Monday, May 28, 2012

Mount Druitt Train Commuter - Requires Less Trains To Reach His Destination!

A well dressed gentleman, Abdul from Mount Druitt was changing trains at Parramatta, as he caches his third train home, from work at Olympic Park.

Abdul, another brilliant mount Druitt thinking commuter, has a suggestion that the Greater Western Sydney Commuters would be encourage to join in, to make their commuting life easier and improved.

The issue he has is the result of choosing two services that can  determine how he reaches work from Mount Druitt, catching the 7.30am train service with allow him to transfer at Parramatta (twenty minute waiting time), for a service to Lidcome and then transferring to another train service to Olympic Park.  If he misses this service then, next train service leaving Mount Druitt is 7.50am and he gets to half  work late!  His solution is simple provide an express service every half hour stopping at Lidcome, straight from Mount Druitt. 

Alternatively,  this will entice commuters on the other express service to catch this train allowing more seating for all commuters, who also require less wasting of time on transferring to different train services

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