Thursday, September 29, 2011

Survey NSW Taxi Council

Received E-mail from the Nsw Taxi  which explains survey details:

Good morning,

Please note our latest survey (Social Media) is now available on the NSW Taxi Council website: or by clicking on the link below:
Stephen Butt CSM
Assistant Executive Officer
NSW Taxi Council Ltd
Tel:  (02) 9332 1266
Fax: (02) 9360 1675
“Don’t forget to compliment your NSW cabbie on 1800 648 478”

NSW Transport Railcorp Media Release - My Train Tickets

Friday, 23 September 2011
Free day of travel on MyTrain tickets purchased next week
CityRail customers will get a free day of travel when purchasing a seven day or 14 day MyTrain ticket next week due to the Labour Day Long Weekend.
CityRail’s Acting Chief Operating Officer, Tony Eid said the offer applies to seven and 14 day MyTrain tickets purchased between Sunday September 25 and Saturday October 1.
“Weeklies will be valid for eight days and fortnightly tickets for 15 days if purchased any time between Sunday 25 September and Saturday 1 October inclusive,” Mr Eid said.
“That’s a free day of extra travel for anyone buying their weekly or fortnightly MyTrain ticket next week. The new expiry date is automatically added to these tickets.
“These ‘stretchy tickets’ have the added benefit of helping to reduce queues on the Tuesday morning after the long weekend when people head back to work.
“Staggering expiry dates has proven successful in reducing ticket queues at some of our busiest stations,” Mr Eid said.
The offer only applies to weekly and 14 day MyTrain tickets and does not apply to MyMulti tickets or tickets topped up at a ticket vending machine.
Customers are also reminded they can take advantage of reduced fares on monthly, quarterly and yearly train tickets. Thousands of customers are purchasing longer term ticket since prices dropped by nine per cent on 1 July.
As well as saving customers money, the cheaper longer term tickets are helping to reduce queues.
For more information or to buy your tickets online visit
For media inquiries RailCorp Media on (02) 8922 4346

I wonder if this happens fo My Multi Tickets as well!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Seven Hills Trains Should Be A 'Hot' Issue Not 'Cold'

A nice gentleman who works hard in the City of Sydney, ,living in Toongabbie explained to me, that in the last year he was happy with the train service of the western line, except that there was on cancellation. His personal request is that the 6.15am train from Seven Hills to City is freezing cold in winter - needs warmer trains for  winter times!

We note this seems to be a similar issue that pops up a lot so we hope that transport officers/ stake holders listen and learn and provide better comfort if not  now , ready for next years winter!

From this:

To this:

Or at least half this temperature gage!

Request For Cleaned Up Trains!

That's true! A wonderful man can Manfred from Mount Druitt claims the issues are in Mount Druitt a lot of rubbish left on trains by commuter and claims it is up to the commuters or people to change  for health and cleanliness reasons on trains.

'The New South Wales Government should be educating the very young at all New South Wales schools to providing a cleaner train and then that will provide the self respect that is need to start from the young children, so people have cleaner train carriages', as bellow:

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Annual Zest Awards - 2012

Yes, here is your chance to nominate someone or a group for the Greater Western Sydney Community Services Sector  2nd Annual Zest Awards 2012.

I was nominated last  year under the 'Outstanding Community Leader 2011' , Wayne Lu was nominated for 'Outstanding Youth Leader 2011' and  'Save Our Bus Services' was nominated as 'Outstanding Voluntary Group/Organisation Group 2011'.

Just being nominated was great on all aspects, in was an honorary occasion for me and the group. Now we have moved into  different aspects of  transport and are heading the right way to improve the  public transport in and around Mount Druitt, people look at us.

Here is the link for further details, should you wish to be involved:

Nominations close; 25/11/2011

Monday, September 26, 2011

How I Would Like To See Bus Stop Shelters In Mount Druitt, Blacktown LGA And The Greater Western Sydney

So this is  how I think we should have bus stops around the area (excluding the kangaroo). It gives great protection to  bus commuters against rain and heat. I wonder if you can guess where these stops are currently based at.- The Nationals Capital City?

