Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Short Good News Provided After Quite A While - Whalan Bus Stop Number 2770243

It seems Busways have woken up to the modern age and instead of  not putting up a bus stop sign for nearly a month - they have decided they can do it!

Advice from  a Blacktown City Councillor Transport Officer is that as follows( as e-mail to myself):


Busways have advised that the bus stop sign will be posted shortly.

We just have to work out how long is 'shortly'!

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Monday, October 29, 2012

Western Sydney Commuter With Realistic Views ON Public Trasport

A nice gentleman (who didn't supply his name for obviously reasons), lives in Western Sydney and is a Transport Officer working as an engineer somewhere within Transport for NSW and tells The NSW Government has different protocol than 2 years ago.

One of the things the commuter/transport spokesperson advised is that in general we are behind by 10-15 years, in the introduction and implementation of new technology within our public transport infrastructure and planning. This is compared to countries within Europe, Malaysia and Japan. Malaysia and Japan have no train drivers on their rains - they are all computerised!!!!

Comment was raised that we have to have the skills and resources and most importantly the funding on covering the needs (considering handling costs) then implement the new technology. Claims politicians  and the commuters do not  that simple to make major improvements unless it is realistic.

In relation to Schofields and Riverstone - it seems to be reaction planning and to further continue the NorthWest Link to St Marys - would cost  millions of dollars to rid the toxic wastes from the former ADI site.

he also wonders as a  commuter why does the illawarra get all the new trains , where there are train station announcements, whereas commuters p the Western Line have to look outside to see what train station they are currently stopping at.

No Bus Stop Signs for Bus Stop!

Well today, we provide photographic evidence of Bus Stop 2770243 'No Bus Stop Sign!'. yet it is a bus stop.   

What surprised myself today, was a commuter waiting for a bus this afternoon and no bus stop sign. I have been advised a  female commuter ( new to the area) didn't even know there was a bus stop and has been walking further to Luxford Road. 

If Busways had done their job properly, we wouldn't be blogging today and provide other posts on the same issue - Busways obviously think Bus Stop Signs are low priority against profit!

Suggestions are to place bus stop sign on the 40km zone sign facing each way,  like this:

Or what can be done a post in the ground, as long as it is fixed - this is important:
Or even place a sign on the road, which is always visibly seen and maintained:

Next Bus Stop Shelter should look like this:

Emergency Bus Route Located!!!!!

Yes, in Mount Druitt we have everything , when it come to having  emergency provide to you, when required for police, ambulance and fires services. We also have emergency Bus Routes 000:

Now Let Me See.... Which Is My Next Bus?

This looks so simple.. Let me see Bus route number, no...... destination - now let me see!

I wonder if it is that easy to read?

Lucky This Doesn't Happen In Peak Time Trains!

See if you would allow this at peak times on trains - this is what you call a well trained parked bicycle!

Unusual Floating Object on Trains.......

Well again, I tend to see different thing if not every day every week on public transport and  sometimes when we see something new, we tend to be upset as it might  be something bad  or relating to bad behavior. Quite the opposite happened.

Here was something I have never seen before - a balloon inside a balloon for a young lady that has just turned 21 years of age. Not only that it was a helium filled balloon 21st birthday inscription on it

I had ambivalent feelings of how she would manage to bring the balloons to her home - without it being released in the wild air:

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Bidwill Train Commuter Counts On His Sleep - Knowing which station to get off on! and supports more of the'Y' train!

Phillip from Bidwill, walks 2 minutes to catch the 758 Popondetta early during the week and then travels by 2 trains services, from Mount Druitt to Fairfield. By doing this  he changes at Granville to reach Fairfield.

His return trip, in the afternoon he catches  an express train to Mount Druitt and this makes life style easier - he definitely supports the extension of the 'Y service train to Liverpool or beyond.

Phillip has an interesting way of knowing when his train station arrives as he travel on both journey and has a sleep on each journey! Yes, he has let his secret out - maybe other commuters secretly do the same thing!

He counts the number of train station stops on each journey- that is how simple it is;

From Mount Druitt to Granville - 11 stops and from Granville to Fairfield 6 stops - return trip he counts 5 stops to Mount Druitt.

Can you do this as well!

Public transport System We Have Appreciated by Former Cairns and Gold Coast Commuter!

Fabian, a commuter that travels from Carlingford to Bondi using  bus & trains, transferring at Redfern for Bondi. He came from a place that doesn't even have a  bus service and is quite happy what services we have is a decent service.

