Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Extended Bus Services Required in South St Marys!

Karen from South St Marys has issues with Westbus 771 from St Marys to Mount Druitt via Colyton, which is an hourly service that has been reduced recently, affecting the elderly around Colyton area. Before it was a half-hourly service, which accommodated  for all commuters and provided a much better efficient service, then now.

Apparently Westbus 771 buses does not arrive to time table times and a lot of times arrive and leave early. Karen has a bus stop outside her property and she has to arrive at the bus stop 10-15 minutes earlier. and other times later. If services are missed, then then is a long hourly wait.

Her daughter has to reach her work at Mount Druitt one hour early and 'hang around' Mount Druitt until she starts work in K-Mart. This is because if the misses the one that gets to work on time she will arrive to work one hour later!

Karen would like to request for more trains to stop at St Marys train station as this morning around 9.50am - 10.20am - three express  trains passed St Marys until her train arrived.

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