Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mt Druitt - St Marys Standard - Bus Driver Safety Fears As Man Has Been Charged - Last Week - We have Been Lobbying For Some Of These Measures!

Please find the 2 articles that the Mount Druitt - St Marys Standard has produced in relation to the arrest on the Bidwill anti-social attack on a Busways Bus Drive - and the response from the bus drivers. There seems to be finger pointing on the two way radio. I must admit that most of the time I'm on a bus I'm sure that the Two-way radio is available for use. maybe bus drivers must checkpoint their two way radios when entering and leaving the bus depot - this could be implemented for the future.

We have been pressing for the measures mentioned - excepting we are extending these to  having 'Pre-pay' buses and  the actual hiring 24 hour around the clock of undercover and uniformed police similar Transit Officers that are employed for train travel.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

What Happened To Me Today! 'Unbelievable'

I was reaching Westmead Hospital (for personal reasons), from Mount Druitt on a City Rail bus today - thinking I will have to get off at Westmead Train Station and walk down to the Westmead Hospital. My day was made when the bus driver stopped on the Westmead Hospital T-way Bus stop - that made my accessibility to reach my destination, so easily.

On my return to  from the hospital about 45 minutes later, one Cityrail bus  just kept going through and another bus was right beside us ( nearer the bus stop) flashing sign, 'Out of Service'. I pointed to the other bus showing the 'Out Of Service' bus driver
advised that the other bus was told not to drop commuters at this bus stop - so I waited for Metro bus to take myself to Parramatta.

Might question is which is the right bus? Maybe Transport New South Wales can answer this?

Blake's Way Latest Bus Routes - Mount Druitt

Here is again, Blake has  has provided an updated to some bus services that he proposes we should have in and around Mount Druitt.

A majority of bus services are covered in and around Mount Druitt - we will still need to get it out in the community to get proper feedback!

Please make comments, and rate the map itself - You will find the link attached to this blog.

City Rail Line Manager Remembers Mount Druitt Interchange!

Dwayne Purcell, City Rail Western Line Manager remembers when he was a Station Master at Mount Druitt, 8-9 years ago - that the top part of the Interchange at Mount Druitt was owned by City Rail - and the bottom part of the interchange is owned by Blacktown City Council and they are responsible for cleaning and maintenance of. 'Richard Amery, Member of Mount Druitt would have known of these dealings, back in those days.'

Refer to linked story which Richard Amery is asking who is responsible for the maintaining the interchange!

Current Bus Driver Issues, Which May Cause Further Issues!

Today, a Busways driver  made me understand why the bus that I boarded on today was "c-c-c-cold!' early in the morning.

Apparently, the new "Man'  buses do not have heating - only for the driver - where he 'Mercedes' buses had heat coming from under the first few rows of front seats. Give us your feedback on these new buses.

Bus drivers from both Westbus and Busways have trouble with commuters asking for transfer tickets and this can not be done between both Operators - this sometimes causes heated debates - where as My Multi will cover from operator to operator and government buses to private operators.

Friday, July 29, 2011

City Rail Update On St Marys Station

St Marys Station footbridge lift replacements

Construction workerPosted: Monday 4 July 2011. Updated 29 July 2011.
Between July 2011 and January 2012, we're installing new, more reliable lifts at the Queen Street and Forrester Road entrances to St Marys Station. The lifts will be replaced one at a time to minimise inconvenience to customers.

Stage 1 - Wednesday 6 July until Friday 7 October 2011

There is no lift access between Queen Street and the footbridge.
From Monday 1 August, if you need assistance to access to the footbridge during these works, you can travel on route 759 Westbus services which are being diverted to provide a connection between St Marys Bus Interchange and the Forrester Road entrance to the station.
If you need transport assistance to get to or from the footbridge, please see station staff or phone 9851 7514.
For transport information phone 131 500. Plan your trip and allow extra journey time.
The car park lift and footbridge lifts to the platforms will operate as normal.

Stage 2 - Monday 10 October until Friday 6 January 2012

There is no lift access between Forrester Road and the footbridge.
If you need transport assistance to get to or from the footbridge, please see station staff or phone 9851 7514.
Westbus 759 services operate between Forrester Road and the bus interchange. The bus stop is at Glossop Street, approximately 600 metres from the lift.