Cairns is where he originally comes from and only has a bus service once every hour and recently from Gold Coast where transport itself 'suck'. It make you appreciate the public transport system we have here!

Mount Druitt Car Park - Half Spaces Is Open Space!

Feedback regarding Mount Druitt Commuter Car Park so far, is that as it has 2 level Car Park, only one level is under cover, then I was told St Marys Commuter Car Park has roofs on all levels. A lady train commuter told  myself last night and said it is full of parked cars. Which is good!

Further checking advises that St marys is the top level is not under cover as well as Mount Druitt Commuter Car Park. I think the reason being is  so that further development can be made to extend the mount Car Parks  to extra level car parking for the future.
Mount Druitt Commuter Car Park
File:St Marys railway station carpark.jpg
ST Marys Commuter Car Park

More Off-Peak Trains Services To Provide Better Way To Manage Own Business - Mount Druitt Commuter!

Yesterday, I met Benjamin, a Mount Druitt commuter, travels from Mount Druitt to Parramatta for visiting and work related events.

He would promote public transport if only off-peak train services (after 9am during the week), were more often servicing Mount Druitt train station, so he can make it in time for media events that he needs to attend too as a Video games reporter. This is very important for him as he runs and manages his business.

Benjamin would be pleased with trains services he sometimes has to wait for approximately 40 minutes and would see improvements of a 15 minutes service to be quite adequate.

And this is his business, which he was quite proud for us to advertise free:

Friday, October 26, 2012

School Speed Zone Sign Stops 'New Bus Stop Sign'! from Busways

Well Whalan has more local Busways issues!

Simple request - too hard to do!

Here is the issue:

Since the bus shelter has been removed - there is no bus stop sign for more than three weeks at 
Whalan, Bulolo Dr near Ellengowan Cr2770243

This is the response from Busways Management quoted to a Blacktown CC Transport Officer-

 Busways they do not have the implements to cut into the slab to signpost the bus stop. Also if one was installed on the grass section near the garbage bin, it would not be in an ideal location due to the nearby school speed zone sign. Consequently, Busways has agreed to pass this information onto the Blacktown Depot to inform the drivers that this location is a bus stop and to stop when passengers signal the bus.

The problem is there is no garbage bin there (As Council removed it over a year ago) and  Bus Stop has been there longer than the School Speed Zone Signs - why didn't Busways think about that when they originally installed the bus stop?

Amazing!  a new Commuter won't know where the bus stop is as Busways have difficulty placing one sign up!


Feedback NSW For Transport Representative From NSW Long Term Transport Master Plan on Our Comments

From:Master Plan ( 
Sent:Friday, 26 October 2012 7:44:56 AM
To:John Svoboda (
Dear John,
Thank you for sending your comments on behalf of the Mount Druitt Commuters Improvement Group Inc. on the draft NSW Long Term Transport Master Plan.
The comments will be considered to help strengthen the final NSW Long Term Transport Master Plan, to be released in late 2012.
We encourage you to continue to provide feedback and access information about the NSW Long Term Transport Master Plan by or by contacting 1800 802 888.
You can also join the conversation about the Plan by following us on Twitter @NSWMasterPlan.
Kind regards

(name withheld)
NSW Long Term Transport Master Plan team
Communications and Engagement
NSW Long Term Transport Master Plan
Transport for NSW

Mount Druitt Commuters Improvement Group's Recommendation To The Draft NSW Long Term Transport Masterplan

This is a good time to ask what we all need to improve public transport within Mount Druitt, we hope that people that commute on public transport within Mount Druitt appreciate the voice we are using to get what is required in public transport a comfortable, efficient and reliable public transport. Here is our submission placed  on the Draft NSW Long Term Transport Master Plan:

From:John Svoboda (
Sent:Thursday, 25 October 2012 11:59:38 PM

Good Evening,

We are responding to the  Draft NSW Long Term Transport Master Plan and would like to make further submissions, to our original submission, check out  our oginal blog:

Improvement in:

Proposal for a double story Bus Interchange as per Peter Kerr's proposal (as we have limited room for extending), refer to our blog:

Proposal  for a  Free Shuttle Bus  - Mount - proposed by young Blake bardowski:
This has been approved by Blacktown City Council 2011.

