Tuesday, April 30, 2013

South Penrith Commuter Supports The 'Y' Link Train!

A very tired lady from Penrith, travels to and from Fairfield by City Rail trains as she transfers at Granville every day. She wasn't aware of the 'Y' link train direct to Fairfield or even Cabramatta.

Without the 'Y' train single link from Fairfield/Cabramatta to Penrith and return, it takes her 1 1/2 travelling time some times late at night. obviously Nhuly thinks this will cut  her travelling time by at least twenty minutes providing her with quality time at home.

Yet she still has to face issues coming home of catching the Westbus 791 to South Penrith, which, mostly the bus leaves before her trains connects to catch the bus and asks why this cannot be fixed up.

She told myself, of an experience with a commuter that have taken up 4 seats on a train: one seat blocking luggage, one seat for herself, one seat for feet laying across the seat and the final seat was for her handbag. When she kindly asked the lady for the seat the lady refused and Nhuly asked if the lady was paying for  4 seats or 1 and  she even had proven photos as the lady did this to her.

Has this  happened to you?

I Search ....And Was Found By The NSW State MLC Member, Penny Sharpe!

Here I was reaching Mount Druitt train station vestibule area and no Honorary, Penny Sharpe NSW Member Legislative Council, Shadow Minister/Spokesperson for Transport, after referring to Mount Druitt - St Marys Standard article: Click here for previous article!

So here I was collected one signature on the top of the escalators and this young lady listened to me and then said politely. ' I can't sign the Mount Druitt Shuttle bus petition as politicians have to be the last ones to sign them'. It didn't hit me straight away, until she mentioned her name 'Penny Sharpe'.

Well I nearly fell over myself, she was like an ordinary Mount Druitt person. I apologised for my rudeness and started to explain  our bus shuttle petition. Before I reached the Kurrajong, as I indicated where the route was going, she stated ' Great linkage' - Wow. I thought to myself, she has come hear for a different issue, yet she is very impressed with our bus shuttle petition. 

A  powerful statement that M/s Sharpe had said  to me stunned myself. It was that, 'It is good to have a website where people can have their say on public transport and finds the Mount Druitt blogspot interesting!'

We shared common goals, even on the safety on City Rail trains and she was happy to hear that about 4-5 members of our group may be attending the Hub Meeting on the 2/5/13.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Extra Bus Services for Busways 745 - Required On Saturdays - Bidwill Commuter!

People talk and people talk to me as well as others. People come to me and talk and I go to them to listen, learn and apply. Apply what they would like and want in speeches  to individuals, groups of public transport stake holders and most importantly blogs.

So last week, an elderly bus commuter came up and asked me why on Saturdays the Busways 745 has only a 2 hourly service from Bidwill to Plumpton (an important link for the community). At the same time, I notice this is another bus service that has no service on Sundays.

Again, if buses are missed a long wait or go home and come back to the Bidwill bus stops.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Train Safety Meeting Confirmed At Mount Druitt Hub - 2/5/13 - Mount Druitt Standard!

We can now confirm the special meeting that the Opposition Leader, John Robertson is calling up for and also the Opposition spokesperson on Transport, Penny Sharp MLC, will be organising on 2nd May 2013.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Whalan Community Action Group Supports Mount Druitt Free Shuttle Bus!

I have  had support from the Whalan Community Action group from Ivy Roberson, who will request her community to fully support the Mount Druitt Free Shuttle Bus. 

Ivy simply said, 'We need it!That is the people of Mount Druitt need it! Ivy's group caters for over 5,000 residents, so I wish her well as she has taken a bundle of petitions to get the community going! 

I urge all other community groups to do the same, support it take our petitions and help us get the numbers needed to get the Mount Druitt free shuttle bus launched in Mount Druitt. 

Busways Bus Drivers Supporting Free Mount Druitt Bus Shuttle Petition!

Amazing, I really don't have to do anything. The Word spreads by itself! They say one word can spread to one other and that one spreads the word to another and so on. Well, what makes my job easy is people talking and spreading the word, instead of myself doing it.

 In fact, I am proud of the people of Mount Druitt and surrounding suburbs that are really feeling pumped up and excited that we are eventually getting a  Free shuttle bus not only are the people are talk but there is one or two bus drivers  taking up the Mount Druitt Free Shuttle petition, mentioning it to bus commuters and they are asking what the proposed route looks like. In fact the bus driver explains the route to them. So far this bus driver has nearly twenty commuters that have signed the petition.  The bus driver has referred the petition to the Depot Manager and his eyes has widened not realising that Mount Druitt is a large populated town.