Questions On Removed Bus Stop - Whalan Shops Bus Stop 2770149

Here is an e-mail from a commuter who still has issues with Bus Stop Number 2770149, I have referred this to Councillor Jacqueline Donaldson to find out from Blacktown City Council:

Subject: Whalan Bus stop Bulolo Drive
Date: Thu, 28 Jul 2011 13:40:52 +1000

Hi to all,
Can somebody please find out why the Bulolo Drive bus stop that was originally near Banaro Avenue has been changed to outside Whalan Shops.
I was told that the reason they took down the bus shelter at the old bus stop was for safety reasons.  If that is the case why was it moved to it's present position.
Why don't they just use the original site and erect a "see through" bus shelter.
The new stop at the shops is in a very strange place - the buses have to drive over a speed hump and the turn straight in to the bus stop and if the bus is travelling at even a little bit of speed it makes it quite dangerous for anyone alighting from the bus, especially the older generation.
Also there is no concrete to step onto only dirt  and when it rains it is extremely muddy and slippery.
Can we please find out why we can't have the original stop back.

Returned Mount Druitt Commuter - Strong Thoughts!

Cathy, a returned community member claims the transport infrastructure has greatly improved, but has a long way to go to reach to the ultimate transport improvement goals.

Recently she has found that the replacement buses are not running to meet train time tables, that run during needed track-work days, providing better and essential upgrading and running of track for trains.

She is not happy that the young want things to be done and some don't respect this place any more.Even so they wish to whinge, whinge about things and then they destroy this vital things that let the entire community down. She respects the young ones, states they don't have the same respect as many years ago and wants them always be good to each other and their mother land.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

More Happy Bus Drivers - Loves Commuters - Number 35

This morning this driver was fresh and new and stated when it it come to anti-social issues she feels for the commuters that are stranded in their street unable to get their bus back - She obviously feels for the bus drivers who may have faced the brunt of the anti social behavior.

It was for this reason that she has been  placed forward as a happy bus driver - her Bus Driver Licence is  GS 9525.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bus Stop 2770194 Needs Concrete Slab To Make It More Accessible To Commuters

Today, I spoke  to Ken from Whalan and his pet hate issue is Blacktown City Council recently patching concrete slab block on Luxford Road near Waikanda Crescent, Whalan (Bus Stop number 2770194), leaving the front of the bus stop, inaccessible for the needy commuters.

It appears that it doesn't fit Standards  for accessibility - and this is one thing that Blacktown Council spokesperson  has stated to me is extremely important. So what is suggested here is a concrete slab to be placed to provide better access to the disabled and aged commuters, in between the front of the bus stop and side of the kerb.

You will see  from the below photograph, what I mean and what Ken means. Where the dirt patch is, it gets muddy and tricky for commuters to board any buses bus.

NB: Check the new white slab in the not too far background!

We will refer this to Black City Council and we will provide a response to you - and then we will check other sheltered bus stops to check and provide our own audit of them.

Press Release , Tanya Davies - Member for Mulgoa - St Marys Lifts

Please find press release provided to us  from the State Member of Mulgoa regarding the lifts at St Marys Train Station:


St Marys Station Lift Replacement

Member for Mulgoa, Tanya Davies MP, is encouraging mobility impaired commuters to take advantage of the Taxi service available on the south side of St Marys station.

Mrs Davies said that after many years of breaking down, the lift on the south side of St Marys station are finally being replaced.  While this is welcomed news to all commuters, the replacement timetable may cause some inconvenience to passengers that cannot use the stairs.

Mrs Davies said that mobility impaired passengers on the south side of the station have two options.  Firstly, commuters may take the 759 bus and alight at the corner of Glossop Street and Forrester Rd and walk to the station or secondly, telephone the station manager on who will arrange a taxi at no charge, to take the customer to the north side of the station where they can access the available lifts.

"I would encourage any person who feels that they cannot take the stairs to call the station master and request a taxi at no cost to themselves".  The telephone number for the station master is promoted on signage on the south side of St Marys station.

"I have requested that Railcorp more adequately promote the option of the taxi service, through improved signage on the south side of St Marys station" Mrs Davies said.

Mrs Davies advised that letterboxing was performed for several blocks around the station on July 4th to advise of the changes to access, and that station announcements and posters were in place in the week prior to the commencement of works.


