Monday, February 28, 2011

Anti-Social Behaviour - Happens On Clubs Courtesy Buses As Well!

Yes - here we thinking that anti-social missile throwing happens only on  public trains, buses and taxis - well it is even worse then that! It appears that community courtesy buses that clubs supply have eggs thrown at them occasionally and then they get graffiti as well!

This issue is wider than what you think it is - who seems to care about these vandals that seems to wreck what is not theirs! I that my hat of to clubs who have  invested in their own local community transport, trying to provide a safer return trip to home from their club venues!

Safety Issues For Busways Drivers!

From a Busways bus driver representative, I was shown and advised of  a possible safety issue that can be a  hazard to the Mount Druitt public and community.

So how does this happen that drivers come to me - not me to drivers. I am not a union official, not a Busways representative and most definitely not a New South Wales Transport representative. So it feels good for a bus driver to approach me and witness his issues as well as other bus drivers. No - I won't keep you in suspense!

Here it is: on the new technologically buses - we do not realise how much of the bus services is controlled by programs or computers. The issue is when a driver is on set down at a bus stop, picking up or setting down commuter - the blinking warning lights will keep on blinking. When the bus driver is ready to depart from the bus stop, he is unable to indicate that he is turning right leaving the kerb, so traffic from behind the bus may not realise that the bus is leaving the kerb as the warning lights are still blinking. I believe there are warning signs on the external right side rear end of the bus - warning 'Give Way to Buses'!

Can you vision the possible issue - dilemma etc - let's see how bus operators and Transport NSW can fix this issue and possible hazard before there can be an accident or fatality because of it. It is a simple solution program the bus so bus drivers can indicate right when leaving the bus stop thus enable the warning lights to be switched off first!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

More And More Happy Bus Drivers! (Number 25)

Tonight when I spoke to the Busways Bus Driver GQ 0572, he advised he was sometimes saying hellobut always saying 'Goodbye' to commuters when they depart the bus What got me going is  he says he has never had a customer complain and claims it is the way he deals with them!

So I thought that if he has a clean record for complaints then he must be  cheerful and very comforting to the commuters! So have nominated him for the Happy Bus Drivers Register without hesitation. Here is the original story on it:

Here is the original Happy Bus Drivers Register:
Click here:

Friday, February 25, 2011

Another Happy Bus Driver - Very Pleasing! (Number 24)

Shane, one of our group members hasnominated  Westbus Bus Driver GI 2840 - who he claims was very friendly, pleasing and went out of his way when he travelled on route 759 from Emerton to St Marys. Shane was happy  that the driver made him happyy!

Here is the original Happy Bus Drivers Register:
Click here:

Western Sydney Community 'Zest' Awards - Publications!

Hear are  the list of publications that you can download  regarding nominations that our former group received, Wayne and myself (not necessarily in that order):

If you enjoy it and would like to view the rest of the nomination By doing this you can also view the photos from the zest night and see if you can spot any of us? Here it is:

Inspired Community Member - Ivy Roberson - Maxi - Cabs! And Issue On Proposed Mount Druitt Car Park

Well who would have guessed that just a well -represented community group leader has made a comment at a Blacktown City Council Transport Forum and  as a result  a new initiative has been created to better our community with better linkage to public transport information on "Maxi-Cabs'

Ivy Roberson, community leader for Mount Druitt Combined ,Action Groups and Whalan Community Action Groups made an honest well deserved comment  that swept Community Relations manager for Taxi Council. When Stephen Butt was swept off the floor by her statement - he went back to the drawing rooms and produced  a "Maxi cab Brochure for the New South Wales Taxi Council and has  advised Hugh Worrall from the WSPTU that if it wasn't for Ivy - he wouldn't have done it!

Thank you  Steven Butt - I take off my hat to you!

For Ivy she is  on the board of 2770 and has advised that she now feels the new Commuters Car Park is great idea except that it will not cater for a large proportion of car users that park their cars at Mount Druitt - also it will cater for 220 cars - she and other feels the it should cater for at least 500 cars - we will see if others will listen.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Westbus 782 - Deleted Bus Service Since October 2009 - North St Marys!

We have a new member, Patricia who is lobbying for the re-reinstatement of 782 within North St Marys and she has some valid reasons - I  have her authority to provide you a  details of her issues and some other elderly commuters in her area.  She sent e-mail on 7/2/11 and I have been holding back publishing her e-mail until I met her, until last weekend. Here is her communities issues:

Bart Bassett gave me your e-mail address suggesting that I contact you re buses.
I live in the north St Marys area and when the current timetable came in I did attend a meeting in a hall and another one in Dawson Mall re the timetable commencing 11 October 2009 about how a lot of people were being inconvenienced.
My area used to be serviced by route 782 which went from St Marys station to Penrith station.  The north St Marys leg of the 782 was cancelled and now terminates at Werrington station 25 times a day.  The reason given for cancelling this service was poor passenger numbers. 
Well, what I would like to know is - how come routes 774, 775 and 776 are allowed to operate between St Marys station and Penrith with poor passenger numbers.  These 3 routes leave Mt Druitt station for St Marys via Oxley Park, Erskine Park and St Clair, then continue on to Penrith 102 times a day with a bus departing St Marys every 10 minutes and all 3 doing an identical route.  Prior to this timetable buses didn't go on to Penrith like this.  Although, for 3 months prior to the introduction of the current timetable 774 was introduced between St Marys and Penrith and this was replaced by the 774 from Mt Druitt to St Marys via Oxley Park. 
I've been on these buses quite a few times to note the passenger numbers.  How can passenger numbers be anything but poor when there are that number of buses.  Drivers have told me that sometimes they go all the way empty.  This number of buses has to be reduced and the subsidy saved used to replace other services.
I told Bart Bassett that on one occasion recently while I waited 45 minutes for route 759, I witnessed the following buses leaving St Marys for Penrith: 

