such an increase in patronage.

Mary Commuter from Blacktown Strong Support For Rooty Hill Bus Shuttles For Australia Day!

Mary from Blacktown who traveled from Parramatta to Blacktown tonight, has  strong thoughts about Blacktown commuters having ample public transport and does see a direct need for expansion.

Yet on the other hand, when I mentioned what our group is doing trying to get Blacktown City Council to organise free bus shuttles from train stations from within Blacktown Local Government Area to take commuters to Rooty Hill, for the celebrations  of Australia Day. This is where Mary could see the benefits to the entire community and would  fully support Blacktown City Council and Transport for NSW to make commuters leave cars at home for that night.

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Friday, July 27, 2012

Schofields Commuters Requests More Trains For A Growing Demand!

Van from Schofields, would like to see more trains at all times on the Richmond side of the Western Line. The demand from the new suburbs of Beaumont Hills and The Ponds where these residents are commuting from Schofields and they seem to have longer waiting times than other places in Sydney.

Off peak train time tables should be at least every 15 minutes, not to allow long waiting periods commuters who depend  on a quite good public transport network.

Sri Lankan Refugee in Mount Druitt Likes Trains!

He is extremely happy with the City Rail service and finds no issues. Yet he provided a slight comparison of trains compared to Sri Lanka and Sydney. He claims that in the  peaceful part of Sri Lanka good trains and in the worn torn part there are no trains just buses.
Sri Lankan Bues
Then the poured out his terror that he had gone through in war- Sri Lanka - where he had experienced fighting  and bombing for 3 months and  to his and his wife dismay, his daughter ended up with markings from a bomb on her chest. she now goes to school somewhere in Blacktown, he is learning English to get a job. Today he was meeting a friend in Seven Hills train station  and then they will both travel to a temple in Westmead where they will pray for peace. 

A refugee  man from Sri Lanka brought over by the Red Cross, living in Mount Druitt for 1 year but as I spoke to him the other day we both understood each other. Amazing!
A Sri Lakan Train
I totally understand why he wouldn't like services improved with public transport as he and his family and got an improved life in Australia, so they are completely happy living in peaceful Australia.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Better Informed Train Commuters For Delays - Penrith Commuter -

Well how interested can we all be in discussing public transport to one single stranger for a at least 15  to 30 minutes of a train journey and  in that space of time, you are deeply involved in conversation. You miss your train station, you blame another but really it is not you it happened too it is me!

Yes, this happened to me in discussing public transport with a young newly married man called 'Chung'. Extremely so pleasant and youthful to talk  too. He has recently moved from the South coast and now resides in Penrith. 

He commutes by train to and from North Sydney and his main improvement he would like to see is proper official announcements of train delays. Sometimes up to one hour. He has experience this happen in a week 5 days in a row and it was for a drunk that had passed out in the train to signal failures and the rest was no reason provied. The solution is for City Rail and for Transport For NSW to ensure that guards are properly  providing detailed truth as to why train service is being delayed. Even if they say call, 131500 for further updates. 

Don't keep the commuter in suspense ans create hysteria!

Track work on weekends can be frustrating on the Western Line. It appears they work on maintenance on the Western Line every three weekends - understanding that maintenance is a major requirement in the future progress of City Rails expansion - it would be suggestible it could be worked on every four weeks and that allows for les frustration for commuters!

Commuter WIth Desire For Increased Express Trains On Western Line

Riswan from  St Clair a regular working commuter to and from mount Druitt to North Sydney, claims there is a general need for more regular express trains required on the Western Line to start and stop at Mount Druitt to the City to be increased in off-peak times from every half an hour to at least every thirty minutes and also through the day as well. Claiming that the demand is there and we need the supply to fulfill the commuters requirements.

He has an understanding and awareness of NSW Governments financial structure in income received  from City Rail commuters and can forecast there are enough funds to allocate for extension of these Express train services, on the Western Line.

Commuter Required Rubbish Bins On Trains - Old Mount Druitt Commuter

A young Hayden from Old Mount Druitt (Sounds strange saying young from old) travels on 739 to Mount Druitt train station and then 3 days a week to University Western Sydney Kingswood and the the rest of the week visits friends in Sydney City and also travels by train.

