Tuesday, May 31, 2011

School Girl Supports Busways 758 - Although It Takes A Long Time To Reach Destination!

It is very rarely that a school child will talk to me and provide some feed back from her travel to and from St Marys. her comment was that the Busways 758 is a good for her catch as it is the only bus service that takes her from Mount Druitt to Debricat Avenue North St Marys.

If she waited at St Marys Train Station she would wait about 20-30 minutes for a bus, so decides to get the long way to her 
destination to save time,commencing from Mount Druitt!  
Thank you for your feedback!

Transit Officers In Mount Druitt Want Their Office Back - A Transport Bird Told me!

Yes another 'Secret Transport Birdie' has advised me of  Transit Officers wanting to come back in Mount Druitt and use the Transit Office, on North Parade Mount Druitt. It has been many many  since we had Sate Transit Officers based in Mount Druitt.

Although, New South Wales State Transit Officers do not have the same powers as New South Wales Police Officers, this could be a great idea the NSW Government  has initiated an idea which could provide better protection for the commuters of Mount Druitt.commuters. My belief is that if the Office is used fro NSW State Transit Officers, there might be reason to expand the office so that we have a higher profile of both NSW Police Officers and Transit Officers at the scene of any crime, within such a short distance. Also a high security presence may prevent and deter all types of crimes around the immediate vicinity.

Let's vote with our hearts that we get the NSW Transport Officers back in Mount Druitt, making a difference in transport around Mount Druitt!

I have heard the Contract Cleaners may have an issue as they keep their cleaning chemicals in the currently disused Mount Druitt Transit Office!

Monday, May 30, 2011

1st July 2011 Long Term Ticket Train Fares Slashed! NSW Government!!!!!

NSW to slash train fares: O'Farrell
May 30, 2011 - 8:39AM SMH

Train fares are to be slashed by up to $240 a year, the NSW government has announced.
From July 1, rail fares for regular commuters buying monthly, quarterly and yearly tickets will be slashed by nine per cent, NSW Premier Barry O'Farrell said on Monday.
Under the new fare structure, commuters travelling from Gosford to Wynyard will save $20 when they buy a monthly ticket.
Travellers from Campbelltown will save $17 on a monthly ticket.

Commuters using MyMulti tickets, which cover trains, buses and ferries, will also save under the new pricing deal.
They will receive the saving promised during the election campaign - $9 on a monthly ticket, $25 on a quarterly ticket and $100 on a yearly ticket, Mr O'Farrell said.
Mr O'Farrell said the fare cuts went well beyond the coalition's election commitment.
"This change means cheaper fares and shorter queues: it will reward regular commuters and encourage people to leave their cars at home," he said in a statement.
"Commuters have paid enough for Labor's rail incompetence and my government believes they deserve a break."
The fare cuts will cost about $5 million a year.

My comments: This sounds good for long term ticket holders but I also think that other tickets should be slashed across the board, so that their is fairness, Not every one wants to purchase long term tickets - but this on the other side of the coin could promote less queues  in the long run.

NB: Also check out the Press Release on the following link:

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

'Colder Trains In The Morning!' - Doonside Commuter

Mario, a Doonside train commuter has made a strong statement by saying, when he catches the trains in the morning, each train he gets lately is extremely cold, which can make the commuters completely uncomfortable.

He catches the train at varying times in the early morning, from 5.41 am, 5.52 am & 6.07 am and both him and his partner always feel cold. His suggestion is to bring in the 'Tangara' trains in the early mornings that are always warm ans keeping importantly commuters warm.

The other suggestion was bring in the 'Oscars' train as well - well, we all know what's happening with this waiting for testing to complete. 

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

North St Marys Fights For 782 Re-Instated! - St Marys- Mount Druitt Star

MP joins the fight for more buses

24 May, 2011 10:18 AM

2011 10:18 AM
A COMMUNITY cry for help from stranded residents for more buses in North St Marys has Londonderry state MP Bart Bassett on board.

He will lobby transport minister Gladys Berejiklian for the return of more services after last week’s meeting with residents who had what he called ‘‘very legitimate concerns’’.

KenMoriarty and Patricia Guy led a community uproar after the 782 Westbus route servicing the suburb was axed during a transport overhaulin October 2009.

With help from the St Marys-Mt Druitt Star which broke the story, a community campaign led to diversions to the 745 Busways route StMarys and CastleHill, which doesn’t run on Sundays or public holidays.