Friday, September 23, 2011

Clean Trains by Commuters Required By A Commuter

Another nice person recently migrated to Australia, Michael from Mount Druitt has been talking  to me about his 'pet hate'  commuters throwing their own rubbish on trains. his solution is it is up the people to change it  to keep good standards on health and cleanliness on trains.

NSW Government should provide education at an very young or early age to schools about keeping public transport cleaner and then maybe they will make then have more respect for themselves, family,and the wider community- great idea!

Drivers Concerned On Safety Issues - Mount Druitt St Marys Standard

Bus drivers  having been meeting together ( without seeking support from the community) regarding the spate of anti-social issues that have occurred of recent. We have previously invited the driver's union to our meeting and had drawn a nil response so far. Here is the story:

We Do Not Support - Commuters Doing Any Anti-Social Behaviours!

Here is a story in the Mount Druitt - Standard this week which has raised  my eyes. Why do people work against any transport officers, especially bus drivers? For someone to be consistently providing problems to drivers is a worry itself.  My feeling is they don't seem to have an understanding ho there can be repercussions to them self first and others.

If ever this person reads this blog, we wish this person to rethink their attitude towards drivers, no matter what the reason as they are only doing their job. If there are(is) issues that make you anti-social - you may need to seek professional advice and this may assist the way you react to drivers, your emotions and be like the majority of commuters - be happy and enjoy the driving! Here is the story:

Transport Is on The Move - Sydney Alliance

I can now reveal that I am wearing a third and last voluntary cap, within the wider Sydney Community. An organisation of organisations that involves unions, religious and community groups working in harmony for the common good of civil society.

On the foundation day 15th September 2011, the organisers of the Sydney Alliance  showed how civil society with over 45 different organisations can work together (not looking at differences)  for what we all want in life goals. Everyone wants a better life, how and what sort of life is pretty much what we all want at the end of any day.

Imman's sitting alongside bishops and also Rabbi's, women's &  migrant groups sitting alongside community groups and different unions sitting alongside other unions. And even I have  made 2 connections: first one locally within the community and the second one within my heart.

The first one was Gwen from Shalvey that was one of the transport speakers talking on her real story of how she struggles - when Busways bus services of 755 have been taken away from her street, leaving her to walk 15 minutes to the next nearest street for bus stop and then if bus is missed then half an hour wait for next service. Gwen had known of our group but had not known where and when we were meeting - a bus driver told her of our group. This is is where I have made my connection locally and Gwen has attended our first meeting today.

The second is from the the heart: that is treat people  for who they are - not what you want them to be. I have normally been fair but  need to be a lot fairer on my judgements of people. So that means be encouraging to them, don't let them down!

Thank you Sydney Alliance for you making these connections for us and me!

Here is the link to Sydney Alliance: SydneyAll...jpg in slide show

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Western Sydney Cabinet Community Forum - Mount Druitt - St Marys Standard

Here is the story that covered the community forum the other night by the Mount Druitt St Marys Standard.  Although this story was covered by us on a different view  on anther previous blog it is good to see that The NSW Government does want to hear from us ( the community).Some of the feedback I have encountered since the night of the forum is it may need to be done regularly in Western Sydney, but in different places.

This would give an opportunity for most community members to provide a voice and the Government to hear - Imagine if they have it in Blacktown area - the seat of the current opposition leader, Mr. John Robertson.

Here is the article regarding the Forum I had attended too the other day:

Taxi Driver Attacked - St Marys - Mount Druitt Standard

This is not the behavior we want in Mount Druitt, Western Sydney, Sydney or the World: can't there be eternal peace among everyone's mind:

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sydney Alliance Foundation Day - Media Release

I just received this media release today - Sydney Alliance is working on Transport issues for the common good of civil society -

September 13th 2011
Sydney Alliance: The way to have your say
Half a million Sydneysiders to create change and opportunity and improve the city
p a truly democratic voice that's able to function beyond the vote. On Thursday we can come together so the city can hear the power of our vision for the city. “

Many in Sydney feel isolated, frustrated or helpless at some point in their day. The ability to get around, reliable access to health and care and feeling connected to others are important aspects of living happily in a large city. Many also feel disconnected from political life.

