Monday, December 31, 2012

Wow I am Touched - Reward For Helping a Lady Commuter!

If I see someone struggling with anything I will try to assist them. Wouldn't you?

So as I left the train this afternoon at Mount Druitt train station and walked on the platform, I had seen a female transport officer, carrying a quite large suitcase offering assistance to a disabled elderly lady walking with a cane in her right hand. Without any hesitation i offered to walk the suitcase (or roll it). to the top of the vestibule area. As we reached the top of the lift, I asked where she was going too - she advised it was the taxi rank and straight away she asked where where I was going, I replied the Bus interchange - she meant which suburb. 

When I advised her which suburb, it was 'Whalan' she was so pleased and said she is dropping myself home in the same taxi. She introduced herself as Robyn and explained how she had travelled from Port Macquarie area and when she reached Strathfield receives so much help from station assistants and security guards who assist her with luggage and even train guards assist her as well. This startled myself, that in this current modern day of age that so much courteous people are a round to assist one person!

In relation to myself assisting Robyn from Whalan  I was blown away by the offer of a trip home - this could be the start of payback for the voluntary work I do - but all I wanted was her life to be easier for 5 minutes at least!

Thank you Robyn for dropping myself home in a taxi prior to dropping yourself home. I would still assist someone without lifts to home, but very much appreciated! 

A Special Happy New Year to Mount Druitt Commuters 2013

On behalf of the Mount Druitt Commuters Improvement Group Inc., I would like to wish all commuters  travelling in and out of Mount Druitt or surrounding suburbs a safe and Happy New Year 2013 and also thank all Public Transport Officers for providing a safe and well being public transport network and system so far as we look for further improvement in the Year 2013.


January:       should make commuter  have joy while using public 
February:     should make commuters have fun while using  public 
March:         should give commuters a greater chance to meet 
                     others while using public transport
April:            should give commuters more access to improved
                     public transport services
May:            should give commuters more services that are required 
                    for improved public transport     
June:           should give commuters the justified infrastructure 
                    required to improve public transport 
July:            should give commuters just what they need to have
                    improved public transport
August:       should allow commuter to actual public transport reach
                   actual destination to actual time tables
September: should allow commuters to have reasonable on time 
                   public transport services
October:     should allow commuters to only have  the appropriate 
                   public transport  corridor services needed
November: should allow commuter to never be denied necessary
                   public transport services and infrastructure
December: that commuters should be allowed  public transport
                  network that provide them with easy access to take to 
                  their final destination.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Public Transport Non-Smokers Gain Cleaner Air - with new NSW Health Laws!

I haven't smoked for over 22 1/2 years now, when I look around at bus stops, sometimes someone lights up a cigarette and then the wind tend to blow the exhaled smoke towards myself, at least 95 per cent of the time! That tends  to be my luck.

Laws in Mount Druitt train station and bus Interchange  introduced in recent years prevent smoking at these premises. Yet clearing train commuters  are rarely smoking on the train station form ( yet it still happens) as they tend to make announcements. In the vestibule area the same could be said - although some commuters will straight  away light a cigarette as soon as they pass the gates (There is shop that sells cigarettes within the vestibule area). Lastly, in the bus interchange signs are there for 'not smoking' and fines amounts as well yet there is constant constant cigarette  are exhaled immediately as soon as commuters reach their bus stands.

So I now stand proud that the NSW Minister of Health has released Anti-Smoking Legislation, which prevents smoking with ( I believe) 4 metres from where the bus stop is  this takes into effect as from 7/1/14 - from my understanding.

I take my hat off to the NSW Government in doing what needs to be done  to provide a better quality of life towards health and safety towards all commuters.

Click here for further details

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Lucky Day for Lucky Bus Driver!

Today I was speaking to a Busways bus driver, who was  telling of his experience today when he said his new bus was overheating  as the gage showed it that way.Luckily the Busways replacement Bus ( from maintenance) came as quick as possible, ensuring that his last 758 route trip (for the day) would start on time. Fantastic!