He doesn't like dirty trains - 'Cleaner trains seem to be travelling in East of Sydney and Western Line get the dirty trains!'

The solution is distribute newer trains that are cleaner on the Western Line and hire more cleaners to maintain cleaning standards thus providing better commuter satisfaction and definite comfort. Addition to this which would bring a high standard of health in safety in public places would be to provide small rubbish bins on trains, which are regularly cleaned and maintained accommodating for rubbish left behind as well as a educational program through all media  promoting cleanliness within City Rail trains.

Bus Driver Toilet Breaks - When Do they Take Them!

I remember recently a bus driver that was taking me home was explaining that they had ' mother nature call' for a toilet break. Yet the driver just left the interchange and didn't have the urge then.

Now I completely understand that it is not relating to a commuter issue - but how can Transport For NSW and/or bus operators control  these issues on a long bus trip. This is one thing my father (a former bus driver never explained to me) - although it wasn't something that I would ask him of.

There is a toilet underneath the escalators at the Mount Druitt Interchange and I believe all drivers have access to it with a key. Should drivers have toilets on bus to cater for their comfort as well? See if creates discomfort to the driver- it can do the same to the commuter unknowingly.

I hope the bus driver made it to her next toilet break!

Bus Voice Operated Instructions Can Be Different!

Yesterday morning, a bus driver was being trained by an bus driving instructor and  I felt the whip was on his back. AS I got the Busways 755 - running approximately close to 10 minutes late.

What the driving instructor was saying as the bus neared North Parade was, 'You have to drive a bit faster - so that the passengers meet their trains!' Although it was true - I think the bus was nervous like anyone is on their first job!

Yet, that was the thing that intrigued myself this morning, we now have voice operated bus driver instructions instructing when the doors are opened and then closed and also when the head lights are on and off, 'Your headlights are on! Your headlights are off!'

I was thinking in a funny term does it say, 'Commuters are on! Commuters are off!' Think about it!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

St Marys Student Request For More Train Services!

Hassan, a University of Sydney student and worker travels from St Marys to Redfern every Monday-Friday and walks to the University talking him 10-15 minutes. 

As there are reduced Express train services after 9am from St Marys, he would like to see the  express train services extended from 7am to 10am. Simply, to provide these extended train services the benefit would be that the commuter demand would meet supply and there would be guaranteed  commuter satisfaction in comfort as there would be would seats available for sitting. This is because currently, there is little or no seats available for sitting!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Fellow Australian Needed Guidance With Local Public Transport

At times, we Australians do not want to help other Australians  - the feeling is why should we? Or 'They don't need help'!

And this can affect other Australians that need that little help, not  by stepping back and turning a blind eye! Yes I have been guilty of it (in the past), but of recent I seem to want to help more Australians, especially when catching/waiting for public transport!

So here I was at the Mount Druitt bus interchange on Friday and this young aboriginal man from near Lightening Ridge, I believe Goodooga, New South Wales and he was visiting his 4 month child and his wife in Westmead  Hospital. He had only been in Sydney once before and was asking how he would be able to get to (what I thought was) 'Hamilton'! what he meant was Emerton - so I told him  how to get there and that either 755 or 758.

Then he explained he was staying overnight to meet his cousin at KFC Emerton and then he  was telling that his child was anemic and having lots of blood transfusions. When I left the bus I explained to the bus driver to 'look after him' and the driver indicated he would. The young man appreciated my assistance and guidance. This is all he needed.

So the motto to the real life story is a small help in hand can lead to better new commuter and fellow Australian!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Mount Druitt Express Trains Required By Mount Druitt Commuter

Musa a very 'orange' appealing man - (to the sense of the word)from Mount Druitt has been travelling for over 14 years to and from mascot every day for his work. he catches train to Central and then transfers to  catch train to 'Greensquare' and from there walks 10-15 minutes to work to keep fit.

Musa's main concern is there is limited fast service trains from Mount Druitt to City  between 8.15m-9am Monday- Fridays and would like  to see extra service or two in the mornings. currently he claims that there is approximately 1-2 services within that period of time.

So solve this problem, he claims add an extra train station stop from  the Blue Mountains to Blacktown (which doesn't stop and Blacktown) problem solved.

Problem solved for us in Mount Druitt but would the Blue mountains commuters like it?

