Thursday, May 31, 2012

Long Walk To Bus Stop For Oakhurst Commuter!

Karim, a young and versatile  train and bus commuter from Oakhurst, sometimes walks approximately 3 kilometres to reach his nearest bus stop at Daniels road. 

He then catches the Busways 756 bus service taking him to Rooty Hill train station where he then travels to work. This only happens if his wife doesn't drop him or pick him up from work by car.

Karim also understands surveys should be conducted to see if there would be other potential public transport commuters that require the same type of bus service as he does in his area. Then if the response is good then recommendations to Transport for New South Wales for the require bus service should be implemented.

His decision to catch the train to Rooty Hill is based on the weekly train fares from Rooty Hill to city being $6.00 cheaper than Mount Druitt. Rooty Hill staion costing $33.00 and Mount Druitt station costing $39.00 weekly train ticket.

Can anyone explain to him why there is  that much difference in fares based on being one train station away?

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