Friday, May 4, 2012

It Was A Dog-Gone Day For Myself & Then Blacktown City Council Meeting!

Not Whalan - how it may have looked like as the bus approached
Well, well, well, 2 days ago I caught the Busways 755 bus service at 6.15am on Bulolo Drive, Whalan. As it was heading towards the next bus top on Bulolo Drive, it has to head upwards to reach over a slight hill. I had suddenly heard a great big loud, 'thud/hit' and the bus swerved a little to the right of the road.

Then a lady commuter said there was a dog sitting in the middle of the road> As I stood up near the front of the bud the small  stray dog could be seen running away from the bus and doing a disappearing act. It must have been hit, yet it did not appear injured.

It was so lucky as it was just getting light, dawn was creeping up and it may have been killed if the bus driver didn't notice it within seconds to spare. I told the driver not to worry it wasn't his fault he couldn't do much.

So later that day I went to attend the Blacktown City Council and passing myself  (without myself realising) there was prominent  veterinarian Dr. Robert Zammit ( pictured below), who I later met before the Council meeting. In Australia, Blacktown City Council has the highest population of 313,100 as per Australian Bureau of Statistics 2012 has an animal holding facility which caters for stray animals for 7 other local councils as well.
Dr Robert Zammit

In the gallery was so many 'people power' animal activists or animal lovers as I call them. They were here for a vital & special reason: That is, an important item on the Policy Committee of BCC meeting which was a recommendation  by Councillor Nick Tyrell and George Bilic (Opposition members in Blacktown Local Government) of 'Options for Desexing and Pricing structure for animals that are rehomed from Council's Animal Holding Centre.'

I was overwhelmed how the people I met had spoken with so much passion for the animals, it made sense what they were on about - Dr Zammit advised  myself (and later on the gallery and Council), there are 6,000 dogs nationally per week euthanised instead of using desexing methods which when properly rehomed will prevent the population of these animals. This would then decrease the breeding potential as they will not be able to reproduce and they will also be tamer animals. The cost of doing this will be reduced to $130 Dr Zammit explained. This cost doesn't provide any profit to veterinary doctors. 

I even heard of an animal lover's kitten purring during the meeting - she was holding in her little hand. I don't think the Mayor heard it! In fact I wonder what would have happened if the mayor did notice it?

I was informed University of Western Sydeny also provide desexing of these animals free of charges - they may use it as training process for their students. One of the main things that would make the community better is eventually less animals running around stray around the area. For example: Pitt bulls Terriors or animals that may become aggressive towards community members. This would also be positive for community members having les judicial cases of this nature - maybe lawyers will not be happy!

On a political point, I didn't realised that the Labor held local Government of Blacktown City Council, they were not supporting this recommendation wholeheartedly, until it was unanimously carried that night. The reason why was they all received hundreds of e-mails expressing there concerns and I am pretty sure having a prominent and respected veterinary doctor present, presenting the case 'For', that the 'Aye's' would have it!

I was told 'on the quite' the opposition had no clue the recommendation was going to be passed until that night - they heard there was at least 2 members of the local government that would not support it that night and yet the tables were turned. Once the announcement/decision was made 'unanimous' ,compulsory 2 year trial effective straight away.The cheers from the gallery, made me proud of being Australian, so proud there were many other proud Australians around as well.  From a public transport aspect less animals may then be injured or die from road accident by buses/taxis.

Besides that, I had my three minute public speech on public transport hit on mainly on the NSW Long Term Transport Master Plan and submission - I had too much to say and discovered that witing out your speech is not important in full for Council - point form is better. There was more to discuss on public transport - and may go to Council to publicise it at more meetings.

                      THIS WAS A WIN FOR THE 
                       PEOPLE AND ANIMALS!

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