Friday, August 31, 2012

Response To Previous Responses to Commitment Statements

Here is a quick response from the previous responses received in relation to Public Transport Commitment Statement. Now we can see that Local Transport planning is important and although not even thought of as an election issue in Local Government.

Here is Councillor Jacqueline Donaldson response by her e-mail received:

From:Jacqueline Donaldson ( 
Sent:Thursday, 30 August 2012 11:39:45 PM
To:'' (


I can respond for Ward 4 and 5 as we are experiencing problems at Mt Druitt in particular.

Labor say they are very concerned about transport yet I haven't seen them at the local Transport Symposiums or commuter group meetings, which I and The Greens candidate have attended.

Everything mentioned as approved for by Labor through Council was approved by the Liberals on Council as well.

And as I called for the report on parking meters I can tell you what Labor is saying about them is a lie.

It is easy to say you're supporting local commuters but, the proof is in what you actually do. Actions speak much louder than any amount of words as they say so perhaps these Labor Councillor's will actually attend the next MDCIGI meeting as I know I will be.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Good Deed Done For Commuter Heading Wrong Direction!

Boy oh Boy do I love people with French accents!

You're now saying to yourself hat do you mean about this John?

Well this afternoon at Parramatta train station, I was speaking to a young man who had just arrived in Australia  on a working visa and as I was promoting our group to him, a french accent came out. Well my limited french language came out and he understood. Then as  the Mount Druitt train arrived, I asked where was he living - he said Surry Hills! Well that was good until he was pointing his fingers in a westerly direction. As I asked where out west he was going he looked stunned and said Surry Hills - so I quickly advised him he needed to go to platform 1 (opposite  platform 2 where  we were standing)!

He politely thanked myself as he realised he was heading the wrong direction and  left for platform one as his train was also nearing there. Well I did a good deed  for some one! I'm glad that h didn't hop on and  realised in Penrith, he was  going the wrong direction - then would have been too late!

Further Responses From Candidate George Nicoliades Independent Ward 4, Black City Council

Here is an independent that has responded in quick time to provide his commitment of public transport, which I tend to agree on - consultation with community groups. Not just our MDCIG but active community groups, who  can provide input.

Candidate George Nicoliades. Independent Candidate in Ward 4, Blacktown City Council! Here is his e-mail:

To Svoboda
From:george nicolaidis ( 
Sent:Thursday, 30 August 2012 4:45:07 PM
To:Svoboda (
As I have stated, there should a complete review of existing public transport system in the Mt.Druitt-Rooty-Hill localities, involving community reprersentataqtives and the responsible transport authorities

Second Response Councillor Charlie Lowles, Blacktown City Council, Ward 5 - Supports Councillor Stephen Bali's Statement On Labor's Local Good Public Transport Policy!

Second response is from Councillor Charlie Lowles, Labor Ward 5, Blacktown City Council. We thank Councillor Lowles for  providing us  further support in relation to local public transport and also appreciate his quick response to our e-mail

Here is his response:

To John Svoboda
From:Charlie Lowles ( 
Sent:Thursday, 30 August 2012 9:36:48 AM
To:John Svoboda (

Hi John

We have had long discussions on the provision of Good public transport policy within our Local Labor Group, to our local areas.

The statement issued by Clr Bali is our policy and has been for a number of years.

Thank you for the opportunity to put our position before your group.
As you can see they are are not empty promises , But a real agenda for serving the community we represent .

Best wishes and have a nice day John

First Response Councillor Stephen Bali, Blacktown City Council, Ward 4 - 0n Behalf Of Labor Candidates Ward 4 & 5 - Achievements & Future Vision Provided!

Here is the first response from Blacktown City Councillor,
Stephen Bali, Labor Party  for Ward 4, on behalf of Councillors 
and Candidates of Labor Party  in Ward 4 and 5, for the 8th
 September 2012 Council Elections.
It is good to get to get Labor's Local Government of the day' feedback on important public transport  improvement done in the past and what is visioned for the future. Support  for the Mount Druitt Free Bus Shuttle is encouraging, as this means all major parties support it.
The 'support  to work with us (on behalf of Commuters of Mount Druitt Commuters)', is encouraging and we look forward to any Labor party candidates/Councillors to hold further communication with us for future public transport improvements.
Here is the e-mail received:
From:Stephen Bali (
Sent:Thursday, 30 August 2012 1:35:26 AM
To:John Svoboda (

Thanks for the opportunity to respond to your request as to our vision and policies for transport. 
During our term of Council, together with Cr Atalla, Lowles & Bleasdale we have worked hard to deliver better services for our local commuters.  We have achieved:
  • Increased footpath paving in streets close to Mt Druitt station, so as every street has at least one side with a footpath;
  • Increased substantially free carparking spaces at Mt Druitt, Rooty Hill & Doonside Station;
  • Lobbied successfully the previous NSW Labor Government to have commuter carparking stations built in Mt Druitt and Blacktown;
  • Spent over $2 million for shopping centre improvements and renewal at Mt Druitt village, Rooty Hill and Doonside;
  • Increased disability parking bays near the railway station;
  • Continually lobbying the State Rail to clean their property around Mt Druitt station;
  • Successfully lobbied the former State Labor Government to have a free shuttle bus service in Blacktown and they were working out a route in Mt Druitt when they lost office.
  • Successfully lobbied & supported residents gathering petitions for lifts at Doonside railway station.  The planning and design work for lifts were completed but the incoming State Liberal Government did not fund the building of lifts at Doonside;
  • Support the residents petition for the installation of lifts at Rooty Hill Station;
  • Labor Councillors rearranged the budget to build a 4 lane road at Knox Rd with traffic lights and expanding the overhead bridge to 4 lanes at a cost of $10million.  The State Liberal Government refuse to upgrade Duke Street & the rail bridge after extensive lobbying.
  • We conducted a Job summit involving education providers, major corporarations, small businesses and government agencies with a major outcome being to continue to lobby Government, business and bus companies to provide proper bus services from our residential areas to the numerous business and commerical parks around the City of Blacktown.
As it can be seen from the above (and we could add much more), we the Labor Councillors of Ward 4 and Ward 5, have been working hard and as an effective team to deliver outcomes for our local community.