Woodcroft Commuter Requests More Train Commuters To Be Courteous!

A very nice lady commuter from Woodcroft, sometimes gets dropped by private car to Doonside train station and if this doesn't happens catches the Busways 756 to Blacktown train station (which comes from Mount Druitt bus interchange) and then transfers by train to Parramatta.

She would like to see better improved train services from Parramatta between 4.30pm to 5pm to Doonside train station as finds it a struggle to get a seat on the train at that time, as it is mostly 'Standing Room Only' and normally stands close to the doorway entrances. she also finds there is lots of pushing and shoving entering and leaving the train carriage as every fights to get in the train whilst commuters are leaving the carriage. This does not provide professional courteous commuters!

There should be a 'right of way' display and promoted in all areas within City Rail to all commuters. Thumb of the rule is always allow for the departing commuters to leave first the, ladies and gentleman and inclusive of the elderly and the rest from there. If this was done she would feel more comfortable in standing as well as standing and being totally relaxed.

Friday, July 20, 2012

'Comfort In Trains' Required By Mount Druitt Commuter

A young female Mount Druitt Commuter called 'Winnie', commutes to Campsie via Lidcome and finds that sometimes when she misses her transfer train at Lidcome this can set her back up to 30 minutes before she catches next train to Campsie.After she completes her studies at Campsie she commutes to Parramatta to work and after work back to Mount Druitt.

Winnie wants to see improvements in cleaner and quieter trains. She would even go to the extreme of just having commuters with mobile phones in one carriage. In relation to cleaner trains - more cleaners are required to ensure the carriages are generally cleaned. More quieter train carriages to be rolled out with mobile phone callers section, so they can speak loud in their own area advising to respect other commuters 'comfort in travelling'! 

Winnie also suggests commuters should leave their rubbish behind and cleaner signs to be displayed around advising any penalties for being caught.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Commuters Should Get Twittered

Busways seem to be on top with commuters on safety issues, hailing buses and more. They are simple but important things to learn, that we should all know. They have placed these ideas on Twitter as follows:

  1. Travel Safely: Help your child travel safely by practising how to cross the road, especially before boarding and after leaving the bus.
  2. Travel Safely: If you have a stroller or shopping trolley, please put it in the designated storage racks at the front of the bus.
  3. Travel Safely: To stop the bus, press the button on the hand rail bars or pull the buzzer cord once & stay seated until the bus stops.
  4. Travel Safely: Signal to the bus driver with a wave & stand back away from the road. Before boarding make sure no-one is getting off first!
  5. Bus Travel Tip: Return buses often leave from a different bus stop- usually the opposite side of the road but ask your bus driver if unsure.
  6. Bus Travel Tip: Having the correct fare or small change ready to buy your ticket helps our bus drivers keep the bus service on schedule.
  7. Bus Travel Tip: Remember to keep your bus ticket handy for the entire bus journey as inspectors regularly check passenger bus tickets.
  8. Easy access buses have low floors, ramped entry, wider entry aisles, designated wheelchair spaces & priority seating for the less mobile.
  9. Easy access bus services improve transport accessibility for less mobile passengers including wheelchair & pram users and the elderly.
  10. Services marked with wheelchair symbols in our timetables are operated by easy access buses; better for less mobile transport users.
  11. Busways offers a number of ticket concessions - to find out if you are eligible, check out the concessions list on our website's Fares page.
  12. MyBus Single & TravelTen tickets - buy from your bus driver or a reseller for travel on Sydney & Central Coast private & government buses..
  13. Busways are always looking for outstanding Bus Drivers. If you think this could be you click here 
  14. Numerous Diesel Mechanics positions available at Busways- click here for more info 
  15. ATTENTION SCHOOL LEAVERS Busways has an Apprentice Mechanic position available at Kempsey. More details available here
  16. MyMulti Tickets - unlimited travel for Sydney & Central Coast travellers on gov & private buses + chosen zone CityRail trains + gov ferries.
  17. The train is now his office, could the bus be yours? 
  18. Revenue protection officers are now frequenting Busways Buses. Please ensure you keep your ticket for inspection 
  19. Pensioners get unlimited travel all day on rural & regional bus services in our northern networks on a $2.50 Regional Excursion Daily ticket 
  20. New services linking Blacktown & Mt Druitt with Eastern Creek Business Park & Raceway Ind. Park starting today 
  21. Travelling to school by bus is safer than driving by car, walking & riding a bike (according to a Uni of Sydney, ITLS study)
  22.  Often plain clothed inspectors are on board, therefore you would be unaware of their presence.
  23. gradually all buses will be painted in the blue and white livery.
  24. Got better things to do than sit behind the wheel in traffic? Like read? Phone a friend? Update your facebook status? 
  25. A full bus of passengers = up to 57 cars off the road! 
  26. High fuel costs, car maintenance, vehicle registration, insurance - don't drive your dollars away! Reduce the cost of travel -    Not sure where you're going? Our drivers are locals who make it their business to know where they're going & when to get there-
  27. 131500 has a great trip planner available, visit  to try it out!
  28. Need to charter a bus? Email us at infoline@busways.com.au.
  29. Do you use Sydney & Central Coast Bus, Train or Ferry services and a smartphone? Try TripView, a public transport app -
  30. Bus Travel Tip: Having the correct fare or small change ready to buy your ticket helps our bus drivers keep the bus service on schedule.

