Friday, June 28, 2013

Mount Druitt Proposed Free Shuttle Bus - Will Be A Guaranteed Kept Service By Being Well Patronised - Lethbridge Park Commuter

Greg, a commuter I've known for over 20 years from Lethbridge Park, is saying that if and when the NSW Government grants  this service to Mount Druitt, that this service will be well patronised and never  taken off the road from service.

He feels as we get more people to sign the petition, Mount Druitt will have a community that will know about the Proposed Free Shuttle Bus and be prepared to use the service before it comes in. He understands that also some people think it is a tax-payer funded service and not all people should be deserved to catch the bus service. Yet at the end of the day, Greg is with me that all people deserve to be rewarded with a Free Shuttle Bus in and around Mount Druitt, no matter how it is funded.

There is so much benefits to the community, economy and socially with each one's life's being made just that much easier! Even the Government will benefit by, getting the accolades it needs to keep the bus shuttle going (once it is in), increasing the positive attitude of  life and giving people, what is needed to make it easier for everyone. Community Pride for all!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Western Sydney Area Employment Hub Needs Earlier Bus Services From Mount Druitt!

I met a keen worker who wanted to make his statements to myself today in relation to public transport.

He travels from Tregear by Westbus 780 to Mount Druitt early in the mornings during the week and then transfers buses, to catch the 723 to Eastern Creek.  His issue here is as a butcher, he has been asked by his employer to start work at 4 am. Yet due to public transport, he cannot meet his employers requested commitment and  cannot do this. The earliest 723 bus leaving Mount Druitt is 5.23 am during the weekdays.

In the mornings there is a patronage rate of 2-5 commuters catching the 723 bus, thus there is a slight need to provide earlier bus services to cater for the important employees who need to reach the Western Sydney Employment Hub. This is an employment growth area and and if we enter into the dark ages and not support  work with early and late buses, this will just not work.

He also feels that there is a price inequality in relation to paying fares as he is paying for a Weekly Multi Three ticket - which covers three zones, yet he is travelling in one zone and pay $61 per week. He should be paying for one zone - which would reduce his weekly fares fairly.

The last item, he thinks is important, is workers, tax payers, people with disabilities, pensioners and pregnant ladies must be given a preference to a sit on buses! Extremely important fact!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Story On Possible Loss of Shuttle Buses - Mount Druitt St Marys Standard Local Newspaper

Here is an article from the Mount Druitt - St Marys Standard  newspaper, regarding possible doubt of  the Proposed  Mount Druitt Free Shuttle Bus  - We will still persist in obtaining signatures for  this petition:

Shuttle in doubt as services cut

A FREE shuttle bus for the Mt Druitt area is less likely to go ahead after the State Government dumped seven shuttle services, including Blacktown and Penrith, due to low patronage.
The $7 million spent by the State Government on running taxpayer-funded shuttles each year will instead be invested in new bus and train services.
Transport Minister Gladys Berejiklian said the patronage figures showed most of the shuttles only carried a handful of people each trip.
“We can’t afford to be wasting millions of dollars a year on ghost services that are not used,” she said.
Mt Druitt Commuters Improvement Group president Angela Plows was devastated. She said they had a 1700-signature petition for a free shuttle bus in Mt Druitt.
“We have lost so many bus services already in the area – what’s next?” she said.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Check How NSW Government Could Afford 1 Years Supply of Waratah Trains!

When NSW Governments look at budgets, they look at areas where they can cut costs to provide more infrastructure and services. Sometimes costs can grow in certain areas of running the government and in other areas the costs can be blown out of proportion, if not controlled.

More Waratah trains could be serving the Western Line and going to and past Mount Druitt if only, were not there:

Click Here For Blog Regarding Issues With Graffiti Costs - City Rail

Monday, June 24, 2013

A Story Told To Me of What happened A Few Years Ago!

So this was the story to me about what happened to a commuter on a train, a few years ago. You can decide if it is true or not! Myself, I believe it! Unbelievable!

A young lady had caught the train head to to Mount Druitt from the City. She was waiting to get off at Mount Druitt, when the train over-stopped on Doonside train station.

That was the main issue - overheard on the trains PA system, was the Guard asking the train Driver, ' Have you just completed you trainee-ship as a driver this week?'

Luckily, although all the commuters heard this, they not hear the response from the train driver. Lucky for him! Or is it Lucky For all!

Mount Druitt City Rail Staff Show The Way!

City Rail are changing the image from their old new uniforms to the new ones that show  that they are on the front line of customer service!