Our Vision is to support local residents in their ability to use public transport for work, pleasure and shopping.  A truly integrated public transport system not only saves the environment but enhances community living and security through interaction.

But, we do not stand for the introduction of parking meters (with the proposal of charging upto $10 per day) so as to subsidise the bus shuttle in Mt Druitt as stated by a Liberal councillor.  Labor has delivered a free bus shuttle service and we expect the current NSW Liberal Government to honour the Labor plan of the Mt Druitt bus shuttle as well as lifts at our local stations.

We do not just mouth of at election time, Labor Councillors deliver during the whole term of Council.

We look forward to working with you in delivering real outcomes for our local resident.


Stephen Bali

Labor Candidate for Ward 4

Public Transport Councillor/Candidate Commitment Statements Offered to All Councillors//Candidates of Blacktown City Council (who have e-mails as one point of contact)

Sometimes I stay up late at night, trying to work out ways in how we can engage certain stake holders in discussing the importance of public transport in our local community: looking how at commuters and more commuters can be provided with improved public transport. Last night, it was local Candidates/Councillors of Blacktown City Council. So here is the e-mail sent, which is self-explanatory and responses will be placed on next blogs:

From:John Svoboda (
Sent:Thursday, 30 August 2012 12:15:54 AM
To:Neria Soliman (; Charlie Lowles (; Kathie Collins (; Winsom Matthews (; Paul Taylor (; Tony Bleasdale (; Joan McIntyre (; George Nicoliadis (;; Alan Pendleton (; Leo Kelly (;; Julie Griffiths (; Russ Dickens (; Jess Diaz (; Edmond Atalla (; Stephen Bali (; Kumar Satish (; Bernie Gesling (; Len Robinson (; Colin Attwood (; WAlter Smith (; Ron Alder (; Rosarie Bonham (;;
Good Evening Blacktown Council Councillors/Candidates,

We are a public transport group  within Blacktown LGA and concentrating within and around  Mount Druitt.

Today we have released our ' Public Transport Councillor/ Candidate Commitment Statement' - which is self-explanatory. Some of you I have contacted by phone and or e-mail before. Some of you have responded to us about your public transport goals etc. We have made history in doing this for the first time  in Blacktown City Council, as far as we are aware and if you would like to take part in the history, this is your chance.

Some of the candidates in Wards 1,2 and 3 maybe be saying we  don't have to commit to Mount Druitt etc, but you have to understand in Council meetings it is the sole responsibility of all Councillors that vote on any particular area, thus we seek your response.

Once we received your signed  'Public Transport Councillor/ Candidate Commitment Statement', we will upload it on 

Here it how you obtain the document: enter website:  and then download document fill in the spaces ( refer to our  blog: ) and e-mail a signed copy to our return e-mail. Simple as that! 

Don't forget local public transport planning decision happen from a local aspect first and rubber stamped by the State Government!

Hoping to hear form you - If you know of any other candidates that may wish to respond - please advise them as well


John Svoboda
Mount Druitt Commuters Improvement Group

Click below  for the original Launch yesterday of :
Launch of our MDCIG Public Transport Councillor/Candidate Commitment Statement

Simple Solution To Lost Concession Cards

A young UWS Student from Rooty Hill travels most of the week in different directions: oh=she travels North to UWS Richmond and then To UWS  Campbelltown  in the South of Western Sydney. This is expansive travelling corridors in two directions!

She claims that recently she lost her student ID's and concession card, which placed her in a spot of bother one day! She obtained her new  Student Id but needed  the concession card as quick as possible as each replacement costed $25. She has e-nailed her request for a concession card, but was one day caught without the concession card and lucky enough she provide her copy of application for the new concession card via City Rail. 

A suggestion would be that City Rail could provide by return e-mail a  temporary concession card, until the new one is replaced by City Rail. This will prevent any fines or infringement to be imposed if any other University Students  have this  same situation happen to them!
Editors notes: Simple idea to a simple solution - I think this is good!

Windsor Commuter Requests For A Bar Carriage

Grant from Windsor has just recently lost his drivers licence  for a current indefinite period and now understands the importance of having pa system of having public transport in our front door (so to say).

He has been travelling for the last week  from Windsor by train to Smithfield by bus and return. Whilst doing so, he transfers at Granville train station and then transfers to Fairfield, where he transfers for a bus to Smithfield.

Grant considers public transport is pretty good and  overall connections are good. He doesn't know why people complain about Public transport.

The only improvement he would like to see on  the train is an over 18's bar in one carriage that he claims will provide better comfort for  commuters as they are totally relaxing as long as they drink responsibly and/or respectively to other commuters. He  was strong on that under no circumstances any child would be allowed on the carriage. and if a lot of commuters abuse their privilege  then this improvement should be removed and scrapped straight away!

I wonder if he wants first class bar carriages?

Save Our Bus Services

Read our story on how we made it our priority to ensure bus services are re-instated from services taken away in 2009.