Monday, May 21, 2012

Bus Stops Around Mount Druitt Being Upgraded to Accessible Bus Stops - After 40 Years!

Well, well, well, well! Here we have situations where Blacktown City Council is organising upgrades of Bus Stops: bus stops along Luxford and Belmore Roads Whalan right up to Shalvey and Blackett and..... they have been doing this over the weekend. These bus stops have received their slice of the concrete slab.

This is amazing for our group, as this is one of many issues we have been blogging, lobbying, telling people of and promoting to transport stake holders at Council meetings and Blacktown City Councillors. There are 3 group members I would like to thank for this who have been consistently pursuing  this issue through their own  avenues: 
  • Debbie Robertson - the Blacktown Access Committee 
  • Councillor Jacqueline Donaldson through Council at Meeting and General Manager and 
  • Angie Plows at Western Sydney Public Transport Users Policy Meetings.
This means after 40-50 years of not have accessible bus stops in these area - the 'work in progress' is work to be progressed. I have even seen one of them being constructed at Mount Druitt Public School this morning.

I just hope this is not just electioneering sugar-coated sweets given to the community to grab votes for the Council Elections for end of year - but if it is we will take it any way  that is the accessible bus stops)!

It appears after a very long time, the Councils 'Work In Progress" has taken many decades to full-fill the communities requirements in updating/upgrading of  bus stop infrastructure. Just imagine if accidents aoccur on bus stops and they weren't accessible - the amounts of funds that would be paid out in compensation, the insurance premiums etc.

I took a picture of one that we requested before to make it more accessible, It  may be hard to see but it is there ( Although it is early in the morning it was taken):

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