Friday, December 31, 2010

'Happy New Year' from Mount Druitt Commuters Improvement Group!

From all of us at Mount Druitt Improvement Group- we wish everyone around the Mount Druitt areas and even everyone who  is viewing our stories a healthy, safe life for  extremely 'Happy New Year for 2011' as we keep on looking after the improvement of Transport for commuters 'Making a difference'.

As we reflect on the last year  that our group had done under 'Save Our Bus Services Mount Druitt And Surrounding Suburbs' we have achieved great giant steps to get back services that were incorrectly taken away. These were vital bus services that the community needed. I still don't feel we got all what the community wanted to get back - so we will strive for more to be even in 2011!

Busways Manager - Blacktown - Ready To Come On Board With Us

We, as a group are making head ways with bus operaters: from them treating us as 'cold ice' to providing complete information, warm friendly advice and most importantly joining forces together, all of us work towards a 'making a difference' within the  Mount Druitt community.

It is amazing a new manager, a new direction provide to us, a new type of relationship that will not divide us from the bus operaters but make us join in union for the betterment of our transport community.

Mr. Stephen Harper, Manager of Busways Blacktown deserves warm pat on the back as we develop a new type of relationship, that makes us proud of having well run bus services.What we don't realise is what behind the every day running to ensure that we are provided with an efficient, courteously driven bus services that ensures  complete safety for commuters as they reach the end of each of the end of their journeys. Mr. Harper has to carry a large load of responsibility on his shoulders; running a bus depot, ensuring there are enough bus drivers rostered to maintain bus services from Mount Druitt, Blacktown to Castle Hill, whilst resolving community issues, driver safety issues. 

This all has to be done by making sure New South Wales transport policies and guidelines are met  to respect to a bus operaters contract, whilst complying with all standards.

We respond to our story on: click here: 'New Bus Time Table Signs along Carlisle Avenue But No Time Tables! and advise that after speaking to Mr. Harper, we have a better understanding as to what is happening - there time table stands have been provide by The New South Wales Government via Transport New South Wales, to be maintained by Busways and this is firstly been implemented on the Busways 750 bus route - Mount Druitt to Blacktown via Richmond Road. Official time tables will be placed  in time table signs ready for use  in early 1/11.

Also a new ticketing machine is soon to be implemented in early next year TP5000 - it will make trips less time for wasting for change - My bus or My Multi tickets will be mostly bought before you enter the bus. allowing the bus driver more time to drive and get commuters better on to their destinations. The process of the electronic ticketing machine will be  a 'Tag on' and 'Tag Off'. Some training will be provided to drivers for the functioning of these machines - all-in-all a benefit to all. I didn't ask what the initial cost are to implement this new ticketing machine but obviously know it would be  done at a high cost but not to the Mount Druitt Community.

Refreshing your memory (if you have it), on our previous story:

Here is an exert from it:

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Great News For Save Our Bus Services Mount Druitt And Surrounding Suburbs And The Community

There is another electronic future device being used called a 'transponder' - although it will not necessarily be noticed by the commuter it may increase the chance of a commuter hoping on a last arrived service reaching the destination a little bit improved or better. What is it - is an electronic device placed on all buses and when reaching traffic lights it will notice the arrival time of the bus and if running late will change the traffic lights to 'Green' and 'Go,go,go!' - completing reducing waiting time - unless their is a bus stop directly after the lights ( not usually).

Thursday, December 30, 2010

No Family Fun Days - Chestnut Crescent, Bidwill As NO Bus Services Available!

As there are no bus services along Chestnut Bidwill, the same goes for public holidays that  fall after the Sundays. So that makes it hard to enjoy family fun days - details of family fun days from New South Wales transport Info 131500:

We feel for the community of Bidwill as their services have not been restored and we are still asking the relevant transport bodies and individuals to re-instate these services:


Family Funday Sunday

Document Actions
Every Sunday you can explore Sydney and surrounds with your family without spending a lot with our Family Funday Sunday tickets.
For $2.50 per person, your family can enjoy a fun day out with unlimited travel on Sydney's buses, trains and ferries every Sunday. The ticket will even take you to Newcastle and Wollongong!
Buy your ticket from bus drivers (excluding PrePay services), CityRail stations, ferry ticket offices and authorised newsagents, 7-Elevens and convenience stores. See our store locator to find your nearest ticket outlet.
For some great ideas on what to do and where to go around Sydney, visit the Tourism NSW Family Funday page.


