Monday, May 21, 2012

Tickets - NSW Public Transport - Do You Get The Message?

Front Of Ticket!
When you purchase public transport tickets, for train and combined bus tickets, we tend to just read the front to ensure that it has the right ticketing details like price and destination. Then you may rush downstairs or you may take you time and  gradually reach the platform level, either and miss your train or wait for it's arrival.

Whilst you are on the train or platform - you decide to flip or turn you ticket over and discover their are train trip tips and or suggestions as follows ( refer left and thereon):

Obvious safety precautions needed to be taken in case! And the fine is expensive!
Good information about how we can be informed of Rail work!

This is really information which is common but surely good to promote this to concession commuters.

This can be relevant for paying commuters and even myself I thought Redfern was a City Station! Did you?

Safety Issue Warning to prevent accidents from potential hazards important for all, even ones that don't  read this!

Good to know your tickets cover night ride buses just ensure your tickets are dared to cover the night ride! What I like to see the sub-link on website to show where is the info on the website showing the time tables!
Super information on bikes on transport, my only question is who really checks the extra ticket at the barriers. Really I hardly see station assistants check tickets now a days as people do get upset

This is useful information as I thought the ticket was  covered until midnight. We probably need a ticket with information of what are the zones and who pays for what!

Great basic summary of the website - maybe more on trip planners would be good idea!

This is good for teaching commuters about safety - my only issue is  that hotline number should be written on every visible sight on the train!

This can be handy to know if you are aware of any anti-social behaviours around yourself or others. But I wouldn't use it if it doesn't have to be used - I mean don't abuse it!

Simple messages that people need to understand, especially if some  have had accidents because of it!

This is a good question I'm sure we all know the answer!

Some helpful hints for pram commuters!

Security is important knowing how many is around divided by stations divided by platforms and vestibule areas

So how have you found these messages interesting, boring, do we need other information on them - I will add more (of these), once I get more - Maybe you can give us an example of a message (polite) you would like to see!

Obviously these are becoming crowded train stations!

 This seems like the way  the new technology is going - online - not offline!
This is ideal info for commuters that aren't aware!

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