        775 departed at 10.17 - no passengers
        776 departed at 10.27 - there were 2 on the bus when it arrived and 2 were picked up
        770 departed at 10.28 - no passengers  This route is slightly different to 774, 775 and 776 but still goes to Penrith
        775 departed at 10.37 - 1 adult and 2 children were already on the bus and no passengers were picked up
        776 departed at 10.47 - no passengers
How can this be allowed?  The reason I waited 45 minutes was because the 759 buses are cut down from half-hourly to hourly between 11 and 2.  If It's good enough to cut down the 759 services why are the 774, 775 and 776 not cut down?
In this area there are quite a few elderly residents, some needing walking aids but they are forgotten. My 84 year old neighbour has been told that she should apply for a half-fare taxi, but there's a big difference between a $7 taxi fare and a $1 bus fare especially when you're on a pension.  Another 84 year old, who was renting, has had to move.  Another 84 year old is just grateful that she can still use her legs. We're not asking for the replacement of the 22 buses we had, just give us some buses maybe 12. Maybe 12 of the 25 Werrington terminations could continue on to St Marys and passenger numbers would not be so "poor" with a reduced number of buses, which is what should have been done before cancelling the route altogether.
Another thing Westbus is allowed to do with the blessing of the Ministry for Transport, especially on a weekend, is depart from the station without giving train commuters time to get from the train to the bus. Some buses even depart 1 minute before the train arrives.  that kind of service is that?  A person could, of course, catch an earlier train and wait 30 minutes for a bus but my argument is that if a bus is going to be at the station up to 1 minute before a train arrives at least wait for the train to arrive and give commuters time to get to the bus. 
I live about mid-way between 759 (Westbus) and 758 (Busways) and the Ministry for Transport told me via a letter to Alan Shearan that I should forget about the 759 and catch the 758 as I only live 600 metres from the stop in Debrincat  Avenue especially as Busways waits for the trains and gives commuters time to get to the bus.  That's OK for me but not for someone who lives at Willmot.  What do I do get the 758 and leave my friend from Willmot to wait an hour for the 759.
The red metro buses in the city run every 10 minutes in peak hour, yet here in the St Mays/Penrith area we have a 10 minute service all day long peak hour and non-peak hour.  I can understand a 10 minute service in the city but here I cannot understand it.
I hope you find this information interesting and good luck in what you are doing for residents relying on buses and residents who would rely on buses if there were buses to rely. 


Patricia Guy

My comments: To me, this is not just a political decision, but a social decision not to make connections to meet community needs. At the end of the day, this is the same that has happen in pocket areas of Mount Druitt - so now we take on another issue and work on improve the service as suggested.

How Hard Is It For Bus Drivers T o Pick Up Commuters?

The irony is that this is their job and  it really isn't that hard to pick up commuters, let they pay for their ticket and allowing them to sit down and then go. Yet when it comes to the point when a driver has picked up all the commuters on a bus stop or  bus stand and they start leaving the kerb, it id fair for the driver to take off if the commuter is  say 20 to 15 metres away from the front of the bus. They run and run and miss the bus.

O.K. here comes the challenge -allowing time drivers to set down and the duration of completing the journey, is the driver correct in departing straight away and then ensuring bus journey reaches destination on time or stop the bus go through the fare paying stage and adding more time to the journey?

Compare it to trains - they rarely re-open doors unless some one's part of body is stuck on door - because they are running - maybe the same principal should be applied. Penny for your thoughts - feedback appreciated. This story was provide to me by a local commuter.

Londonderry And Mount Druitt State Seats Transport Forum

It it here finally!Since our  blog on 15/12/10 on holding a Mount Druitt Transport Forum/Information - we have been searching high and low for an under cover venue to hold a 'Mount Druitt and Londonderry Transport Information/forum'. Initially I was thinking to include Mulgoa State Seat as well but as this is the first for Mount Druitt (that I know of), by a voluntary group - this will be e litmus test for the future.

On behalf of the group we thank Mr Richard Amery (Member for Mount Druitt), giving us assistance in locating a venue and pointing us to the right direction. We hope this will be successful for all involved as there will be no official judging panel, just up to invited 250 members of the community listening, learning and understanding.

Transport is one of three political hot topics in the the State election coming! It is not just important for now, near future and our children's future! This will give every candidate a chance to provide there policies or improvement within Mount Druitt and surrounding suburbs.

So we have invited all candidates from both electorates  on the day at the West Tradies Club, Woodstock road, Dharruk, on 19th march 2011, commencing 10.30am.

We will update candidate's acceptance as we receive them - So here they are so far:

Dave Vincent            - Mount Druitt Seat                - Christian Democratic Party
Deb Robertson         - Mount Druitt Seat                - Greens Party
Richard Amery         - Mount Druitt Seat                - Labor Party - apology received

Caroline Fraser         - Londonderry Seat              - Christian Democratic Party
Bart Bassett              - Londonderry Seat              -  Liberal Party
Peta Holmes             - Londonderry Seat              -  Greens Party
Stephen Said            - Londonderry Seat               - Family First
Allan Shearan           - Londonderry Seat               -  Labor Party -apology received

Here is the original  blog on the Transport Forum - so far has had 109 hits so far second highest  favourite blog:

We have also invited the following candidates and are waiting for their responses:

Richard Amery - Mount Druitt Seat   - Labor Party, Venus Priest -Mount Druitt Seat - Liberal Party, Allan Shearan -Londonderry Seat - Labor Party.

Another candidate that we are in the process of inviting is Stephen Said -Family First - Londonderry seat. We will update as soon as the candidates contact us

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Labor WIFI On Metrobuses - Mt Druitt St Marys Standard

Wifi on public transport if Labor elected

WIFI will be free for commuters if the Labor Party is re-elected next month.

It will be available on a bus, ferry or train for commuters to check their emails, read the news or do their banking.

The free wifi will be installed by the end of 2011 on all metrobuses and Sydney Ferries, with the rest of the bus fleet and CityRail trains to follow.

The Government has also announced that by the end of this month, all Sydney Buses commuters will be able to send a text message and receive up-to-the-minute information about when their next bus will arrive.

If is re-elected, the Labor Party will extend the next bus SMS service to every bus in the metropolitan network, including private operators.

Christina Kenneally Blog On Transport

I have located this blog regarding public transport from the premier Christina Kenneally: my comment is it sounds all pretty but where does it say looking for safer more reliable transport network?:


Better Public Transport

Posted: Thursday, 17 February 2011 | By: Kristina Keneally
Public transport is not about trains, buses or ferries - it is about people. 

It’s about connecting people with the jobs, education and opportunities they want to pursue. 

Traditionally in NSW, land planning has determined where opportunities can occur, and then transport planning would try to connect them all. But now, our Metropolitan Plan brings transport  and land planning together for the first time in NSW history.

It means that we prioritise development where transport is strongest, and prioritise transport to where the greatest populations live.
This will deliver more homes closer to transport and more jobs closer to home.

Key examples of this are projects like the Parramatta to Epping Rail Link – connecting Western Sydney students with Macquarie University; or Western Sydney workers with the booming IT jobs of North Ryde. Or the Western Express – which I prioritised because it will deliver more and faster air-conditioned services to Western Sydney in the fastest time.
And to support these major projects we have more buses and trains than ever before – and all our  new buses and trains are air conditioned and wheelchair accessible. 
All together it means safe, reliable and comfortable public transport – which in turn supports the people of New South Wales being able to plan and make the most of their daily lives. 