The Sydney Alliance began in June 2007. Over the past four years it has forged a relationship between seemingly disparate organisations, to create a platform for achieving change in Sydney. Over 500,000 Sydneysiders involved with 40 member associations make up the Sydney Alliance.

The Sydney Alliance’s agenda for the common good will be launched at its founding assembly on Thursday 15 September at Sydney Town Hall.

Randa Kattan, the Alliance chair said: “The Sydney Alliance is a new voice for the community. It brings together organisations that have not traditionally worked together to improve the city.”
Amanda Tattersall, Director of The Sydney Alliance said: “The Sydney Alliance is an antidote to sound bite politics – we have slowly built trusting relationships between schools, churches, temples, unions, mosques and community organisations across the city.”

Since June 2007, 1200 community leaders have been trained and 6500 people from member organisations have actively told us what they would like to change about the city. This process was thorough, and many concerns were raised by members. Three focus areas have been prioritised:
·     Transport (because people were frustrated getting around)
·     Social inclusion (because people weren’t getting along)
·     Community care and health (because people were falling through the cracks)

Randa Kattan, said: “Through a unique listening and self organising process, the Sydney Alliance has unraveled the sentiment of Sydneysiders. We have distilled the main themes into a vision, enabling an opportunity for decision makers to take stock of what's really going on. The Sydney Alliance provides a framework to develo
**Media Events** 
Thursday 15 September
11.00amPress conference: Sydney Town Hall Vestibule (enter via front stairs)
Interview, filming, and photo opportunity
Speakers from the Alliance partner organisations and featuring some of the stories of Sydney that will showcase at the Assembly in the night.
6.30pm for 7,00pm startThe Sydney Alliance Founding Assembly 
The Sydney Alliance launches publicly at 7.00pm on Thursday, September 15 at Sydney Town Hall. Arrive and be seated at 6:30pm
Individuals will tell stories that highlight the issues that the Sydney Alliance will work to remedy. Political leaders from the NSW Government will address the Assembly and harness the opportunity to engage with the Sydney Alliance and will discuss changes Sydneysiders are calling for.


Purpose of The Sydney Alliance: To advance the common good and achieve a fair, just and sustainable city. We bring together diverse community organisations, unions and religious organizations. The Sydney Alliance is a non-party political organisation. 

Who We Are: Our members are 40 community organisations, educational institutions, trade union
 , faith and religious groups, that involve over 500 000 Sydneysiders (as of 7 September 2011). 

Funding: The majority of funding comes from contributions from our member organisations. We also receive donations from small businesses and individual donors known as “friends of the Sydney Alliance”. We receive no government funding.

Power through Community Organising: We use a model of community organising fashioned on similar models used in the U.S and Britain. The US President Barack Obama was a community organiser and did training with our sister organisation in the 1980s. Citizens UK has operated for 15 years ( <> ) and has a working relationship with Prime Minister David Cameron and the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson. Our approach intentionally builds relationships within and between community-based organisations, supporting the active participation of citizens through their church and faith groups, unions and community organisations. 

website: <

Media Contact: Sara Irvine, 402 982 002

Doonside Commuter With Zoning Issues!

Today, I was  met a wonderful man from Doonside, Haris, is a commuter that travels to and from Central for the last 4 years and when he travels on the outward journey in the afternoon. he then catches a nap of sleep ( not needing an alarm clock to wake himself up),and wakes up at Westmead, ready to depart the train at Doonside.

Haris tells me that because he catches his train in Doonside his weekly Cityrail ticket is $47.00 per week. Yet if he  catches the train one stop closer to Sydney City at Blacktown then the City Rail fare is $33.00 per week. So he pays extra $14.00 per week for living one stop further out west. This would be the same with all commuters in Doonside. maybe a fairer ticketing system might come in place.

He is also worried when fares keep on increasing,and the NSW Government ends up with no budget for transport.Haris cannot see where the money is being spent ( extra) when these fares go up!

Haris also sated that he felt with anti-social issues there are sometime commuters drunk on trains abusing other commuters for no reason and there is no protection for the commuters the. He doesn't feel that Police with solve the issue - until I explained that Police have more powers than State transit Officers. He does believe that security type guards are required to patrol trains and train stations, as appearance and presence can deter potential anti-social behaviours.

