Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Public Transport Costs Subsidised To Become Free Fares For All!

David from Blacktown, a lovely gentleman, who loves completing varied  puzzles in the MX newspapers, has provided quite unique ideas to provide happy commuters in the future.

Firstly, David claims that we are behind the times by 50 years in relation to trains. For example, the weekly cost from Blacktown to the City  from City Rail is $50.00 and this is an expensive item that has to be accounted for in family budgeting - where this wasn't done in the earlier years. His idea shell-shocked myself , blew me away and startled myself. That was his first idea: free fares for all commuters but subsidised by wall  and electronic advertising on inside every walls on trains and he even includes external advertising on trains - even buses do that now!

Now if this blew you out check out his next idea:
Another way of paying for the fare is being subsidised by food and beverage sellers on the trains. They would be contracted by Transport for NSW and the employees paid a standard wage. This can be job creating, provide commuter satisfaction by providing free fares. The same thing is done with the MX magazine it  is subsidised by many many advertisements. In fact more advertisements then actual articles.

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