Family Funday tickets cannot be used on:
  • Light Rail
  • Monorail
  • Sydney Explorer Buses
  • Bondi Explorer Bus
  • special event buses
  • Private Ferry Operators
A Gate Pass fee also applies when using any of the Airport Line stations.
View the Family Funday Sunday ticket terms and conditions and a map which shows where your ticket is valid.
A family must include at least one adult and one child (an eligible child is aged up to 15 yrs, or 16-18 yrs with a valid school travel pass or current NSW Senior Secondary Student Transport Concession card. Children under 4 yrs travel free).

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Bus Time Table Signs along Carlisle Avenue But No Time Tables!

What is happening with the new Bus time table signs placed on Carlisle Avenue, Blackett & Bidwill?
 I don't know who is placing these signs there (usually it is up to the bus operaters to organise bus stops), yet I like them as they are the modern ones used in the inner and outer city of Sydney.

Although some comments are they are too good for us - the issue I have is they are blank no bus time tables to be seen - I hope it is not just decorative! one thing I was disappointed with was the one graffiti that I saw on one of these signs, also will the operaters have to remove the same bus stops - usually nailed to the electricity pole?

New Community Group Supports MDCIG

There is a fairly recent community group that has sprung up out of the blue - in relation to anti-social behaviours that have developed around Mount Druitt. It is called, 'B.E.D.& United Residents Action Group' (Blackett, Emerton & Dharruk).

This group is dealing with anti-social behaviours and trying to create, 'A great Mt Druitt area a better place to live & work!' as quoted by Ronald Bright.

They do face a a heavy task like we have and yet we can see that in some ways we are trying to tackle some issues, so if we pull forces together, we can get there. They have got the the community backing to reach their goals:


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Continuing Thoughts On Mount Druitt Car Park - Who Cares On little 'Mount Druitt'?

As I ponder the New South Wales Transport Construction Authority's  (TCA)  new car park proposal which seems it is 'sealed with a kiss' deal - I have realised we are rated low in respect to amount of car park spaces that will be provided to the new proposal.

What do I mean - quite simply - Facts: St Marys car park 500 car spaces, Seven Hills over 700 car spaces, Blacktown proposed 500 car spaces, Emu Plains 250 car spaces - leaving Mount Druitt with only 220 proposed car spaces - with a 2006 census population of 56,000 ( not including suburbs surrounding Mount Druitt) the proportionate of car spaces to population is very little and to promote public transport within Mount Druitt (to catch trains) the amount of car spaces to Mount Druitt commuters would be a 'dfrop in the ocean'. Why is Mount Druitt neglected as a small place when it comes to infrastructure and planning?

I think now the TCA has something to respond to now - as if they would have used current the bus interchange stretch of land (or now concrete) and dealt with Westfield's it would have been more practical and beneficial to all involved. Who cares of  little 'Mount Druitt'?

Monday, December 27, 2010

WSPTU First News Letter Issue

Western Sydney Public Transport Users (WSPTU) has issued a first ever news letter - if any one would like a copy of it. you can request a copy via our e-mail of: or you can request a copy directly to WSPTU's e-mail address of: .

I am on the Steering Committee of the WSPTU and I am keen to promote this group as a voice for the peoples of Western Sydney that need assistance to speak for them. We also also have two members of our group  on the WSPTU Policy Committee, this works on policies that our group would like to encourage to work for the commuters of WSPTU.

Buses Needed For Australia Day in Blacktown!

Every year on the 26th January, communities of people  race by car to the hill of 'The Rooty Hill' to get the best sights for the explosive beautiful fireworks that the Blacktown City Council puts on!

The race is to get the highest best spots available, although anyone from anywhere will be able to see the  15 minutes or more of fireworks that is displayed within our City. Although a lot of families come there to enjoy the day, bring their picnic blankets, food and drinks (and alcoholic drinks), the day can be spoilt when splashes of alcohol are felt on family faces that bring non-alcoholic drinks to enjoy - or when there is a dispute of behaviour. AS so this happened  this year, not far from where my daughter and myself where sitting but as soon as a fight broke - was as soon as the local constabulary of Police were there to take charge. It did put to share a day of relaxing, enjoying the stage show of bands and reminiscing of old songs from 90's, 80's 70's and even 60's/50's

As the rush is to get to the best car parking spot - you really have to get there about 4 - 5 hours earlier  so that you don't have to walk a kilometre or more to get to  the 'Rooty Hill'. Traffic therefor becomes like George Street in Sydney - bumper to bumper. To overcome this issue it might be good suggestion that Blacktown organises Shuttle bus Services from Mount Druitt, Rooty Hill, Doonside and Blacktown Stations that commute to and from the Eastern side Rooty Hill Road South of the "The Rooty Hill'. This will alleviate any congestion issues around this area for this time of day allowing community members to reach 'The Rooty Hill' without catching private transport from outer suburbs and/or cars to be parked alongside the train stations where going home at night would be easier and also getting there as well!