New uniform image could bring a new image to City Rail as they change their name to Sydney Rail, as from 1st July 2013. 

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Former Mount Druitt Commuter With Public Transport Discussions!

I met Ping, a middle aged lady originally from Mount Druitt, moved to Parramatta and still uses public transport to and from Mount Druitt.

She remembers talking to myself a while ago and I didn't take down written notes, yet we had good strong discussion with public transport. I don't recall the time, yet I do recall her face and her kind nature. I'm also pretty sure it was just open discussion and maybe a blog was published from it, based on our conversation. This time I took down notes.....

Ping wanted to inform us that future public transport improvements by using the new electronic ticketing 'tap & go' system, will be a step in the right direction. It will provide less waiting time purchasing tickets at train stations and buses,as payments will be deducted out of bank accounts or paid at designated local shops that will accept payments - she cannot wait for this to happen!

It appears Saturday trains are late due to railway employees  past history of rejected pay increases.She is also concerned of the level of Customer Service from City Rail employees if  questions are asked about directions, reference is being made to look at the 'Electronic Notice Board!' Train announcements made by City Rail staff usually indicate the next wrong train station coming up, which can be confusing to commuters, as well!

Finally, with buses around Mount Druitt, there shouldn't be late buses at all, as there is no little or no traffic congestions in Mount Druitt.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Checkout Discontinued Free Bus Shuttle Services Around Western Sydney

A Further Suggestion To Improve Proposed Mount Druitt Free Bus Shuttle Service

A senior lady from within the community, has signed the Proposed Mount Druitt Free Shuttle Bus Petition and made an agreement that she wholeheartedly supports the proposal we are asking for. Furthermore, she would like it extended to meet shopping centres like Emerton, Plumpton and loop back in to Mount Druitt.

I find this an interesting concept and idea to pursue, if the Proposed Mount Druitt Free Shuttle Bus is well patronised as it is expected to be.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Accessible Buses On Proposed Mount Druitt Free Shuttle Bus Route

Barry, from Guilford was so excited in signing the Proposed Mount Druitt Free Shuttle Bus Petition, that he made a wonderful suggestion that is important for all of us to have, if and when the bus is running around Mount Druitt.

What is he suggesting, is important in that the buses provided for the proposed Mount Druitt Free Shuttle Bus are catered for and specified as accessible buses, as it will provide easy access and make commuters more independent. By providing these accessible buses, will lead to commuters catching trains and bus, providing the Mount Druitt area with excellent services.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Another Western Sydney Community Cabinet Visit And Forum - Last Time It Was At St Marys, Now Penrith!

This is for anyone with with any interest, especially if you have  the inspiration and heart to care for your own community, whatever your special interest is.

Just in case you didn't know, our special interest is improvements of your public transportation as we care for increased relevant public transport that meets peoples needs in all facets of public transport and doesn't leave commuters left behind.

An invitation to Meet NSW Premier and Ministers (and local members), at a Community Cabinet for the Community, is for you to attend too. 

Click Here for Further Details

Mount Druitt Train Station Electronic Signs - Still Two Sets Short Per Platform!

Here are the new electronic signals , recently installed on  Platforms 1 & 2  Mount Druitt.  Please note commuters at the eastern and western ends of the platform will not be able to sight these new electronic signs because Mount Druitt was short-changed for  budget reasons:

This is Mount Druitt Platform 1 & 2 - not at night - early in the morning!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

More Trains & More Punctual Trains - Blacktown Commuter!

Sylvia from Blacktown travels to Auburn by City Rail and she says 'Of course we require more trains and more punctual trains every ten minutes. The Blacktown to City trains are Ok.'

She finds that if she misses her train that takes her to Auburn, then there could up to 20 minutes waiting period, to catch the next rain. City Rail needs to have more trains, employ more train drivers which will solve a bit of the employment problem in Sydney.

More Transit and Safety Officers actually need to be patrolling the trains, not remain on train station and not patrol trains. Consideration should be given to employ undercover Transit and/or Safety Officers required to work inside trains and know what is happening, preventing possible any potential anti-social issues.

Mount Druitt Buses Need Improved Services To Reduce Car Commuters And Match Other Areas In Sydney!

Yesterday, I spoke to Paul from Erskine Park, who has moved from Strathfield and has seen the growth in the amount of commuters at Mount Druitt train station increase as more and more people are deciding to catch public transport at the expense of  leaving their car at home. 