I added to this that one day there may be random breath tests for drugs and  over the limit alcohol commuters - which, if they were not in a position to act co-ordually, maybe placed ino overnight police stations to cool off! Just more thoughts!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

More Politicians Should Travel Public Transport

A male commuter yesterday told me he would like all NSW Politicians to travel by public transport within their electorates and also to NSW parliament house. Then they can sustain some agony when air conditioners are not working in heat or  heating in cold, some anti-social issues that may happen as well.

This was one good thing about Allan Shearan - he always travelled to NSW Parliament by train - I don't remember if he told me that he caught buses to work!

Connie has issue with 131500

Connie  explained to me that when she ring 131500 and speaks to a telephone operator and show her bus stops near traffic lights,  pedestrian crossing or street crossing - they cannot locate the bus stops on their maps.

City Rail Buses Replacing Trains - Mount Druitt

Peter, our group member had to go to Parramatta  on the 10th September from Mount Druitt. It was the weekend  where buses replaced trains. Six  all stops to  city passed him, waiting 45 minutes until the express bus came from Mount Druitt. that was  was a long time to wait just for one bus and the travel to Parramatta also took a further 50 minutes to an hour.

Lethbridge Park Commuter Walks.....

David from Lethbridge Park told me on the 10th September that after waiting for 10 minutes for a bus, if the bus doesn't arrive, he will start walking all the way to Mount Druitt.

So this proves that we need bus services to return to make it easier for stranded commuters!

New South Wales Challenge to Cabinet Minsters - re Community Forum!

Whilst travelling on the train back home yesterday, there was an elderly gentleman who was talking about the community forum, he knew about, claims that both Liberals and Labor parties have nothing in common and claims neither can govern our country. He admitted he was a 'Greens' voter and claims while we were on a train that the air conditioning wasn't working that should have been changed by the new New South Wales Government.

I advised him I will be going as I have an interest in it! The gentleman beside me said all politicians should travel by train on a  air-conditioned new train - on an extremely hot day. So they can feel hat commuters feel! We will see if this happen!

Western Sydney Community Meets NSW Cabinet In St Marys Leagues!

I was a bit apprehensive about how the community would react to a NSW Liberal State Government leading an  open community forum - for all to discuss. Yet I was proven wrong - there was no hostility and the Western Sydney community was well behaved! It was held in  Bart Bassett's Londonderry State seat.

Bart Bassett,
NSW Member for Londonderry
I nearly was the first one to open the forum with a question, when Stuart Ayres pointed in my direction, asked me to speak as a young man in blue shirt - but my co-member because became the young man and got his question through on the North West Rail Link. I then had to wait my turn.

There were various question s asked by the community and eventually the basic outcome I got is NSW Government has a growing population and they are looking at pockets of lands on the outskirts of Sydney to ensure there is enough housing for the growing Sydney and in doing so, have in place future plans to cater for growth - which will generate a growing economy.

NSW Cabinet Ministers

NSW Premier,
Barry O'Farrell
Then came my turn to ask  my question - I came in unprepared - but I knew I had to ask a question that nobody would ask, be afraid to ask and stand up for the Mount Druitt & Western Sydney community.  So it was around, 'What security measures  can NSW Government do make Mount Druitt, St Marys, Penrith and the greater western Sydney a safer place for commuters in relation to anti-social behaviours. The response first came from the Minister of Transport Gladys Berejiklian  with what has been commence 'Angels on trains and  more security cameras on train stations etc' - Barry O'Farrell, NSW Premier, advised of concerns he has for graffiti artists and that if a  teenager has committed  these offences and they have a driving licence -  that these youths faces magistrates in court and receive penalties that are not just financial but personally by extending their 'P' plate licence for an extra year or similar - he also spoke about funding of approximately $55M to alleviate these problems the government is spending.

I found it very pleasing that both the government members addressed myself as 'John' and treated me as if they knew me for a little long time!

More NSW Cabinet Ministers

Monday, September 19, 2011

Melbourne Train Commuter On City Rail Trains...

A former Melbourne train commuter has given me an insight on differences of trains Melbourne to Sydney:

  • Melbourne trains are cleaner than Sydney 
  • In Sydney if you bring a dog with you you get charged a fine of $400- $450.00. 
  • In Melbourne no problems bringing your dog on the train except not to be placed on the train seats.