Oh and more thing the shuttle buses should be provided at a free cost or as little as $1.00 each way!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

'Young Blake' To The Rescue Christmas Day - Good News On Bus Services - And Then Bad News!

A lot of you would know of Blake Bardowksi our young member of our group, that has come out of the blue (from within the community), seen, heard and experienced the issues that the Mount Druitt community when we started to save bus services. Well Blake is checking out what is happening and can see good news and bad news around the area.

The first Item is from  premier Christina Keanelly which is a plan for the future - well that is what we want. It seems Mount Druitt is on the map with the future bus transport (Refer Page 90). Let's hope that the future plan is not dropped by the next New South Wales Government - no matter who wins and governs.  

The second, where it relates to bus service of 740 from Plumpton  no longer operating at Epping Station - the affect of this is outside Mount Druitt - but can affect a lot of commuters within Mount Druitt.

He finishes off by providing better timed bus services for the community. Here it is:-

Dear John,

I have good news:

Ms Keanelly is planning to improve services to the Mt Druitt-Blacktown area in the near future. Shown here: (8.56MB)

And some bad news:

Busways has diverted it's 740 Service. From the 17/01/2011, the 740 will no longer travel via Epping Station. Shown here:

Back to good news:

Also on the subject of new services, I have thought of making the buses running times split in two. Make Services for Peak hours and Saturday (8am-6pm) and Weekday Off-Peak, Night Time, Sat. Night and Sundays/Pub Hols. Or make it split services for Weekdays and Weekends.


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Wireless Internet Provisions On M10 Sydney Buses Will Need To Be Expanded To Busways & Westbus Buses Around Mount Druitt

I just received an e-mail from Sydney buses regarding a new innovation  regarding access to internet on M10 buses on any day - I might suggest that this may be expanded to Mount Druitt after the trial period  a service provided by both Busways and Westbus. Here it is:

You can now access free wireless internet when travelling on any Metrobus M10 service.

The six month trial is a NSW first, and will allow access to free internet any time of the day.

Simply log on from your laptop or smart phone to access 45 minutes or 30MB worth of free WiFi internet, each time you jump on the Metrobus M10.

Brochures containing more details on this WiFi trial are available on all Metrobus M10 services.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Over Many Years Staff Missing At Railway Stations - Unbeknown To Commuters

We have seen over the last twenty years or so how station staff are reduced. I must admit not dramatically but in a way that the public commuters wouldn't even notice.

I mean the amount of staff that is required to maintain a City Rail Station is dependant on many criteria, yet mainly budget allocated by the New South Wales Government  direct to City Rail, the amount of staff designated to look after train station. Although not in Mount Druitt, Parramatta (from an anonymous source) used to have about 20 odd staff in 1997 to main the station on a turn around roster per week. In our modern times it takes approximately 16 staff (not including management/Station Masters), to run 4 platforms, tow entranced two ticket offices.

So this means that over a period of  around  13 years that  over every 4 years, there is 1 reduced staff. Now I'm not silly, I know how it works conservative budgets - means conservative amount of staff! I also believe that the more technology comes the less station attendants are needed and also the more the City contracts out jobs, the less station staff is required. Within the last year or so, cleaning contractors have been employed to do exactly that - the  constant job of cleaning, this allows station staff to concentrate on the public awareness of safety whilst trains are entering and leaving platforms.

The only thing I think we are not doing by doing this is not having an information desk that could be place on the outside of barriers and these station staff could provide immediate response to questions asked and if complaints or compliments allow the customer to fill in form or submit directly via the 131510 phone number and website. Reason behind this - is promoting  a better transport information especially for tourists and the general public.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Community Members Uproar About Taken Away Bus Stops

We have been informed by an anonymous community member that his elderly father who lives around the vicinity of Woodstock Avenue and Carlisle Avenue and he uses the bus to travel to and Mount Pruitt.