Proposal for Shuttle buses from all train stations from Blacktown LGA to  The Rooty Fireworks for Australia Day and other events as well:

Improvements in an awning from the Mount Druitt Car Park to the entrance of Mount Druitt train station walk way

Improvements at Mount Druitt train station - electronic notification of  train services and more covering/awning required to keep commuters from heat and rain - more comfort

Changes to the following  bus routes:

The group would like submission again for full bus services back in the area:

Early morning, late night, & full weekend services to run on all regular services to cater for commuters that need to  get to Sunday Fundays but can't get public transport as it doesn't start early in mornings  also commuters that need to access to jobs early during the week and weekends  and the commuters that work late shift as well.

Full service back on Busways 755 doing a loop of Shalvey via Siandra Rd, Koomooloo Cres, Sedgman cres, & Luxford Rd (this used to be the old route before the Shalvey Shops were built & the route changed) then returning to Mt Druitt.

Busways 755 or 780 to do a loop into samarai & gasmata for a full service back in that area.

Thanking you very much!

John Svoboda

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

R.I.P. Loyal Save Our Bus Service Group Member - Warwick!

Yesterday I was saddened to hear the news of a member of  our former group, Save Our Bus Services, Mount Druitt and Surrounding Suburbs.

Warwick Morris from Whalan - had been under ill health of recent and passed away on the 14th October 2012. To Warwick I wish him rest in peace as he wished for commuters in Mount Druitt to have a better improved life. He fought and won the return of our bus service back 755. Warwick stood side by side with me and was there when asked to be there - I take off my hat off to you.

To Kathleen and family may you cherish the good memories you have had together as his is  now resting in peace!

One Of Many Reasons Why We Need Public Transport: Weird Roads Around The World!

Why Should Fare Payers Pay For Fare Evaders!

An Emerton young commuter briefly advised myself that he feels ashamed for paying the right fare when fare evaders jump the gates, and over the barriers (quite easily) and get away with it? Or  do they?

The young fare evaders just check to see if there is a station assistant or station master around and if not, within 2-3 seconds they have the last laugh and are right over the other side.

 The worst incident  I had seen was about twenty of years ago, was a young commuter drop off the platform over the tracks , jumped over the south side of the Mount Druitt Train Station fence and  off to supposedly home 2 minutes in front of everyone else!

So the question was asked to me, why should fare payers pay for fare evaders/ My answer is one day the fare evaders will have their day!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Check Out Public Transport Advertising At Parramatta Train Station!

Patrolling Police Needed To Check With Commuters Behavior On Trains!

Partha from Seven Hills travels  by City Rail from Sevens Hills every working day. He fears crowds of 'junkie' commuters and their bad behaviour: speaking every so loud, throwing food away or leaving it behind!

More police patrolling in train carriages will discourage commuters tp behave like this especially at night, this will then  make other commuters travel safe and as well as himself, which will show complete consideration from type of commuters!                                           

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Compliment To City Rail - St Marys Commuter

Carroll, a St Marys commuter advised myself today that she was so pleased that City Rail actually look after hygiene at St Marys train station this morning.

A  female City Cleaner was  cleaning the railings and finds this is very comforting to know that  commuters health and safety is looked after. She understands that people like to always complain, but  there are times that people need to really  put your hand up and advise City that what they  are doing is heading along the right direction of caring for commuters.

'Thank you City Rail' from Carroll.

Editors notes:
Carroll was a guest at our 'Making a Statement Day' - on public transport, last Saturday.

Click here for Overview on "Making A Statement Day'!

Mount Druitt Commuter Car Park - Commuter Feedback!

At times, I will be approaching commuters at the Mount Druitt Commuter Car Park - feedback from commuters is what we want to hear - as this a long time deserved improvement provide by City Rail. 

Here it is:

Thank you Evelyn!

Further To Bus Companies Rivalry In Mount Druitt

Same spot where Busways in banned!
 Well to to solve the bus spot in Mount Druitt it is a legal  bus spot as opposed to the  bus stop that Westbus park in 'No Parking' in the Mount Druitt Interchange. Spotted was a West bus parked in the Busways 'Hazard' area.

My question ( not favouring companies) which bus company has the right  to park in the Busways banned bus parking place?

Now on  the same parked corner bus do hit that corner and Busways/ Westbus Transport for NSW are not replacing the fence so it looks improved - have a close look at the below picture.

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Bus Operator Rivalry Over One Bus Spot In Interchange!

We wouldn't expect rivalry exists between two bus operating companies and it does, no matter how it is! We actually expect that there are no difference, no fighting  and/or no disputes.
A Transport Officer has advised myself of a recent  dispute that is occurring between Busways and Westbus drivers and here it is:

On this side of the fence used to be the bus that rests, while the Busways Bus Driver is Time Keeping

In the distance the Busways bus driver timekeeper has his new resting place while timekeeping!

