Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Fair On Time Train Services Required For University Student!

A very nice young lady, Minu from Doonside is studying, catches trains on her way to study at Parramatta and then bus to work at Rhodes.

Her main issue is on time train services heading home from Parramatta train station to Blacktown train station. She claims when she travels the trains are not always on time, resulting in crowded carriages as well.

Her solution to the problem is to work out know and why this is happening and then have it investigated on all levels. Finally fix  the problem by providing more train services in peak times every 10 minutes, so that this will eliminate the timetable issues and make her life easier to study better and provide a fairer travelling time!

Oh by the way, she was so nice and said when she left the train at Blacktown, ' Keep up the good work!'

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