Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Commuter Suggests UWS Students Should Have Slashed Fares

UWS employee (not student) Catherine works one day a week at the Parramatta Campus and the rest of her working week at the Penrith Campus. She only travels by train from Penrith to Parramatta & then catches bus to the Parramatta Campus. As a tutor she claims the influx of students on the Parramatta Campus is so much this semester, it is leaving a large impact and emphasis in the University bus shuttle that she misses two or three of them to get around the University.

Her other main issue is, the ticket price for students one way from Parramatta train station is $3.00 - she believes students should be paying fares of $1.50 (consession fare rates) each way to the Parramatta University - she also thinks the University shuttle bus may be should be extended to Parramatta train station. This could be a good idea as she claims the University bus shuttle is quite a frequent service!

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