Then he remembered myself in leading the charge to getting the Busways 755 returned and thought what good work was done to get that back! He also advised since he started working for Busways they employed approximately 140 bus drivers - now they have approximately close yo 200 bus drivers - which he says he is training two of them! 

This make me then think that more bus drivers means more route and then more trips and lastly more commuters catching buses. Not a bad conception of an idea!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Check Holiday Time Tables Including City Rail

Due to the festive seasons we provide  information from  from the NSW Transport Infoline for public transport time tables:

Click here for further Information

Monday, December 24, 2012

NSW Public Transport Fares Increase 6/1/2013 & Discounts For International Students - Happy New Year 2013!

We have had a few international students asks for discounts in public transport fares (in previous blogs) - it is here check out at the below website for details.

Also public transport train and bus fares increase as from 6/1/2013 - to me they are minimal but they are an increase, check it out:

Click here for further details

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Mount Druitt Public Transport Keeps On Moving - Even Though Of The Mayan Calendar!

In our life past, we all want to make life predictions and there are a lot of theories of when the world ends, as per Mayan Calendar predictions. Last night Mount Druitt Commuter and  Commuters around the world mostly survived. At 11: 11pm last might, I breathed and breathed and lasted the night. I did not believe that the world would end  and had a  strong feeling it was just hysteria and  to  pose questions in our lives.

Public transport in Mount, Druitt, the Greater Western Sydney, Sydney, NSW, Austral and then the world continues as we wake up this morning and the new day begins.

Let's keep on using public transport as the world continues and lives  on, as we live in our beautiful daily lives.


Click here for Mayan Calendar details

Commuter Claims Perception Of Public Transport Will Change!

A bus commuter this was telling that he claims the current bus services we have are pretty good then referred to a few years ago!

What he also thinks is in 10 years time school leavers will be taught not to purchase cars and catch public transport as traffic in Sydney will be so congested. This gentleman was telling he is usually a  car driver and had to get the bus today!

Amazing what commuters come out with, which in the long run could be true.  By teaching the young to catch public transport this can speak to the other people around the community! I 'll check it out in 10 years and see how we go and so can you!

Rooty Hill Commuter - Safer Late Trains And More Mid-Morning Express Trains!

Hassan, a Rooty Commuter, walks to Mount Druitt train station  and sometimes catches city Rail train to Town Hall train station. He catches trains sometimes for work and finds at around 10.35am there should allocated an express train to the city,  stopping at 3 or 4 stations after Mount Druitt train station. He finds travelling to and from the city 2 hours a day  is a long part of a day if reduced to 30 minutes with Express trains, other people will be happy as they also share the  to have the same train service he travels on  improved, which will reduce travelling time.

His second and most important public transport improved is safety at late nights on trains seems to be little or nothing. He travels back home around 11-12pm and fights that he is not completely safe as he hasn't seem police officers and or transit officers on any train trips when he travels. He feels that especially late at nights there should be security guards/police officers  from trips at night from the city to make it a safer environment for commuters like himself and others.

He explained he felt so unsafe one night, when he departed the train carriage at Mount Druitt and he was the only one to do so - this made him feel a little insecure.

At times when I speak to these wonderful good people, who give up their travelling time. not knowing why I would like to speak to them, they make myself proud when they provide  complimentary comments.  Hassan was  appreciates the work I do and also appreciated the conversation we had as he can see that once the blog is published  all people will get information and they will make a decision how the improvement could be better for them!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Wow! - Merry Christmas From Busways - This Is Also For All You Mount Druitt commuters As Well

I wonder if Busways could change their colour of their buses for Christmas and have Christmas  tunes  playing inside the bus - even a driver singing Christmas Carols!Here is the e-mail refer to the Busways Website to get e-mail alerts.

From:Rose Brown ( 
Sent:Thursday, 20 December 2012 11:33:39 AM

Busways would like to thank you for your support throughout 2012 and we look forward to travelling with you again in 2013!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Busways Time Tables For End Of Year 2012!

Here is the Busways time tables for end of year 2012, so if you wonder if normally you are suppose to receive a service at a certain time and it doesn't arrive it could be because  o these changes.

These changes are done every year to accommodate for the drop of commuter numbers on leave preparing for the  festive seasons and New Year - after new year - time table are back to normal.