MrMoriarty was initially grateful— until he learned it takes two buses to get to Penrith. Residents in Griffiths Street and Jakaranda Road remained without a service, like Mrs Guy.

She and Mr Moriarty recently collected 100 signatures in support the old 782 route.
It comes after Westbus earlier this year agreed to divert a 780 morning and afternoon service through North St Marys on weekdays after representations on the behalf of two students. Mrs Guy said some services that now terminate at Werrington could continue to St Marys via North St Marys. ‘‘A half-hourly service would be enough,’’ she said.

Mr Moriarty said: ‘‘People don’t want to go to CastleHill— they need to go to Penrith for medical appointments.
Many elderly people here relied on the 782 for that. What happened to people in North St Marys played a big part in why former MP Allan Shearan was voted out.’’

Mr Bassett couldn’t estimate a timeframe but hopes to discuss the topic with Ms Berejiklian this week.

They and Hawkesbury MP RayWilliams met with residents when the 782 was first axed.
‘‘I’m hopeful there’s enough flexibility in the current system to reduce the number of some high-frequency services and put them back in place in North StMarys,’’Mr Bassett said.

Should the 782 be reinstated?

Join the debate at: stmarysstar.com.au or on our Facebook page

All aboard for better transport: Residents are confident of action after they met with Bart Bassett at North St Marys Neighbourhood Centre last Thursday. ‘‘The residents put a strong and reasonable case forward,’’ the MP said. Pictures: Mike Sea

Commuter - 'Safety Conscience!'

A Cambridge Park Commuter uses Work Safety earplugs,  to benefit himself with quiet reading whilst travelling on his train journey to and from the City. Nick as he is known has been doing this recently and has been travelling since the early 1970's.

In this time he has noticed quite considerably an increase in commuter noise. Beginning from the early days when he could hear ladies continually knit to the clear sound of turning pages on large news papers and books. where commuters are being self-educated with the days events,worldly events, fascination or fakes stories. Finally the old noise the younger generation wouldn't know of  'Red Rattler' (See versions of this train below). Also I remember the window covers that half the time would not stay up and keep on sliding down - what memories!

Now you hear the blasting music of Ipods and/or mobile phones 'chit-chatting' of language unheard of,in his young days. This is where he claims some people have no respect in speaking foul language that is awful, bad & should not be tolerated in public places. He thinks the New South Wales Government should do something about this as much as I do as well as it is most embarrassing to other that do not want to hear it!

What is also amazing is that whilst wearing the Work Safety earplugs he hardly misses his train station at either end of his journey! Well Done!

Images of the old 'Red Rattlers!'

Monday, May 23, 2011

Train Commuters Upset With State of Trains!

last Friday, I spoke to a lovely elderly couple from Whalan, who casually catch trains. Whenever they get the trains, the trains seem to be not well maintained: their standard. For this I can sometimes agree with them. Most of the time I get the train is early mornings it is reasonably cleaned. I mean, if people want to wreck transport facilities for others then those people should be caught and the appropriate penalty provided to them.

The elderly couple ( unbeknown to myself until I met them) are living in Whalan, Mount Druitt and just about every time they catch the train in mid mornings the train carriage is not in a great state looking-order Firstly the carriage we have had a lot of internal scratches on the window and these dried up acid type of stains covering 4-5 rows of seats. Now honestly, it was cleaned up to the best ability that City Rail could have done to place the carriage/back in service but it looked disgusting! Maybe the City Rail Cleaning Management could have a better look at releasing these carriages as not was it a turn off for us commuters but it would be for a tourist who thinks the world of Sydney (Greater Western Sydney being part of Sydney).

the suggestion is to bring out trains more properly cleaned - even have them monitored at the storage yards, so that we have the best transport going around Western Sydney. All safety measures must be taken so that anything tangible is not destroyed. It was suggested the transport decision makers/stake holders take out their head from the hot sand, fix the problem, as we as average people should get what we need to get.

On a personal note: I can advise that one day approximately 15- 16 years ago I was travelling to work on a train carriage wearing a light brown suit. I so remember this day, it has never slipped my mind. I was seated on the top floor of the carriage left front window, as I got out from the seat a gentleman explained to me that I had paint covered all over on the back of me - it seemed it was a yellow/green color.

My main worry was the kind of paint it was: oil or water based as this was going to embarrass my fellow employees and employer at work. First thing I did was report at Artarmon Train Station to the Station, he witnessed the back of my jacket and pants. I walked to work and one of the employees lent an overall and drove to the  Artarmon dry cleaners.