I’m also proud that we have the highest rate of public transport use in the country. But we should always look to increase this as part of building a sustainable global city.
So that’s why we’re capping transport fares to CPI increases, to keep the price incentive on public over private transport use. 

Sydney is the economic powerhouse of the nation and the only global city of Australia.

Like any great city we have transport challenges and we need to make sure our transport system meets community needs.  

I am confident that our integrated approach to transport planning, as well as the numerous individual infrastructure and service projects outlined in this document, will serve the people of New South Wales well into future – making lives a little easier and New South Wales an even greater place to live.
For more information visit Better Public Transport

Transport Important in Londonderry State Seat - Penrith Star

2011 State Election: the real winners and losers

23 Feb, 2011 12:45 PM
Make an informed decision. For detailed electorate and candidate information click one of the links below: Penrith

Could Labor lose the west?
Voters in the Penrith region are likely to make history on March 26. But while politicians battle it out for a prized seat in state parliament it's the voting public who will win or lose in the long term.

Public transport, health services and, more parochially, Victoria Bridge, are in need of repair or upgrading and the list goes on.

Penrith could turn the likely election result to its advantage, if the region is represented by Liberal MPs with voices in a new government.

If they want to be long-term politicians, rather than one-term wonders, they need to deliver for this region — and deliver fast.

There is a feeling that the current state government has been in power too long and has grown arrogant and out of touch.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mount Druitt Community Member Requirs More Sunday Services In Minchinbury - Busways 739 Bus Service!

A gentleman who I spoke to tonight has told me that the bus services are two hourly to Minchinbury and feels we need to lobby for more  bus services there! He advised me that even if it was an hourly service that would be appreciated by a lot of members in Minchinbury.

So I will take this up on behalf of the Minchinbury Community and lobby hard for more services on a good note it was appreciated that the services on Saturday provided by Busways was quite adequate!

One Of Our Group Members Has Inspired NSW Taxi Council Brochure On Flexible Taxi-Cabs And Maxi Cabs NSW!

Thank you Ivy Roberson. Ivy is the President of the Whalan Community Action Group, and Mount Druitt Combined Action Groups. Form the work go Ivy has been a member of our group and  provided support from  Local Hon. State Member for Londonderry Allan Shearan. I've listened, I have learnt, I have laugh and I have obeyed her.

Now I admire her for her stance in the Mount Druitt community. A stance that she should be proud of.  I am inspired that from the last Blacktown City Transport Forum last year. Her comments raised about not knowing of Flexible arranged Transport available within the Mount Druitt community - Taxi-cabs and Maxi-Cabs in New South Wales has inspired the representative from the NSW Taxi Council to produce brochures. Now this can be used to cover gaps in public transport not supplied to the community.

This means (for example only) if a taxi trip from Bidwill to Mount Druitt costs $10.00 for arguments sake, 5 community members could travel in the same taxi at a shared cost of $2.00 - or if a Maxi Cab is Ordered an average of 95 cents each based on maximum 11 passengers. I am not stating this is the fair for Bidwill to Mount Druitt - this just an example.

So this could fill in the gaps that others transport provide cannot provide to the Local Community For example where limited services are or even no services are provided. Further information  can be on obtained on the our link to the NSW Taxi Council or the local taxi operator.

Taxi Council news:
FASTCARD Coming To Your Cab Soon!

Also currently about 11 percent of NSW Taxis are accessible!!!!!!

Thank you Ivy Roberson!

Refer to our original story on Maxicabs:

Monday, February 21, 2011

I Know My Bus Stop Number! Do You Know Your Bus Stop Number!

All bus stops in Sydney are now numbered. What a job! How can this be done?

Well it is all based on suburban postcode and then numbered bus stops. Yes that simple! Transport NSW are on a day to day basis looking at improvement for commuters in all forms of public transport.This creative idea I give my full support and would like to promote to all Mount Druitt and surrounding communities.

I now know my bus stop number which is 2770243 when going to work and coming back is 2770149 on the 755 Busways bus route. Here is now you can find your own bus stop number - using mine as an example, click here:
2.  Underneath 'Bus time tables'  click on 'More timetable options'
3.  Go to 'Street/Stop' and type in  your street name (in his case Bulolo Drive and Elengowan Crescent  
     Whalan) and 'Enter'
4.  You then locate you bus stop number  ( in this case it is \Bulolo Drive -opposite Whalan Shops) 2770243

Further searching: next  bus arrival:
5.  Click on the highlighted bus stop name: Bulolo Dr (Opp.Whalan Shops)
6. And you reach the following brief results (on relevant information supplied):

Departure times search results

Trips From:
Bulolo Dr (Opp.Whalan Shops) (2770243):

Route 755 - going to Mt Druitt Rail Stn (Stand 2), Mount Druitt from 2770243

8:51am   9:51am   10:51am   11:51am   12:51pm   1:51pm   2:51pm   3:51pm   4:51pm
7. Then if you  click on the next available time service for that bus stop - this is what you get: a list of bus
     stop from the beginning of the route and the arrival time reaching stand 2 at Mount Druitt Interchange at
    8.59am, also shows other bus stop numbers along the route. If you expand the timing point you will see
    extended bus stops and whether the bus stop is an actual accessible bus stop. You can also check on next
Once you start to know your bus stop number by heart you will be able to place your bus stop number (for example 2770243 in step 3 on the above process instead of placing your street name. So now what do you think? Why does it need to be numbered ?
Many reasons: should you feel that your bus stop needs to be upgraded to a sheltered bus stop, if it has been vandalised, if the bus shelter has been removed and needs to be replaced due to and accident and it is a required shelter, it can be used for possible complaints of late or too early services, removal of graffiti, checking of time tables, later on "SM'S" for latest update of services and the list goes on. This is a definite improvement for the community.

What it is proposed to do, is you can dial 131500 then 1 then 1 and add your bus stop number it will advise you of next available bus service(s)  from your bus stop as a recorded message on your phone, even mobile phone if you are at the bus stop.  Not all areas are doing this yet but this will be updated in due time! What a technology we are getting!
As yet not all bus stops have been physically numbered -  this will be up to Blacktown City Council and bus operators to comply with with the support of transport New South Wales - let ask them to comply with this as soon as possible.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

West Tradies Show Details Of Strange Bus!

I went on the West Tradies Club website as follows and found a slight mistake:

This is what is says when it mentions of bus services (See if you can find the error?):
BUS STOPThe Westbus #758 now stops right outside the Club. This bus service runs between Mt Druitt and St Marys.
Well this is great free-advertising for Westbus when Westbus don't even drive the 758 bus route outside their club. Actually Busways have been driving the 758 route since the last bus review.