Christmas & New Year bus services

Wednesday December 19, 2012
Busways will operate to the following timetables over the holiday period:
Sunday                                      23rd December                                   Sunday timetable
Monday                                    24th December                                   Weekday timetable
Tuesday                                    25th December                                   Sunday timetable
Wednesday                             26th December                                   Sunday timetable
Thursday                                   27th December                                   Weekday timetable
Friday                                         28th December                                   Weekday timetable
Saturday                                   29th December                                   Saturday timetable
Sunday                                      30th December                                   Sunday timetable
Monday                                    31st December                                    Weekday timetable
Tuesday                                    1st January                                            Sunday timetable
Wednesday                             2nd January                                          Weekday timetable

Busways would also like to take this opportunity to wish you a Safe and Very Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

NSW Taxi Council - More Taxis On Road Yet More Current Drivers Under Financial Hardship!

A Transport Officer has got hot news regarding NSW Taxi Council  - there is a newly appointed Chief Executive Officer and new Deputy Chief Executive Officer and  more exciting news....

NSW Government is looking to place more taxis on the road, which enable more commuters to have a wider choice of taxi services, less waiting time etc but what is happening at the moment is a lot of taxi drivers are not making much money to feed and pay bills. There isn't enough trips around for the current rivers to make a profit for their  business.

This is now presenting a financial  crisis for and it could mean they a lot of taxi drivers will be forced to apply for voluntary bankruptcy. 

Monday, December 17, 2012

Crime Doesn't Pay: Not Even With Public Transport Officers

This shows crime doesn't pay in relation to public transport officers lives being at risk. Although this didn't happen in Western Sydney - I would it to be  a showcase for anyone that is contemplating this to not contemplate it. It is just not worth it. The worse was the perpetrator was not  from Australia;

Charged man on bus driver attack!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Norwegian Virgin Commuter Feedback On his First City Rail Trip!

David from Staranger in Norway had his first virgin trip on City Rail train as a tourist and he was travelling from  Burwood to Kingswood. Amazing from one woody town to another woody town!

He claims  Sydney public transport is better that Norway Public transport system always has a seat available compared to Norway where very rare to have a seat.  He also claimed that Tapai in Taiwan has the most  extremely clean,  always has seats available and have organised infrastructure and services in public transport.

One thing advised that is implemnted in Norway in public transport ( although he claims he hasn't used it yet) is  with tram, train and bus services if the service is 5 minutes late as per time table ( in the Centre of Oslo), if you are travelling to work or hospitals, you can catch taxi keep your ticket and  then claim it forn the Minister of transport and get a refund.

Wow how Would bus operators & City Rail Managers cope with this!

Actually Click here for Free Public Transport in Oslo, Norway!

More City Announcements Required For Stopping Red Signal Trains

An interesting gentleman called Rami from Seven Hills - travels to Central Station by City Rail trains from Seven Hills, Monday to Fridays and claims what is annoying  is when the train stops on a red signal for a few minutes or amount of time.

Then there is little or no announcements as on the way home he has to pick up his children from a day care centre and if his is late - this causes problems for his wife day centre centre and himself. Announcements should be made even if it good or bad news re why train has stopped!

Air-Conditioned Trains Required by Richmond City Rail Commuter

I met Bruce from Richmond walking to Parramatta train station and he claims the most important  thing to make commuters happy on the Western Line  is to provide Air-conditioned train carriages, which will provide better comfort for himself and others.

He doesn't understand why  we don't get then on the Richmond part of the Western Line as they all travell to  and come from North Shore Lines.

Busways New Timetables Reason for 21/12/12

Well, I requested information from Busways Group Development Manager for Busways, Andrew Glass in relation to any major changes to the new timetables as advised in our blog: Busways New Time Tables In Bus Region-1 and I can happily say instant response has been received.

The doors of communication have been opened and I can see that there is positive vibes coming from our new found relationship, where we can receive efficient vital communication so that the public can be more informed.

As quoted  by Mr. Glass, the time tables  have no major effect on time tables itself except to commence 2013 with more accessible buses  for to go over their Key performance indicator of being DDA compliant.

