Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Blacktown City Council Acts On Disability Discrimination Act Compliant Bus Stops within Mount Druitt! On Bus Stops

Here's the response from Blacktown Senior Traffic Management Officer regarding making more bus stops more compliant to DDA:

Hi John,
I apologise for the late response to your enquiry.
I have liaised with different departments within Council and have the following information for you in regards to DDA compliant bus stops within Mt Druitt:
A number of bus stops along these roads will be DDA compliant by December 2012. Works are currently in progress and you may have noticed that some of the stops have already been completed.
Carlisle Avenue
Luxford Road
Hatherton Road
Belmore Avenue
Hallows Parade
Rymall Road
Rooty Hill Road North
Jersey Road
Emerson Street
A complete list of the stops can be made available once stops along these routes are completed.  Also, as advised by the Maintenance section, Council voted for funds according to wards. However, I was unable to get figures for the Mount Druitt area. I will advise you as soon as I get the figures.

Thank you.

(Name Omitted)
Senior Traffic Management Officer
Blacktown City Council

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