Gasmatta Group Members - Startled with 'Shopper Hoppers!'

 I have had a request from Christina from our group as why when the bus operators are calling the Westbus 674 'Shopper Hoppers'! and in doing so they should be accessible so that if you are coming back home - it makes it easy for commuters to bring their bags of shopping goods home if the bus is more accessible - I will refer this matter to Westbus and request a response! And get back to all of you!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Congratulations to the NEW MDCIG Committee!!!!!

Firstly, I would like to thank the community members of Mount Druitt and suburbs that surround for electing me as the new President of Mount Druitt Commuters Improvement Group, today.

Although it was a unanimous decision that elected myself, I feel that the decision was made because I try to work hard for the public transport community. Yet, I myself do not consider I have done half as much as I want to do and yes I understand my role will be limited in time and will work within the community to promote goodness on all forms of transport for everyone. Life can be a burden for all of us, at all different times of life. For the community, I enjoy what I do and I not only enjoy for myself, for the benefit of others.

Yet the success received, yet alone should not just be acclaimed on myself it is for each any every public transport community member that is represented by me or the group. Our group is a wonderful patchwork of community members that represent different suburbs with different issues. And we may be stretching our wings to North St. Marys - further story to come!

Now to the rest of the elected Committee: -

Vice-President Angie Plows from Shalvey a hard campaigner for the return of Bus services in Sedgeman Crescent, Shalvey and  hard working lobbyist for the return of bus service to Blacktown - namely the return of the full service that was previously  the real Busways 755. Angie is the permanent member of the WSPTU Policy Committee, representing our group and is passionate of  having more accessible transport.

Honorary Secretary - Wayne Lu - young enthusiast that has designed brochures, cards, fliers and the anti rock throwing report - he was recruited by me and since enjoyed what he is doing whilst taking on further studies and has provided exceptional ideas to promote or enhance the group in positive ways - also has links with our members gaining sa strong community relationship. He also has ideas to assist the group in every way possible for the future. Wayne is from Whalan!

Hon. Treasurer - Allan Bourman  group representative from the Community meeting we had on 28/11/09 - He has shown loyalty and assisted at community fairs and shopping centre promotions - as well as promotions at our bus interchange - Although our bank balance is small - I'm sure he will be able to handle with the support from the  Committee and Group! Allan is from Blakckett and strong lobbyist for return of 755 and  Bidwill buses in his Sector.

Publicity Officer - Deb Robertson - Former fantastic secretary - is a great down to earth community member. Keeps politics out of the group and has been to see issues that residents have Residents in Marsden Park,  has been represented on a WSPTU Policy Committee last year, organise rallies, photo shoots  for the local press,as well as supplying well present reports of our group. Deb is from Shalvey and  a former Secretary of Shalvey Community Group.

Thank you to all elected members- all dedicated  and all well respected members of their communities! That makes my job easy - we will work hard to get there for the whole community.

Wayne is looking at issuing a newsletter with Agenda's as well as minutes to be presented to next meeting.
Another mention is Shane - who is working on  the archives of our group - providing a great presentation of historical articles that we have had - this can be presented to the meeting  to show newer members- this project needs a dedicated person to look after it. Also I have ask him to see if he can provide back to the group a report on where bus shelters are needed in the community: investigate crowded bus stop in a polite community manner!

Congratulations to all elected and to all who nominated the elected - all positions were unanimous and  chair by  Blacktown Councillor Jacqueline Donaldson. - also thank you to Jacqueline!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Happy Bus Driver Remains Quiet With Rude Commuter! ( Number 23)

Westbus Bus driver FS 5924 has explained to me that he is half happy with commuters and finds it hard to be happy when commuters complain that he is late when the clock on his bus and his chedule states he is not.

Now this happened last night on the 780 bus when a drug-looking commuter just came on the bus and stated he was late, got upset - the driver just listened to him and kindly advised him he was on time - but the commuter was not happy. So the driver rang his supervisor at the Depot and they cheked times he was runing on time - was told told not to say anything to the commuter and drive on. The commuter sat down and quietly rammbled on and finaly gave up! Sometimes in these instance it is best not to say anything as this can provoke a situation. The driver was  rewarded by not saying a word. This is whwer I think deep inside he knew he won and was happy inside - this is why he has been nominted on the 'Happy Bus Drivers Register!'

Click her for original story rfor Happy Bus Drivers Register:

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy, Smiley Bus Driver! (Number 21)

Congratulations to Westbus Bus Drive FO 1430, who always has a that  pleasing smile and net gets upset.
Tonight he was on the 780 from Mount Pruitt to Trekker - although I didn't speak to him much the passenger before left their printed ticket behind and he wanted to give to me. As a joke he was going to hand it to me (the ticket) and then with a smile he pulled it away for me and printed my ticket.

I have spoken to this bus driver before - mostly last year - when Westbus opened their new depot at Dunheved and our group wasn't invited to the opening. times change bus operators seem to work with us and evenone is working towards getting , 'improved transport services' - might have shown my frustration when the owner of Westbus didn't invite us but then again he didn't know us! The bus driver was saying his management should have invited us!

Here is the original Happy Bus Drivers Register:
Click here:

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Happy Bus Driver On 9/2/11! (Number 22)

Yes, we have one of our group members Anne that has placed forward to me a 'Happy Bus Driver' that she has considered gone over and beyond his duty. Busways  Bus Driver GS 4031 was so pleasant by him when she entered the bus she was emotionally knocked over by him.

He spoke so nicely  if was as if it was second nature to him. In fact, I was a witness to it but Anne mentioned it first and she asked Wayne ( another group member) to write down his driver number. So our list of quality bus drivers is growing and grows further day to day -  we will be waiting to see from the wider community as to who they nominate as the momentum is growing. Thank you Anne and Bus Driver GS 4031 - keep it up!

Westbus Driver Likes Our Website And Our Inniative!

A Westbus bus driver that recognised myself at Mount Druitt shops today - warm-heartily thanked me for the website that we have and for inniative that we have, which is the "Happy Bus Drivers Register!'

He would like his Depot Manager, Randall Horton at St Marys/Dunheved to take this initiative with us and promote it to the hilt. He said other bus drivers are staring to talk about it ands wanting to be on the "HBDR"! It now seems like this initiative may be starting to come in from the community I am waiting for 3 more happy drivers to be referred to me by Saturday! This is what we need.
The Westbus  bus Driver had told me that that had placed a picture of our group on their  noticeboard - that was in relation to the Zest Awards! At this stage we are not asked for autographs and neither do we want that! We would rather drivers signing bus tickets! Thank you Westbus Bus driver - you know who you are!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Inaugural Meeting For Us This Saturday!

