Monday, May 14, 2012

Glendenning Commuter Travels And Travels To Work!

Commuter uses multiple public transport vehicles to get to work and has given up on Sunday work, because of lack of bus services on Sundays! Geno travels by Busways bus to Glendenning to Blacktown, train to Lidcome and then catches the 945 bus from Lidcome to Punchbowl. This is new to him as he used to live around Punchbowl and now has moved closer to family in Glendenning. This allows him longer travelling  time of up to 2 hours of journey each way per day to get to work.

Sundays is impossible to get to work early. He would need to leave home at 5am and then reach home at 9pm if working on Sundays. What kind of life is that on Sundays. What hasn't been included is if there is track-work included as well - that will create additional travel time for Geno!

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jass said...

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