Just like me, this bus driver is proud of living and even driving buses around Mount Druitt. I take my hat off to this bus driver!

Mount Druitt Chamber Of Commerce Supports The Proposal of a Free Shuttle Bus!

Mr. Reg Murray from Murray Douglas Real Estate* has just sent us an e-mail confirming that on the 24th April 2013 the Mount Druitt Chamber of Commerce (which covers a majority of small businesses within the Mount Druitt Town) has 'Moved that they support our proposal on the Free Mount Druitt Shuttle Bus'.
This  is not just a small voice within the business community, this is a large voice within the business community that will make other businesses come to the forefront and do the same.

They have considered the proposal after considerable time, yet see where all businesses and organisations will prosper with this great connection to bringing people together, meeting their daily needs with more ease.

On behalf of Mount Druitt Community and the Mount Druitt Commuters Improvement Group Inc. we thank the Mount Druitt Chamber of Commerce for providing their wonderful support. This will encourage NSW Transport stake holders a purpose to do something good for the people of Mount Druitt!

* Murray Douglas Real Estate, 
Murray Douglas Real Estate - Mount Druitt
271 Beames Avenue, Mount Druitt NSW 2770 
Phone: 02 9625 8088

Warm Welcome From Rooty Hill Commuters For Mount Druitt Free Shuttle Bus!

I have been lobbying at Mount Druitt bus interchange: top of the escalators, bottom of the escalators, bus stand 1, 2, 3,4, 5.6.7 & 8, Dawson Mall,  south side of Mount Druitt train station (near escalators), inside buses, inside trains, on Mount Druitt train station platforms and tonight I was seen at the Rooty Hill train (north: end of ramp) near 756-7 bus stop.

Well why Rooty Hill? Simply Rooty Hill is part of Mount Druitt and  is a great link to Mount Druitt. You may even call it the 'Eastern Suburbs of Mount Druitt'.

I picked up 30 petitions tonight and of these, was strong support for the Mount Druitt Free Shuttle bus Petition. I know it may sound crazy to lobby an area that the Free Shuttle Bus is not directly going into but it is not going far away from it. This brings more communities together, more people together, more links in public transport together. It might even promote more people to use buses and other forms of public transport.

I had one lady who took 2 copies of the petition as she notified us that she knows a group of 80 people that might sign the petition, people that need the bus services and  definitely 50 of them sill sign the petition tomorrow night, who will need this service to meet their daily needs. 

A gentleman took one petition copy as he claims he will get people from his work to sign as they work around the area and will use this service to fulfil their daily needs.

A lovely lady who was waiting for the Bus to go to Rooty Hill RSL, stated this is good for the elderly, especially Fridays where people to go the club to relax and then can come to relax as well. She even suggested  that she will take a petition to the people she knows  and ask them to sign it and lobby the Rooty Hill RSL management to sign the petition as well, provide morale support  and further support as needed.

Another lady said fantastic I'll add it to my Facebook Page! That creates more links to other people.

Another gentleman from North Sydney travels to Rooty Hill-Mount Druitt said he will promote to others in North Sydney and north shore.

Another man said that the free bus shuttle works in Cremorne and is always well patronised why not here it could be better patronised.

So what did people think the local businesses will do to support the Mount Druitt Free Shuttle bus in North Rooty Hill: a lot of the business may not support it as the Mount Druitt Free shuttle bus is not coming into their main street. 

My thoughts are that if I approach each business myself they may it more if they understand and then they would support it. Then they can  have a commercial gain from it if the final Mount Druitt Free bus shuttle route links into Rooty Hill - looping two great towns together.

The overall reception I received was warm and welcome! I will be back at Rooty Hill, mark my word!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Has Blacktown Got 2 Free Shuttle Buses or 1?

Free Blacktown Shuttle bus  - I was told by a Busways bus driver has two bus services. Indicating there is one bus that goes from the Blacktown bus interchange to Westfields Blacktown and the other travels to the Blacktown Hospital. This according to the 720 Brochure has only one bus service.

I remember a couple years ago I went on the Blacktown Free Shuttle bus and it just went from the Blacktown bus interchange to Westfields Blacktown only - the driver said it down't go to Blacktown Hospital! I think I didn't study the time table properly!