When we started S.O.B.S - I was nervous the day before- nervous of feeling like an outsider - people that met me in one day - taking full confidence in me - in leading the way! This is the 'Wow factor' with me! I only knew one person well ands that was Anne. I think she must have assured the others of the group of the kind of natured person I was.  The group just took off like a rocket and has since growing in numbers the excitement is there - transport is the way! I take my hat off to everyone in the group and the the whole community.

Now comes a change of direction,  a change of dealings, a change that will  give the people of Mount Druitt a voice in what improvements they want, in all facets of public transport. Each person's idea's will  be referred to the group meetings and we will look at the 'pros' and 'cons' and if it is successful we will refer it on to the relevant authorities to have it implemented, especially if it is a great improvement for the community.

So we will be meeting this Saturday, 19th February at Emmerton Leisure Centre, Emerton between 10.30-12.30pm  for our inaugural meeting. Contact us for further details - we hope to meet new members there interested in 'making a difference in public transport'!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Well Controlled Bus Driver! (Number20)

We as average commuters treat bus drivers with respect to how they drive - in fact, that doesn't worry me - they are all human like us and we should not demand them in any way possible. The person that has a bad sleep last night and wakes up to take it on the driver (in the morning) - will not sleep right next night.

I cannot disclose my real job to you but I do get abused every day and it frustrates me that within society, when we know what occupation one person is, we tend to outcast them, downgrade them without knowing who they are! So I think I tend to understand where these drivers are coming from that may have continual abuse every day. It is like anti-social behaviour when there should be pleasant social behaviour where everyone can get on with their life with happiness!

Talk about happiness Busways Bus Driver GR 2643 handled a situation very well this evening. Three commuters got on the bus (before me) and one of them a female commuter just rushed passed the driver and may have flashed their pre-purchased ticket to him (without him noticing). Whilst the driver was assisting two commuters - checking their tickets he asked to view the tickets of one the commuters and then requested to see the ticket of the female passenger (who was already seated at the back of the bus).

The male commuter came a little hostile as  he  questioned why the bus driver needed to do this - and aloud he indicated that he just need to check the ticket - then the male commuter advised he was knocked in the face by 'FOBS' ( Free Off The Boats) at Mount Druitt train station and this is why he was upset.  Straightaway he calmed down and called the female companion to the driver to show the driver and all was relived. The bus driver is doing his job and in fact did this in a controlled unemotional way. He has to account for every commuter to pay.

What is known to me is with, especially within our current socio- economic community is that there commuters that come on the bus with 'Not enough change' or  ( as I have seen once or twice before) 'commuter scrambling to raise coins to reach the Two dollar fare' or ' The high dollar commuter'. That is, they may have smaller coins but they want to  use their  fifty dollars for a two dollars fare. Now that is unfair. This can frustrate drivers as they have a small or little float when they start - in fact in time to come  we will probably have  cashless buses one day and  you will be able to purchase tickets at your local stores.

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Saturday, February 12, 2011

What Buses Are Driving In And Out Of Mount Druitt?

Route     Bus Operator___Destinations

Westbus 674           Mount Druitt to Windsor via Shanes Park & South Windsor

Section Point Legend

00Kable St, Windsor     
01Windsor Interchange
02George & Drummond Sts
03Rifle Range & Sirius Rds
04George St & Richmond Rd 
051.6km East of George St
06 Richmond Rd & Sanctuary Dr
07St Marys Rd & Government Rd
08St Marys Rd & Sirius Pl
09Shane Park Rd
10Palmyra Ave & Shanes Park Rd
11Palmyra Ave & Captain Cook Dr 
12Hatherton Rd
13Luxford Rd & Popondetta Rd
14Luxford Rd & Samarai Rd
15Mount Druitt Interchange
737 Busways              MT DRUITT  –  EASTERN CREEK

From Mt Druitt to Eastern Creek & return 
Morning trips
From Mt Druitt Station via (L) North Pde, (L) Sherbrooke St, (R) Francis Rd, (R) Charlotte Rd, (L) Rupertswood Rd, (L) John St, Gardner St (Eastern Creek), (R) Beaconsfield Rd, (L) Great Western Hway, (L) Cawarra St, (L) Rooty Hill Rd, (L) Beames Av (Rooty Hill station), (L) Catherine Cr, (L) Barker St, (R) Rooty Hill Rd, (R) Willis St, (R) Francis Rd, (L) Sherbrooke St, (R) North Pde, (R) Mt Druitt Station.

Afternoon trips

From Mt Druitt Station via (L) North Pde (Rooty Hill Station), (L) Rooty Hill Rd, (L) Sherbrooke St, (L) Francis Rd, (R) Charlotte Rd, (L) Rupertswood Rd, (L) John St, Gardner St (Eastern Creek), (R) Beaconsfield Rd, (L) Great Western Hwy, (L) Cawarra St, (L) Rooty Hill Rd, (L) Willis St, (R) Francis Rd, (L) Sherbrooke St, (R) North Pde, (R) Mt Druitt Station.


From Mt Druitt Station via North Pde, (L) Sherbrooke St, (R) Francis Rd, (L) Willis St, (L) Rooty Hill Rd Sth, (L) Beames Av (Rooty Hill Station), (L) Catherine Cr, (L) Barker St, (R) Rooty Hill Rd Sth, Wallgrove Rd, (R) Wonderland Dr to Eastern Creek Industrial Park, u-turn Wonderland Dr, (R) Wallgrove Rd (R) Old Wallgrove Rd, (L) Southridge St (R) Capicure Dr (R) Roberts Rd, (R) Old Wallgrove Rd, (R) Wallgrove Rd, (R) Redmayne Rd, (L) Wallworth Rd, (L) The Horsely Dr to Wallgrove Rd (Horsley Park).  


From Horsley Park via (L) Wallgrove Rd, (L) Old wallgrove Rd, (R) Southbridge St, (L) Capicure Dr, (R) Roberts Rd, (R) Old Wallgrove Rd, (L) Wallgrove Rd, (L) Wonderland Dr to Eastern Creek Industrial Park , u-turn & return Wonderland Dr, (L) Wallgrove Rd, Rooty Hill Rd Sth, (L) Beames Av (Rooty Hill Station), (L) Catherine Cr, (L) Barker St,(R) Rooty Hill Rd Sth, (R) Willis St, (R) Francis Rd, (L) Sherbrooke St, (R) North Pde to Mt Druitt Station.     