He claimed it was a culture shock to come to Mount Druitt from Strathfield to find that he came from an area in Sydney that has  great train services and efficient bus services, which runs every 5- 10 minutes and yet coming to Mount Druitt, but services are not as adequate and frequent as he feels it should be. This is the reason why he carpools to the Mount Druitt train station.

Providing efficient and reliable public transport, in all areas of Sydney and the Greater Western Sydney can place more people out of using private cars and thus more people using buses and then trains to reach their daily  transport needs.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Invitation For NSW Premier And/Or NSW Minister Of Transport Invited To Catch Our Trains - Erskine Park Commuter!

Karen from Erskine Park, travels on the Westbus 775 to Mount Druitt train station and catches trains on the Western Line to Ashfield. Generally around 7 am, if  she misses the train, she can get an all stations train and then that adds 25 minutes to her trip.

She recommends more regular trains services (what she calls semi-fast trains) that stop less frequently allowing her to leave the train at Strathfield and change for Ashfield. These extra services should be run in peak hour every 10-12 minutes especially from 5.30 am to 7.10 am.

She would like the NSW Government to look at the demographics of the population, which shows number of workers travelling and catching the 7 am train, missed it and then travel the way she does. It is suggested that both the NSW Premier and the NSW Minister  of Transport should be invited to catch her train and if service is missed, they will be able to see  how she then travels and understand.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Our Group Members Meet Ed Husic, Federal Member of Chifley!

A few months ago, the Honorary Mr. Ed Husic, Federal Member for Chifley asked myself(as a President of Mount Druitt Commuters Improvement Group Inc.), if our group would like to meet him. This, I found made me feel proud of how we got to where we are today, not just  for myself, but  for every single member of our group and our community! For a Federal Member of Government to want to understand what we are doing, when the majority of our issues are locally related and result in changes from a State Government, this is really telling you something!

The general consensus from the members of the group was that Ed Husic wanted to 'hear' what the group was doing locally from the recent bus trip around our own Mount Druitt area, to lobbying for  improved bus services within the area, as specific details had been given to him. Comments raised were that he was fair and gave everyone a fair chance to speak and have their say.

Although Ed thought Mount Druitt had a Free Shuttle bus already in operation, he didn't realise it wasn't running but it is a proposed  Free Shuttle Bus route we are lobbying for Mount Druitt. He informed members that as a representative of the Australian Federal Government, he will be catching up with Member for Mount Druitt, Honorary Richard Amery to discuss these issues.

Wouldn't it be nice if all matters of all decisions came from Federal

Friday, June 14, 2013

Update On The North West Rail Link

More Free Flowing Comments On The Proposed Mount Druitt Free Shuttle Bus Petition!

A lot of times I have to explain the Proposed Mount Druitt Free Shuttle Bus Route to all signatories of the Petition, yet today I had a couple people say - 'That I've already sold it by mentioning the words Free Shuttle Bus Petition', leaving them saying. No need to mention anything else'  & they sign it.

This makes my volunteering job easier and makes another group members and community members life easier, because it is a simple realistic service that is required to improve community links within the community, bringing more people together.

A young lady also said she signed the petition so that it will make it easier for her to get to the Shop Smart area (save her walking), spend more money with her friends and her friends can carry all her shopping bags on the bus back home.

A young man tonight said  he hoped, 'I'd' get the Proposed Free Shuttle bus for the community. I disagreed, I suggested that 'We will all get the Proposed Free Shuttle bus for all the community'!

Another lady from Blacktown  advised the she fully supports the Blacktown Free Shuttle Bus and in turn will do the same for Mount Druitt as  she find they both provide essential public transport link to get the people to essential and vital services that can be sometimes hard to achieve.

Another young man was saying to me, 'Thank you for doing what your doing, we need more people like you  - as you are doing something good for Mount Druitt - people will really appreciate it!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

NSW Commuter Costs Per Individual Report Required? - Cranebrook Commuter

Taurus from Cranebrook travels by City Rail from Penrith to Chatswood for work and has found the Sydney Rail network needs to be expanded especially in relation to heavy rail.

North West Rail link needs to be expanded to link to St Marys, with probably another Sydney harbour crossing to take on the extra Sydney City rail. Taurus agrees with myself that there needs to be lot's of looping rail services meeting important transport corridors, to get more commuters to places.

Most importantly, we don't seem to get a report  that make us understand what the breakdown costs of running public transport are. Especially in regards to City Rail trains, which could come up with the initial cost per commuter, including costs of all infrastructure, to run the Rail system. This is important to know the mechanics of running public transport - in fact we should all be told and be updated with this information!

