Friday, May 4, 2012

Lady From Doonside Needs Improved Busways 725 Bus Service!

A middle aged lady who ran to catch the train from Parramatta to Penrith, yet lives in Doonside is a happy person as she was catching her breath for meeting the train that was running on time with a minute or two to spare.

She has found that the Busways 725 bus service is lacking to be a good service while according to her it is well patronised. She claims  it is a 20- 30 minute service with 60 minute services on important weekends - This service covers commuters living at Huntingwood, Doonside and Blacktown.  Also the  Busways 726 doesn't have frequent service as well, no services at a certain times: early in the night, hourly weekend services.

She would like to see well improved bus services and better timetabled services on better frequency and especially punctuality for both Bus services 725 and 726!

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