Busways Twitter Comment On 758 Issue

Commuters using the Modern Technology

Here is a comment from a commuter who uses twitter to register issues with Busways regarding 758 Busways services;

Saturday, July 14, 2012

NSW Bus Reviews For You!

When you go and seek advice on the 'net' what comes to us is:  
NSW Busnetwork and here there comments of the reform:

About Bus Reform

NSW Transport and Infrastructure
Why do we review bus networks?
New contracts between metropolitan and outer metropolitan bus operators and the NSW Government include the need to carry out a review of bus services within the first three years of the contract. This requirement to review services came out of the recommendations of the NSW Governments Review of Bus Services, known as the Unsworth Review.
The review of bus services is critical to ensure local people are connected with local places and with other bus routes or modes of transport. It is also important that we straighten bus routes and make fast, frequent and direct bus services.
How do we design bus services?
We - NSW Transport and Infrastructure and its contracted bus operators - are dedicated public transport providers and we design our services so they are affordable, easy-to-use and convenient.
The design of bus services takes into account many considerations. Our main challenge is to balance the needs of our many and varied customer groups. We carefully review travel patterns, emerging trends, information on journeys to work and land use developments so we have a clear picture of what’s happening within the area we provide services. This is critical to ensure we can build customer numbers and strengthen our bus network. We then consider customer feedback to ensure we do not miss critical local links.
We use the NSW Government’s Service Planning Guidelines (www.transport.nsw.gov.au), which includes an international standard for access to bus routes. Our aim is to ensure nearly all of our bus services operate within 400 metres of residents between 6.00am and 6.30pm from Monday to Saturday. On evenings and on Sundays, we aim for 800 metres.
What do I need to consider about this review?
We encourage you to carefully review the proposed new bus network. You are asked to provide feedback on any part of the proposal that may affect you.
Buses may travel down streets where they have not travelled before, resulting in new bus stops along the route. Some buses will be taken out of some streets, resulting in the removal of bus stops along the route. Sometimes you may need to interchange buses under the new proposal. These are examples of matters to consider in your feedback.
Why is it important for me to have my say?
It is important for you to have your say during the consultation period. The new contracts make it standard and compulsory for all bus operators to carry out community consultation during the first review of bus services and every year following.
We need to know your thoughts and concerns so we can aim to provide bus services that balance the needs of all members of our communities.
What are the key parts of proposed new bus networks?
1. Improved links to major and town centres
Major Centres, according to the NSW Government’s Metropolitan Strategy for Sydney, have department stores, specialty shops, cinemas, restaurants, schools, government administration, office employment and transport hubs. Customers require direct services to their local Major Centre.
2. A simplified network
Around the world, customers have indicated they prefer networks that are easy to understand. The existing network is complicated due to variations on routes that depend on the time of day. The proposed new network would reduce diversions and variations so it could operate the same routes across the week, where possible.
3. More direct services
A common complaint about bus services is that they are circuitous and do not take people to where they want to go.
The proposed new network will be simplified, and routes will be straightened to ensure that services are direct, but retain important links to local facilities.
4. Integrated services
Integrated services allow passengers direct access to a number of activity centres across the region. They also provide opportunities to interchange with rail and other bus services.
The proposed new network has been designed to increase the number and variety of public transport options available.
5. More travel opportunities
The proposed new network have been designed to increase the number and variety of public transport options available, by anchoring to a Major or Town Centre and ensuring that as many local destinations are included in the network.
6. School services
Dedicated school buses will be assessed following this review. School principals will be advised on any changes to bus services that impact school children.
Our commitment to you
For many years, we have worked hard to provide the best possible bus services. We are committed to act on all customer and staff feedback. We encourage you to provide feedback so we can continue to design better bus services for our valued customers.