State Member Of Mulgoa, Tanya Davies, Offering Support For St Marys Lifts Issues

Transport alternatives during St Marys lift maintenance
26 Jul, 2011 12:00 AM

The lift upgrade is good news but its replacement will inconvenience those who can't use the stairs. Passengers coming from Queen Street who need the lift can catch the 759 bus, get off at the corner of Glossop Street and Forrester Road and walk 600 metres to the station.

Mobility impaired people who need the lift at St Marys station can use free taxis to take them to the working lift on the Forrester Road side of the station while the Queen Street lift is out of action until October.

As a result of the Star's July 12 front page story about inconvenienced commuters, Mulgoa MP Tanya Davies has asked Railcorp to promote the taxi service through signage at the station.
Less mobile commuters can phone the station to arrange a free taxi to take them to the other side.
After consultations with the state department of transport, Mrs Davies annnounced late Friday the 759 bus will take commuters directly to the north side of the station on an hourly basis from August 1.

The new timetable will be on signage at the station. Alternatively, you can call 131 500 or visit
At all other times, commuters can phone the station manager on 9851 7514, who will arrange a taxi at no charge to go to the north side to access the available lift.

Arrest Made On Man Over Bus Driver Attack At Bidwill - Thank You Mt Druitt Police - St Marys-Mt Druitt Star

Here is the story from St Marys-Druitt Star this week

Man charged over Bidwill bus driver attack

26 Jul, 2011 12:45 PM
A man has been charged in relation to the assault of a bus driver in Bidwill last Wednesday.The Busways driver punched in the face by a passenger while at a bus stop in Chestnut Crescent at around 5.30pm.
He sought medical treatment after sustaining a fractured nose and severe bruising.

Mt Druitt Police detectives were investigating the matter and obtained CCTV footage from the bus.
They arrested a man, 42, at Windsor railway station yesterday (Monday, July 25).
and granted conditional bail and is due to appear in Mt Druitt Local Court on August 16.
He charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm.
Investigators would like to thank the media and the public for their assistance with the investigation.

Mt Druitt Commuters Improvement Group has expressed their shock and disbelief at last week's incident.
''Any assault and physical violence cannot be tolerated on any member of the public or the community or persons engaged in their employment,'' secretary Wayne Lu said on the group's blog.

''We condemn this type of behavior as it not only needlessly endangers lives, but also negatively impacts upon the function of the community. While the action taken to temporarily cancel services is an unfortunate outcome of this event, the Mt Druitt Commuters Improvement Group does acknowledge the right of any individual to engage in their place of employment in a safe manner.''

Western Sydney 3rd Transport Symposium - Free To The Public - The First 60 Booking accepted!

As an intern Vice-President, Western Sydney Public Transport Users Group, my first WSPTU Transport Symposium was the 2nd one which was well received by myself and provide us to introduce Blake Bardowski to the group.

I was intrigued and took passion to the Bus Stops Session which has given me a great strength to help the wider community and although missed some parts of the transport 131500 information (due to illness of one of our members), I was picking things that you would not normally pick up in these things.

As a transport group we now come to the time where it is your turn to experience the WSPTU 3rd Symposium and you can click here for further information:

Blacktown City Council Looking To Make Two Bus Stops Into One!

Although, we  have done a blog on this story in early January this year - I was sure that I sent an e-mail to the spokesperson at Blacktown City Council. It appears I haven't until now. I apologise entirely. I am human and know that I need to follow up these issues as soon as possible to get a better  transport community.

Today, I have received an an e-nail from Blacktown City Council spokesperson advising that they will be looking into it. I hope that commuters appreciate what we are doing!!!!

Fixing Small Patronage Trips!

Speaking to Sam from St Clair, he was strongly wondering why the Westbus operators are using a large bus as night for the 775 bus services when he travels at night. He states that when he travels from Mount Druitt to St Marys, it is empty with commuters. He suggestion is bring back the mini buses that Westbus used to us around the area.

He also has a brainstorming technological idea and that is every bus stop ,should have a two way speaker, so that when you reach a bus stop the bus operator knows when  to pick you up! By doing he claims these costs will  be more beneficial in the long run  with both suggestions. One may be a little more costly on the outset but the over result  will be positive mostly for the commuter! And lest costly to the public.

