Tuesday, May 29, 2012

'Thank You', From Local Transport Officer!

Day to day I travel on public transport and I speak to more and more commuters and meet more and more transport officers. If you had asked myself to do the same thing when I moved into the area over  twenty-two years ago, I would have said no and be shy - this advocacy has made myself open out to reach into the deep issues that need to be resolved that individual commuters want fixed, improved and/or made better.

I can't fix these problems and I don't claim to do so but advise that many thousands of people in important roles of public transport check out this blog and enjoy it. I've even heard of university students actually using this blog to assist their ideals and goals to have a better society in the professions will be qualified in!

I get small compliments from all sorts of transport officers, from: 'You're doing a good job!' or 'Keep up the good Work!' Today, I got an overall outstanding remark from a transport officer that was upset that an elderly male commuter came onto the vehicle that was using a walking cane and struggled to get a seat. The transport officer couldn't drive off the vehicle, until the commuter sat down. 

This particular transport officer was upset and said, 'This happens to me everyday that one passenger takes their time and as they sit down, doors are shut more commuters want to come inside'.

As the transport officer let the commuters inside the vehicle, took off fuming saying, 'I Will be late now for the rest of my journeys!'

I was sitting in front and said to the transport officer, 'Don't worry, let the commuter sit down, you cannot help that. You may be a minute late but helping commuters is better. When we become old like that commuter we will need assistance and time!'

During the trip the transport officer said to me, 'If every commuter was like 'you'  - every trip will be much better and make life happier!'

Then came the punch line that really hit myself as I do not think I have much of an impact on any person but I do and if it is only to one person that in itself mean make a world of difference to everyone, 'You really made me better - tonight. Thank you!'

What more can be said!

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