Saturday, April 28, 2012

Secret Weapon To Fix Mount Druitt Public Transport!

A member of our group has told myself that a private company has been hired to check out area in relation to public transport and infrastructure in  Mount Druitt and other areas of  Western Sydney.

They are analysing what is really needed in and around Mount Druitt to provide improvements in the area. They are monitoring traffic flows, bus interchange structures, cleanliness and services that come in and out of Mount Druitt.

The person that is doing the analysis knew our group as 'Save Our Bus Services Mount Druitt And Surrounding Suburbs'. He did not realise we have changed our group name and that we are incorporated. He advised  to our  group member, i that  his company  (he cannot name)  has been asked to do this to  provide future improvements recommendations into the area.

Amazingly  - Mount Druitt is important to the current State Government -  I think our group in Mount Druitt has moved transport to get the community to where it is today with public transport. I remember that someone said to me last year ( which knocked myself to the ground) that since the return of 674 bus services - (our last community win), we haven't had much other success. I deny that that as the success we get for Mount Druitt is the becoming, the knowing and  being involved in  community activity which can turn heads up not down on and in our area.Sometimes it takes time to get  the best improvements in time for the benefit of the community not just yourself.

Yes, I have been promoting myself as an individual and making a name of myself - but this is not my original goal and intention, I always think of our local group first and strive to promote our group within our community and  I am proud of the people within our current group that come to meetings, have their say, air their opinion and share in our pride.

Commuter Speaks From The Heart for Reduced Fares And Safer Trains!

A young lady called Shelley from St Claire was a quiet commuter until she had a lot so say about 'commuting', after commuting for almost 10 years.

Her issues were the ticketing price to the city return weekly was $50.00 and she catches buses - suggested she purchases a My Multi ticket to cover both forms of public transport and she came back saying that all fares should be around $24.00 per week. This is the concession weekly ticket price that she recommends should be the same across the board, which would provide equality in fares.

Safety issues is her next primary issue on City Rail trains. She told myself of what happened to her girlfriend, witnessed one day: a gang of youths brought a brick in on a train carriage one day and assaulted another young teenager, as they wanted to take all her valuables from her. This happened around Rooty Hill. By the time the Security guards or Transit Officers arrived these culprits had left the scene and the teenage girl was in total distress.

She recommends the following to provide a safer City Rail trains:
Help Points on Stations
  1. More help point buttons on the train providing closer proximity to  more commuters
  2. More signs and knowledge providing more details where the 'Help Points' are inclusive of  'Arrow Signs' showing the way!
  3. At least security guards or  police patrolling on every train or close access to commuters that may need quick safety measures to be used for all travelling trips.
These issues seemed to have poured out of her heart. Let's hope transport stake holders listen to her and provide the right measures to ensure every commuters safety on all forms of public transport! I suggested she lodges her ideas to the NSW Long Term Transport Masterplan that finishes today for submissions.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Doonside Commuter Seeks Local And Country Rail Improvements!

Shirley from Doonside, who seemed to be busy organising her family sat upstairs with me in the carriage - with her husband downstairs  guarding their luggage from their big trip from Wauchope.

One thing she wanted to state to me about public transport is that Country trains there are some young people smoking in the toilets of carriages that are non-smoking, and they laying themselves across seats and not allowing adults to sit down. The other  idea  is that the trains are usually packed to Wauchope - would like to see more services on this country line to ease passengers from standing on long trips.

Also Shelley would like to see more open stations instead of closing down ticketing offices on small train stations. In other words, there is an important need to see enough coverage of station assistants on station offices and covering platforms.

Eric From Emmerton Wants To Know Why Don't We Get New Trains!

Soon to be retired - Eric from Emerton, has  been travelling on public trains to and from work for 27 years to Concord and in that time doesn't think we get first preference for new trains service in Mount Druitt or even on the Western Line.

A fine example, is the bulk of new trains get sent to Hornsby, Concord, Panania and Campbelltown places whilst the trains and carriages are great!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

New Weekend Bus Service Required From Mount Druitt Commuter - Great Community Links!