My comments are: I am pretty sure that in my younger days I would see blind people with Labrador dogs actually boarding, travelling and departing trains were in New South Wales. I do remember that sometimes the dogs smelled but my worry would be who cleans up any mess, left over?

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Blake Never Ceases To Amaze Me!

Yes, as we know from other blogs, young Blake has been redesigning bus routes, developed a Light Rail plan and I believe he is  going over and beyond - I wonder if the Right Hon. Gladys Berejiklian NSW Minister for Transport can take him at his age into her planning department?

Londonderry Electoral Officer Meets Our Group - And Listens!

We had our  group meeting today, with a reasonably great turnout of members and new members, whilst meeting our first ever guest - Michael Creed - Electoral officer for the Member of Londonderry, Right Hon. Bart Bassett.

Members present their own issues - Wilmot - no extra buses just buses that don't run early!  Gasmatta Crescent, Whalan wants a full service and not older style buses. 755 to be fully restored straight to Blacktown\via Plumpton Shops! Return of 762 to Bidwill . More evening, and early morning bus services enabling people to get to job interviews, meeting families around the area or even in other areas around Sydney or even out of Sydney.

From here we proposed and showed the free bus shuttle run which Blake  has proposed - although it was 16 bus stops it needed to be reduced to 9 or 10 bus stops. So I am sure that Blake will work on it - Michael advised the concept, it was something that would be beneficial to the Mount Druitt commuters and he would refer to the member Bart Bassett, as  the electorate runs inside the western side of the route.

Michael explained that although we  have a lot of demands - not all will be met overnight and will be referred too. It was pleasing that at the end of the meeting it was acknowledged that he listened! We will come back to you with further feedback!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Western Sydney Public Transport Users - NSW Budget 2012

Here is the details of the  budget regarding budget for Transport - there are some that WSPTU have lobbied for:

Blacktown City Council - Social Plan 2012 Survey

Here is a survey you can obtain from the Mount Druitt Library ( and I'm sure other Libraries around Blacktown Local Government Association as well as Blacktown City Council itself), where it touches on transport and your thoughts on transport  and other issues.

This is a good opportunity to complete it and be part of a survey that may change the thinking ways of your local council in Mount Druitt. I would suggest get there, grab one fill it in and ensure Council gets it filled in. You may even be involved in Council's future surveys and focus groups if you complete your own details on the back of the survey form.

Better still, you can complete this survey online here in the link

What Makes Buses Late?

When we think about it there is a lot of things that make buses late and I have provided a short list of what may excuses may be used:

  • Bus running out of gas
  • Bus  bypassing bus stop being re-diverted to a different route
  • Commuter mistiming their wait at bus stop.
  • Flat tyre
  • Stalled engine
  • Bus accident
  • Incorrect fare paying commuters
  • time allowed for  parents with young children, disabled and elderly commuters room to enter and leave the bus (Bus drivers are allowed 30 seconds per stop)    
  • Bus drivers not turning up due to sickness
  • And ( as I found out recently), bus driver driving out of the depot with the correct bur on his computer list but  the depot yardsman telling him to go back and take a different bus number ( even though the bus you have is no problems and correct) - this in itself takes ten minutes.
  • Anti-social behaviours against drivers/commuters                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Western Sydney Public Transport Users AGM Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the day when the WSPTU elects members from groups to the WSPTU Steering Committee, from there it is up to the Committee to nominate for Committee Positions.

I personally would like to thanks John Seedsman  our Intern President/Treasurer who has Steered our Committee to where we are today!

I have also heard that WSPTU will be a group that is listened by the NSW Transport Minister, Gladys Berejiklian. We will we an important voice for the commuters of Western Sydney.Isn't that great?

Friday, September 9, 2011

Young Lady With Wishes Of More Busways 755!

I meet a lovely young 19 year old lady who was walking back with me almost home tonight and she had explained  that her only wishing that she  wished she would have more Busways 755 bus services.

Her issues are longer walker to reach bus stops, thus less time to get to places and also less frequent Busways 755 bus services. When you are forced to walk down dark  walkways at night - it can become a bit frightful!
Again, we stress how important it is to bring back the full bus services that were taken away by the  last bus review with the last NSW Government!