Editors Comments: They seem to neglect when they take services away how it affects local people -m while they are noticing travelling trends.

Mount Druitt Train Commuter Interested - Newer Trains Through Consultation!

Usually, I build myself up to introduce myself  to a stranger that is either a bus commuter or train commuter.  Before I first started talking to commuters, I didn't think that people as commuters would accept my introduction and what I and others stand for.

Tonight a respectable called Osman from North Mount Druitt ( north side of the station), approached myself and ask myself what I  was cutting up on the train (info sheets on our group). It was good as it was the opposite feeling that gentleman net to was reacting when I mentioned our group.

Osman travels 5 days a week to and from the Mount Druitt to the City and he is  supporter for new trains to replace older trains on the Western Line. He also claims that there are more commuters within Western Sydney travelling to the city compared to  commuters living in the city or inner city of Sydney and trains services would be increased to meet demand.

' As population skyrockets in Western Sydney the good commuters who behave well and have patience will be increased,' he said.

He feels before you increase or bring new train services to not rush and  fulfill these requirements to improve  to  ask the people, through interviews or public forums, leaving it open for suggestions to come into local planning, this then means that the power will remain with the people not just to the bureaucrats. Allow local planning to be given to the people will result in  better clear consultation to the  min users!

Friday, July 13, 2012

New Buses in Mount Druitt Built In Australia by "Man" - need cleaning

New Buses in Mount Druitt built in Australia by "Man" - need cleaning - yet as advised by a transport officer yesterday, here are pictures on a new bus brought in to Mount Druitt built in Australia by 'Man'. They are marked by number 1041 on the back of the bus.

What I have noticed is the bus does need cleaning and may no be done every day!

Here more info on this bus:
Bus No1041
Chassis [Body]MAN 18.310 (Diesel) [Volgren]

Rego No384LLU
Body NoVG2736

Wheel Chair AccessYes

Other Features
MAN 18.310 (Diesel) [Volgren] Fleet Lists
MAN 18.310 (Diesel) [Volgren] Specifications
Report a change to this bus!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Cleaner Trains to Reduce Sick Leave in Australian Workforce - Penrith Commuter!

A young Daniel from Penrith catches trains to the city on the Western Line, respectfully really didn't have much to say about  public transport improvements.

Yet he understands that commuters travelling from Campbelltown to Penrith require a train service either way but understand thata the demand must meet the needs first.

And he would like more cleaners employed to thoroughly cleanse all train carriages to rd of germs and bacteria's, this in turn would  be an economical  reduction of sick leave in part of the workforce,  currently costing 6 Billionaire Dollars per annum. This will mean a healthier public transport life style for all commuters, and a great cost reduction in the Australian economy!

Hoggered Train-Seaters On Trains!

Rodel who usually sleeps in the morning trains is an 'expert commuter' from Rooty Hill has real passionate issues to see improvements in summer time trains where there is a lot of trains that travel to and from the Western Line, not air-conditioned. Thus he would suggest the solution is simple, supply air-conditioned trains in summer time to provide commuter comfort.

Another thing that he claims needs to be improved is 'Hogged Train-Seats' - need to be  left vacated, especially in high patronised train trips, were seats are required for commuters to sit on.

What are 'Hogged Train-Seats'? Well it is simple, it is when commuters siting on seats of a train  place baggage of some kind blocking and preventing other commuters from sitting down, in that same seat. Whilst other commuters are standing, the standing commuters are not offered a seat to sit on! Transport for NSW needs to take steps to educate commuters to be fair  and respectful to other commuters, especially in overcrowded trains, to take their seat that is available. Rodel would like to see harsh final fines impose t commuters applied to anyone being  'Hogged Train- Seater'!