'The changes relate to timetable updates that show more accessible buses operating.  From January 1, 2013, we need to operate at least 55% of trips with an accessible bus to meet DDA requirements - and our latest changes will actually take the figure closer to 60%.
So there are no time or route changes – just more trips marked with a wheelchair symbol!'
Thank you Mr. Glass for your feedback on behalf of Busways!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Busways New Time Tables In Bus Region 1: Check Out The List

Just received e-mail alerts from Busways regarding timetable changes for the following  bus time tables commencing 21st December 2012:

T70, T71, T74, T75, 722, 723, 724, 725, 726, 727, 737, 738,739, 740, 745, 746, 750, 751, 752, 752, 753, 754, 755, 756, 757, 758, 761.

Please click here for further details

Thursday, December 13, 2012

NSW Long Term Transport Master Plan Released Today

Here is is the release of the NSW Long Term Transport Master Plan:

At this stage, I would like to thank our entire group, you all represent different areas of Mount Druitt and each and everyone's input was valued.  Group members had a lot of  input and feedback to look at the future especially in public transport - I will review the release and provide further feedback!

Click Here: Release of NSW Long Term Transport Master Plan

Shalvey Commuter Backs Up Angie - Shalvey Loop Bus!

A very nice nice tertiary student, Kylie, catches the Busways 755 bus at 8.01 am and normally finds that this makes her late to reach study at Parramatta.

Yet, as the bus arrives late normally at around 8.09 am this makes her miss connected trains at Mount Druitt allowing her to catch train around 8.50 am reaching her Parramatta 9.25 am.

Se would prefer the Busways 755 to  t least be every 20 minutes rather than the poor 1/2 hour service available. Also she has issues with the bus stop outside of Shalvey shops, not picking up commuters there and making commuters walk to the other side of the road - she advised many commuters miss this bus service because of it.

This supports one of our previous blogs that Angela Plows has  raised as well:

Click Here for the previous blog on Angela's Unloop Service

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Bidwill Commuter Has New Driver Issues!

A very young lady who ran 'the mile in one minute' this morning - so to say - was exhausted from having limited timed  linking from bus train to train  this morning.

Brana catches the Busways 750 bus  which arrives around 6.06-6.09 am at Bidwill and normally arrives late with "New drivers' being trained in this time of the morning usually. This bus arrives at Bidwill around 6.15 am, arriving late and then arriving late at  mount Druitt Bus Interchange - sometimes she will miss the 25 past train or even just make it for the train connection to Parramatta, in Mount Druitt  Interchange to train station record.

Brana understands that bus drivers need their training when they are new but this has been happening for a couple of months. Would like to make a suggestion not to just chose her  750 route to  spread the training around Mount Druitt in that time of the morning.

Even a suggestion was to try new bus driver training on school  bus runs as they generally run down same streets as other routes!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Bus Driver Cannot Do The Shalvey Loop For Commuter!

Angie, Group Secretary and Shalvey resident was waiting on the  north side of  Luxford Road at a Bus Shop, when the bus driver advised her he couldn't take her 100 metres or so and do the loop to start his new journey for 'insurance purposes'.

Although, the Busways driver has a moral obligation to Busways: that is if he had a bus accident doing the loop into Shalvey High School bay and Angie was inside the bus, he maybe liable for allowing her to enter bus when he is not allowed  for her to enter bus until beginning of new run.

Yet on Angie's point of view she may have reached that North side bus stop, thinking the bus driver can take her in case the reaches the Shalvey High School side and misses the bus! 

Luxford Rd, Shalvey NSW 2770
     see where the looped bay in Shalvey High School is - left of green arrow!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

New Busways Driver A Gentleman - Blackett Commuter!

Allan from Blackett and our group member was quite surprised when a new Busways bus driver ( he had never met the bus driver before or even seen before), had his pensioner excursion ticket ready for him to provide. 

All Allan had to do was pay his Pensioner excursion fare. I think it is like this -  the bus driver must have seen Allan and said, ' Well he definitely looks like a pensioner - I'll get his ticket ready for him!'