The depressing thing that has happened to his father is bus shelters being removed around this area, leaving no seating for the commuters (especially the elderly). It seems that Blacktown City Council may have some explanation here. Actually what we will do is write to the current Mayor of Blacktown and see what the ration of bus stops with shelters is with seating or bus stops with just seating in Mount Druitt.

We'll let you know if & when we get a response!!!!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Westbus 759 Running Issues

I have been told by  one of the community members of Mount Druitt, Greg, that there seems to be a regular issue with  the 759 Westbus service.

That is in the mornings it come early and in the afternoon it comes late! Well this is an unusual  issue to deal with.Are there issues with wind direction or even direction of journeys? this cannot be explained.So, in the long run I suggested he gets at the bus stop in the early mornings a little bit earlier and in the afternoons reaches the bus interchange a little later!

Seriously, we will raise this issue and see if there really is a timing issue with Westbus 759.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Our Group Member, Peter's Plan For New Commuter Car Park & Bus Interchnage, Mount Druitt!

We support one of our loyal Group Member's plan for a New Commuter's Car Park & Bus Interchange.     
Peter is highly respected member of  his community in and around 'Mount Druitt Village'- otherwise known as 'Old Mount Druitt' or as I call it, "South Mount Druitt!                                                                                                                                                                                         
I remember just on a few months ago Peter mentioned that we should have a commuter car park and after he mentioned his idea a few times, I realised the best thing to do (as a community leader) , is to encourage him.The best way to do that was to suggest to him to place his ideas on pen and  paper. He is definitely is not an engineer (come to think of it- neither am I),but he has a world of knowledge and can make his ideas into complete community improvement. Leaving everyone living a better life to live within Mount Druitt and this exceptionally excellent- I know it has fallen on a few deaf ears in party politics. He always wonders what has happened with suggestions in the past,  a few have been successful and the rest placed on the back burner.

I fully endorse his ideas and enjoy it! We also provide a response from the Leader of the N.S.W. Opposition, which we find is great as this is the kind of response we want from both NSW Government and NSW Opposition!:                                                                                                                                    
Sent:Tuesday, 21 December 2010 9:39:17 AM
To: John Svoboda (

Dear John,
Thank you for your recent email on behalf of Mount Druitt Commuters Improvement Group.
I have read your email with interest and have noted your concerns in relation to a commuter car park at Mount Druitt.
You have taken the appropriate action of sharing your concerns with Gladys Berejiklian MP, Shadow Minister for Transport.
I will also share your concerns with Venus Priest, Liberal Candidate for Mount Druitt, for her information.
Thanks again for taking the time to write to me.

Barry O'Farrell MP
NSW Leader of the Opposition
(P) 02 9230 2270
(F) 02 9221 8208

Dear Barry and all of you,

I have been asked by one of my Members to send you a copy of his bus issues and draft plans for a commuter car park in Mount Druitt - although there is a proposed car park at present - we feel the new proposal from Transport Construction Authority is not bad - it gets rid of an eye sore - we feel that Peter's proposal is more convenient to reach both forms of Transport, buses and trains.

Peter asked me that if you wish to contact for further discussion you can contact him on (Blank).


John Svoboda
Mount Druitt Commuters Improvement Group

Monday, December 20, 2010

Rumours- Trains Fares Maybe Going Up - Happy New Year 2011!

I've only heard from one source that early next year there could be train fares going up. It seems like this always happens either on 1st January of each year or some times 1st of July but usually - it is seasonal pending Governments decision.

Individually, we may feel sad when we hear of fares increasing as this represents another cost of living rising, which may leave some thinking twice of commuting on public transport.

The 1st of January is the day after the night before of celebrating a start to a new year, some people are celebrating ( or in some cases still celebrating the last years events and the oncoming expectations of the year ahead.So this is why it is apparently a good time in the year to do the fare increase, leaving most commuters stunned: small complaints come through or if there is a State election around the corner then those that want to voice an opion will show their feeling when they vote with their hearts!

I fully understand transport costs do increase and this then has a domino affect, reaching the consumer - it has to be reasonable and just and advertising well in advance these cost increases, so by the time it is introduced we are well accustomed and have little or no say in it!

After train costs go up then follows bus costs!!!!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

When I Was Younger......I Thought Of Carpooling!

