Thursday, March 29, 2012

Free Bus Shuttles - Other Possibilities For Mount Druitt

Commuters from all over Mount Druitt are providing suggestions of the extension of the proposed Free Bus Shuttle. Blake started it  and can search under the label 'Blake's Way' and recently there was a proposal to extend the route to Rooty Hill.

A few months ago there was a suggestion that the bus route is extended to Rooty Hill shops - Councillor Jacqueline Donaldson will look into it via Blacktown City Council.

Today another local legend in thinking, Leonard from Whalan has thought about extensions to The Mount Druitt via Woodstock Road and  head to Belmore Road, linking to Minchinbury - this will meet commuters that need to at different shops,  other community  groups and organising around the proposed route and provide a better link to Mount Druitt South.

My suggestion is to let the Mount Druitt Free Bus Shuttle be approved, have its trial period, if it is so successful and utilised, then extensions of the proposed serviced  can be reviewed to be exteneded.

Virgin Commuter Was Lost- My Good Deed For the day!

A  well attired pensioner lady approached myself as I was handling out our information slip.

She then advised that she had never caught buses before and needed help. I walked her to the notice board of 761/740 explained to her which bus she can get & then she entered the 761 bus and thanked me! This made her a 'Virgin Bus Commuter' - she now understands why there is great desire and need for public transport within Mount Druitt, especially once her car had just been stolen!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mount Druitt Commuter Requires Increased Customer Service!

A young intelligent gentleman,  Pradeep from Mount Druitt, has been travelling to and from Mount Druitt to Wynyard every working day.

He parks his car at Mount Druitt Carpark around 6am (as that is a good time, as there are plenty of car spaces available) and rides the train. He is aware of customer satisfaction should be 90 percent  and to him he is nearly 100 per cent satisfied with service and relies on public transport to get to work.

Pradeep also would like too see a certain City Rail ticket seller in Mount Druitt speed up his customer service skills, seems to take time with weekly and monthly tickets.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Western Sydney Carpool - We Are All Invited To Join!

Check out the story from WSPTU in relation to the Western Sydney Carpool promotion - this is your time to join (we have also placed a link on our blogspot as well):

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Minchinbury Commuter Requires Discount For Standing Commuters!

Wow, wow, wow! Great people I meet have great stories, ideas and really sometimes  pour out their frustration to me. Sam from Minchinbury did this today, but with calm and dignity.

He catches the train at mount Druitt around 7.43am, the express to Sydney City, yet he gets off at Central Train Station. He ends up a majority of the time is left standing by the time the train reaches Mount Druitt  and pretty much knows all the standing up commuters that catch that train. he suggests that fares should be reduced for these commuters.

He compares it to eating a restaurant, you are not left standing eating your  food and you won't pay for a meal if you ate it standing up. Sam does recommend fares drop down for standing on trains as commuters, or supply more improved services.

In the afternoon he reaches Central Train Station around 4pm, missing the rain that leaves 2 minutes before. he then has to wait 20 minutes for next express train service. Both times he would like to see more services for more people to sit on trains or provide an extra  2 carraiges!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Commuter Diverts Home By Foot To Rooty Hill (Keeping Fit)!

More and more nice people want to talk to me an more and more are not afraid to talk to myself as a stranger. Today Mike from Rooty Hill. Sometime travels by train to and from work  from Rooty Hill to Mount Druitt.

On his return relaxing trip home, he takes an extended diversion to Mount Druitt train station and then walk medium pace on North Parade (East) to Rooty Hill taking about 15 minutes to reach there. This is because he catches  the fast train home and was to keep fit for life. H thus combines commuting by train and  mid distance walking - which maybe not many of us do!

He also provide his passionate please for Rooty Hill train station upgrade, especially for lifts to be installed on each platform, both North and South of the exit/entries. This will then provide easier commuting access to and from Rooty Hill Station making his wife's life easier when she carts three young children with her.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Gentleman From Mount Druitt Would Support 'Free Bus Shuttle'?

