Friday, May 18, 2012

Bronie With Great Night train Idea And Futurist Idea!

Young Bronie from Penrith has had train time table issues recently when  her train stopped at St Marys train station the other night and the train stood for a few minutes. She then went over to catch the fast train line and then the same thing happened, it stood still. After twenty-five minutes the train moved on and stopped in between Werrington and Kingswood train stations, for another hour.

Only one small train announcement was made that, 'There is a delay and there will be further announcements.' There was no further announcements! It took her 2 hours to get home when she left Blacktown at 9pm, when usually it takes her half an hour trip to get home.

Bronie's solution to this is to have a back up bus that travels train stations only from Blacktown to Penrith and thus if trains are held up, commuters can transfer to these buses, after hours.

Mobile phones, iPods, laptops are all welcome here
Samsung mobile charging station in airport
Bronie had also a different suggestion that the mobile phone charging stations should be placed on train carriages especially in times when there is a long waiting period and mobile phone batteries are running out  while commuters are calling family and/or friends, notifying them of the lateness.

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