When I was you probably just over 20 years ago - I was always thinking of 'If I had a business of my own - what sort of business would I have to make it successful?' Well the dream is gone now but the images were colored and as bright as ever. Yet, there was 2 issues preventing me to proceed further with the idea.

The funny thing is it relates to public transport but it is a rare type of transport to use. What was it? It was simply carpooling.This all sounds like a goldmine of an idea and to get it off the ground you have to way the positives with the negatives.To me the negatives outweighed the positives. Although carpooling may be cost-effective and beneficial to the individual commuter - the negatives come when someone calls in sick (and was the driver) and pulls out for one day - what is the back up to this happening - nothing if this happens in the last minute. Also you have to advance funds and set up like a call centre to administer it. Saying that, I have located  a website that covers carpooling within Australia - it doesn't seem to have much carpooling within Western Sydney: . You might want to sign yourself up, some carpooling is free!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Bus Drivers Maybe Resigning Because Of Rock Throwing!

One of our loyal members Shane' has spoken to a bus driver who advised a lot of bus drivers want to resign from their occupation because of 'Rock Throwing'. We have covered this  community negative issue before and find it is a common occurence even though one community memeber has been caught by the Mount Druitt police and charged.

I can not sympathise with the 'Rock Throwers' who's immediate response is to cause harm and destruction to vital community transport services. I do sympathise with bus drivers, especially if hurt, harm or event death occurs but we as a transport lobbyist group can only preach to the converted at this stage - we would like to involve these children to visit bus operators depots, to see how a bus company runs and promote the goodness of having essential bus services within our community.

Whether or not a  bus driver wants to resign is an individual choice, just like anyone that resigns from any occupation. My thoughts on safety (As a chairperson of an OH&S work Committee) is that every occupation has a potential threat on health and safety issues in any work environment. Some work environments have more dangers than others, this is where the employer has to ensure they have done everything to completely provide safety measures to all employees. When it come to safety coming from within the community, this is where it is outside the employers reach to control these measures - although through proper community educational programs - this may be resolved.

Think about these above thoughts!!!!

The Reason Why A Commuter Travelled On This Mornings Bus!

I don't know if it is wrong to overhear conversations -  but when we travel in public transport this is what can happen!

I overheard a gentleman talking on a mobile phone in front of me, on the 755 bus that he was going to reach Mount Druitt within 3-4 minutes as he is on a bus and he cannot get there any faster. He then asked the person on the other side of the phone, ' You want me to get there any faster!'

As soon as he got off the phone I made a statement,'So you have someone impatiently waiting for you at Mount Druitt!'

The gentleman replied,'Oh no! I'm just returning a mobile phone that was left in a mates place. I get calls all the time and they are non-stop!.' I can wait to git of this mobile phone it will be quieter.'

I just thought I'd share this story with you all.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Mount Druitt Transport Forum Is Required Before Next Years NSW General State Election

A lot of things have entered my mind whilst we have a General Election for the N.S.W. electors in early next year. So what we must do in Mount Druitt is hold a transport Forum at a convenient place for Mount Druitt commuters  to reach and plenty of warning provided if this suits all candidates for Londonderry all candidates and Mount Druitt candidates all of them.

It would be conducted on the basis that all questions will be asked are genuine ones, chosen from the public. They will be true to the fact, relevant to current transport associated within Mount Druitt. A copy of each parties transport policy supplied be fore the meeting. The public must be acting in a very nice way, courteous and allow the chair to run the meeting without any disturbance, and everyone acts most importantly be positive. This gives a great chance for the community to see  who's  running for election and then decide who they will then decide for after that - especially if they are swing voters.

At the end of the forum it would have to be a learning forum for all. We, as a group will not be judge, adjudicator or magistrate, yet we will judge the reaction of community members who attend to see if they were happy with our process, schedule and results of the forum. In Mount Druitt community members only want what they see is attractive without the political spiel.

In fairness to the local politicians, they do not have many podiums to stand on wirthin the community to debate, provided or inform of the transport issues and policies they see is important within Mount Druitt. They go from club to club or door to door, shake hands with potential voters, provide the widest smile to get the widest support. And then there are the smaller candidates that don't have the party machine dollars and staffing to  do what the major political parties do - so this would be a n event for a lot to remember and a chance to met people that want your vote.

All media will be invited, so that  they can report the true events - with petrol costs going up - this could be a good time to promote efficient and reliable public transport as a most cost effective way for commuting around ( as long as we have the public transport there to support it).