And In the No Parking zone -  West buses Park

So what's the deal? Simply Busways have been told to move the bus from  the previous resting spot as a hazard, when clearly there has been a hazard with buses hitting the fence before. This is although the Busways Bus  previous resting spot  the bus was never hit And I know West bus timekeepers used to park there. Also at a Busways 'No Parking Zone'. Now the Busways Tome has to park his bus bus further away due to West bus Management having talks over Busways Management. Maybe Transport for NSW should look into the incident and review it, this needs more policing!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Education Required For Commuters That Are Unhygienic With Public Transport

A very attentive young lady called Hayat fro Oxley Park, travels by Car to Mount Druitt and then City Rail from Mount Druitt  to Chatswood taking 1/12 hours to 2 hours per trip. She is disgusted with  the situation of City Trains in the afternoon.

Although no blame is given on City Rail, she  requests the NSW Government should investigates ways of each commuters understanding of personal hygiene and its education. This will in itself provide a better understanding of one's self-respect and most importantly the respect of others on public property.

Even a suggestion that there is on the spot fines provide to commuters who create a mess, leave rubbish behind of $50 at the first instant and if caught again $100 and so on. This would include spitting, cutting finger nails and other behaviour that is unacceptable.

 She doesn't feel getting out at Mount Druitt train station is always cleaned, with the rubbish left behind.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Mount Druitt Car Park - In Wrong Part Of Mount Druitt - City Rail (Visitor)

Yesterday, I approached the top of the Mount Druitt Train Station Concourse, and I was approached by a City Rail (Visitor) handing out notices of the 'Opening of the Mount Druitt Commuter Car Park' which is part of the NSW Government's Transport Access Program. 

What confused myself was the City Rail representative was pointing towards the south side of Mount Druitt and I asked him is this the second Commuter car Park and he answered, 'Yes'.

Maybe he misunderstood myself! So I raced over the south side of the station checking the map on the back of the notice and it didn't match. So I raced over to him again and advised to him this is not a second Commuter Car Park, I pointed to the direction of the Mount Druitt Courthouse!

Immediately, he apologised as he said he thought Beames Avenue was on the other side. I greatly appreciated that he apologised, excited about the commuter car park opening but worried he might have given other commuters the wrong direction!


Overview Of 'Making A Statement Day' In Public Transport - Mount Druitt!!

Preparing for this day has taken meeting after meeting the last 2 months. The members our group were all invited and  discussion after discussion, we went through details and details and here came the  came the day, last Saturday of Mount Druitt, ' Making  a Statement' on Public Transport.

Well it was  a disaster in the beginning when the swipe card wasn't working for Angie, allowing us access at 12,30pm and then we were allowed in at approximately 1pm. Frustrations can be set in but cool and relaxed we suddenly set the table up Pauline was organising the kitchen.

Tables set on the side for  First Aid, Shuttle Bus display and the Historical table  by Lester. and myself setting up the power point presentations.

We then started around 1.20 pm, welcome community and guests, apologised for the lateness.
Councillor Jacqueline Donaldson did the welcome to our country 
and then  Angela went into the house rules.

Hugh Worrall, from Western Sydney Public Transport Users Inc. represented President, Susan Day, (WSPTU) and gave a brief over view of WSPTU and lead into local bus issues.

A written letter by Margaret-Anne from our group about a local community member talking about the previous Westbus 769 service taken away from West Whalan 11th October 2009, read by Angie.

Angie then went on to discuss the 755/758 bus service. How they are 2 different bus services and both do not go down Sedgeman Crescent, Shalvey, covering early mornings, late night and week ends
Lester then gave a historical story on the 762 Busways bus service, which was  a fantastic report depicting different types of buses, route that bus went through right through from the beginning, until present, comparisons of  before and after the service was taken away. 

In summary of questions on buses was  can Westbus 780 take over the 674 and then that will provide better service  for West Whalan, loop service at Shalvey to cover Sedgeman Crescent, Shalvey and also return of full time  services 762, Chestnut Crescent Bidwill.

Also was discussions of the proper bus services needed, on early mornings, late at nights and  and especially on weekends.

I introduced Dimitri Hondros, City Rail Western Line Customer Service Manager and I must say that it was Dimitri that offered to speak  to our  community, whereas I would've like guests just to listen. Yet Dimitri opened this door of opportunity to us and it was more than informative it was pleasing.