Again as i was handing out our  information slips, a gentleman who passed by quickly said that,'Blacktown has got a bus to take him to Blacktown hospital "Free Shuttle Bus' yet in Mount Druitt there is none to visit his family.

He  overwhelmingly said he will support our lobbying for our 'Proposed Free Shuttle Bus'! This shows the growing interest for a 'Free Bus shuttle loop service' to in Mount Druitt to  serve the justified people of Mount Druitt whilst valuing their community spirit.

Check out previous posts.

Commuter Says 'I Saved Her life?'

When you hand out little information  slips about your group you get many different reactions. Yet I find being polite is the primary importance  of dealing with the public.

As I provided one young lady with our information slip - she seemed worried, nervous and asked me about getting back from Parramatta as she is getting a job  there working on weekends finishing approximately 2am. her worry was getting home - when I kindly explained to her there are Nightride buses - straight away a smile went on her face and she said happily, 'This is good, you saved my life!i can now do this job! You don't know what this means to me!'

I explained information can be supplied by the Cityrail staff at the station - she walked off in a hurried frenzy.

Personally, I don't think I save her live - but I knew what she meant!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Real Time Notification Required Especially For Trains Delays Like Yesterday

Commuters are the ones with bright ideas and should be recognised for their wonderful ideas. I met Lucia briefly on the train yesterday, as i stated the train was full. She explained that  was train delays due to emergency track work at Strathfield.

Yet her idea is brilliant! She would like to see SMS Real Time train information as per SMS Real Time bus information as you then know what is happening with trains - especially if they are running out of order! Maybe Transport For NSW can look into this and  provide feedback to the community

Here's what happened Yesterday!

Sydney Uni Student Studies On Western Line Train

A young female university student travels on train on the western past Mount Druitt shows passion for studying.
The third year primary school teaching student was constantly reading and rereading novels as I sat down next to her.

She placed her in her comfort mode whilst studying oblivious to any other commuters sitting around her, except whilst talking to me. It was s such a pleasing time as I sat next to her and felt so comfortable that once she finishes her tertiary education, she will be as passionate as she was in learning to teaching. We need many steachers with passion for teaching in all facets of life, including  public transport.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Transport Officer - Steven Wilkinson - R.I.P. One Of Our Local Transport Legends!

On behalf of Mount Druitt Commuters Improvement Group Inc. and the Mount Druitt Community we offer our  condolences to Transport Officer, Steven Wilkinson, Manager of Metropolitan Bus Contracts who we have been advised passed away 2- 3 weeks ago.

I met Steven within the last 2 years and have found him to be good honest man that had the community at heart. His job was to ensure the Bus Companies were compliant to their contracts.  He would be the one that recommends bus services changes to bus companies after reviewing due process.

I have been informed that the Office where he was working in Parramatta was moving to 18 Lee Street, Parramatta in 3 weeks and Steven had mapped out his travel plans before he passed away

I remember 2 times  when I had visited him for almost 2 hours and we had a comfortable chat about our issues and he was supportive towards our demands. What made him support of us was he was a local Mount Druitt community member as well, I now believe he had a young family. The second time I rang him and he said unable to speak long as was organising buses for an individual festival for that coming weekend for buses to move people. He never stopped short of talking to me and also another member of our group, Peter Kerr.

On behalf of  Mount Druitt Commuters Improvement Group Inc. and the Mount Druitt transport community, Peter and myself offer ours\ deepest sympathy for the sudden  tragic loss of Steve Wilkinson, to his family and working family. and thank him for assisting us along our goals.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Penrith Young Commuter Has Great Perception Of Public Transport!

Sash from Penrith, a young lady who inspired myself with the comments she provided today, made me sit back and realise there are individuals that would like to have a say on public transport that could provide stimulation on other conversations to spark great improvements.

What Sash's thoughts was along the lines of  Public Transport needs important planning along a grass root issue level as long as long as you have your local politicians supporting you on your side and then this in turn has a major affect in the wider picture for Western Sydney, Sydney and NSW Transport. 

