Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Emergency Buses In Mount Druitt - Is This True?

Normally, in Australia, New South Wales, Western Sydney and Mount Druitt, we all recognise 000 as an emergency contact phone for Police, Fire Brigade and Ambulance.
Yet in Mount Druitt,  I have just seen at night a bus which has 000 on the back of it. I am hoping it is not an Emergency Bus - or maybe it is?
Here was the front of it!
There was no '000' number.
And Here it is!

Maybe someone could explain to us!

Bus Stops That Make Buses Stop Over Private Driveways - Blocking Residents From Driving In Or Out!

When NSW for Transport oversee bus stops being implemented, constructed and/or redesigned, which is usually Bus Operator plus Representative from NSW Roads & Maritime Services and Transport officer from Blacktown City Council, there seems to be little community consultation as where a bus stop can be placed.

In saying this, it is imperative that the residents of where the bus stop is being placed is provided  great consideration, whilst ensuring the bus stop is in a  safe and secure area, that allows direct access to catch public transport buses.

Here, we have an example of bus stops allowing bus to over creep, not only that, the 60 Kilometre sign is blocked when  driving alongside the sign post and commuters go inside the property of where the driveway is based, to hide under cover when it rains.

Check where the drive way
Woodstock Road Dharruk
Another one where the bus can be over the drive way
at Luxford Road Whalan!

 Do you have bus stops like this around Mount Druitt , where buses stop over driveways sometimes blocking residents? Let's hear what you have to say?

Friday, July 26, 2013

Interviewed Commuter - Assisting Us With Obtaining Signatures - For Mount Druitt Proposed Free Shuttle Bus!

A Commuter I met just recently that I have interviewed and published a blog recently, was quite excited in telling his story of what happened after we had met, last time.

He had taken a 2 sheets of our Proposed Mount Druitt Free Shuttle Bus petition and since then he has obtained about 12 signatures. He is visiting families and friends in the area and seeking their signatures as he is so pleased our group is seeking such a good bus service. He advised he will ensure the 2 sheets are filled and provided them to us.

Would you be able to take one or two sheets and obtain signatures for the petition?

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Bus Ends Up On Wrong Side Of Train Station!

Tonight, a lady commuter that got off the Busways 750 on the South side of Mount Druitt Train Station on Beames Avenue, Mount Druitt, was so relieved to get off the bus. 

She also was so stunned and startled when she advised to me she had to explain to the bus driver where to go and yet he turned up on the wrong side of the train station!

She later  told myself she hardly gets buses! What a story, the bus should have ended at the Mount Druitt bus interchange. I was a witness to see that 750 arrive at Beames Avenue, Mount Druitt - so this is a true story!

What would you have done if this happened to you?

Busways Are Preparing For Taking Over Region 1 Bus Contracts & So Is Busways Head Office Moving From Pymble!

Busways are preparing themselves for the taking over of  NSW Bus Contracts Region 1: Depots based will be based at Plumpton, Penrith and Richmond/Windsor area, whilst former Westbus bus services will be maintained with the change over. 

They even have employed 30 more bus drivers to cover increased trips and are implementing strategies in Mount Druitt area, that will provide a modern bus running system. This will be used for example: when buses run late there will be a spare driver and bus within the three above mentioned areas, to pick up the commuters that will not be running so late. This is an impressive idea that I think will do Busways justice in winning the Bus Region 1 Contracts.

At present, there are time keepers at Mount Druitt bus interchange checking the current time tabled bus services, preparing for the new Bus time tables coinciding with the Sydney rail train time tables, in October 2013.

Also in plans is the Busways Head Office which will move from Pymble in Sydney's upper north shore to  a new premises in Western Sydney's Rouse Hill area. They will also be seeking jobs to be filled up as well - a good opportunity for people from the west to apply for  vacant position, when available.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Late Buses And How Buses Can Catch Up On Time Table!

So what happened to a local commuter a few years ago, in Mount Druitt, is something that I hope doesn't happen to anyone in the area today.

And so comes his story.... He claims he went after work at night to catch his bus from Bidwill and he singled the driver. The bus driver went past him as quick as possible and didn't pick him up. The bus wasn't full.

