Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Railcorp Split In Two!

We encloses reports from the Daily Telegraph and the Sydney morning herald  issue 15/5/12, with news of cuts to Railcorp staff pre-empting that there could be 750 job cuts to middle management and above to cut the 'Fat Cats' in Railcorp that has been building up for years. Estimations of $10M per day are the costs to run Cityrail trains: with this you have to include front life staff both station assistants, Station Masters and the the Managers above, contract cleaners,  station & track maintenance staff, transit officers and other costs not thought of, as yet.

As an advocate for public transport, whether there are cuts on staffing in upper levels of management to improve public transport infrastructure and/or services I am for the commuters being well looked after., as long as there is a strong front-line employees , who make the Cityrail really work! They are under constant pressure to do work - some of them tell me,' There are too many bosses, up there giving us too many directions! Maybe it may be the relief they need! Who knows!

On the other hand no one wants job losses anywhere yet my suggestion would be use the money previously spent on these employee for more services better infrastructure and this in return will create more jobs and managers, If for example each employee was earning on average $75,000 per annum then this equates to a cost savings of $56,250,000if there was a job losses of 750 - redundancies.  This is what I call the cycle of  life'sn job and losses - which is, what goes up, goes down and comes back up again and so life is...

From the Daily Telegraph:

NSW rail cuts may prompt action - unions

  • AAP 
  • May 15, 2012 1:38PM

UNIONS may take industrial action over the NSW 

government's overhaul of RailCorp, saying it is a 

disgrace that workers learned of 750 looming job cuts

through the media.

Staff in middle management will be offered

voluntary redundancies in a major restructure that will 

result in the creation of two new organisations - Sydney 

Trains and NSW Trains.

Unions representing RailCorp staff today said they

hadn't been consulted before an article outlining the 

reforms appeared in Sydney's Daily Telegraph 


NSW secretary of the Australian Manufacturers Workers

Union (AMWU) Tim Ayers said it was a "disgrace" 

workers had found out about the job losses through the 


He seized on reports that thousands more jobs could be

cut from the organisation, with an unreleased Booz 

consultancy report on RailCorp said to have 

recommended slashing up to 4500 of RailCorp's 

15,000 jobs,"We've got a lot of talking to do with 

members and their families who are concerned about 

their future - there is months of activity in front of us," Mr 

Ayers told reporters in Sydney.

"They can't expect no reaction from workers. They've 

been treated so disrespectfully that I think we cannot be 

in a position today to rule out industrial action."00 

jobs."We've got a lot of talking to do with members and their families who are concerned about their future - there is months of activity in front of us," Mr Ayers told reporters in Sydney.
"Let's not forget, it is the NSW government that announced 750 job cuts today, and 4000 job cuts coming down the road.
"They can't expect no reaction from workers. They've been

treated so disrespectfully that I think we cannot be in a 

position today to rule out industrial action."
From The Sydney Morning Herald:

Hundreds of jobs lost as RailCorp split in two
End of the line ... 750 jobs have been lost.
Hundreds of RailCorp jobs are being slashed as the NSW

government moves to split the operation in two, a move it 

says will be better for commuters and frontline staff.

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