What was also important she said, is young ones would like to have voice and have a say on public transport and didn't know of avenues of how to do until I provided her with our group details and  advise her of WSPTU details as well. For her Puklic transport is important to get to many places! This was something she would pass along to other young people thinking of future public transport.

Marayong Commuting Man - Would Like Cleaner Trains!

Last night this young Marayong man,catches Off-peak trains to and from Town  hall to Marayong finds this is the best time to catch trains - they aren't crowded and plenty of seats available.

his pet hate is that some trains and he would like to see an improvement in more trains been cleaned as this affects the way people think of catching public transport. Transport for NSW can monitor and review this but it is up to each commuter to respect public property and keep public property clean as you would for your own property! Great feedback from a thoughtful man!

Have your Say - NSW Long Term Transport Master Plan?

This is a good chance for you to have your say with Public Transport improvements/issues within NSW for the future - have your say prior to 27th April 2012. That's when it closes!

Why is it good is because customer/commuters suggestions are so important they can swing government decisions either one way or another as long as it is a proper, economical, strategically and  adaptable to improve, provide benefits to all public transport commuters.

One of the things that I would like to see improved, is more promotion of public transport in all forms of all media's. One day there may not be any cars around to take us around as we suck up the rest of the earthly fuel we have. We have to  run on solar powered transport vehicles or using other sources of energy. So on the move, we have to think clearly how do we get more people off cars (single drivers no passengers). Using more affordable and more reliant public transport . Public transport should be there for commuters and then commuters will be there for public transport!

Click Here For The NSW Transport Future Master Plan

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

We Are Now Incorporated! Our Group Has Been Waiting For This!

Today, our group is officially registered Under the NSW Fair Trading under Incorporation as an Association.
as 'Mount Druitt Commuters Improvement Group Incorporated'

This gives us the legal right to keep our name and run the group as we have been as a professional community group. Blacktown City Council former Senior Traffic Officer, Stephen Briant had advised myself before that for future BCC Transport Forums, Council preferred that we were registered as we have done today. This now mean that other transport stake holders will know we do mean 'business' in lobbying hard to get improve public transport infrastructure, as all stake holders understands the 'customer comes first'!

We have been limited in funds being received running our group and have taken this long to raise funds to pay for the registration. We do not actively go out to the community and knock door-to-door. Yet we would kindly accept any donations that the community would like  to provide to assist us with our local campaigns. Our costs have also been limited so far as well, so here we have been lucky! Should you wish to make a donation to us, contact us.

So you will now note that the top of the blogspot heading has been updated - once our logo is ready we will update it as well. We are here for the community and commuters that use public transport in and around mount Druitt.

Interesting Transport Survey Results from Sydney University - Institute Of Transport And Logistics Studies


ITLS-Interfleet Transport Opinion Survey (TOPS)

The ITLS-Interfleet Transport Opinion Survey (TOPS) is a 

quarterly survey of Australians' thoughts about transport. Do 

Australians think transport is getting better in their local 

area? How confident are Australians that transport will 

improve in the short-term and long-term in Australia? What 

is the highest priority issue in transport for Australians? Is 

the state or federal government considered most responsible 

for transport? Should the private sector be more involved in 

the provision of public transport? TOPS tracks changes in 

Australians' confidence and sentiment about transport every 

quarter, and compares NSW with other states.

Check out the survey on this link

Do you think our local area is getting better?

Chinese Manufactured Carriages Returned! Standing Room Only!

A Great grandmother returning to Canberra after visiting her son and family for the weekend  had told myself of an unusual story - we don't hear much of & is that when 2 complete train carriages - they arrived in Sydney made with no seats.

That means standing room only or fix it - so it was not supplied from within Australia and then tested - its was sent back to China to get the problem fixed. This now means cheap manufacturing doesn't ever mean that everything is alright. It is sometimes better to pay more and have quality goods!


Monday, March 5, 2012

Cyclist Commuter Didn't Realise He Uses Public Transport!