At Train Stations...... Do You Wait Your Turn?

A an unusual and funny question that doesn't relate to entering trains (yet it could), relates to a young male commuter that I met today.

He actually waits for commuters to not only leave the train at Mount Druitt train station but waits for the the hundreds of commuters that are rushing to walk up the stairs: sometimes push and shove (accidentally), rush passed the barriers in the vestibule area and then rush to get home, shop or meet a family and/or friend. 

The unusual and funny question: So do you wait your turn?

I admit I'm one of the 'rushers' sometimes if I am caught at the end of the steps I will allow people to walk and pass in front of me. I think I need to be more patient, less rushed, pressured and allow commuters in front of myself to go walk past myself. I then can wait and have a more relaxed life. I do think I will be a better commuter that 'Waits', by doing this. What's the rush!

                    Will you do the same?

Round Trip In Mount Druitt Brings Better Understandings Of All Public Transport Required For Improvements

This month, the 1st June was a special day for Mount Druitt Commuters Improvement Group Inc. as 12 members travelled around other members areas, to understand all issues with Bus Services.

Since last year Peter Kerr a group member, had a motion passed in a group monthly meeting, for the use of a minibus from Blacktown City Council for group members to see lack of bus services, and public transport improvements needed in each members  area.

First we travelled to Christina, Mary, and Margaret-Anne area in Whalan where a Westbus 674 Shopper Hopper Service has been running for approx 3 yrs. This is a limited service with 6 trips Monday to Friday both ways, 2 trips Saturdays both ways, and 1 trip Sundays both ways. Commuters are happy with the new route that goes into Moresby Cres, and Samarai Rd, but need more bus services. It was noted that Moresby Cres was a narrow road, and a Bus Stop for Westbus 780 is on the exit to the overpass down from the corner of Gasmatta Cres and Luxford Rd, and creates a problem when coming home at night, having to go up a large amount of steps to enter Gasmatta Cres. A solution is to move this bus top to the top exit Corner of Gasmatta Cres and Luxford Rd close to the opposite bus stop when coming from Mt Druitt.

Then we travelled to  Shalvey Angela's area where the original Busways 755 Mt Druitt to Shalvey, and hourly service to Blacktown service was axed in 2009, the impact was devastating as it left whole communities in despair with no bus service. History tells that there was a bus service that used to travel off Luxford Rd left into  Siandra Ave, right into Koomooloo Cres, and left into Sedgman Cres, and do a loop service in Shalvey back to Luxford Rd, and returning back through Lethbridge Park to Mt Druitt. The removal of this complete service and lobbying for its return, got a partial service back with no loop service in Shalvey. The new 30 minimum service turns in the Shalvey High School Bus Bay looping back to Mt Druitt, unless continuing on to Plumpton on a limited hourly service.Solution is to bring back the 755 as it was before it was removed in October 2009. There is a service Busways 758 Mt Druitt Shalvey, with  some services continuing to St Marys, that was introduced when the 755 service was axed. This 15min full service is not accessible to most Shalvey residents, as its route is Bidwill into Shalvey, looping near the Shalvey  Primary School, and back to Mt Druitt through Bidwill. The issue is here that buses are travelling in the areas of Shalvey where there is a majority of private housing with one and two cars per household, and not covering the area that really needs to have a bus service in Shalvey. This 758 service is a great service if most of Shalvey Commuters could access it!!  

Then we travelled to Chestnut Cres Bidwill Lester and Diana's area were they used to live, before moving to Seven Hills, due to NO BUS to get to work. The  Busways 762 used to travel west to east on this road and had eight bus stops, changing to Busways 761 going to Mt Druitt when reaching Bidwill. Now the Busways 761 travels in an east to west direction because of a blind spot exiting Chestnut Cres across Luxford Rd, this new service has only 4 bus stops in Chestnut Cres with an approx distance of 1.8 Kilometres, and NO service on Sundays. Over the Easter Holidays there was 4 days in a row when this street had NO BUS. Solution is to return the buses to previous time tables, and loop Busways 761 with a return of Busways 762 to obtain a bus service back in this area.

Then we travelled to Allan's area, were the Busways 761-762 which used to go into Manifold Rd from Popondetta Rd and then right into Carlisle Rd straight through and do the Bidwill run and return as the 762. This means that same as the Chestnut Cres issue above the  return of the 761/762 loop service in this area would solve the present problem.