And 99.9% chance that the driver is right. This also reduces stopping time and makes the bus travel to bus time table times. Well done Busways driver!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Blind Spot For Mount Druitt Commuter Car Park User

Pradeep, from Rooty Hill met myself a few months and was so polite to me as I sat next to him on the train.  He told me that he found our website very interesting to read as it had a variety of information.

He wanted to provide feedback in relation to the Mount Druitt Commuter Car Park that has recently been opened. The bottom Commuter car Park is Filled every day between Monday to Friday and he says the only issue that he faces is when driving out of the existing commuter car park, there is usually 2 cars parked on the  right side, causing a blind spot by blocking on coming traffic coming from the right. It makes it extremely obscure vision, making it difficult to leave the Commuter Car Park.

Although they are legally allowed to park in those spots, I was wondering if Blacktown City Council and/or City Rail would investigate the issue to see if  the blind spot is confirmed and the then look at ways to eliminate the hazard.

On-Time Trains Required - Rooty Hill Commuter

Justin from Rooty Hill travels from Rooty Hill at 5.50am by City Rail train  to Redfern train station and from there he has to transfer to another train to Rockdale, where he works. He has been travelling for 5 years on public transport and in that time no significant changes to improve his travelling on public transport.Before that he was travelling by car to Mascot to work but now finds public transport less stressful.

At the moment, he finds public transport not that reliable: late trains at Rooty Hill train station by 5 minutes, this makes him miss his transfer train and allows him to wait up to 20 minutes for the next train at Redfern. PM normally travelling doesn't seem to have these issues but if and when it happens he has issues with seating with finding available seats. He sometimes is left standing from Redfern. This also goes with cancelled trains. 

He is  just like every ordinary train commuter out West,  he requires on-time running train to make him reach work on-time, this will provide him and others with  better lifestyle!                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

City Rail Rumours - NSW Transport Officer

I sometimes find it hard to believe but the source that enlightens myself of City Rail issues, I have faith in this person, yet it needs to be confirmed.

So what the rumour is: that City Rail Stations Masters may not have a job by mid next year and DM's otherwise known as Duty Manager's will be taking over and some train stations will be closed. I find this hard to believe but there are meetings happening within City Rail to diffuse the situation, apparently.

My thoughts are I think  if it going to happen, we are entering the dark ages of  public transport. There is a vital need for train stations to open, Station Masters to perform their work and finally for trains to stop at train stations! Personally, I hope it is not happening and it is just a rumour!


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Walking And Cycling - Does It Affect You? Have Your Say!

Australian Department of Infrastructure and Transport are now seeking submissions from the community on walking, riding and access to public transport. This is a good time for all walkers to have their say for future improvements, ranging on many things better conditions, sign-age  wider pathways and  safer crossings just to mention a few. One of the things that get me is  sometimes accessing public transport it is walking from one mode of transport and reaching the other only to find missed and gone!

Cyclists we encourage for you to have your say, which can give you more safer cycle ways to enter and leave our suburbs and cities.

Monday, December 3, 2012

New 'Opal' Ticketing System is On The Way Here!

The NSW Electronic Ticketing System is now on trial - starting with Ferries and if successful will expand to City Rail in mid 2013 and then to Buses.

I only have one question with the 'Opal' Electronic tickets: it appears it is going to be set equivalent to the single MyZone tickets - I hope it includes the MyZone weekly tickets - which includes multi-trips?

Click Here For Details Of The Trialling Opal Card

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Busways Bus Region 1 Discussions For The Future!

On the 29th November 2012, WSPTU Representatives met with Group Service Development Manager for Busways, Andrew Glass to discuss Busways winning the tender process for the entire NSW Bus Contract 1.

The understanding is that WSPTU believed that Region 1 was going to remain as it was with Busways covering Mount Druitt to Blacktown and Westbus from Mount Druitt to Penrith to Windsor.

Mr. Glass advised us that they had done their homework with the tender of the NSW Bus Region 1 contract and submitted a competitive bid which built upon their decades of service provision in the area, under Rowes  Bus service and currently  under Busways. The Contract transition period when Busways will take over the complete Bus Contract 1 area is planned to happen in October 2013. This will be designed to coincide with the City Rail train time table changes in the same period.