He advised the meeting, how he is responsible for trains on the Western Line from Auburn to Emu Plains. He then claims that City Rail employees think they work for trains but they in actual fact,  work for the commuters of City Rail trains and  so does he.

Dimitri showed his power point presentation of the on Fixing trains (Which I will have available on this blog within the next 2-3 days)

Patronage is expected to increase 50% in the next 25 years, 30% increase in operating costs in the next 4 years, simplifying the business, Major decision not made by Railcorp will be made by NSW for Transport: Sydney trains and NSW Trains established within 12-18 months. 

There are 9 train stations that Dimitri has requested for upgrade on the Western Line and he is waiting for the responses by NSW for Transport. By the year 2022 all trains stations along the Western Line  will be upgraded, depending on the update required.

There was more but it was detailed, very eye catching and the floor was open for questions after questions came, Dimitri advised that  he is aware there are many ideas for improvements. Usually 1 out of five ideas will be  something to look at and he suggested that  anyone that has any ideas to refer to myself and I will feed them to him and look at improvements.

This is where I will say that Dimitri open the doors to us when I invited him to be a 'listening guest' and he  instantaneously invited himself  to our group as a speaker. I was sitting at the time and nearly blown away. Although as President, I could have said yes,  I had to refer to the Committee and when I mentioned to the Committee/Group they were excited. From the bottom of my heart I thank Dimitri for coming over to us and provide his presentation, on behalf of City Rail/ Rail Corp. By the way he travels to destinations by train and buses - he is also a commuter!

Then I introduced Blake Bardowski from our group, who was doing a powerpoint presentation on the Mount Druitt Free Shuttle bus. Community Leader Robyn Reeves was interested in it and was happy to have people sign petitions. Dimitri asked about whether it used existing bus stops - it was advised that majority of the bus  stops are using existing bus stops but the bus stops will have to change to indicate shuttle bus bus stops.

(We will provide his powerpoint presentation within the next 2-3 days)

Then we introduced Mr. Stephen Enticott, who covered all aspects in summary of the NSW Long Term Transport Master Plan:
 No second airport plan in Badgerys Creek, Sydney access team looking at getting on and off buses in a rather efficient travelling, currently working on 20 challenges, lot of work being done on the Northwest Rail link, better information for commuters, introduction of single decker trains that will lessen waiting time on train stations, new interchange strategy, Cleaning issues  at Mount Druitt, land is owned by Blacktown City Council precure land so that land is controlled  and owned by City Rail and more items.

It was suggested that the shuttle bus form part of the Masterplan and Peter Kerr's split level Car Park as well.

The meeting was therefore closed and completed around 4.05pm - started late  but finished pretty much on time!

Thank all who came and said it was professional. No thank you to the Bus operators who think Community groups are not important and don't realise  what they are saying by not turning up.

Apologies were received , from Ray Williams, Western  Sydney Parliamentary Secretary, Bart Bassett - Member for Londonderry, Richard Amery - Member for Mount Druitt and  Tanya Davies - Member for Mulgoa.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Midnight Basket Ball - An Event To Take Kids Off The Streets And enjoy

This is a great initiative to get kids of the streets, who might cause havoc around the area and place them into an activity that ca make them occupied and a stronger person within themselves!

Also these kind of programs will provide safer public transport as these children develop into better people. It is good that  the community trying to assist the young.

Hi All,
I wish to take this opportunity to give you the following information. Midnight Basketball will be commencing on 20th October 2012 from 7.30pm @ Kevin Betts Stadium, Ralph Pl, Mt Druitt then every Saturday until 8th December. If you know of someone aged from 12years >18years & lives in any of the suburbs listed below that would be interested in joining please get them to contact Red Cross Blacktown 92294272 or register online
Dinner & uniforms provided & we drive you home.
You must live in one of these suburbs to join> Bidwill,Blackett,Dharruk,Emerton,Hebersham,Lethbridge Park,Mt Druitt,Shalvey,Tregear,Whalan & Willmot.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Busways Come to Mount Druitt Community Festival - But Not to "Making A Statment Day' On PUblic Transport

Busways Bus Driver  at the Busways Stall
with John Svoboda
Yesterday, I was surprised and warm-heart to see that Busways were able to have bus drivers set up a stall, provide bus timetable and  basic relevant  information on their time table and services.

Not only that, they provided some fun activities in their stall for both children and adults like a cardboard do-it-yourself bus ways bus (as show shown on the side).