Update On Our Article 8th December 2010: An Interesting Website On Getting Buses to Westfield Mount Druitt

Well it seems Busways didn't keep Westfield Mount Druitt iinformed of the re-introduced bus service 755 on Westfield's website.

At least Westfield has acted so quickly and properly - i don't b;lame them as they are going on information provided to them. So the informants didn't want to let them know!  I thought Busways would 've like to  have a free promotion!!!!!

Anyway,  we have ensured the Mount Druitt Community is informed!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Big Thank You To Our Logo Sub-Committee!

On behalf of all the members of our group I would like to thank Shane, Allan and Wayne for their instant go ahead meeting to get a new Logo going for our new group. I find it important that a Logo is a branding and   can reflect the group's direction, views, ways and what they want to do.

What is also required is substantial meaning to the Logo, yet it has to be simple and moving. Whilst this is being done a lot of thought is being done on the creation of the Logo. (pardon the pun) What direction do we take and how are we going to do it. This is  makes us think of of our earlier settlers in Australia they would had to start from scratch. I want to make the group exciting and moving with transport issues and find resolutions - give everyone a fair say in what they want to say. In saying this our new Logo finally drafted by Wayne Lu with the assistance of Allan and Shane's - has as far as I am concerned turned out a great success! Well done to all them they are very dedicated to the community of Mount Druitt.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Mymulti Weely Tickets Unfare For Only Western Sydney Commuters! travelling 1-2 Zones And Paying For 3 Zones!

The N.S.W. Government issued and implemented new bus, train, ferry and multi-transport tickets
 knows as Mymulti zone 1,2,3, Multiday pass Mytrain1,2,3,4,5 Mybus 1,2,3 and Myferry1 & 2.

Fares across the board were cheaper, even for me it was $1 cheaper per week so that is a savings of $52 per annum - less annual leave $48 per annum. Some of the Mount train commuters I know have had a reduction of average $25-$30 per week depending where you weekly destinations were for my MyMulti tickets

Mymulti 1 - covers the following:
Bounded by Bondi Junction, Chatswood, Croydon, Canterbury, Bardwell Park, Rockdale CityRail stations and unlimited government and private bus and government ferry travel

 MyMulti tickets will come in yellow, red, green or blue depending on the point of sale


The price of the ticket is inclusive of GST

MyMulti3 - covers the following:

Unlimited train travel across entire CityRail network and unlimited government and private bus and government ferry travel

MyMulti tickets will come in yellow, red, green or blue depending on the point of sale

Compare my fare


The price of the ticket is inclusive of GST

MyMulti DayPass

Unlimited train travel across entire CityRail network and unlimited government and private bus and government ferry travel

MyMulti tickets will come in yellow, red, green or blue depending on the point of sale

Compare my fare

Day PassDaily

The price of the ticket is inclusive of GST

The only issue  that has been that if commuters in Western Sydney  pay for Mynulti3 for $57 - this is even if you travel from say Penrith to Blacktown or Penrith to Parramatta - the issue here is Western Sydney Commuters are paying for other commuters by purchasing the Mymulti3 especially if they do not cross over zones 1or 2. What I mean is that you compare this to travel from Bondi Junction to Mymulti1 (travelling within 1 zone) costing weekly $41 - We from Blacktown to the Penrith have to pay $57.000 (for 3 zones) -why don't we in Western Sydney just pay for one or 2 zone depending on which zones you travel weekly to and from? I personally feel we are disadvantaged and should be paying the equivalent of the distance zones you travel in. The concept of using the Mymulti tickets for any bus services combined with train services, it in itself is very sound and good. I previously had the choice of only using one bus operator around Mount Druitt, with the Bus Plus weekly combined transport ticket, now I can decide which bus do I want Westbus or Busways ( especially on the way home): with limited Busways 755 Bus service.
How many commuters are paying extra? This can be found as you will see purchasers of Mymulti tickets at least 30-40 percent will be departing from trains prior to Strathfield. We are subsiding the Northern , Eastern and the Southern Suburbs of Sydney.

If you take myself as as example I travel by bus to Mount Druitt by Busways 755 and then train from Mount Druitt to Parramatta. I go from zone three to zone two as I pass Sevens Hills, after Blacktown. I don't travel weekly to the City of Sydney and yet I have to pay for full three zones of fares. if at least 5,000 commuters do this, the net end result would be at the most $4,160,000 in the N.S.W. Government coffers (extra) per annum. Why should Western Sydney commuters pay for all other parts of Sydney? Maybe the legislators and relevant bureaucrats can see this and maybe pay back to us Western Sydney Commuters what is deservedly ours!