Click here for details on the Blacktown Free shuttle bus 720

Increased Frequency Of Public Transport To Accommodate Increased Public Transport Patronage And Growing Population!

A very nice thoughtful man from Acacia Gardens claims that as he travels from Quakers Hill train station to Parramatta train station Monday to Friday for work that he  would like to see improvements in frequency from every 1/2 hour to every 15 minutes in peak time  and thus include return trip.

He also catches the T71 bus and finds that this hourly service should also be increased in frequency from 1 hour to at least a half hour services.

Both these services are supported with growth of population in The Ponds area and thus this indicates there is an increase in public transport services as well and this should reflect in NSW for Tramsport providing more train and bus services to  accommodate for the increase in patronage.

Monday, April 22, 2013

A Lot Of Time To Get Home Yesterday!

What a long return trip from Kingsford yesterday!

For personal reasons I had to visit my mother in Kingsford and I am normally used to an average of 2 hours each way when I travel on public transport. 

The adventure was with the return trip, where I left her home at approximately 4pm - walked to  Anzac Parade, opposite entrance to University of NSW, just missed a bus 395 leaving for  Central otherwise known as Railway Square. Next bus was 393 at 4.27pm reached Central 4.50-5pm.  I walked to platform 12 to catch the train which read ( on the electronic  notice boards), 'stopping to Blacktown, Mount Druitt and then to Penrith.'

Not really checking the time, I think the train departed around 6-6.10pm, as we reached Blacktown there was an announcement made to transfer to platform 6 around 6.50pm to catch another train to Mount Druitt probably 5 -10 minute wait. I reached Mount Druitt train station  around 7.10pm and the Busways 758  probably saw the train and departed as I was running down the stairs of  leading to the bus interchange. Next bus came at approximately 7.50pm and reached Whalan home around 8.10pm. Total  time travel and waiting 4 hours and 10 minutes.

Has anyone else had stories like this they can match please tell us - lucky I wasn't dying of thirst!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Westmead Commuter With Singapore Public Transport Experience!

On Friday met an interesting man originally from Singapore that said  is good to have transport advocacy groups like Mount Druitt Commuters Improvement Group Inc. and Western Sydney Public Transport Users Inc. representing voice of the people and the NSW Government takes up the opinions of people from blogs.

In Singapore he advised only one transport card used on buses and trains on modes of public transport used but on the distance a commuters uses an amount of $100.00 and it would take up to six months generally for it to  be used up!

Lucky, I told him to get off at his train station Westmead, as he would have kept talking to me until next  train station Seven Hills.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Comments Form Business Owners From Today's Lobbying For A Free Shuttle Bus Within Mount Druitt!

These are comments told to me today:-

  • If the City of Sydney has a supplied Free Shuttle Bus why can't Mount Druitt have one?
  • Sometimes public want to get public transport and need to get public transport to improve access to getting shops especially on hot summer nights
  • Christina fully supports the Free Shuttle bus even for herself as an employee, travelling from Castle Hill getting off at Mount Druitt and walking to Shop Smart - this can make her life much more easier.
  • Anthony - some customers do not come to his shop as there isn't a bus to bring them to Shopsmart from Mount Druitt Train Station. Even he has had employees unable to come to his business, because the there is no bus connection and they have no cars as well. He also expressed how it is also important for other employees of other business in Shopsmart, who are in the same situation.
  • Joanne - this will make the community a good community bringing everyone together and can get businesses grow and become better in Shopsmart and all around Mount Druitt.
  • Lisa - people need to have their say and this Free Bus Shuttle Petition is letting them have their say
  • Mukesh - Any  growth of public transport is beneficial  to go to more places they go to that need it. This is needed.

Click here for previous blog

Wow! Not Much Signatures For petition From Me But More Avenues To Promotes The Free Shuttle Bus For Mount Druitt'

So today I have decided to do something that I like to do: rain or sun. If you haven't read previous blogs on this blogspot before then you wouldn't know what I am talking about. Maybe you can click here and it will give you a clue!

If not, read on and I will tell you. So today I went straight to Zoe Place, Mount Druitt and 'walked the shops'. That is so to say that I went to almost all shops to lobby nicely for the Mount Druitt Free Shuttle bus and received a 95 cent positive welcome and feedback with initial responses. The smaller shops and businesses are able to give permission strait away, to having petitions at their place of business, not only sell their items but promote and ask customers to sign the petition that will make life easier for  only only them but their employees.