We then reached Ropes Crossing near were Pauline lives at Wilmott, we were told that there is no buses going through Australis Drive, Rope Crossing yet Westbus proposed in November 2011 That there was a proposed bus to go from Ropes Crossing shops to Australis Drive, Into Palmyra Drive, Wilmott and then left into Captain Cook Drive Willmot and then back into Palmyra Drive, and then to Mt Druitt. The issue is the following heading onto Australis Drive from Ropes Crossing in the North-East direction, the new housing estates on the Northwest area of Ropes Crossing, currently do not have a bus services, which is an extremely long walk to Ropes Crossing, and between Australis Drive and Captain Cook Drive South-East, there will be only the limited Westbus 674 service going to Windsor. So no proper regular bus services!!
Then we went to South Mt Druitt Peters area where there were two proposed changes, to cater for the residents of Frank, Janet, Emily and Paul Streets. The first  proposal was for Busways 739 from Mt Druitt to travel from Miller St, heading south turn right into Frank St, left into Dixon St, right into Miller St, and into George St, and on the return trip. The second proposal was for Busways 739V continue from corner of Franks St and Coates St, down  left into George St, left into Miller St, then right into Coates St and left into Fuller St.To return services back to this area, that have been removed.

Finally we all travelled on the Proposed Mt Druitt Free Shuttle Bus Route. This will be an excellent route meeting the needs of the community, linking from the bus Interchange, Tafe, Loyola College, Rooty Hill R.S.L., Bowling Alley, through the Hospital grounds, past Shop Smart, on to R.T.A., Police Station, down Luxford Rd to the Mt Druitt Industrial Complex, and Anglicare before looping back to the Station.

We would like to THANK all those who made this day possible, Rob Buckwell our bus driver, Blacktown City Councillor Jacqueline Donaldson for paying hiring fees on a BCC bus for this trip, Margaret- Anne for driving Rob to pick up the bus from Rooty Hill, and driving him home again, Pauline for collating all members issued, and planning the route to submit to council, Angela, President ensuring members were notified of arrangements, and finalising the bus, and Joan for organising the bus driver for our trip for us.

The best comment I heard today was  from Rob Buckwell who advised he has heard about our group, would like to join but has to much voluntary work on his plate!

Thanks to all group members who attended the  day "making it a great success" and John, Secretary for placing this story on our Blog....

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Taxi Drivers In Mount Druitt Need More Protection!

According to a Taxi  Driver I met this evening there is a definite need for  protection for taxi drivers as some train and bus commuters, throw onions, tomatoes, eggs and other type of food missiles  from the top of the escalators area, directly onto the taxis on the taxi stand, waiting to pick commuters.

First of all, it is a stupid and ridiculous thing for anyone to do, joke or no joke as it doesn't show common decency that the majority of commuters have in Mount Druitt. Secondly, and on a most serious note, there could be a major incident where someone is badly hurt and affected, even worse could be another commuter!

This is where City Rail will have to block these  areas/gaps where the missiles are thrown from, preventing  harm and hurt to others.

Here is report from Ron - from our local area placed on WSPTU  Face Book Group - supports what taxi drivers are saying:

These photos are for the attention of the Mount Druitt Commuters. There is a potential danger to all who use the taxi rank day or night. I have raised this point with several levels of Government and none wish to address it. So at least I maybe able to bring it to your attention and hopefully save at least some one from being injured. As long as society have people who elect to throw items at buses,cars, trains or what ever , they do throw items over these windows with no regards as to the dangers . The buses have a roof preventing the discarded there but on the taxi side there is nothing . Items do get thrown over and possibly one day one of those glass windows could be smashed and that debris shower down on some one . Perspex Windows would be a lot safer I would think, that would relieve the broken glass potential but we need some sort of barrier for the other potential .

Saturday, June 8, 2013

How Do I Petition Potential Mount Druitt Free Shuttle Bus Petitioners?

When I do have spare time, I end up on top of the escalators at Mount Druitt, down the bottom of the escalators, further down Dawson mall, South side of the Mount Druitt train Station and at North Rooty Hill Shops.

I  have what I call is 'my mini office'. I hold out the folder that has a sheet which is supposed to attract commuters, with myself saying a word, like this:

Then I have the clipboard that has the petition for people to sign, like this:

And finally I speak to a potential commuter that will sign up the Proposed Mount Druitt Free Shuttle Bus petition, like this (I have found a ledge to write on):

Save Our Bus Services

Read our story on how we made it our priority to ensure bus services are re-instated from services taken away in 2009.