Male Commuter Calls For All Free Public Transport!

Wow! - I half believe in free public transport: that local bus transport should be free but if you need to catch taxis to get to your destination point much quicker then  that is your choice - trains we should pay for!

A male Mount Druitt senior commuter is calling for complete public trans, which will bring all cars off the road, less pollution better, more efficient organised transport infrastructure. I do  meet different people every day who are quite open to talk to me ,with quite ease. Each person has their own quality of life.

This commuter was also stating that although 95 percent of commuters do not use anti-social  behaviorism, the 5 percent  that do spoil it for the entire community and the let the community completely down.

Also better and more security is required on all night trains - making it safer for all commuters! He agrees with our suggestion  of  'Pre-pay buses' and would like it extended to taxi drivers.

With the Commuter Car Park is too far too walk to train station - it should have been at the Car Park where the  former major Druitt Hotel was (currently ST Pat's Hotel).

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Rooty Hill Commuter's Transport Issues!

Joe, from Rooty Hill claims there are sometimes lateness arriving at Rooty Hill, coming to and from both directions.  He asked he would like these improved.

He also supports the proposed Mount Druitt Free Bus Shuttle run and would still catch a bus to Mount Druitt from Rooty Hill before getting the Shuttle loop and advise others of this wonderful concept that can happen within Mount Druitt.

Expensive Late Buses - Westbus 780!

A female commuter was waiting outside bus stop number 2770194 (Whalan, Waikanda Cr Near Luxford Rd) * had explained to me that she had found difficult to catch the Westbus 780  which arrives at 9.56am allowing her  to catch train at 10.05am at Mount Druitt train station.

Her main issue was that she had to reach Sydney city by 11am.She eventually had to catch a taxi that took her to Mount Druitt around 10am, yet the Westbus 780 bus arrived around 10.04am. This then allowed her (if she caught the train) one minute to reach train, although the bus had just arrived on the bus stop.

The worse news is the bus is actually suppose to arrive at 9.52am as per The New South Wales transport website (this is earlier than she thought):

Maybe Transport stake holders that check this website can take timing of buses serious when  providing timetables on bus stops ( now we becoming more accurate with great technology we have).

NB: I realised I didn't advise her to advise 131500 and obtain a job number!

Comments On Mount Druitt Car Park - St Marys- Mount Druitt Star

Here is the story from the St Marys - Mount Druitt Star this week on the update of the Mount Druitt Commuters Car Park:

Yes, we made a recommendation to the NSW Transport Construction Authority about under-covering/awning between the Commuters Car Park to Mount Druitt train Station walkway and footpath. They have completely ignored us and  went their own way - when we received  support from the NSW State Member from Mount Druitt, Richard Amery advising the idea was good in a Mount Druitt Community Forum held in March 2011.

It just shows you how they don't listen to us: Transport lobby groups with the Community at heart!

Emerton Bus Commuter Wonders Why Less Buses!

A new Emerton Commuter, Michael, has advised that he is shocked with the amount of less Buses travelling around Mount Druitt. With the anti-social behaviors and the known ' Hot spots', by the NSW Police Local Area command.

 Even with new community member moving into the area our current transport infrastructure can be noticed how good or bad it is. So making important changes to  public transport service in and  around Mount Druitt, can be made to and through our group giving us a better transport community.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Commuter NeedsTo Be Communicated When Buses Do Not Operate!

A Mount Druitt bus commuter called, 'Josh' has  brought up a relevant issue that arises when crisis is called  for - when buses are taken away from  service.

He was is shocked to hear that when these bus strikes and/or bus immediately stops services due to anti-social behaviors against bus drivers and/or commuters, that there is little or no warning given to commuters waiting at bus stops from directly bus operators and/or Transport NSW. What he would like to see is, signs on the roads confirming this. This is to ensure he is is not waiting for an hour or so to get to UWS Penrith

For me, I have been fortunate with that it hasn't happened to me much, except three to four months ago, when there was total chaos in and around the bus interchange at Mount Druitt.  At this point  of time, we both thought of  one issue to solve the younger and modern generation would have been 'Real Time Messaging'.