This evening I  met a cyclist that didn't realise that as he commutes - he didn't  see himself as a commuters. He thought a commuter was someone travelling to work on a bike or visiting friends.  From what I gathered, he may be using his bike for relaxation. meaning:


 [kuh-myoo-ter]  Show IPA
a person who commutes especially between home and work.
of or for commuting serving commuters: a commuterrailroad.
of or pertaining to a flight, plane, or airline that carriespassengers over relatively short distances and usually servessmall communities.

So my thoughts may be wrong about the perception of the word  'commuter' - Interesting word - we can also use the word traveller which is a broader used word!

Busways Does Strike - Total Disruption To The Community! - St Marys Mt Druitt Star

Bus strike leaves pupils and commuters stranded

05 Mar, 2012 01:00 AM
MORE snap strikes haven't been ruled out after a small group of Busways drivers caused chaos at Mount Druitt and Blacktown interchanges last month.
Busways has apologised after some drivers walked off the job without notice on February 24, which delayed many schoolchildren getting home.

A Transport Workers Union spokeswoman declined to comment on the strike.

"We aren't in a position to comment as this is a sensitive matter and we don't want to be seen as influencing the case as both parties are in discussions," she said.

She would not comment when asked if whether further snap strikes would go ahead.

Busways confirmed union members conducted a snap strike as a result of disciplinary action against a driver who refused to adhere to procedures.

"Busways notified affected schools as soon as this was brought to our attention and aimed to keep service disruptions to a minimum, however, this snap meeting did affect some services including some school services," a spokeswoman said. "All schools were cleared by 4.30pm."

Mount Druitt Commuters Improvement Group president John Svoboda was caught up in the chaos at Mount Druitt.
The Whalan resident was due to catch the 755 bus at 5.15pm and watched five 758 services arrive before a 755 finally arrived just before 6pm.

Mr Svoboda was told different versions of what was happening.

One driver told him the strike was in relation to drivers wanting a meal room in Blacktown, while others denied there was a strike at all.

"There were no signs or anyone to tell us what was going on," Mr Svoboda said.

Busways will seek help from Fair Work Australia to work with the union to resolve the matter.

"We had no notice of the strike and no time to place notices at bus stops for our customers," the spokeswoman said.
"Our priority was to transport school students home and clear busy bus ranks at Blacktown and Mt Druitt interchanges.
"Busways staff worked tirelessly to ensure that disruptions were kept to a minimum and had all services running back on time by 6pm."

Mr Svoboda wants better communication and more notice if drivers were to strike again.

What do you think of the snap stoppages? Tell us at

Click here for our original story on the Busways Shemozzle

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Transport Facts For NSW And & Sydney

From the NSW Bureau of Statistics NSW & Sdyney Transports Facts - enjoy it:

Bureau of  Transport Statistics

NSW population 7.3 mill at June 2011
Population growth 1.1% to June 2011
Forecast population 9.1 mill by 2036

Gross State Product (GSP) $419.9 bill 2010/11
Annual growth in GSP 2.2% to 2010/11
Contribution of transport to GSP $20.2 bill 2010/11
Sydney CPI change 3.0% to 2010/11

Total employment 3.6 mill at Nov 2011
Employment in transport 193,900 at Nov 2011
Labour force 3.8 mill at Nov 2011
Unemployment rate 4.9% at Nov 2011

Registered vehicles 5.6 mill at Sep 2011
Annual growth 2.3% to Sep 2011

CityRail Annual patronage 294.5 mill 2010/11
Patronage growth 1.9% 2010/11
Trains on time - peak 95.2% 2010/11
Daily services - weekday 2,640 2010
Daily services - weekend 1,813 2010
Stations 307 2010
Fleet size - carriages 1,685 2010
Track length 2,110 km 2010
Route length 1,050 km 2010
Service km each weekday 112,604 km 2010
Annual patronage 1.9 mill 2010/11
Destinations served 365 2009/10
Fleet (carriages and power cars) 102 2009/10