He contacted the Bus depot next day and was told that, the bus driver was running late and was given instructions 'not' to pick up    commuters as to catch up with times table times. Has this happened to you?                                                                  

Friday, July 19, 2013

More Emphasis On Local Mount Druitt Public Transport Bus Services Reaching Out To The People - Mount Druitt Commuter!

How excited are people when they find out about our group or even the WSPTU group and find out what we are doing or we all are doing in Western Sydney.

I get excited when I have made such a positive contact to someone that has a lot of good and great things to say. People are so positive of the future of public transport. It is so difficult to work out the future and resolve everyone's issues. In fact, it is just a case of working on the larger picture for the future and including the small important areas of the picture that make it 'the picture'. That is the way public transport will be planned properly for the future. Instead of turning a blind eye, open both eyes and vision the positive outcome for the future!

Enough of my own thoughts......!

Kazi from Mount Mount Druitt (wanted to supply surname but as agreed not published), is a recently migrated commuter within Mount Druitt. He does desire more public transport bus and train services as well as more services running frequently.

An interesting statistic he has worked out is that of the 70 percent of the Mount Druitt and surrounding suburbs workers use public transport an a daily basis, to meet their employment destinations. Travelling by private cars he has tested, tend to be havoc, chaotic and  hectic coping with excessive traffic and traffic jams in major hubs of Mount Druitt, Parramatta and City of Sydney. This is due to a major increase in population and less direction from "The Decision Powers" for people to catch public transport making lives much more pleasurable.

Mount Druitt has affordable housing for new home owners and feels there needs more Government direction in establishing better existing route connections as well as promoting extension of bus services into the community where public transport is in need of demand.

This is where Kazi would like more emphasis within the surrounding suburbs of Mount Druitt needing essential bus services from local communities to bring in  the people to connect to the major  Shopping and Train Station hub. This  admits is so true!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

What Commuters Do On The Western Line Coming To And From Mount Drruitt!

 These are some some photos showing what people can do to utilise their time travelling as a commuter to and from Mount Druitt on Sydney Rail Trains- we hope you like this as this is 'what public transport in the modern age' allows people to do to relax.

Texting and using social media!

This lovely young lady was so proud is
showing her beautifully made
craft-work rug, she is making for herself.
She has been working on it in
Sydney Rail Trains
Another way of relaxing is taking
 up seats,
 while people are standing!
(Seat Hoggers)

Watching Movies

A man caressing his partners hands -
while she takes her shoes off!
Reading a Captive Book

Stay wrapped up to keep warm whilst
resting on a cold morning

Put your feet up! If caught,
there are fines applicable for commuters!
Talking with friends!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Buses You Need To See!

To Myself , I thought it was the
New Blacktown Street Cleaner Truck

Comments From Commuters Of Other Free Shuttle Buses - Vital Missing Community Links

As I am getting more commuters to sign our Proposed Free Shuttle Bus for Mount Druitt, I am getting a lot of people saying  that Yes Blacktown has one and so has Penrith!  Although it was true it is not true.We can see there was some people that knew of the bus shuttles making great links into communities and this is so important to have!

The other comments I have heard  is, 'I didn't know Blacktown had one!'

Now this last statement intrigues myself, as it confirms many things to me one of which neither the current or previous NSW State Government had heavily promoted the Free Bus shuttle. I mean, advertisements in all local papers (week-to-week), also into the radio media: constant adds and for my and lastly full adds in the TV media, this enable more people to open their home doors and reach these free shuttle services.

This bus service is not just a great community link it is a great promotion to increase tourism within the local community and wider State of NSW - that's why in my books there is a great necessity for all major local community hubs to have a Free Shuttle bus, including Mount Druitt.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Mount Druitt Commuter Seeking Reduced Weekly Fares!

This morning I met a working nice lady who had taken myself to task when I  asked, 'Can I just take 2 minutes of your time to ask you two questions of public transport?'

I ended up going over time speaking to her and she reminded myself! Josephine is a multiple transport public transport user using the Busways 761 from her home in Mount Druitt to Mount Druitt. Then she catches the Sydney Rail train from Mount Druitt to Parramatta train station and then catches a Metro Bus M54 to Carlingford and reverse in return. The this travelling she does 5 days a week during Monday to Saturday.