Although, it was good seeing representatives at the Mount Druitt Festival (from Busways), I was asking if they knew of our 'Making A Statement Day' on public transport and was replied 'No'. It wasn't that good that Busways neglected to send a representative to our "Making A Statement Day' on public transport  on the same day at the Hub.

The decision from the management of Busways not to take any interest in an organised public transport forum for the community within Mount Druitt,  is a complete disaster for them as they review contracts with NSW for Transport through the bus reviews.

Well they made their own statement shown on what they think of public transport, locally!

Compliment Provided By Mount Druitt Bus Commuter

On Friday night I spoke to a local bus commuter whom I have never met before and when I introduced myself, I was astound with his reply.

I know I go out to the community and promote our group, what I fail to recognize that I am promoting the kind of person I am. That is a person that highly respects Mount Druitt as a place where there is so many good quality people, maybe people that don't use public transport but as I speak to most commuters they are already a converted public transport user. I tend to focus on what is required by the individual commuter and I know that one day, some out there will listen!

I can't make promises, I don't make promises I just lobby and love lobbying!

So what did this male commuter say to me? ' I know you as you have a  such a good profile around the area   with public transport - he has read about us in the local newspapers'.

Yes, I have raise my profile as an individual but in doing so raising the image of its members and of the group! The group is not myself it is made up of hardworking volunteers!

Rooty Hill Trains Station Amenities And Possible Use Of For Ladies

Sharon from Rooty Hill travels to City Monday to Fridays by City Rail trains, has personal issues regarding the toilet amenities  at Rooty Hill.

We hope it isn't discriminatory, but  the men's toilet at Rooty is always accessible to men to use quite freely, where ladies need to seek permission to use the ladies toilets. This apparently has a detrimental affect on lady commuters, especially pregnant ladies that may not have the time to seek permission.

She claims it has been like this for the last 10 years and people do not have time to call up and complain on the 131500 line, after the event. She claims that women should have the same individual rights as men for using the toilet amenities on platforms 1-2.

Editors Notes:
My understanding of toilets, on city rail trains: is both females and males use the same toilets, being a communal amenity. As to Rooty Hill train station will refer to the City Rail, Western Line Customer Service Manager and  provide some feedback

More 776 Westbus Buses Required in Peak Time!

Warren from St Clair says the Westbus 776 should not be a half an hour service in Peak Time. He catches the bus to then St Marys and then commutes to Parramatta.

As quoted by Warren, ' If you miss one bus service it is a long frustrating wait to get to work or even home!' He suggests that a 15 minute service in Peak time  will provide an improved public transport network in the St Clair community (meeting essential demand) and promote a more reliable public transport. This new service will be more considerate and respectable for the commuters living in the area rather than leaving commuters relying on good public transport vital service, not leaving stranded

Express Trains Required For St Marys

Michael from St Marys catches the Westbus 775/776 to St Marys train station, City rail train to  Wynyard, transfers to Museum train station and then walk to Darlinghurst for his work. Wow,  bus train walk, walk, train bus!
We don't want to end up catching trains like this!

His issues are  overcrowding issues in the peak period , afternoons - he has to walk from his walk to Wynyard instead of Central train station,  which increases his chance of obtaining an available seat for him to relax on and if not, there is standing room only on the journey home. The reason he walks to Wynyard is more commuters getting on the train at Central train station.        

Michael would like to see faster train services and more increased services to St Marys train station, so that he  and others have a better livable lifestyle. The Faster trains should stop  from Centr

He is not a 100 percent sure of  but he claims in Peak time he has a train every 15 minutes, which he feels should be every 10 minutes to St Marys via  Central,Parramatta, Blacktown, Mount Druitt and then St Marys

Thursday, October 11, 2012

More Off-Peak Train Services - Glendinning Commuter!

Larry from Glendinning, drives to Blacktown train station, leaving his car at the commuter car park and then travels by City Rail from Blacktown to St Leonards. 

He would like to see improvements with older trains sometimes being cold in winter. He would like to see newer trains release into the Western Line based on NSW State Budget, yet by doing this it would make his long journey more comfortable and for other commuters.

He also thinks that in Off-peak train services should not be every half an hour, should be raised to every 15 minutes, due to the  him hating to waits to catch the train and then not to forget, he travels a long journey to work or home.

Save Our Bus Services

Read our story on how we made it our priority to ensure bus services are re-instated from services taken away in 2009.