739 Busways               MT DRUITT  –  MINCHINBURY

From Mt Druitt to Minchinbury & return
From Mt Druitt Station via (R) North Pde, (R) Oxford La, (R) Kurrajong Av, (R) Carlisle Av, (L) Fuller St, (R) Coates St, (R) Miller St, (R) George St, Archbold Rd (Minchinbury), (L) Robinson St, (R) McFarlane Dr, (R) Barossa Dr, (R) Minchin Dr, (R) Minchin Dr, (L) Great Western Hwy, (R) George St, (L) Miller St, (R) Coates St, (L) Fuller St, (R) Carlisle Av, (L) Kurrajong Av, (L) Oxford La, (L) North Pde, (L) Mt Druitt Station.

Morning trips via Minchinbury industrial area

From Mt Druitt Station (south side) via Coates St, (L) Great Western Hwy, (R) Colyton Rd, (R) Sterling Rd, Sargents Rd, (L) Sargents Rd, (L) Archbold Rd, then via normal route.

Afternoon trips via Minchinbury industrial area

From normal route in Great Western Hwy via (L) Archbold Rd, (R) Sargents Rd, (R) Sargents Rd, Sterling Rd, (L) Colyton Rd, (L) Great Western Hwy, (R) Carlisle Ave, then via normal route.

739V Busways              MT DRUITT  –  MT DRUITT SOUTH via Frank St

From Mt Druitt to Mt Druitt South & returnFrom Mt Druitt Station via (R) North Pde, (R) Oxford La, (R) Kurrajong Av, (R) Carlisle Av, (L) Frank St, (L) Coates, (L) Fuller St, (L) Carlisle Av, (R) Ropes Creek Rd, (R) Mt Druitt Rd, (L) Palmerston Rd, (L) Norfolk St, (L) Durham St, (L) Carlisle Av, (L) Kurrajong Av, (L) Oxford La, (L) North Pde, (L) Mt Druitt Station. 

740 Busways                  PLUMPTON - MACQUARIE PARK via M2 Motorway

From Plumpton to Macquarie Park

From Hyatts Rd/Jersey Rd, Plumpton, Lamb St (L) Adrienne St, (R) Armitage Dr, (L) Golding Dr, (R) Richmond Rd, (L) Quakers Hill Pkwy, (L) Eastern Rd (UWS, Nirimba Campus, Quakers Hill), u-turn inside campus, Eastern Rd, (L) Quakers Hill Pkwy, (L) Farnham Rd, (L) Quakers Hill Pkwy, (L) Sentry Dr, (R) Stanhope Pkwy, (R) T-way, (L) Sorrento Dr, (R) Glenwood Park Dr, (L) Forman Av, (R) Glenwood Park Dr, (L) Meurants La, (R) Greenhill Dr, (L) Norwest Blvd, (R) Old Windsor Rd, (R) Norbrik, T-way, overbridge at M2 Motorway, (L) Old Windsor Rd, (R) M2 Motorway, (L) Christie Rd exit, (R) Christie Rd, (L) Talavera Rd, (R) Herring Rd, (L) Waterloo Rd (L) Lane Cove Rd (L) Talavera Rd (L) Khartoum Rd to Waterloo Rd.

From Macquarie Park to Plumpton

From Cnr Waterloo Rd & Khartoum Rd via Waterloo Rd, (L) Lane Cove Rd, (L) Talavera Rd, (L) Khartoum Rd, (R) Waterloo Rd, (R) Herring Rd, Macquarie University Station/Macquarie Centre, M2 on-ramp, M2 Motorway, (L) Old Windsor Rd, (R) T-way entrance, (R) T-way, (R) after Norbrik (T-way exit), (L) Old Windsor Rd, (L) Norwest Blvd, (R) Greenhill Dr, (L) Meurants La, (R) Glenwood Park Dr (Glenwood), (L) Forman Ave, (R) Glenwood Park Dr, (L) Sorrento Dr, (R) T-way, (L) Stanhope Pkwy, (L) Sentry Dr, (R) Quakers Hill Pkwy, (R) Farnham Rd, (R) Quakers Hill Pkwy, (R) Eastern Rd (UWS, Nirimba Campus), u-turn inside campus, Eastern Rd, (R) Quakers Hill Pkwy, (R) Richmond Rd, (L) Golding Dr, (R) Armitage Dr, (L) Adrienne St, Lamb St, to Hyatts Rd/Jersey Rd Plumpton.

745 Busways                    ST MARYS- CASTLE HILL Via Stanhope Parkway 

From St Marys to Castle Hill
From St Marys Station via (R) Station St, (L) Queen St, (L) Phillip St, (L) Glossop St, (R) Kurrajong Rd, (L) Maple Rd, (R) Debrincat Av, (R) Aurora Dr, (R) Luxford Rd, (L) Popondetta Rd, (R) Jersey Rd, (L) Carlisle Av, (R) Luxford Rd, (R) Hyatts Rd, (L) Jersey Rd, Lamb St, (L) Adrienne St, (R) Armitage Dr, (L) Golding Dr, (R) Richmond Rd, (L) Quakers Hill Pkwy, (L) Eastern Rd (UWS, Nirimba Campus, Quakers Hill), u-turn inside campus, Eastern Rd, (L) Quakers Hill Pkwy, (L) Farnham Rd, (L) Quakers Hill Pkwy, (L) Sentry Dr, (R) Stanhope Pkwy, (R) T-way (L) Sorrento Dr (R) Glenwood Park Dr, (L) Forman Av, (R) Glenwood Park Dr, (L) Meurants La, (R) Greenhill Dr, (L) Norwest Blvd, (L) Windsor Rd, (R) Showground Rd, (L) Old Northern Rd to Castle Towers. 

From Castle Hill to St Marys
From Castle Towers via (L) Pennant St, (R) Showground Rd, (L) Windsor Rd, (R) Norwest Blvd, Meurants La, (R) Greenhill Dr, (L) Meurants La, (R) Glenwood Park Dr, (L) Forman Av, (R) Glenwood Park Dr, (L) Sorrento Dr, (R) T-way, (L) Stanhope Pkwy, (L) Sentry Dr, (R) Quakers Hill Pkwy, (R) Farnham Rd, (R) Quakers Hill Pkwy, (R) Eastern Rd (UWS, Nirimba Campus), u-turn inside campus, Eastern Rd, (R) Quakers Hill Pkwy, (R) Richmond Rd, (L) Golding Dr, (R) Armitage Dr, (L) Adrienne St, (R) Lamb St, Jersey Rd, (R) Hyatts Rd, (L) Carlisle Av, (R) Jersey Rd, (L) Popondetta Rd, (R) Luxford Rd, (L) Aurora Dr, (L) Debrincat Av, (L) Maple Rd, (R) Kurrajong Rd, (L) Glossop St, (R) Phillip St, (R) Lethbridge St, (L) Station St to St Marys Station.