She is happy with the current trains and bus services the and would like to see the My Multi prices drop down from $61.00 per week to $45.00 per week. She also considers (like myself in previous blogs), that  it is unfair for her paying 3 zones when she is only travelling in 2 zones. I advised her of the new Electronic Ticketing System (ETS), which look as fair distance  paying fares for all commuters. her concerns with the the Opal card system is how will 
non-Internet users be able to apply for it?

Finally, she agreed that the Mount Druitt Proposed Free shuttle bus is a great proposal, especially for her son who would use the Jim at the Novotel Hotel!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Mount Druitt Commuter Claims 'AFFORD GROUP' Will Support Proposed Mount Druitt Free Shuttle Bus Petition!`

Today, I am proud of advising that we have reached over 2,000 signatures on the Proposed Mount Druitt Free Shuttle Bus Petition. This, in itself is a monumental achievement for people of Mount Druitt (And others from outside the area)! History in the making is currently in process to provide essential public transport services to essential community groups, shopping centres, doctors/medical surgeries/specialists, government organisations and bodies.

The challenge in the beginning was to reach 500 signatures on the petition - that didn't take long to get! From now on, it will be easier as the word spreads and the amount of people signing the petition increases. The NSW Government will take notice of satisfying the needs of what the people of Mount Druitt would like to have, with this improved and vital public transport link.

Today, young Chris a member from the "Afford Group" (Australian Financial For Disabilities Group), has taken a 'Petition' to be completed for the purpose of his members to sign. This is so that they will provide their full support as long as accessible buses are supplied for the Proposed Mount Druitt Free Shuttle Bus Petition!

Chris also noted that hew will ensure at least 20 people will fully support the Proposed Mount Druitt Free Shuttle Bus Petition. This is because it will provide more access to his group members via public transport local buses, making life that much easier for everyone!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Does This Happen To You When You Want To Sit Down In A Three-Seater In A Train Carriage?

Normally in a three seater in a train carriage - people sit one near the window and  the second person on the seat beside the aisle. This is if there are two people sitting down!

So then comes a person like myself, and politely asks if I could sit down and  kindly asks (the person sitting on the seat beside the aisle), if they could move to the middle of the three seater. Climbing over people can be very disturbing, to everyone!

Normally, people move to that seat and then it is easier for you to sit down. What happened to myself at Parramatta train station was someone had just climbed over the person, sitting beside the aisle. The one that climbed over, sat along the window seat. When I asked the person on the seat of the aisle to move kindly - the person just got up and left as if I had no right to ask him and went to sit on another seat on the train carriage. This was rather bizarre!

Extra Trains Requested To Cover Overcrowded Carriages On Western Line - Kingswood Commuter!

Yes, time and time again there are train commuting people that like to speak to myself regarding public transport. They don't feel the  necessary thing of not saying a word. I'm probably an under-cover  public transport reporter, but I'm not! I am just simply advocating for the simplicities of life of a ordinary public transport commuter, going over and beyond to ensuring each commuters special interest, is at least heard. My interest, is to see how interested are commuters in thinking of ways to improve services and/or infrastructure. And for me and works!

Today, Simon from Kingswood catches Sydney Trains  from Kingswood to Parramatta  and return - Monday to Fridays and them catches the Metro bus M52 to Rydalmere.  The interchange waiting times at Parramatta are pretty reason to Simon.

His issue at Kingswood train station is he i unable to purchase tickets before 6.30am and therefore has to travel to Werrington purchase his tickets, to catch his train and not be fined.

Simon would like to request extra trains in peak times to cover 93 percent of overcrowded trains carriages, full of commuters. He would like to see also the  duplication to the Western Line from Emu Plains to St Marys train stations. He does find it hard to get on trains to and from, with the over crowdedness. This will make more commuter have an easier and more relaxed travelling, especially when are on their way home.

Mount Druitt Not Giving Up On Petitioning For A Proposed Free Shuttle Bus - St Marys Mount-Druitt Star

Great reporting on the story on the real people of Mount Druitt that really need a services that provides essential community links - The People of Mount Druitt are great!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Comments From From Mount Druitt Commuter Regarding Loss Of Blacktown Free Shuttle Bus!

Former Blacktown Free Shuttle Bus Commuter has comments about loss of  bus service that went to Blacktown Hospital.