Then I paid $15 for both to be dry cleaners allowed 2 hours for this to be done, went back at work and work - was driven back to the Dry Cleaners, picked the new dry cleaned suit. later in the afternoon, provided the receipt to the Station Master. About 3-4 weeks later spoke to the Area Manager he advised me that as long as I do not place liability on them they will refund the $15. About 1 weeks later received cheque for $15.00.

So yet I am very wary of seats that look like it is freshly painted! Wouldn't you!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Long Way to Get To Norwest - Mount Druitt Commuter!

I spoke to a very nice student who travels to Parramatta studying at UWS. At Parramatta he changes for buses to UWS, after getting a train from Mount Druitt.

Yet his issue is  he works at Norwest and unable to catch Busways 745 at Plumpton, he also catches a train at Mount Druitt and then changes to catch a bus from Blacktown  - a longer inconvenience. He would like improved bus services!

Waiting Bus Commuters At Whalan - Gets Free Bus Ride on 755!

Accordingly to an elderly male commuter who travels to Mount Druitt weekly, he had to wait 1 1/2 hours to get to Mount Druitt opposite Whalan Shops - 2 buses passed on the opposite side of the road during that time.

The second bus driver realised when he reached at the elderly commuters bus stop, knowing he had been waiting for a long time offered him a free trip and other commuters a free trip to Mount Druitt. A great gesture by a bus driver - if this bus driver knows who he is - let us know as we would like to add you to the 'Happy Bus Drivers Register'!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New Train Commuter Has Train Driver Connections!

A new train commuter who has migrated from overseas has shared a story or  two about  a special train driver. It was her husband. She had told me  of once she wasn't aware that she was travelling on the same train as her husband driving it - sounds good as she obviously got home safely.

Explained that he was a guard for 3 years and  now has been a train driver for one year. She was explaining that if he was in her origin of country that there would be commuters on top of trains - travelling so called first class.

Then she advised how one time her husband was driving a train slowly and a gentleman dropped his umbrella on the train tracks from the station platform and when down to pick it up - her husband had noticed him doing this and drove the train slowly and stopped to allow him to pick it up and go back to the platform - but didn't think it was smart or worth it for the commuter to do this! 

Apparently what we don't know is how emotionally upset train drivers are when graffiti artists or people scratch the front window screens of the trains, making it hard  for drivers to see clearly in front of them. This is when we need all round security where all trains are stored overnight!

Man-O-Man New Buses!

Another little birdie has told me that Busways have delivery of 9-10 blue and white New South Government  provided *'Man' made buses, which on the quiet are very expensive.

Some of the comments from some drivers are it has only four gears which can make driving a bit rough and there is hardly any heating on the bus, especially if it is used  during wintertime - the 'aircon' doesn't provide much heat. A comment made to me was, 'That the older buses we have are better driving around and warmer!'

So here it is news for you!

* 'Man' is a trademark of the company that has manufactured these buses.

Castlereagh Commuter likes Western Line As Opposed To Richmond Line

A Castlereagh commuter I met today told me how he hows found travelling by car from Castlereagh to Penrith and catch the Western Express to the City - a great 45 minutes to get home. Richmond line ( where he used to get the train), is not as efficient as the western line catching the Western Express. Richmond line he claims take 1 hour to 1 hour and a half hours to travel to and from the city and there are quite a lot of train stops and  5 - 10 minutes delays of trains on the single carriage way.

There is no great demand of  bus services in Castlereagh as it not as high densely populated in all types of housing as the inner City of Penrith.

Great feed from a great commuter!

Blacktown Commuters Like Lining Up After Long Weekend!

A elderly gentleman mentioned to me on the train heading to Blacktown from Parramatta that he has had the worst experience ever in relationship to catching public transport, although I have given him a quick solution to the problem.

The Wednesday morning after the Easter long weekend, he had to purchase his weekly ticket at Blacktown train station. He had noticed  two ticket windows open out three after a long weekend, and there were lots and lots of other commuters who needed to pay for their fares as well. 

This seemed usual, except for the fact that when he reached the end of the winding queue to the window, he was told that the automatic tickets machines were out of order from 7.50 am and he reached the window by approximately 8.30am (about the time the machines were fixed up and back into operation).

I did have 2 suggestions to give him - maybe Cityrail could have placed one of their managers on the window to relieve the stress for commuters or simply do what have been normally doing purchase your ticket prior to the morning after the end of the holiday period!

He agreed with me and said he will ensure he does that next time! 

News! News! Whalan Shops Has Re-situated New Bus Stop!

