Thursday, May 3, 2012

Western Sydney Commuter Requires More Bus Services in South East of Sydney

Yes, another listening and public transport passionate commuter I met yesterday, seems to have same and different ideas and suggestions to improve public transport in from East to West of Sydney.

309 Bus

What we don't realise in Western Sydney, Mount Druitt there are thousands of commuters that take hours to commute to and from their destination and waiting times add to it when transferring to any other public transport service.

Ronald from Mount Druitt walks to Mount Druitt train station and  catches western line trains around 7am to get to Rosebery. He most of the time gets off at Redfern, and then transfers to catch a 309/310 bus service to East Gardens/Botany. Recently the service has been reduced from a 5 minute service to a 10 minute service and this can create delays for him to reach his occupation. He suggests the services should go back to 5 minute services as per previous time tables.

In his return trip to Mount Druitt when he catches the 3.45pm train service from Redfern, generally there are no seats left and he is left standing for the long journey home. Yet, if he catches the 3.57pm service from Redfern there is room to sit. He states we need more frequent train services to allow more comfort to more commuters.

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