He is asking for a weekend  hourly bus service to take commuters from Mount Druitt, Plumpton, Dean Park and then Parklea Markets, commencing from 8am and final bus service leaving Parklea Markets at 5.30pm.
 A Mount Druitt commuter (who I have known for about 15 years), who has great character, Paul has come up with a brilliant idea to accommodate commuters that would like to get to destinations using the the best form of public transport.

At present,  bus to Mount Druitt, train to Blacktown and then bus to Parklea - is the only way there and takes about 1 1/2 hours. Paul's proposed way could cut travelling time by 45 minutes to half an hour and making it easier for one journey from Mount Druitt.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Ray Williams, NSW Western Sydney Parliamentary Secretary Appreciates Members Of MDCIG Feed!back!

Member For Hawkesbury and NSW Western Sydney Parliamentary Secretary, Ray Wiliams - has provided us with warm feed back as we had a strong representation at the NSW Long Term Transport West Sydney Regional Masterplan 13 members attended:
 Click here for The West Community Forum

Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2012 10:09:02 +1000
Subject: Re: NSW Long Term Transport Masterplan Sydney (West) Regional Forum

Great to see you John,
really appreciate the positive feedback and the input from you guys last night
Keep up the good work
cheers Ray

St Marys Requires More Shorter Trips For Express Trains To City And North Shore

Max a train commuter from St Marys has no major issues of train services except when it comes to express train services to North Sydney - takes over an hour.

I reminded him that when I was first commuting from Mount Druitt to Chatswood that I had an express service direct to the City from Mount Druitt, from Blacktown and later on in time Strathfield was added and then Parramatta as well.

Max's eyes opened up as he didn't think that happened in the past and would also like to have the express train used to get twenty years ago service like what I had first had! I also suggest to Max seek support from other Western Sydney Commuters and  contact WSPTU, as he would like us to use it as further transport improvement.

What I may also assist him is our submission  via WSPTU to the NSW Long Term Transport Masterplan.
Click here for our submission

Transport Improvements Required For Blacktown Train Station - Great!

Raj, a regular interested train commuter only from Blacktown to Parramatta , has some simple brilliant ideas that need to be improved moving in line with the Blacktown commuting population.

That is: New required escalators on the North of the Station leading to the Commuter Car Park both up and down, with amenities more than one toilet to cater for the comfort of commuters and and lastly more ticketing vending machines to make ticket purchasing more easy which will in turn lessening ticket vending queues.

Although, Blacktown has had its upgrades in the past - but not to near past - these should be accommodated with improvements  to transport funds as soon as possible


Mount Druitt Train Station Behind The Times!

John a new Mount Druitt resident to the community, has been stunned as to why Mount Druitt train station (a large serviced train station), compared to Glenfield is still using the old time-table notice boards.

He thought by moving to Mount Druitt, City Rail would have ensured new time table electronic notices were installed. Glenfield being a smaller patronised commuter train station has got the new technology as below:

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

West (Sydney) Regional Forum For The NSW Long Term Transport Masterplan

Transport Master Plan Banner

Mount Druitt makes head-waves with the NSW Long Term Transport Masterplan Community Forum for the west as we had the following from our group attend, Peter, Pauline, Christina, Debra, Margaret-Anne, Allan, Dianna, Lester, Angie, Mary, Christina and Shane, Jacqueline and myself attend. This is approximately 80 percent of our current membership.

We were welcomed by Ray Williams MP, Parliamentary Secretary for Western Sydney, Gladys Berejiklian MP, Minister for Transport and Duncan Gay M.C.Minister for Roads and Ports and then Carolyn McNally, Deputy Director general, Planning and Programs.

