Thursday, May 10, 2012

Many Improvement Ideas From Penrith Commuter!

Francis from Penrith, is gentleman who was using his laptop to do either his business or even his own personal business. At first, he was a bit hesitant to talk to myself but he then realised this is an important and opportunist time to give his great thoughts to me across.

He was well versed with the NSW Long term Transport Masterplan and completely understood why the NSW Government is doing and thinks that it is a good idea to to this, as housing must be integrated  with transport when planning for the future population. In fact public transport infrastructure should be planned well before the increase in future housing.

In relation to  Western Line trains from the city to Penrith - there needs to be more adequate trains to meet demands to solve simple solutions for transport, thus easing travelling times as well.  

Since the last time, time table changes, there are 2 services of: City, Strathfield, Parramatta, Blacktown, Mt. Druitt and Penrith compared to Redfern, Strathfield,, Granville, Parramatta, Westmead, Seven Hills, Blacktown, Doonside, Rooty Hill, Mt. Druitt, St Marys, Werrington, Kingswood and then Penrith. The 2 fast services have hardly ample space to stand, whilst the slower service has ample space for seating and standing.Maybe City Rail can accommodate services allowing more commuters for seating. This will be placing the customer as an importance and number one in the place of  having the best public transport system.

Western Sydney bus fares should be reduced as they are in the City allowing more people to become more public transport commuters as it is then more affordable - keeping in mind that from East to West there are commuters that can afford more public as opposed to others who may not be able too. This will then  provide less construction of car parks  if more commuters hop on and travel.

He would like trains station not just upgraded to electronic timetable on station platforms, to have a paper noticeboard indicating time tables of trains - this will alleviate go up to the station concourse and checking the manual boards.

My comments: like many other people I speak too, he was inspirational, from someone who didn't know me and at first second thoughts in talking to me! Well done!

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