Saturday, May 5, 2012

Blacktown City Councils Budget for Public Transport

Announcement at Blacktown City Council Meeting of 2nd May 2012 by Councillor Edmond Atalla, Council has approved $80,000 extra funding for bus stop improvements additional to current funding, provided for bus stop infrastsructure - this is the second  time I have seen funding figures for this. I remember former Mayor Charlie Lowles, in his term announced $600,000 for bus top improvements around Blacktown LGA.

With my figures provided to me before on bus stops approximately 1600 in Blacktown LGA with spent on them* $600,000 (Announced by former Mayor as mentioned above) that means $375.00 per stop - that will pay for the bus stop sign on each bus stop. with addition $80,000 that represents $50 per bus stop - that might provide a small concrete step when you leave the bus!

Another interesting quote from Councillor  Allan Bleasedale is that 60 percent of Community  members do not have easy access to Public Transport within Blacktown LGA - I would like to know where he got these figures from, I could believe up to 40 percent  yet I am unsure where these figures are from.

* I need clarification from Council if this is right or night!

Editors comments: We believe from a BCC spokesperson, that the $80,000 is  to be added for current 'Work In Progress' otherwise known as 'WIPS' not new bus stops - response dated 22/5/2012

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