Opportunity For All Commuters To Meet The NSW Cabinet

I have never been given a chance to meet so many parliamentarians  in one place at all, even locally. I have spoken and dealt with Members of Parliament Federal, State and Local Government and what I find they are all people : like you and me.

This night gives us an opportunity to meet them all and maybe have your say to them - hopefully, peacefully. We understand with transport that Western Sydney has been funded in the right direction, so in this years budget. Western Sydney has been focused on so much until last New South Wales State Election. A lot of the elderly population of the Western Sydney may have been mostly brought up in Sydney Eastern Suburbs before as I have discovered some some of our group members.

This is a good stance the government is having, which I believe The Australian Federal Government has been doing for a few years. My understanding is the NSW Cabinet will be completing their Cabinet meeting prior to Public Forum. What will be exciting will be meeting both the Premier and the Minister of Western Sydney in one handshake, Mr. Barry O'Farrell. I encourage all of you to attend, if you can make it but book first.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Return of 761 Bus Service - St Marys Mount Druitt Star 31/8/2011

Here is the story that  the St Marys- Mount Druitt Star has printed - originally from our blog - Thank you Kylie  from the Star!

Transport A Big Plus Western Sydney - Mount Druitt St Marys Standard 7/9

Here is some exerts from the Mount Druitt St Marys Standard -  confirming what the NSW Governments commitment to spending more on public transport in the Western Sydney in this years budget. What we will need to see in Mount Druitt is see what improvements we get. Is it what we the commuters of Mount Druitt want and has the new NSW Government listened to our pledges and pleas?

Richard Amery

To both Richard Amery and Barry O'Farrell - we thank both Government for commencing construction and continuing with the Mount Druitt Commuters Car Park, until completion They have both gone in the right and right direction to bringing a better and improved Mount Druitt Transport Infrastructure. This will make more people leave their cars at work and  bring them right into public transport. What we need as a transport community

This is where across the NSW State, transport has been noticed as an important political issue to fix and improve. We are a growing State, City, Western Sydney Region and Mount Druitt Town, moving with population growth which means that you do not leave transport alone in some areas and fix them in other areas. In the inner city of Sydney we have efficient buses,  at least every five minutes on major roads. Let us see how  the NSW Government focuses on important essential services vital to everyone daily needs to get to all places at all times, with complete safety provided as well.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

NSW Government's Forecast Transport Budget Heading The Right Direction!

As long as the NSW Government keeps it promises it is heading towards the right direct with increasing transport infrastructure, especial in Western Sydney and most importantly for  us Mount Druitt - we are being heard!. Here is an extract from the following website:

Click here:

In 2011-12, the total spending on transport and roads will be $13.1 billion. This covers:
$7.7 billion on operating and expanding public transport services
$5.4 billion for roads and maritime services.

Rail Services
$314 million to develop the 23-kilometre North West Rail Link
$292 million to continue the $2.1 billion South West Rail Link
$103 million to expand light rail in central Sydney and the inner west, integrating it with other forms of transport
$51 million to start building the Wynyard Walk
$159 million for the Country Regional Network
$198 million for the Rail Clearways Program
$106 million to improve infrastructure to meet the needs of new Waratah trains
$152 million to buy and upgrade rollingstock
$7.5 million for a new program to boost Easy Access upgrades and $22.5 million on programmed Easy Access station upgrades
$16.9 million as part of an increased commitment to spend $40 million over four years for Park and Travel Safety improvements
$102 million over four years to provide more express rail services $2 million to conduct a study of North
Coast rail services.

Bus Services
purchase 261 new buses, worth $118.8 million
$45 million for new bus depots
$7.6 million over four years to increase Nightride bus services
$9.2 million over four years to continue support for free bus services
$3 million for studies into a bus rapid transit system for the northern beaches.

Ferry Services
continuing the Fixing Sydney Ferries program, by franchising Sydney Ferries, restoring and expanding services, upgrading wharves and looking at fleet replacement
an additional $7.5 million over four years to improve ferry wharves.

Transport Interchanges and Commuter Car Parks
$76 million on interchanges and car parks.