Metropolitan & Outer Bus Services
Routes 600 2010/11
Annual patronage 221.5 mill 2010/11
Patronage growth 1.6% to June 2011
Rural & Regional Bus Services
Routes 529 2010/11
Annual patronage 5.7 mill 2010/11

Length of roads 184,761 kms 2009
Total vehicle kms travelled 68.2 bill 2008/09
Ride quality and road smoothness (% good) 91.2% 2010/11
Travel speeds 7 major routes
- AM peak 29 km/hr 2010/11
- PM peak 42 km/hr 2010/11

Fatal road crashes 365 2010
Road fatalities 405 2010
Rail fatalities 6 2009
Aviation accidents 47 2009
Aviation casualties 6 2009
Domestic freight Road 64.0 billion tonne kms 2007/08
Rail 23.0 billion tonne kms 2007/08
Shipping 6.0 billion tonne kms 2007/08

Number of port calls 4,987 2008/09
Cargo loaded 116.0 million tonnes2008/09
Cargo discharged 30.1 million tonnes 2008/2009

Sydney Statistical division
Population 4.6 mill at June 2010
Population growth 1.7% to June 2010
Forecast population 6.0 mill by 2036

Employed 2.3 mill at Nov 2011
Labour force 2.5 mill at Nov 2011
Unemployment rate 4.9% at Nov 2011

Private vehicles 2.5 mill 2009/10
Average annual growth 2.3% pa 01/02 to 09/10
Vehicles per household 1.5 2009/10

Annual Patronage 
CityRail 294.5 mill 2010/11
Bus 221.5 mill 2010/11
Sydney Ferries 14.5 mill 2010/11
Light Rail 3.7 mill 2010/11

Resident travel patterns
Average weekday trips 16.2 mill 2009/10
Average annual growth 0.8% pa 01/02 to 09/10
Average weekend day trips
15.1 mill 2009/10 Average annual growth 1.9% pa 01/02 to 09/10
Mode share
Car driver 46.7% 2009/10
Car passenger 21.2% 2009/10
Train 5.3% 2009/10
Bus 5.8% 2009/10
Ferry 0.3% 2009/10
Taxi 0.7% 2009/10
Bicycle 0.6% 2009/10
Walk only 18.5% 2009/10
Public transport commute mode share
To/from Sydney CBD in peak hours 75.8% 2009/10
To work within Sydney to 23.9% 2009/10
Trip purpose 
Commute 15.9% 2009/10
Social/recreation 22.8% 2009/10
Shopping 15.9% 2009/10
Education/childcare 8.9% 2009/10
Work related 8.8% 2009/10
Distance travelled (average weekday)
Total km 133.6 mill 2009/10
Vehicle km 76.8 mill 2009/10
Duration of travel
Average daily time travelling per person 78.2 min 2009/10
Average trip duration 21.4 min 2009/10
Average commute trip 34.3 min 2009/10

Aircraft movements 275,126 2009/10
Passenger movements 34.5 mill 2009/10

Number of port calls 2,247 2008/09
Cargo loaded
- Sydney 5.4 million tonnes 2008/09
- Newcastle 92.5 million tonnes 2008/09
- Port Kembla 16.9 million tonnes 2008/09
Cargo discharged 
- Sydney 19.9 million tonnes 2008/09
- Newcastle 3.1 million tonnes 2008/09
- Port Kembla 7.1 million tonnes 2008/09

NSW Targets
Share of public transport for peak hour commute trips
                                                                       2009/10             2016/17 target
- Sydney CBD                                                 75.8%                80%
- Parramatta CBD                                            39.6%                50%
- Newcastle CBD                                            14.5%                20%
- Wollongong CBD                                            8.7%                15%
- Liverpool CBD                                              15.7%                20%
- Penrith CBD                                                  20.2%                25%
Share of journeys to work by public transport   23.9%                28%
Double share of bike trips for trips up to10km1. 8%                      -
Share of walking trips for trips up to 10km       22.5%                 25%

Customer Satisfaction
Proportion satisfied with overall service:
- Train users 80.5% 2011
- Bus users 86.0% 201- Ferry users 95.8% 2011
Proportion satisfied with information services:
- Train users 69.7% 2011
- Bus users 67.3% 2011
- Ferry users 85.7% 2011

Friday, March 2, 2012

Kingswood Commuter With Lots Of Answers....