This is the old hot spot bus stop and Gone!

By mid year I would have lived in in this area for just on 21 years. In this time, I never said a word to anyone bout this, yet I knew in my heart that the way the bus stops were structured in Whalan shops, Mount Druitt was odd.

That is, I would every hear commuters saying to bus drivers, 'Going to Whalan shops'! That was good but when you exit/leave on a bus from Mount Druitt Interchange heading towards Whalan Shops, you actually pass Whalan shops by about 70-100 metres. For me it was all good as I live closer to the former bus stop opposite Ellengowan Crescent & on the corner of Bulolo Drive, Whalan. Yet I always wondered why would any politician and bureaucrats place a bus stop away from a commercial small shopping center? Being that said, congratulations goes to the stake holders of our local transport area, who have made the correct decision is moving the old bus stop and placing in front of Whalan shops, in the middle of island where the boulders of rock are. I hope it remains there and never moved.

In saying this, we now need to have a bus shelter put in place of the new bus stop! We have noted that the bus shelter was pulled down immediately, so let's see if the new bus shelter is replaced immediately!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Train Commuter In Mount Druitt Didn't Know Of New Carpark

It seems that although there has been low key campaigning with the New Mount Druitt car park, it appears not everyone is aware of it.

A commuter called , 'Mohammed', has been approximately 2 years didn't know of Mount Druitt car park and also didn't know of the testing of SMS on bus stops on Carlisle Avenue, Mount Druitt. It seems that not everyone knows what is happening and groups like ours and our blog can inform the community - maybe we need to advertise our group a little bit more! I'll look into it! This commuter sometimes uses cars to work and sometimes trains - as I said to him if a lot more people commute by public transport to various destinations then then as demand increased services increases!

Commuter from Mount Druitt Finds Train Travel More Economical

Meeting another hard working Mount Druitt community member loaded with bags going to work yesterday - work at Crows Nest and finds  travelling by car on M7 & M2  motorways and then the north shore tunnel very time consuming as well as extremely expensive when you travel week to week.

That's why he now catches trains to St Leonards and then walks 10 minutes to work. He finds he can rest more on the train, no car driving stress and will reach his destination in such a  relaxed atmosphere before he starts work only one direction to work!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Happy Driver That Laughs! Number 33

Here it was a driver who knew about our group said he heard about the Happy Bus Drivers Certificate and told me how he one day controlled passengers on a bus that stalled a few years ago after leaving Mount Druitt on a 761 bus route.

The Bus was driver GP 1717 advised me it was hard to control as passengers were upset and swearing so at the end he provided them with a free journey until a replacement bus came 10 minutes later. After getting approval from the Blacktown Depot - he offered passengers a free journey - still some commuters weren't happy! Others were calmed down!

I though GP on his licence was 'Grand Prix', 'General Practioner' so he devised his own interpretation of  'GP" being a 'Great Person'. At that point I believed him as  he couldn't smile during the trip but laugh, until the very end of my trip when he smiled. Congratulations to him!

Click here for original story:

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Commuters Of Public Transport Can Join Up WSPTU - Facebook

Yes, this is right. Any commuters within Mount Druitt  and even Greater Western Sydney all can join 'Western Sydney Public Transport Users' as group on Facebook:

https://www.facebook.com/groups/111373922287202/ . 
You can check out photo's, videos, stories updates and join in on group discussions- so we can all share we want  to make a better public transport system.

Hope you enjoy it!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Full Time Happy Bus Driver! Number 32

Yes, sometimes it is hard to find them but they are there - that is super bus drivers who over excel in the service they do - no anger. no spite no negative words, no sadness and not even once once of aggression.

I actually met a bus driver  who is 'happy-go-lucky' and I would be prepared to call him this as a nickname! Before he served myself, there was 2 commuters in front of me and each one in front of was done with a smile. In fact, I was so proud of him as he stated that he had just been made a permanent bus drivernafter working casually for years. He has made a life decision that he actually like working as a bus driver. Although it was night time, there was  a sunshine glow around him I saw.So who was he - bus driver GO 3922.

Here is the original story on the Happy Bus Driver:

Mount Druitt Taxi Drivers Want Prepaid Taxis!

One of our  public transport services is  seeking better services in Mount Druitt to assist commuters.This service is a vital service that provides more private service than trains and buses but you pay extra for it. You probably use it for special occasions or if you have a lot of groceries or luggage to commute home or even you are running late for something and taxis will get you out of strife.

