Thursday, May 3, 2012

Safety Of Commuter For Whalan Man!

I have spoken to an inspirational Phil from Whalan, who has his own concerns of Public Transport Safety for commuters in Mount Druitt and also New South Wales. Phil is very strong with his thoughts and I feel there are other people around the community feeling the same as him.

Young hoodlums hanging around and throwing rocks at buses he feels there should be more police patrols and a strong NSW Government policy change to State laws, giving magistrates powerful decisions for more sentencing for juveniles and also making parents/guardians more liable for the outcome.

There has to be a strong determination of whether parents and guardians are responsible and if found guilty $1,000 fines plus damages. Children should be taken away placed into detention centres, where they are taught to read and write or if they are literate, then taught a trade to give them complete life confidence. This will make them face a better life instead of causing hardship and harm tom people and or any property. It is like pure democracy, living life for a few days out in the bush far away by yourself,  away from any city distractions!

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