Ticketing, Concessions and Community Transport
$110 million to deliver a fast, convenient and integrated electronic ticketing system for greater Sydney
Providing schemes for pensioners, tertiary students, people with disabilities and others using public transport,  estimated at $438 million
Subsidising travel under the School Student Transport Scheme, estimated at $550 million
an extra $12 million over four years to boost community transport services
$1.6 million over four years to deliver free seniors’ photo cards to eligible Seniors, Card holders and older people receiving a disability support pension.

And from the Minister of Western Sydney Website:

More than $400 million will be invested in delivering new transport infrastructure including $278 million towards the construction of the South West Rail Link and $7 million towards a new bus depot in the Parramatta area to increase capacity and operating services in Western Sydney;

I have heard that Penrith and Mount Druitt Train Stations get an upgrade will update when further news comes through! This will be good news if this is confirmed.

Monday, September 5, 2011

In A Perfect Public Transport World....

 And In perfect Public Transport World.....
  • There would be no angry transport officers.
  • Trains, buses, ferries and light rail would always be efficient.
  • Taxi.drivers will meet, greet, be polite and announce fares and route destinations prior to commuters departure on their journey.
  • Connections to other forms of transport will limit time waiting for the new connection to arrive.
  • Fares on all transport will be cost effective for all transport commuters.
  • One single, return, weekly, monthly and yearly ticket to pay for all metropolitan buses, trains and light rail as on trains, buses and ferries.
  • You will be told when to step off your bus and or train.
  • As a cyclist other vehicles with give way to you.
  • Electronic Transport Cards (Electronic Ticketing System) will allow to enter and sit down on public transport without searching for coins!
  • You would have to complain about service as a commuter.
  • All commuters to ride comfortably on all forms of transport.
So in a perfect public transport world what is your perfect public transport world.......................

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Iraqi Gentleman Likes Our Group

A gentleman you would have never suspected coming from Iraq I met on the train from Parramatta to Blacktown , was very nice in saying that people need groups like ours to keep the government at pace. He thought that is was interesting that we have interest blogs/stories that can educate commuters travelling around Western Sydney. 

He advised he will keep in touch with the blog and recommend it to his friends!!!!!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Another Reason We Need A Free Bus Shuttle Loop Around Mount Druitt!

Parramatta will have 2 free bus shuttles - this is due to the success of the first one - read story

This could be a reflection as what happens to the Mount Druitt Free Bus Shuttle Loop if we have one - progress for all!

Cars Parking At Taxi Stands In Plumpton Shops!

Yes this is true,  according to Paul from Blackett, that most of the time he catches taxis outside the Taxi stand at Plumpton Shops, there are private cars  parked blocking arrival of taxis.

The management of Plumpton Shops have been approached to request security guards to ensure there are no private cars on the taxi  - so far fallen on deaf ears. We will see if we can assist him with his inquiries and provide a further update. So far there are no fines issues or provided for this unfair practice.

This holds up commuters that need that essential public transport to take them home or their destination. Any delay is not required.

Free Bus Shuttle Blog is Number 1 - MDCIG Blog

Yes, it had just takn just over a  month but  the following blog hit number 1 Blog just 2 days ago - that means there is general interest whether there a need for one or not.

So far 365 hits

Although the feeling I am getting is we need it and  want it - the only questions is who pays for it - well we can leave that to others to work out. As the Proposed Free Bus Shuttle for Mount Druitt will benefit all business within it's route, there could be suggestion placed that  businesses around the route will provide financial support. That can be discussed as time comes.

Cyclists With Bike Dilemma In Mount Druitt

Gary, a Mount Druitt cyclist finds cycling a fit way to get to and from work on a daily basis (better leaving the car at home), but has found trouble when an expensive bike he was using was stolen from the Mount Druitt bike rake, outside the train station.

I thought there would be better camera security in this area to make bikes safer and catching the criminals to make this open bike rack safer. the crimes if this happens

He also supports the proposed Mount Druitt Free Bus Shuttle service but has an issue with buses not allowing room for bicycles. Maybe transport stake holders can look into this, promote better and improved public transport!

Save Our Bus Services

Read our story on how we made it our priority to ensure bus services are re-instated from services taken away in 2009.