So yesterday I was speaking to a nice taxi driver and he was stating that they are fighting for amenities at Mount Druitt, so it makes their work environment safer and better. Like everyone else they are humans and all have to relieve themselves for human purposes, everyday.

The other issue that was niggling him was that that have a lot of  'runners' - not athletes that break world records  - no, same as trains and taxis what is otherwise known as 'Fare evaders'. The idea is like having 'Prepaid buses' instead it would be called 'Prepaid taxis' an be a vital way fro taxi drivers to survive and live without loss of income.

Here it is : If I approached a taxi driver at Mount Druitt taxi rank and wanted to commute to Emerton - the driver would give me an estimate travel cost, for example $15. If I have a credit/debit card the driver will accept the payment of $15.00 - I sign for it. He provides a receipt for it and takes me to the destination. Once the destination is reached the exact travel cost is $13.75, thus I would have to receive a refund on the credit/debit card or he would provide cash change of $1.25. Now if the fare was $17.50 the fare will have to be paid extra by myself either by credit/debit card or cash.

Now he dilemma is I do not have a credit/debit card - then an estimated cash receipt is given for $15.00 signed by myself as the cash amount provided  to the driver. Once the destination is reached the exact travel cost is $13.75, thus I would have to receive a refund of $1.25. Now if the fare was $17.50 the fare will have to be paid extra by myself either by cash.

So what do you think of this idea - it would be proposed that this would be used in certain times when this happen usually between 
7 pm night and 6.30am. This will illuminate the fearless crook that steals from taxi drivers thus more smiles on taxi drivers faces and provide more trustworthy commuters. Please provide some comment.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Here Are Some Transport We Do Not Want To See in Mount Druitt And Even Western Sydney

Here a link to youtube on crazy buses:

I hope we do not have these types on buses in our area but decided to show you how we are lucky!

Here is one bus driver taking short cut around a corner:

I don't know if the commuters on the top of these trains are paying top fares:

Friday, May 6, 2011

We Are On Facebook!

If you are keen enough to join our join you may do so on Facebook - especially if you are a local. This can be an opportunity show the New South Wales Government our numbers as time goes on. Also there is a chat line etc...

It is under 'Mount Druitt Commuters Improvement Group' -  please join in!

here is the link to the group in Face Book:


Next Group Meeting Is........

We will be meeting on the 21st May 2011 at the Meeting Room, Emerton Leisure Center, commencing at 10.30am .

This will be our first group meeting since March this year due to elections and our transport forum and our last meeting date was booked during the Easter holiday period. I made the decision that we will not hold a meeting on this weekend based on the holiday period.

In this meeting, there will be the adoption of the Constitution, completion of membership forms and fees and acceptance of members at meeting. I must say it was for me hectic to work out a Constitution that the group will be happy with - I think I had produced about 5 versions of it. I am glad it is all over. We will also look at a list of transport priorities that we need to take on and refer to the new NSW Government to get them for us. So this will be where the important business takes place. Contact us if you are coming to the meeting as we ask for a $2 donation at the meeting and bringing some nibbles with you!

At future meetings we will be inviting guests to our meeting so we can make our meetings more interesting!

Transport Sparks A Great Interest In Mount Druitt

It appears to me as I am doing personal surveys of  individual community members that commute to and from many destinations in and out of Mount Druitt, that each person reacts by either being  resolute, an introvert or presents ideas, suggestions to make Mount Druitt an improved and better transport services.

I have had a report from Mark, a community member from Gasmatta area in Whalan that in the morning the Westbus 764 is full in the mornings going to Mount Druitt - this is especially good news for this area as this could increase bus services.
Another male community member tonight advised me that we need groups like us in this area and was grateful that I had provided him with our groups details. He said he had mates that are interested in transport and  will let them  read our stories. This is good as this is educating the transport community.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Train Commuter Previously Mugged Has Concerns For Train Safety!

Every day I meet at least one or two nice people that love to share their ideas, thoughts and frustrations with local or State transport. It is so great just making people talk about it with such feeling and humane passion that public transport issues has grown within me. I can't seem to shake it off me. I want to promote what people want to promote, suggest or even improve.

So today was a special day where I met a young Commuter called Brian, who mentioned of his suggestion. At first he was reluctant to tell me because he was to notify me by e-mail or  blog comments.As it usually happens he was blown away of our group's stance within the community and we had so much many mutual agreements on so many community issues. He opened out to me on the train.