And lastly, he would like newer trains to replace the older trains for commuter comfort!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Busways 754 Bus Service - More Peak Hour Services Required For Improved Service!

Early in the morning I spoke to young commuter 'Justin' from Oakhurst who either gets dropped by car (sometimes) to Mount Druitt or catches the Busways 745 bus service at 6.14am and starts work at Parramatta at 7am. This doesn't allow much time to reach to trains that will get him to work on time!

His main concern is that there seems to be no emphasis to increase bus service of Busways 745, especially when it is packed around 7am-8am in the morning. To fix the problem, he would like to see bus services reasonably increased to every twenty minutes, which meets commuters and bus operators half-way on the bus services  we currently have for 754, giving the people the service they need.

Justin believes once this service is increased to what he is recommending then more people would become public transport 754 bus commuters as commuters will reason Mount Druitt more on time!

Commuter Calling For More Peak Hour Trains - From Quakers Hill!

Yesterday, a nice young lady from Quakers Hill likes to see more trains on the Richmond Western Line, mostly in peak times.

She has had numerous occasions where  she has missed the train and there is a twenty-eight to  thirty minutes wait. The waiting period can be daunting, frustrating and  uncomfortable to her and she feels there are other commuter that don't vend her feelings like herself, they keep this to herself.  Yet she feels they feel the same as her and would be more comfortable, less frustrated and totally relaxed in there was a 15 minute service in peak times.

On the funny side, she also wished every day was a sunny day even in the cold winter days - this might also make travelling more comfortable as well!!!

Busways Time Keeper - Mount Druitt - Afterwards Refuels Buses at Glendening Depot!

Busways Time keeper at Mount Druitt leaves the Mount Druitt Bus Interchange around 6.45pm approximately to go to the Glendening Busways Depot to fuel over 100 buses ready for next days journey: Diesel.

One bus can take up to 200 Litres of diesel fuel - amazing! In the city these buses take natural gas - why don't we head to a greener cleaner buses out west?

Busways Twitter Response: on Accessible Buses Within Mount Druitt!

Two responses from a question on twitter - this can raise concerns - but great responses:

John Svoboda
30 Jun
@BuswaysGroup It seems Mount Druitt has in peak times not accessible buses - when will it be 100 percent in Mount Druitt?
Busways Group
@nsjpas DDA guidelines state that by the end of 2012, 55% of services need to be operated by easy access buses Busways more than meet this
11:37 PM - 01 Jul 12 via TweetDeck

@nsjpas cont. target. By 2017 this will increase to 90% and by 2020 ALL buses will be operated by easy access buses.
11:38 PM - 01 Jul 12 via TweetDeck

All I can say is keep on twittering and I ask all commuters to Twitter Bus Operators, especially if they are on Twitter

Monday, July 9, 2012

Commuters Traffic Jam - Mount Druitt Train Station

The first time in many years (especially since I have been commuting on trains for over twenty-two years), there was a small traffic jam of commuters walking up the stairs at Mount Druitt train station.

It was bumper to bumper getting through to the barriers and then we had police officers ensuring there were no commuters evading fares. What caused this was 2 trains arriving at the side by side platform at the same time. 

As I am not used to this, I feel there is a general public trend that patronage has increased, no matter whether we like our services or not and this could be because of many factors, one of  which could be economic reasons that make people change their mind from driving private cars to catching public transport.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Mount Druitt Commuter Watches Videos on Train!

Yes, it is so true a Mount Druitt commuter who likes watching Indian movies watches it  on his 'tablet' to and from Mount Druitt to City and return, made myself enjoy the silent version of a movie and yet I could enjoy and laugh and he laugh with me!

It is a great way to relax (not just watching Indian Movies), watching any movies and not worrying about driving private cars to and from the city, parking and parking fees.

I was asking the gentleman  how doe he watch the movies as I know that a lot of Indian movies are long movies. He responded by saying that he watches the first half of the movie to the city in the mornings going to work and watches the second half on the way home and sometimes finishes watching them at home! This proves travelling on Public Transport can be relaxing!

Save Our Bus Services

Read our story on how we made it our priority to ensure bus services are re-instated from services taken away in 2009.