Sunday, May 20, 2012

Newly Elected Committee MDCIG 2012-2013 Moving Ahead!

Yes, I am proud to be of a  member of a local positive transport group that is  having such an impact on  all aspects of society. Yet, there are thousands of people in Mount Druitt that still may not know of  us and what we are doing. Yet every day there is someone learning of us and spreading the word around our community.

As  we look forward to the new Committee lobbying hard (as we have in the past), we will look at getting  improvements through all stake holders and not let go of what the people want. I first thank 2 former committee members Wayne Lu and Debbie Robertson of their personal time and support given to the group and the wider community, in the hop they understand that there work is carried on and well appreciated from all of us.

Here is our new Committee - congratulations to all:
President: John Svoboda
Vice-President: Anne Goncalves
Hon. Secretary: Angela Plows
Hon. Treasurer: (Allan) Beresford Bourman
Publicity Officer: Peter Kerr

We welcome 2 new committee members  who are strong public transport advocates in their own right: Anne and Peter. This, we will work together to promote public transport with the primary and secondary issues that we need to provide a better and improved public transport infrastructure and system!

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