An elderly male commuter from Mount Druitt, advised he has visited his wife for 9 weeks at Blacktown hospital, used the Blacktown Free Shuttle bus, bus found it was not assisting people after 4pm to get back to Mount Druitt train station. He would walk back to Blacktown train station with his walking cane. His request was to extend the bus service to cover visiting hours of the hospital.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Solution to Late Or Cancelled Trains - Mount Druitt Commuter!

A very enthusiastic young lady called Maritin from Mount Druitt travels to via Sydney Trains, Mount Druitt to Parramatta and return  majority of the time, each week. She does this to avoid traffic congestions, especially at Parramatta.

Yet one of her pet hates  with Sydney trains is late or cancelled trains. For her it is important  that trains run on time as when trains are cancelled all commuters then have to wait for the next train service.

The one good thing that would promote public transport to non-public transport users is by train the service takes 20-25 minutes to reach Parramatta  and by car it can take half an hour in heavy congested traffic. Which is a reason reason to catch Sydney trains.

For Martin, to fix  delayed or late trains, she recommends that the Sydney Trains staff should resolve the issue by listening to commuter complaints as sometimes they don't really listen to them.

Another suggestion she has with Weekend Track work is  time table for buses that replace trains!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Mount Druitt Bus Driver Facing An Average Day Of Work!

This evening I met a bus driver who had told myself today was an average day for him.There was one commuter sitting right at the back of the bus and when he thought all bus commuters had stepped off the bus - she took her time. The doors were closed and  he received an upset conversation, from the commuter whilst he was taking off. 

At the very next bus stop, he picked up a lady all the to Blacktown and was so pleasant, providing a wonderful compliment to speak to him. That made up for the other other today - an average day!

Further Feedback From Commuters On Other Free Bus Shuttles

A young male commuter from Rooty Hill, who signed our Proposed Mount Druitt Free Shuttle Bus Petition, thought the proposal was really needed by the people of Mount Druitt and Rooty Hill. He thought it was a good concept and that we should get it.

When he heard that Blacktown and Penrith lost there free shuttle bus services, he said, 'I never knew they even had one each - how did people know about it, when they were running?'

 I advised, 'There were signs at train stations, buses had the Free Bus Shuttle signs, and hardly any promotions within the local communities from NSW for Transport/Government.'

I also advised him that if we can get 11,000 signatures for our Proposed Free Shuttle Bus Petition, the community will definitely know about it, we would have done the advertising for and on behalf  of the NSW Government. This in itself a strong chance for the shuttle bus to happen and make it, even more popular, by the entire community knowing about it

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Bigger Back Rests Required on Sydney Trains Out West!

I am a person that love people with unusual names and especially when they make it sound so easy. Today I met Deepti from one of the suburbs of Western Sydney and she travels weekly by Sydney Trains to Town Hall.

She feels that there is a lot of commuters that travel long distances (over 40 minutes)and lately there has been trains in the morning that arrive with no  heating to keep commuters warm. Also some of the back rests on carriage seats, are not high enough for providing comfort on back rests. Bigger back rests are required!

Checkout New Website for Sydney Trains

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Bus Shelter Required In Eastern Creek - Kingswood Commuter!

A very excited  lady, had signed our Shuttle bus petition tonight, asked what could be done for bus shelters to be installed!

She thought, bus drivers were the one you report it too and then they will get it done for you by referring to their peers. I don't think bus drivers have much influence for  having a bus shelter installed. They may have input to remove or move bus stops to safer and better pick up point.

She catches Busways 738 to Eastern Creek and is requesting the bus stop on Roberts Road Eastern Creek, to have  a bus shelter. I assume it is bus stop 2766111 from  Transport for New South Wales Bus Stop Numbers. Once she confirms it, we will refer her  through the appropriate channels of Blacktown Council, they will make an assessment and then decide.

This is part of the Western  Sydney Employment Hub that the NSW Government is promoting and if promoting this, should ensure improvements are made to make it easier for bus commuters to get to and from their employment.

WSPTU Steering Committee Representatives 'Meet The Minister'!

Read the summary story on how representatives meet the Gladys Berejiklian, NSW Minister of Transport:

Click here to read

Save Our Bus Services

Read our story on how we made it our priority to ensure bus services are re-instated from services taken away in 2009.