Ray Williams MP, made a smashing statement when he announced  removal of services in Whalan where commuters were hardship, when he was in opposition and mentioned how
 had fought hard with the then opposition government for the return of these services and Gladys Berejiklian MP advised of previous NSW Government removing 1500 bus services  in the entire Western Sydney

With 60 or so representatives of communities, councils, transport officers, we are a group represented about 20 per cent of the  invitees. We thank the following for having a well constructed organised and presentable forum allowing for great feedback to be provided. There would have been 8-9 tables  of groups where  each person was allowed to have 'Their say', in one hour a lot can be said in one table, especially when there was a scribe and a chair at each table. This made it easy to work out what  was important - and the focus was on public transport inclusive of cycling -  if motorways are widened or lengthened then the tolls collected for those road should be used to subsidise public transport!

During the discussion at my table, I had turned around to ask for another cup of coffee to a lady I thought was serving coffee/tea. It turned out to be Gladys holding a cup of coffee in her hand and I embarrassingly apologised. Gladys advised that was 'Alright'. Well Gladys did advise that both Duncan Gay and herself will be moving around tables listening to community groups for concerns and wishes! I deeply apologised!

The outcome of our group was they were all receiving positive vibes about it - which is unusual as usually people say it was a boring one, they have their plans already done, they don't want to hear us. And surprisingly there was no opposition State Member that turned up - even the Opposition Leader - who's seat is in Blacktown, Western Sydney!

Glenmore Park Commuter - Will Now Save Fares

An excited lady called, ' Lenny' advised that she catches  trains to and from the City, also using interchanges to change for bus services to Glenmore Park. One of the issues she finds in drivers is that drivers born outside the country do not seem to have great customer service skills as they seem to talk rude to commuters.

What she thinks needs to be done is for bus drivers to have excellent Customer Service skills so that people/commuters are happy and very content. It has to be a win win situation for all:  for both the customer and bus driver.

She was very happy to find out that she will now be able to save money by not just purchasing a Cityrail ticket $50.00 and separate single bus tickets for three dollars each journey, ten times per week. So from $80 reduced to $60.00, as per my advice to her.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Our Groups Submission For The NSW long Term Transport Masterplan

                 Mount Druitt Commuters 
                 Improvement Group Inc.
Submission to Western Sydney Public Transport Users Inc to The NSW Long Term Transport Masterplan