The improvement he would like to see is video security camera in all areas of train carriages. The reason why he wants this is because approximately a year ago  he was heading home from leaving the University of Western Sydney, North Parramatta  and heading home to Mount Druitt, he was mugged by a few young hoodlums who took off with money and placed him on knife point even to a stage where they wanted him to take them to a Rooty Hill ATM machine to take out funds. He gave the all the cash he had and was lucky that they didn't proceed with withdrawing cash from the ATM machine.

Brian didn't report this to the relevant authorities as there was no video camera on the train carriage. He blamed himself for this incident because he fell asleep and should have stayed awake - I totally disagree. It is the responsibly of the New South Wales Government ensuring there is more than adequate safety measures taken to make sure public are safe and secure at all times of the day with all types of public transport.

My suggestion is that we need to have at least 4 transit officers per train at night after 8.30pm - this safety measure maybe expensive  now but not expensive if it saves lives and places criminals in jails.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

New Train Lines Proposed By Parramatta City Council - Affect on Mount Druitt Commuters!

A lot of transport new rail network ideas come from bureaucrats when it come to  major changes in transport infrastructure.  As it so happens a lot of Councils around Sydney are always planning for progress and improvement to transport and  as  have a major role in the  communities decision process, approving what the community wants and needs are.

Some Councils have transport forums that assist them in deciding how the future goes for that Council boundary or even extending into neighboring Councils and they work with  all transport stake holders to provide the best transport system allowing for costings, for the best interest of the community.

So here is Parramatta City Council who has worked closely with the University of Western Sydney to produce a transport network for trains in the Western Sydney that not only covers this area, leading into the Sydney City area. Although this plan shows a current cost cutting - in  comparison to  what is planned for the future by the new New South Wales Government, there also a great transport from Rouse Hill  to Parramatta (Linking to Epping) and to the Sydney City and also Rouse direct to Sydney City via Parramatta. We will be seeking feedback from  all community members around Western Sydney and within Mount Druitt.

The positive impact this may have to commuters in Mount Druitt is that once these projects have been completed this will  relieve services from the Western Line and allow more services to be introduced along this line. It is not an overnight headache cure - but it  could mean that we are all heading in the right direction for  improved and better train transport.

Here is the link from Parramatta City Council: http://www.parracity.nsw.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0003/87276/Polycentric_City_PCC_8pp_FINAL.pdf

Comments From A Train Commuter From Mount Druitt

A young male train Commuter has instantly told me of a very simple idea that he and other commuter need in winter time to make their train commuting time more comfortable.

It is simple - 

Mount Druitt Taxi Drivers Seeking Better Conditions!

Spotted this article in the Mount Druitt - St Marys Standard - here is the link: 


I found it to be moving as it is true that taxi drivers need assistance in the taxi rank area and toilet services to assist them - they may be able to use the same toilets that bus drivers use underneath the escalators, in Mount Druitt interchange.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Our Group Member Has Great Idea For Buses!

Yes, it is from within the community that provides great ideas for improved &better transport services and this time it is from within our group that has brought up a brilliant idea. It is an idea that is being used in some buses, trains and yet so simple it can be done at little extra cost.

Angie representing Shalvey and one of our WSPTU Policy committee member, has suggested that Transport NSW and bus operators investigate improving buses  services with the implementation of audio recording introducing what buses you are getting and the end destination. I would add that it also records that the Bus operator and Transport NSW wishes every commuter a safe and comfortable journey.

This is a two part benefit one to the driver -allowing him/her to have commuters aware of where they are going on entry, less questions asked, less wasted time and thus a quicker set down time. Maybe the right parties can put into practice this idea  as soon as possible as a positive initiative from Mount Druitt and the within the Greater Western Sydney.

WSPTU Steering Committee Agrees Safety Issues For Transport - Primary Importance!

Tonight, we had a a WSPTU Steering Committee (of which I am the intern-Vice-President) and many transport issues were raised in relation to planning the future. Future dates have been set for WSPTU Policy Forums, Symposium, Annual General Meetings and future Steering Committee meetings.

I have placed forward a request for  WSPTU to work as a larger area  for requesting the new New South Wales Government to implement the best safety measures (previously mentioned on our blogs) that will make our transport commuter safer, better and more relaxed, whilst using public transport to all destinations, at all times.

It was suggested that we poll our community to see if what they consider is important within our transport infrastructure and then seek the governments support . I have been doing personal polls with the community and the results are on previous blogs, so far. Will refer this to our group for further discussion.

Save Our Bus Services

Read our story on how we made it our priority to ensure bus services are re-instated from services taken away in 2009.