PS: I have heard from one source that train fares are going up 2/1/11 - Happy New Year!

I also believe that the Mytrain weekly tickets are not for multiple trips on the same day - so maybe this needs to be looked at as well.

Here is more information regarding Myzone tickets:

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Happy Bus Drivers Register!

Bingo!    HmmThat is how the mind goes. Here came the idea - after  I was talking to a pleasant bus driver who said to me he had not seen me in six weeks and thought I was on holidays. It was his smile, his attitude, his positive approach, his waiting for me to answer and his nature  that  had brightened my afternoon, I answered in the most ridiculous way (as he caught me off-guard). 'I thought you were on holidays?'

 Well, he shocked me and said he had 2 weeks and it wasn't enough!!' I just sat down on a seat whilst hearing a man sing to himself in what I thought was Hindi song but as I asked this man I later found out he was singing Ghazal songs!!!! Another happy person! Busways Bus Driver GS 1565 - (Number 1)

So then suddenly came the idea to start a 'Happy Bus Drivers Register' and promote this register to all bus drivers who may end up being happy themselves - especially if they don't talk to the commuters much.

20/10/10 Busways Bus Driver GO 8930 - (Number 2) Click here for her story: 
I have also included a bus driver  who I have written a story under 'Save Our Bus Services, Mount Druitt and Surrounding Suburbs' - this story has been told  so I have list her  details as well. This Bus driver has a happy face and is polite so I have included her - we want to preach this idea and get positive feedback from the community!

Bus driver GS 2118 - (Number 3) made me laugh today as I provide my Multi ticket - he said weekly ticket should be paying $49.00 per week! I advised him it is a combined bus & train - he then felt fine in saying what he had said - He did also advise that he was only doing a short shift due an error been made in providing his shift to some other bus driver. We don't really sit down and realise what they might go through!

Bus driver GS 0162  (Number 4) suggested that there might be 2 types of bus drivers - the new bus drivers may be long service and feeling grumpy and the young ones and new ones may be all happy - he knows of about 20 bus drivers that are happy! Also check his second story here:

6/1/10 - Here is a commuters story (provide to Busways Glendinning) of how we have another happy driver!I think it speaks about itself how bus drivers promote 'public transport':

To Whom it may concern.

I am writing to give you some feedback of a good sort for a change. The driver of the bus I was on tonight was by far one of the most helpful drivers I have ever come across and should in my opinion be teaching others his style of Public Relations.

The driver assisted a lady tonight by dropping her off between stops and waiting for her to get into her car in a dangerous part of Shalvey so that the lady felt safe. This sort of action is very rare with most drivers more worried about the timetable then the passengers they convey on a daily basis. When I approached the driver and had a chat. I was even further shocked to find that the driver catches Public Transport home every day I was unable to find out where the driver lives but he said it was on Botany Bay. (no small feat by Public Transport after hours).

The driver also said that in his opinion and I quote “If I am going to tell people to use Public Transport then I had better do the same” end quote. I have noticed this driver on many of the late night services as late as 11.30PM so I guess the driver walks from the bus depot at Glendenning to catch a train home. How sad when shift workers have to do that because of little to no after hours services.This driver is a rare breed and I hope to see more drivers with his attitude soon.

Good work Busways on employing someone who cares about there job.
Details of the Bus.
Bus 974 Rego m/o 5059
Drivers Card GP 1369
9.17 Pm Route 758 Mount Druitt to Shalvey
Regards Ben Foster
(Happy Bus Driver Number 5)

20/1/11 - Westbus Bus Driver EM 1738 - (Number 6) Click here for strory:

20/1/11 ( posted 28/1/11) Westbus Bus Driver GP 9369 - (Number 7) - Click here for story:

27/1/11 - Busways  Bus Driver GR 7601 - (Number 8) - Click  her  for story:

28/1/11 -  Busways Bus Driver GS 1336 - (Number 10) -  Click below for story:

31/1/11 - Westbus Bus Driver GR 7218 - (Number 11) - Click below for story:

1/2/11 - Westbus Bus Driver GR 9417 - (Number 12) - Click below for story:

2/2/11 - Busways Bus Driver AN 1354 - (Number 13) - Click below for story:

3/2/11 - Busways Bus Driver GS 7317 - (Number 14) - Click here for story:

4/2/11 - Busways Bus Driver GR 5865 -  (Number 15) - Click here for story:

5/2/11 - Busways Bus Driver GQ 4714 - (Number 16) Click here for story:

5/2/11 - Wesbus Bus Driver CQ 9166 - (Number 17) - Click here for story:

11/2/11- Busways Bus Driver GS 6181 - (Number 18) - Click here for story:

12/2/11 Busways Bus Driver GP 7345 - (Number 19) - Click here for story:

14/2/11 Busways Bus Driver GR 2643 - (Number 20) - Click here for story:

16/2/11 Busways Bus Driver  GS 4031 - ( Number 21) - Click her for story:

17/2/11 Westbus bus Driver FO 1438 - (Number 22) - Click here for story:

18/2/11 Westbus Bus Driver FS 5924 - (Number 23) - Click here for story:

25/2/11 Westbus Bus Driver GI 2840 - (Number 24) - Click here for story:

25/2/11 Busways Bus Driver GQ 0572 - (Number 25) - Click here for story:

3/3/11 Busways Bus Driver GR 9011 - (Number 26) - Click here for story:

11/3/11 Busways  Bus Driver DG 5461 - (Number 27) - Click  here for story:

15/3/11 Busways Bus Driver EN 2113 - (Number 28) - Click here for story:

25/3/11 Busways Bus Driver GS 9199 - (Number 29) - Click here for story:

31/3/11  Westbus Bus Driver GR 8604 - (Number 30) - Click here for story:

31/3/11 Busways Bus Driver GR 1842 - (Number 31) - Click here for story:

10/5/2011 Busways Bus Driver GO 3922 - (Number 32) - Click here for story:

13/5/2011 Busways Bus Driver GP 1717 - (Number 33) - Click here for story:

17/8/2011 Westbus Bus Driver GR 8761 - (Number 36) - Click here for story:

11/10/2011 Busways Bus Driver GS 5351 - (Number 37) - Click here for story:

8/11/2011 Busways Bus Driver GT 2954 - (Number 38) - Click here for story:

3/2/2012 Busways Bus Driver GQ6343 - (Number 39) - Click here:

Here it is "Happy Bus Drivers Register": Smile


In Alphabetical Order
1.   AN 1354 - Westbus Bus Driver                    2.  CQ 9166 - Wesstbus Bus Driver
3.   DG 5461  - Busways Bus Driver                   4.  EN 2113  - Busways Bus Driver
5.   EM 1738 - Westbus Bus Driver                    6.  FO 1438  - Westbus Bus Driver
7.   FS 5924 -  Westbus Bus Driver                    8.  GI 2840  -  Westbus Bus Driver
9.   GO 3922 - Busways Bus Driver                   10. GO 8930 - Busways Bus Driver     
11. GP 1717 - Busways Bus Driver                    12. GP 1369 - Busways Bus Driver                  
13. GP 7345 - Busways Bus Driver                    14. GP 9369 - Westbus Bus Driver
15. GQ 6343 - Busways Bus Driver                   16. GQ 4714  - Busways Bus Driver
17.  GR 1842 - Busways Bus Driver                   18. GR 2643 - Busways Bus Driver 
19.  GR 5865 - Busways Bus Driver                   20. GR 5869 - Busways Bus Driver  
21.  GR 7218 - Westbus Bus Driver                   22. GR 7601 - Busways Bus Driver
23. GR 8604 -Westbus Bus Driver                     24. GR 8761 - Westbus Bus Driver  
25. GR 9011 - Busways Bus Driver                    26. GR 9417 - Westbus Bus Driver  
27.  GS 0162 - Busways Bus Driver                   28. GS 1336 - Busways Bus Driver
29. GS 1565 - Busways Bus Driver                    30. GS 2118 - Busways Bus Driver
31. GS 4031 - Busways Bus Driver                    32. GS 5351 - Busways Bus Driver
33. GS 5473 - Busways Bus Driver                    34. GS 6181 - Busways Bus Driver  
35. GS 7317 - Busways Bus Driver                    36. GS 8604 - Westbus Bus Driver  
37. GS 9199 - Busways Bus Driver                    38. GS 9525 - Busways Bus Driver
39. GT 2954 - Busways Bus Driver

Smile Smile

*This will be updated as I get advice from commuters or even from  my personal choice of seeing happy bus drivers.                                                       

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