I left a petition at the Salvation Army Employment Centre, under their doorway, safely ( as they were not open). Then I approached the owner of IPS Supermarket, Dunya Butchery, Subway and Golden Hot Bread and Cakes, Zoe Place Mount Druitt, all took on the petition as they could the financial benefits for them  and their customers.

I went to Aldi's spoke to the Store Manager and he advised he will need to seek permission from his Head Office, before they can assist us and obtain signatures for the petition . This is now common with franchised  or even large business, they cannot make the decision locally it has to be approved by the board, or next direct manager. He remembered my self on the previous lobbying I had done before we had the petition prepared. He claims it is a good idea as he did last time.

Then Shop mart shops I headed for the Centre Manager's office and was  told nicely by a  cleaner he is away for the week - no back - can contact him for an emergency and as I explained the  Free Shuttle bus route, she went to the Wendy's store and the gentleman there said we need one, he would sign the petition and promote the petition to customers for them to sign.

Then  I went to Exclusive Hair Nails And Beauty Salon, Douglass  Hanly Noir Pathology, Smart Family Practice, Shopsmart Pharmacy  Rivers, Budget Variety, Furniture Blitz, Jai Ho International P/L, Sewing bee Shop, Spotlight, Gloria Jeans, Trade Secret, Givas and IT Girl. Basically the small shops all saw the positive affect of promotion a Free Shuttle bus, the one's that needed permission from their Head Office, agreed to sign the petition straight away as individuals.

I then went to The Mount Druitt Hopsital met a very very nice lady Lea, who advised that we will need to speak to Julia Yorke, Operation Nurse manager  to see approval for the Mount Druitt Hospital to support the Mount Druitt Free Shuttle Bus petition. Also went to Kevin Betts Station - Julia advised that once she refers to her manager early next there should be no problems in supporting the  petition. I went to the Novatel, spoke to manager Morgan from the Novatel and she will refe to her manager to get a response  and Finally spoke to Cliff Manager from Rooty RSL and he advise that he knows a Free bus shuttle  is good as he uses the Parramatta free bus shuttle and  also the club has shuttle taking members homes - not one that will make a connect and lick for the community like this - he was impressed and advised Rob Errington CEO will be in touch with us.

What a positive day. Only 2 shops were negative towards the shuttle bus: one was a lady that she says she doesn't speak English, although she was able to that to me in 'English' and telling me she has to put prices down also said in 'English'! If you wanted to buy a shoe she speaks 'English!'

Another shop assistant advised, her owners are not interested in promotions when I advised her it is not a promotion it is lobbying for a free bus - she advised 'Head office' not interested!

I Was Questioned Of My History being Involved In Advocacy Of Public Transport - I loved it!

I met a very hard working young man 'Alfie' from Mount Druitt, cheerful and bright and he was so curious as to how I got myself involved in the public transport advocacy - which I loved and was a little amazed. It was what makes me do the voluntary work even compared to the type of work

The type of work I deal with deals with people swearing at you for no reason - so with my voluntary work -it becomes the total opposite!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Up To Date Tally On Mount Druitt Shuttle Bus Petition!

Well we do have limited amount of members of our group spreading the work around and collecting petitions for the Mount Druitt Shuttle bus petition. We have unlimited  resources in spreading the word through community organisations and local businesses.

So with the help of all far, we are on the first step of getting the required minimum 10,000 petitions the grand total so far is:

We thank all of the community that have been busy signing these petitions making it an important good issue for Mount Druitt community to obtain. The transport decision makers that think it is impossible for us to do this - please change your mind as stubbornness or blind sight of them, will not get in our way!

We were told  that once you reach 500 petitions, it shows interest and 3,000 is a reasonable reason to submit to the NSW Government These are my personal thoughts:

  • 500 petitions show interest
  • 3-4,000 petitions shows real enthusiasm
  • 10,000 excitement and seriousness to supporting it
  • Over 10,000 means that it will be a widely used shuttle bus and there  no question the NSW Government  should not support and implement it!

Public Comments Re- Signing The Mount Druitt Free Bus Shuttle!