Paul from Kingswood claims he rather catch the train direct to Town Hall rather than catch a train from Kingswood to Penrith and then get a city train from there or even drive to the Penrith Car Park which takes time walking to station.

Afternoon, would like to see more frequent services from Town Hall to Kingswood between the 3.50pm service and  4.15pm service as it is a long wait for trains and when the train arrives there are lot of frequent stops which drags the travelling time to reach home over one hour.

Claims what is more important less older trains. On trains behaviour and offensive language is deteriorating, would like to see this anti-social behaviour looked at by transit/police officers.  More policing is required for this.                                                                                                                                                            

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Holyrold Council Says Thanks To Us!

Here is  a very kind 'Thank you e-mail ' directed to our group - We thank you Holroyd Council  for your warm support!

From:Phillip Scott (
Sent:Thursday, 1 March 2012 11:15:56 AM
Hotmail Active View
2 attachments (total 84.9 KB)
Download artists introduction brief.pdf (21.8 KB)
artists i...pdf
Download(21.8 KB)
Download branding application Form 2012.doc (46.2 KB)
branding ...doc
View online
Download(46.2 KB)
On behalf of Holroyd City Council, I wish to commend you for your contribution to your community recognised at last night’s ZEST awards. The diversity of initiatives on display and the positive difference your work is making to the people of Greater Western Sydney is inspirational.

Through your work, should you or your agency engage residents of the Holroyd community and/or you would benefit from a day of workshops and networking on the below topics, I urge you to attend the annual ‘Connecting Holroyd’ conference being held on Thursday 29 March 2012 at the Holroyd Centre, 17 Miller Street, Merrylands.

The conference will focus on:

  • Innovation and creative approaches to community service delivery
  • Making your organisation financially sustainable
  • Recruiting, retaining and maximising the contribution of volunteers
  • Understanding Asset Based Community Development
  • A ‘How To’ build community partnerships

Please feel free to register for the conference here.

Should you also wish to receive Holroyd’s quarterly Community Development Newsletter with useful information on upcoming grants, projects and initiatives in Holroyd, sign up here.


We’re ‘Thrillin the Ville’ and invite you to join us.


Thrillin the Ville seeks to transform empty spaces in Wentworthville’s town centre into a creative arts and invention precinct through an empty space initiative.
Empty space projects operate in temporarily vacant and low cost or free premises, providing artists and arts groups with an outlet to showcase their works.


Holroyd City Council invites you to submit designs for the branding of Thrillin the Ville.

A Win For Western Sydney Young Commuters! Blake Bardowski 'Greater Western Sydney, Outstanding Youth Leader - 12 - 25 years' - Wins Highly Commended Awards!

Blake ' Highly Commended'
Every day I scratch my head in wonder, shock and amazement as I vision the future that Blake Bardowski is not painting just for himself but for other youths who need to take that extra step, beyond their reach and solve problems for the community or take action to get things done.

You can look at what Blake has been doing around the community and the  way he has been trying to solves problems - making plans for a Greater Future in the Greater Western Sydney. In fact if I was in a high position of authorization I would making him Chief of  transport planning and mapping in NSW for Transport.

This is not just a victory for Blake this is a win for the people of Mount Druitt, Transport for all and  'showing  such goodness' that Mount Druitt has. Enjoy the photos with Blake, Blake's family and our group

Anne & Margaret Anne

Angie, my mother, Gisele 
Blake relaxing

Receiving the award on stage
Blake, his mother and his grandmother

Leicster & Dianna

Save Our Bus Services

Read our story on how we made it our priority to ensure bus services are re-instated from services taken away in 2009.