Then I had this weird idea of  a hidden speaker on every bus stop stand, making necessary announcement - same as the train station except relating to buses. It would have to be anti-theft proof and damage proof!

Speaker Icon Clip Art

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Comment From Channel Ten News Reporter!

Here is a twitter message received from Lachlan Kennedy 

from Channel TEN - Great response and feed back - from a 

high profile news reporter!!!

I enjoy the blog and I think the happy bus diver scheme is fantastic. Keep well. LK
Direct message sent by Lachlan Kennedy (@lachlan_kennedy) to you (@nsjpas) on Jul 16, 5:35 AM.
Lachlan Kennedy
NB: This was from my own twitter account!!!!!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Urgent Media Release - From Wayne Lu - Secretary!!!

***********M E D I A RELEASE**************

In response to the attack to the assault committed against a Busways bus driver on 22 July 2011. The Mount Druitt Commuters Improvement Group expresses their shock and disbelief at this attack. Any assault and physical violence cannot be tolerated on any member of the public or the community or persons engaged in their employment. We condemn this type of behavior as it not only needlessly endangers lives, but also negatively impacts upon the function of the community.

While the action taken to temporarily cancel services is an unfortunate outcome of this event, the Mt Druitt Commuters Improvement Group does acknowledge the right of any individual to engage in their place of employment in a safe manner.

We urge anyone with information to immediately contact crime stoppers on 1800 333 000.


Hot News! Blacktown City Council: Next Transport Forum Hoping To Be In Mount Druitt

Last year Blacktown City Council held a Transport Forum which introduced our former group, Blake Bardowski, discussion on Richmond line duplication and there were other issues raised. and towards the end of the Forum, I made a suggestion that raised the hair of others.

I suggested that the next Transport Forum be held in  Mount Druitt as this is the second unofficial City of BCC. Well Council has listened, heard and replied. It appears they will take this offer up  as they are hopefully looking to hold the next meeting, once the library and the new amenities are completed, then they will be looking at holding the musics.

To look at the bigger picture: one person - representing many people swing BCC Transport over to Mount Druitt. This is the strength of good people power for the common good and the  LGA understanding people's requirements and suggestions. Good on you BCC!!!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Shhhhhhh! We Know About Blacktown Free Bus Shuttle Services

Since I was a Chairperson of our previous group and now as President of our current group wonders never cease to amaze me when it come to metaphorically speaking, 'When  you are searching for right signs that make you turn correctly, when you are looking for solutions to any problems!'

People used to say to me, ' No, I can't help you' - 'You are not allowed this information!' - "You'll never get the buses back!' - 'You will have to ask someone else not my job' and it goes on and on....

So as you get these knock-backs  suddenly there are others who care and  then you get the support, great feedback and sufficient information to carry with your job that makes it easier for you, your Committee, your group and your wider community.

What am I leaning too - I was trying to seek  Bus shuttle information from Blacktown City Council who were able to assist with patronage and kindly referred my self to Transport NSW Businfo. This was  hard to obtain from them but when with  great deal of help, I now have a second contact with NSW Transport - who has obtained the following figures for us. They are approximate figures:

Here it is average trips per day 24 trips:
Bus Shuttle Blacktown Month  Patronage Days Average per day  Average per trip  

14/3/2011-31/3/2011               2600         17         153                          6.3 
 1/4/2011-30/4/2011                5700         30         190                          7.9 
 1/5/2011-31/5/2011                6200         31         200                          8.3

So by this, we can see that the overall figures are good. It is proven that it seems to be a great benefit to the commuters of Blacktown. There was a substantial increase of 25 percent per day from March to May and this is with  not a lot of Blacktown Commuters understanding that they have this service readily available. This Service was introduced prior to the recent NSW State Election an in hope I pray and ask for this service to continue!

I promise you - that if and when Mount Druitt has a Free Bus Shuttle run , that we as a group will promote it in every way we can. We have the great local support from our wonderful local press - who  respect us as individuals and a transport lobby group. We have thousands and thousands of commuters that have  been having Free Bus shuttle conversations as something that is for the common good of our community. So anyone that is a 'Transport Decision Maker' for the common good raise your hand and finally do something good for our community.

This is what we want in Mount Druitt!!!!!!


Save Our Bus Services

Read our story on how we made it our priority to ensure bus services are re-instated from services taken away in 2009.