When I go out there people are really  making a statement during signing the Mount Druitt Shuttle Bus petition  They all seem to have different ranges, even from ones that don't understand what we are doing and here are the general comments - some may have  been quoted in previous blogs and if when will add the comments to this blog:

  • Bloody oath we need one
  • We need it
  • We need something good within the area as all other people and media know of is  in our area is bad news!
  • Thank you for doing this
  • Paying too much for public transport fares this would be a small compensation
  • Great connection to Mount Druitt hospital - this is important!
  • Can have coffee, relax at Rooty RSL and catch another looping bus to Westfield to shops
  • We need it, we need it, we definitely need it - what a great idea!
  • I don't have a car  and get a bus  from Dharruk to Mount Druitt and walk with a pram and two children to Mount Druitt hospital and back again to Mount Druitt - at night  it is really scary - the Free shuttle bus will make it safer and easier for us.
  • We don't have a car and to Mount Druitt hospital quite a few times - we are happy with this as this will make it better and easier for us - two young ladies.
  • This is what is needed - I only catch bus and trains and not only I but the people need it.
  • This is good for the elderly to get around, relax and their life will be made a little bit easy.
  • Thank you for doing this I will use it many times.
  • Why wasn't this thought before, Parramatta has one, Blacktown has one and Penrith has one - why did we miss out in Mount Druitt.

Updated 27/4/13

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Commuter Claims No Improvements Required For NSW Public Transport!

Emy travels  by City Rail from Kingswood  train station to and from Parramatta at times and find our public transport system 'Great'. He come from a country and town that never had trains and finds that our trains services are good and doesn't there is a problem!

He even goes are far out to say that if there was a problem time before, the problem is fixed now! Not being too negative, he states that sometimes people can cause problems but other than that - all public transport is good!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Bike Racks On Buses - Can We Do It Here?

Bike racks on buses

Bike racks are installed on ACTION buses and allow up to two riders to place their bike on a bus. Racks are provided on mostBlue Rapid  services. For further information, including terms and conditions please refer to the ACTION website.

Courteousy of Paul Falzon WSPTU Facebook Group and from the ACT, as a small territory they seem to taking on new innovations.Here is also the link to it

Seven Hills Commuter - Comfortable Air-Conditioned Trains Required

Eva a happy commuter from Seven Hills sometimes catches City Rail trains for relation to the City of Sydney.  She has passionately got feelings for improvements with Wentworthville,Pendle Hill and Toongabbie with upgraded lifts which is required when it becomes a struggle to cart luggage.

And primarily trains should always have air-conditioning in summer is out-of-date, compared to Melbourne and Perth this is not seen of uncomfortable trains - NSW State Government should do something about it!

Here's Another Shuttle Bus Request Different Route For Mount Druitt!

At times we get requests and suggestions by word of mouth, by smile and by kind gestures. Sometimes I get requests from our  commuters that write to us that see the shuttle bus run down their street and they instantly think there is one running in their street.

By having the colour-coded   dark green, light green and white Shuttle bus it stands out for our new light blue, dark blue and white buses, here is  an e-mail request from a commuter:

"Would you be able to advise me if the Free Shuttle Bus runs to Sargents Road, Minchinbury then back to Mount Druitt Station. I am unable to find the Shuttle Route. Also if you could forward me the Route and timings. I work on Sargents Road, starting at 8am and finish at 4pm. I would like to use the Shuttle Service.

e-mail sent on 28/3/13
Also picture received of Shuttle bus on Sargents Road 17/4/13:

My Response to original e-mail:
Hi (Commuter),
Thank you for your e-mail. The free  Shuttle bus proposal we have is not going down Sargents Road, Minchinbury as yet. Yet the proposal you are asking for sounds like a good proposal, especially if there is a need for it - If you would like to lobby for this with us - we will assist you.
The current Free Shuttle Bus proposal is planned to go around the Shopping hub of Mount Druitt - there are people that would like an extension to Minchinbury near Bunnings and return. First we need  our free  Shuttle bus proposal, to be accepted by NSW Government and they can work out funding, it gets implemented , well patronised and then further extensions can be petitioned to be added.
If you would like to  come to our next meeting and discuss your plan/proposal, we will be meeting at West Tradies, Wood Stock Road, Dharruk at 10.30am on Saturday, 30th March 2013.
The link to the map of the story about the launch  of our Free Shuttle Bus is as follows:
The  route map will be there - timings will be every 20 minutes minimum during the week. I hope this helps!

John Svoboda
Mount Druitt Commuters Improvement Group Inc.

Save Our Bus Services

Read our story on how we made it our priority to ensure bus services are re-instated from services taken away in 2009.