750 Busways                BLACKTOWN - MT DRUITT via Richmond Rd & Bidwill

From Blacktown to Mt Druitt
From Blacktown Interchange via Richmond Rd, (L) Rooty Hill Rd Nth, (R) Luxford Rd, (L) Carlisle Av, (L) North Pde to Mt Druitt Station.
From Mt Druitt to Blacktown
From Mount Druitt Station via North Pde, (R) Oxford La, (R) Kurrajong Av, (L) Carlisle Av, (R) Luxford Rd, (L) Rooty Hill Rd Nth, (R) Richmond Rd to Blacktown Station

754 Busways              BLACKTOWN  –  MT DRUITT via Hassall Grove

From Blacktown to Mt Druitt 
From Blacktown Interchange via Richmond Rd, (R) Symonds Rd (Dean Park), (L) Hoyle Dr, (R) Yarramundi Dr, (L) Richmond Rd, (R) Golding Dr (Glendenning), (R) Armitage Dr, (L) Adrienne St, (R) Lamb St, Jersey Rd (Plumpton), (R) Hyatts Rd (Oakhurst), (L) Luxford Rd, (R) Buckwell Dr (Hassall Grove), (R) Luxford Dr, (L) Daniels Rd, Pringle Rd (Hebersham), (L) Woodstock Av, (R) Duke St, (R) Luxford Dr, (L) Mount St, (R) North Pde to Mt Druitt Station. 

From Mt Druitt to Blacktown

From Mt Druitt Station via North Pde, (L) Mount St, (R) Luxford Dr, (L) Duke St, (L) Woodstock Av, (R) Pringle Rd (Hebersham), Daniels Rd, (R) Luxford Rd, (L) Buckwell Dr (Hassall Grove), (L) Luxford Rd, (R) Hyatts Rd (Oakhurst), (L) Jersey Rd (Plumpton), Lamb St, (L) Adrienne St (Glendenning), (R) Armitage Dr, (L) Golding Dr, (L) Richmond Rd, (R) Yarramundi Dr (Dean Park), (L) Hoyle Dr, (R) Richmond Rd to Blacktown Interchange.

755 Busways                    MT DRUITT - SHALVEY & PLUMPTON

From Mt Druitt to Plumpton

From Mt Druitt Station via (R) North Pde (R) Belmore Av (L) Bulolo Dr (R) Luxford Rd (R) Popondetta Rd (L) Jersey Rd (R) Copeland Rd (L) Bougainville Rd (R) Luxford Rd (L) Emerson Rd (R) Sedgman Cr (L) Luxford Rd (R) Middleton Cr (R) Popondetta Rd (L) Manifold Rd (R) Carlisle Av (L) Jersey Rd to Plumpton Marketplace.

From Plumpton to Mt Druitt

From Plumpto Bn Market Place via Jersey Rd (R) Carlisle Av (L) Manifold Rd (R) Popondetta Rd (L) Middleton Cr (L) Luxford Rd (R) Sedgman Cr (L) Emerson St (R) Luxford Rd (L) Bougainville Rd (R) Copeland Rd (L) Jersey Rd (R) Popondetta Rd (L) Luxford Rd (L) Bulolo Rd (R) Belmore Av (L) North Pde to Mt Druitt Station.

756 Busways                          BLACKTOWN  –  MT DRUITT via Rooty Hill Rd North

From Blacktown to Mt Druitt
From Blacktown Interchange via (L) overbridge, Westpoint Tunnel (R) Newton Rd, (R) Lancaster St, Lyton St, (L) McCulloch Rd, (L) London St, (R) Doonside Cr, (R) Silvereye Cct, (R) Bellminer St, (L) Woodcroft Dr, (L) Lakewood Dr, Power St, (R) Rooty Hill Rd North, (L) Jersey Rd, (L) Hyatts Rd, (L) Bungalow Rd, (R) Rooty Hill Rd Nth, (R) North Pde to Mt Druitt Station.

From Mt Druitt to Blacktown

From Mt Druitt Station via North Pde, (L) Rooty Hill Rd North (Rooty Hill), (L) Bungalow Rd, (R) Hyatts Rd, (Plumpton), (R) Jersey Rd, (R) Rooty Hill Rd Nth, (L) Power St, Lakewood Dr, (R) Woodcroft Dr, (R) Bellminer St, (L) Silvereye Cct, (L) Doonside Cr, (L) London St, (R) McCulloch Rd, (R) Lyton St, Lancaster St, (L) Newton Rd, Westpoint Tunnel overbridge (R) Blacktown Station

757 Busways                           MT DRUITT  –  MARSDEN PARK  –  RIVERSTONE

From Mt Druitt to Riverstone
Trips via Garfield Rd
From Mt Druitt Station via (L) North Pde, (L) Rooty Hill Rd North (Rooty Hill), (L) Bungalow Rd, (R) Hyatts Rd, (R) Jersey Rd (Plumpton Marketplace), (L) Rooty Hill Rd North (Oakhurst), (L) Richmond Rd, (L) Hollinsworth Rd (Marsden Park), u-turn at Caravan Park, Hollinsworth Rd, (L) Richmond Rd, (R) Garfield Rd, (L) Riverstone Pde to Riverstone Station.

Trips via
Carnarvon Rd
From Mt Druitt Station via (L) North Pde, (L) Rooty Hill Rd North (Rooty Hill), (L) Bungalow Rd, (R) Hyatts Rd, (R) Jersey Rd (Plumpton Marketplace), (L) Rooty Hill Rd North (Oakhurst), (L) Richmond Rd, (L) Hollinsworth Rd (Marsden Park), u-turn at Caravan Park, Hollinsworth Rd, (L) Richmond Rd, (R) Townson Rd, Meadow Rd, (L) Durham Rd, Angus Rd, (L) Carnarvon Rd, (R) Garfield Rd, (L) Riverstone Pde to Riverstone Station.

From Rivestone to Mt Druitt
Trips via Garfield Rd
From Riverstone (Riverstone Pde outside station) via Riverstone Pde, (R) Garfield Rd, (L) Richmond Rd (Marsden Park), (R) Hollinsworth Rd, u-turn at Caravan Park, Hollinsworth Rd, (R) Richmond Rd, (R) Rooty Hill Rd North (Oakhurst), (R) Jersey Rd (Plumpton Marketplace), (L) Hyatts Rd, (L) Bungalow Rd, (R) Rooty Hill Rd North, (R) North Pde (Rooty Hill), (R) Mt Druitt Station.