·          Full return of Busways 755 bus service to be returned from Mount Druitt to Blacktown prior to bus review change of 2009. Every second bus service went to Plumpton following through to Dean Park and then to Blacktown -  here is Busways response to me - they are trying to move more people west when leaving people behind who want to go east of Mount Druitt for eg; Blacktown  Busways claims that commuters should take 2 bus services not one to Blacktown - do you think this is right?
·         Full return of Busways 762 bus service from Mount Druitt to Chestnut Crescent Bidwill. Prior to reviewed and elimination of service which was connecting people in the north of Mount Druitt. In Easter there is 4 days in a row no bus services as they are based on Sunday time table services.
·         Full return of Westbus 766/769 replacing current Westbus 674 bus along the west of Mount Druitt - not the shopper hopper service we have patronage has dramatically increased.
·         We need bus services in very early mornings on weekends and late nights to cater for  getting to State Government Sunday Fun Days, shift workers getting to work and families meeting families and  having correct accessible transport 
·          We need Blacktown City Council to ensure that NSW For Transport - provides a high level of protection of policing on bus stops, interchanges, bus, trains and taxis   and doesn't ignore this factor based on this area of Blacktown City Council being a low socio-economic area. This protection is provided directly for the safety of commuters and transport officers.
·         We require policing of smokers in non-smoking areas and alcoholic areas for example; bus interchanges, taxi stands, train, stations and cycle ways, even if it is through Council Rangers (this especially affects the lives of non-smokers) and has been neglected for years.
·         NSW for Transport Follow up with Blacktown City Council to the acceptance of a Mount Druitt Free Bus shuttle confirmed by Rudi Svarc, Blacktown City Council that Council has placed a recommendation to the Minister of Transport at the Blacktown City Council Transport Forum number 37 - 
·         Since at the same Blacktown City Council Transport Forum where patronage has increased in Region 1 for buses - has our transport services catered for this increase of 6.5% and further increases.
·         Blacktown City Council to focus on making more bus stops compliant to The 'Australian Human Rights Commission' Disability Discrimination Act 1992 ensuring bus operators complete there fulfilment as well. There should be no neglect on this issue and BCC's budget placed in right priorities to make public transport improved and better for commuters as per BCC Transport Forum Number 37.
·         Follow up of request to have bus shuttles from all train stations within Blacktown LGA to take to Moreau reserve, Rooty Hill for the Rooty Hill firework - this alleviates traffic congestion. Approved by Mayor and other councillors. Other Council's in Western Sydney do it and other community, sporting and Blacktown City Council events.
·         Due  to noticeable increase of population since 2009 to 2012 in Mount Druitt, transport services should not go backwards and have services removed or cutting services as more people are commuting on public transport inclusive of bus services – thus moving forward more services should be provide to the demands of our increasing population, as there is a need for it.
·         Ropes Crossing has there solution for bus service but this is not acceptable as this proposal is negatively affecting Willmot.
·         Bus services should not be removed due to rock-throwing, missile throwing or any other anti-social issues - other preventative measures should be used to ensure continuing services and essential bus services should be returned back prior to bus review 2009 except for Willmot . Refer to our blog:
·         We need bus services meeting community links in one bus service not 2 of them for example some community members can only travel to St Marys Swimming pool as opposed to 2 bus services to Emerton (much closer).
·         Support for the North West rail link to continue under Schofields, Marsden Park and loop into St Marys.
·         Construction of Dual Carriageway from St Marys to Penrith and also a third extra platform at Emu Plains, for terminating trains.
·         Instead of three different time table for bus and trains, one time table to cover seven days a week – this will make all commuters aware of when their services arrive and leave, provide better weekend and late night services which shift workers to reach shift work,  unemployed  commuters a better chance of reach job interviews in weekends, families to reach promotional places for ‘Sunday Fundays’, commuters to reach other families and friends, and also commuter s to  do heir shopping chores and return.
·         On Bus Stops, and Interchanges (where there is multiple bus services listed) colour-coded Bus stop Numbers for time tables to make it easier to understand and comprehend.
·          Bus ways 758 loop to the Masterplan as that service is every 15mins, early mornings, late night, and a good wk end service. That way most of Shalvey will get a bus back.
·         The Myzone tickets supported excepted where Western Sydney Commuters have to pay for 3 zones when travelling into more than one or two zones – Zone 1 commuters only pay for correct zoning. 
·         Electronic signage at train stations and bus interchanges to indicate when services will depart. Also audio information on train, stations. Promotion of bus stop number as per NSW for Transport. Website 131500 also refer to the story on our blog:     my-bus-stop-number-do-you-know_21.html

Bus Driver Needs Bus Operator To Get Their Act Together!

Recently, I met and spoke to a bus driver  from Westbus and the bus driver advised  the difference of working with Westbus & Busways. This bus driver was very happy there was a community group looking after commuters in our local areas.

Westbus is not worried of  the condition of buses and as they have employed 2 cleaners in St Marys Depot to clean over 110 buses per day: Front windows are cleaned once a month, (not sure how often the inside is done), damaged buses are left running around bus routes and not attended too and that bus drivers seats are not comfortable for all drivers as it can cause back pains. Also old buses are released in the mornings to do all the routes and newer buses are released for afternoon-night services.

I witnessed how bus drivers with Westbus can be distracted while driving, reading their laminated 'Route Destination Roster' whilst driving as opposed to Busways bus drivers have it on a stand resting on the dashboard. This allows the hands to be free and allow the bus driver to drive.  This could be a safety issue if a potential accident is caused.

On a  Management level in St Marys there is one manager, who walks around sad every day, never smiles - even when bus drivers to this manager and are polite to him and seems to make negative decisions even when another reverses the decision and doesn't understands drivers issues and concerns. This attitude can frustrate drivers and place pressure on their job. It seems that this manager needs to do an extensive customer service course to understand his own customers - his drivers!

The bus driver claims Busways regularly clean and maintain their buses to ensure they are regulated  prior to being released to go 'On route' into the community! Also on the positive aspect of Westbus -  the management allows for bus drivers to have breaks at  designated sections allowing the bus drivers to run as per time table -  bus drivers with Busways just keep on running - no section breaks.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Bus Late - Car Fast After Shopping - Erskine Park!