In relation to commuters, bus routes and services will not be directly affected as it will simply be Busways taking over bus services. Which I find is a major point - although it is good to understand the process of NSW Bus contract tenders etc - to me it is like a Government changing the guard!

Busways will be ensuring that the trip times are more accurate, meaning less wasted time on buses for passengers.  This will help improve on-time running which is a major Key Performance Indicator in the contracts, and will allow the current Westbus services to achieve a similar level of reliability as per the current Busways services.

Bus Depots will have to be ready in place for the operational areas around Penrith/St Marys and Windsor/Richmond so that buses will be centrally located to meet current and future demand.  More information on depot locations will be provided in the coming months as DA’s ( Development Applications) are submitted and determined.

In relation to servicing bus shuttles - this will maintained and as directed too by the NSW for Transport and NSW Minister of Transport, pending on future funding by them.

Every Westbus bus driver will offered employment with Busways  and it will be left up to each individual Westbus bus driver if they take the employment offer up! There will also be Driver  Consultative Committees established at each new depot which will consist of Work Health and Safety Representative/s plus drivers, to ensure there is the opportunity for feedback.

Busways will continue to allocate buses so that the air conditioned and wheelchair accessible vehicles are “on the road” for the longest part of the day.  Since 2007 most buses are NSW Government owned but Busways will also be sourcing some additional buses to make up the shortfall. 

Growth bus services will be provided to growth population areas during the contract - which means newer areas across the region such as The Ponds, Jordan Springs and Waterside.

Feeder Buses - Mr. Hugh Worrall from WSPTU asked regarding  areas that lack need essential and vital  bus services can feeder buses be used to take commuters to major bus routes and the answer is pretty much it will have to discussed with NSW for Transport in light of the Long Term Master Plan, yet it was thought commuters do not like to have multiple modes of transport to get to their destination.

Bus Stop Infrastructure - Hugh Worrall was also suggesting that  block funding be proposed for bus stop infrastructure on a basis that 1/3 is paid by Federal Government, 1/3 by NSW Government and  the remaining 1/3 by  Local Government Area's as opposed to Local Government Area's fund the complete Bus stop infrastructure, yet if no money is allocated for this then this is completely neglected. Busways supports any efforts to improve the level and quality of infrastructure at bus stops, especially in terms of DDA 
compliance ( Disability Discrimination Act - Under the Human Rights Commission) . 

The only thing bus operators do towards bus stop infrastructure is install the bus stop “flag and pole” - the  rest is installed by Local Government Areas.  The way to look at it is,  how would it be trains  with train stations and then you look at buses without bus stops - Bus stops need to be audited to see if they compliant to DDA 

There was discussions the buses will have facilities installed for the Opal Ticketing Machine: currently it has been released to Sydney Ferries, later on to City Rail trains and finally on to buses.

At present, text bus stop timetables (in Sydney Buses areas) are not real time – they are basically just the printed timetable.  The roll out of PTIPS will allow real time information to be provided – this is a future project for Transport for NSW. 

Then I was allowed to talk about 3 issues that I am concerned about is weekend services, late night and Sunday services that do not allow commuters reach Sunday Funday events on time as there isn't early services and it is hard for shift workers not able to start early and come home late.

I also spoke about safety issues that Westbus have used with their buses and ask what will Busways/ NSW for Transport do to ensure safety to commuters and to drivers.

Finally I spoke about the current services that need to go back on Sedgman Crescent and also Chestnut Crescent in Mount Druitt.

What was suggest that the Light issue in Sedgman Crescent has to be fixed and currently there is no funding available to undertake the work.  Once this and the other outcomes of the safety audit are addressed, the restoration of services can be investigated. 

Chris, Andrew Glass, Hugh Worral & John Svoboda
Overall the discussion we had with Mr. Andrew Glass were pleasing and informative. I do hope we in Mount Druitt receive the help we need  to place peoples lives back into the road of public transport

Click Here to check Out The Sydney Bus Region Areas! And Especially Bus Region 1

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