Trips via
Carnarvon Rd
From Riverstone (Riverstone Pde outside station) via Riverstone Pde, (R) Garfield Rd, (L) Carnarvon Rd (Marsden Park), (R) Angus Rd, Durham Rd, (R) Meadow Rd, Townson Rd, (L) Richmond Rd, (R) Hollinsworth Rd, u-turn at Caravan Park, Hollinsworth Rd, (R) Richmond Rd, (R) Rooty Hill Rd North (Oakhurst), (R) Jersey Rd (Plumpton Marketplace), (L) Hyatts Rd, (L) Bungalow Rd, (R) Rooty Hill Rd North, (R) North Pde (Rooty Hill), (R) Mt Druitt Station.

758 Busways               MT DRUITT- ST MARYS via Emerton and Shalvey

MT DRUITT- ST MARYS via Emerton and Shalvey
From Mt Druitt to St Marys
From St Marys Station via (R) Station St, (L) Queen St, (L) Phillip St, (L) Glossop St, (R) Debrincat Av, (L) Aurora Dr, (L) Ellsworth Dr, (R) Rymill Rd, (R) Hatherton Rd, (L) Luxford Rd, (L) Emerson St, (R) Sedgman Cres,  (L) Luxford Rd, (R) Popondetta Rd, (L) Woodstock Av, (R) Belmore Av, (L) North Pde to Mt Druitt Station.

From Mt Druitt Station to St Marys Station
From Mt Druitt Station via North Pde, (R) Belmore Av, (L) Woodstock Av, (R) Popondetta Rd, (L) Luxford Rd, (R) Sedgman Cres,  (L) Emerson St, (R) Luxford Rd,  (R) Hatherton Rd, (L) Rymilll Rd, (L) Ellsworth Dr, (R) Aurora Dr, (R) Debrincat Av, (L) Glossop St, (R) Phillip St, (R) Lethbridge St, (L) Station St to St Marys Station.


Section Point Legend
00 Mt Druitt Station
01 Carlisle Ave & Methven St
02 Carlisle Ave & Stuart St
03 Jersy St & Popendetta Rd
04 Bougainville Rd & Luxford Rd
05 Hatherton Rd & 300m East of Rymill Rd
06 Captain Cook Dr & Mercator Cr
07 Palmyra Ave 250m West of Captain Cook Dr (East)
08 Susanah Dr & Forrester Rd
09 Ropes Crossing Blvd @ Bridge
10 Forrester Rd & Griffiths St
11 St Marys Station

761 Busways                 MT DRUITT  –  BIDWILL via Carlisle Av direct
From Mt Druitt to Bidwill & return
From Mt Druitt Station via North Pde, (R) Oxford Lane, (R) Kurrajong Av, (L) Carlisle Av, (R) Luxford Rd, (L) Chestnut Cr (Bidwill), (L) Luxford Rd, (R) Carlisle Av (L) North Pde to Mt Druitt Station.

                                                                              Mount Druitt Interchange
00 Mt Druitt Interchange
01 Carlisle Ave & Durham St
02 Roper Rd & Great Western Hwy
03 Carpenter St & Day St
04 Saddington St & Collins St
05 St Marys Interchange
06 Great Western Hwy & Bridge St
07 O'Connell St & Sunflower Dr
08 Second Ave & O'Connell St
09 Angophroa Av & Pepermint Cr
10 Jamison Rd & Jean St
11 Stafford St & Rawson Ave
12 Penrith Interchange Interchange

Westbus 771          St Marys to Colyton, via Desborough Road        
Section Point Legend
00 Mt Druitt  
01 Carlisle Ave & Durham St
02 Roper Rd & Great Western Hwy
03 Barr St & Sheilds Rd
04 Murray St & Desborough Rd
05 Saddington St & Collins St
 Westbus 774            MT Druitt to Penrith via Oxley Park, St Marys, UWS &
                                                              Nepean  Hospital
Section Point Legend
00 Mt Druitt Interchange
01 Durham St & Carlisle Ave 
02 Melbourne St & Durham St
03 Great Western Hwy & Flemming St
04 St Marys Interchange
05 Great Western Hwy & Bridge St
06 University Entrance GreatWestern Hwy
07 Second Ave & O'Connell Rd
08 Derby St & Bringelly Rd
09 Derby St & Doonmoore St
10 Penrith Interchange

Westbus 775            MT Druitt to Penrith via Erskine Park, St Clair and St Marys
Section Point Legend
Section Point Legend
00 Mt Druitt Interchange
01 Durham St & Carlisle Ave
02 Carlisle Ave at Creek (420m East of Roper Rd)
03 Swallow Dr & Erskine Park Rd
04 Swallow Dr & Weaver St
05 Peppertree Dr & Swallow Dr
06 Bennett Rd & Coonawarra Dr
07 Moore St & Mellville Rd
08 Banks Dr & St Clair Ave
09 Mamre Rd & Mitchell Rd
10 St Marys Interchange
11 Great Western Hwy & Bridge St
12 University Entrance Great Western Hwy
13 Second Ave & O'Connell Rd
14 Derby St & Bringelly Rd
15 Derby St & Doonmoore St
16 Penrith Interchange

Westbus 776        MT Druitt to Penrith via St Clair, St Marys, UWS & Nepean Hospital
Section Point Legend
00 Mt Druitt Interchange
01 Durham St & Carlisle Ave
02 Carlisle Ave at Creek (420m East of Roper Rd)
03 Swallow Dr & Erskine Park Rd
04 Swallow Dr & Weaver St
05 Peppertree Dr & Swallow Dr
06 Bennett Rd & Coonawarra Dr
07 Moore St & Mellville Rd
08 Banks Dr & St Clair Ave
09 Mamre Rd & Mitchell Rd
10 St Marys Interchange
11 Great Western Hwy & Bridge St
12 University Entrance Great Western Hwy
13 Second Ave & O'Connell Rd
14 Derby St & Bringelly Rd
15 Derby St & Doonmoore St
16 Penrith Interchange

Westbus 780          Mt Druitt to Penrith via Tregear, Ropes Crossing, &
                                                                          Cambridge Park 
Section Point Legend
00 Mount Druitt
01  Interchange Luxford Rd & Samurai Rd
02 Luxford Rd & Popondetta Rd
03 Hatherton Rd
04 Susannah Dr & Forrester Rd
05 Ropes Crossing Bvde at Bridge  
06 Christie St & Lee Holm Dr
07 Dunheved Rd
08 William St & Neeta Ave
09 Oxford St & Barker St
10 High St at Penrith High

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