After our monthly group meeting, I was heading to Penrith by public transport Westbus 774 Via Erskine Park. I waited at the Mount Druitt bus interchange and  as I got on the bus I allowed a lady to get on the bus and she looked like she was in despair.

Actually she had a story to tell and here it is:

Angie from Erskine park waited  over 1 1/2  hours  from 1pm to catch the 775 that arrived at 2.39pm. She advised hardly catches buses and this was her day of catching buses. Both  her husband and  herself drove their car from Erskine Park to Mount Druitt Shopping Centre. Her husband wanted to more shopping so she decided to catch the bus. Her husband had completed his shopping and reach home by car  first before his wife did. This made him happy when he reached home.

He discovered  that his wife was not home contacted her and found out why. Angie nearly asked him to pick her up and  advised she will be taking the bus as the bus arrived! Her major concern was that there was no Erskine Park buses for that tine and yet there was plenty of 780 bus services arriving to Tregear and leaving the bus stop at the interchange.

Lethbridge Park Lady With Bus Stop Assault Memories From 4 Years Ago!

This is the second lady  called 'April', I have met this week in April. She is from Lethbridge Park and has a strong case and mind to lobby for  more protection provide to the community, to prevent anti-social issues.

She was assaulted by one person who wrestled with her and  snatched her bag in broad daylight in a bus stop - seconds later the bus came. Don't you wish the bus came 1 minute earlier!

We will assist her with her special claim safety issues to be raised and hopefully one day we will shave a safer community to live in, work  at and travel to!

Blackett Commuter Misses Out On Peak Hour Seats!

Sam, a hard worker from Blackett has been travelling to and from Sydenham by two trains and buses for 2 years. He doesn't have any luck with seating on generally most of the return trips from either Central or Redfern. This is his statistics he has taken  Monday-Thursday - no seats, Friday  sometimes and Saturday - plenty of seats.

His solution to the problems sounds like a quick fix and could be honestly fixed quickly. It is simply to provide 5 minute services that leave and depart from city stations, thus this results in more trains to allow more commuters to travel while seated.

The Ponds Has Little Or No Public Transport!

Eshaw from the Ponds has a great interest in getting public transport buses to 'The Ponds' as there are new bus services but not much around. A lot of new residents drive to work even to Blacktown train station.

He is a wholehearted supporter and feels that public transport  is extremely very important in life and others. He would like to see a change of emphasis and direction from the NSW government to public transport.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Kingswood Commuter Travels Short Trip In 2 Trains!

A young exciting young man call Joe from Kingswood travels by train to Doonside  in two short trips. Quite interesting that he gets 2 trains. I feel for a reasonably short trip not good.He said he uses public transport because he can't afford a car, claims there is no other way to get to work as an 'Assistant In Nurse' - in training.

He does think that driving a car  will be better - but will will be better off financially paying for the car, car registration, insurance and on running costs?

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Emerton Commuter Stuck In 'Packed' Cityrail trains!

A young commuter called Joseph from Emerton  has been travelling long time and long distance to and from Mount Druitt to Wynyard and sometimes Parramatta and find packed trains for standing room only! he usually has no issues going to the city it is coming back around 5-6pm at night and he advised he does stand up for the elderly and ill.

What a great bloke!

Mount Druitt Commuter Issue On Trains Is Only Her Husbands Issue!

Yolanda, from Mount Druitt, another wonderful person who didn't realise that what she tells myself can be reported all around the world so quickly.

Her issue is she would like Cityrail engineers to fix up train carriages that  provide washes of water on commuters as soon as the train arrives on  Central Train platform.

Thank God this is not Central Station after trains leave

Her husband has recently been struck with trains stoppages from the City & he then arrives 1 hour to 2 hours late at home - she suggests more warning and announcements as he wasn't aware what the issue were.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Free Bus Shuttle Funny Story! Actually Not Funny!

Ben  from Doonside who is  heading up the Blacktown Transport Action Group commencing 28/4/12, advised myself the other day that a commuter had told him he caught the Blacktown Bus Free Bus Shuttle. The issue was the bus driver advised them although they were on the correct route to pay the  fare as his bus didn't have electronic signs on the front of his bus saying it is a free bus!

Editor comments:
Simply, bus shuttles are a free services on the same route - if any issues 131500 should be notified to sort out the situation. What do you feel?

April in 'April' Running For Train At Mount Druitt Train Station Misses Train!

Young people can run fast, take the risk and then unfortunately train is missed. Well believe it or not but I met April  from Mount Druitt, today (yes in the month of April) and she overpassed me just before I was entering the Mount Druitt  Train Station Concourse today. As she reached the barrier like it would happen to hundreds of people per day all around Cityrail train stations, her ticket was rejected and didn't allow her through the  electronic barrier gates.

As I placed my ticket through the machine and it  was released and  April was  placing her correct ticket in the machine allowing her to go pass by the machine, The train whistle went and that indicate 5-10 seconds before leaving - I suggested to her she wouldn't make and as she slowed her paces down the stairs, she agreed. She missed the 6.20am train to the City!

She disclosed to me, that she likes walking directly to the train to keep healthy,  has just moved in the area due to  low rent around the area from Ryde about 4 months ago and thus she is unable to comment on bus within Mount Druitt. Yet claims trains have reasonably good services but feels the fares are too high - should be reduced around 10-20%. The only issue she had was one day caught the 6.11am- all stations to the city. The train reached the city later than the 6.30am express train that left Mount Druitt and beat the 6.11am to the City. Now she sleeps in, rests easier to get in the city by catching the 6.30am train every day.

Editors comments:
Great true story feedback - I hope you sympathise with April with 'stuck' ticket' in electronic machines!

Commuter From Woodcroft Claims More Public Transport Needed Out North-West!

Another  newly interested commuter from Woodcroft, Ajay has so many wonderful comments regarding public transport.

 Firstly, he said we have a reasonably good transport system  when you compare against  China - yet he commutes to and from Wynyard/Town Hall to Doonside and finds those two stations are like being in a third world country. One issue he  claims need to be looked at is trains carriages need to be redesigned as they are not good.The  carriage doorways are very narrow, allowing easier access to all commuters existing and entering carriage. Doesn't see any issues with  train time tables.

Ajay likes the fast trains stopping at Doonside, where he  commutes by car by carpooling friends to their home or even talks a 30 minute walks He view on roads is that living in the area for the last 12 years he has seen road  conditions worsen and people living in the North West of Sydney are force to travel by car as there is no proper public transport. Thinks this is a wrong direction for NSW for Transport to take more people driver cars on roads and hardly and promotion or push to move people to public transport!

This wonderful commuter was ready to burst with his ideas of public transport and it does make me wonder what thousands of other Western Sydney commuters are thinking - so far most people are different - very different but importantly they are the same in being passionate of views in public transport! Oh, he did have to transfer to another train today as he  got off at Blacktown - our train didn't stop at Doonside this evening!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Thank You Shane From Dharruk Inspired By 'Trolley Buses'

Shane, another wise person from within from Mount Druitt, made myself learn of a new (to me) another type/form of public transport, 'Trolley buses'.

These are buses run by powered overhead wires (generally suspended by roadside posts) using spring-loaded trolley poles. Two wires and poles are required to complete the electrical circuit. 

File:Filobus Genova XXsett 2.JPG

Thank you Shane, for introducing myself to this other form of public transport which I have discovered, with your  wonderful advice. I can now publicise this great form of public transport to our wider community!

Click Here For Further information

Have Your Say On Transport - St Marys-Mount Druitt Star 17/4/2012

On track for better transport: John Svoboda is optimistic about the future of public transport. Go to to read his ideas. Picture: Mike Sea
On track for better transport: John Svoboda is optimistic about the future of public transport. Go to to read his ideas. Picture: Mike Sea

Have your say on transport

16 Apr, 2012 12:00 AM
MOUNT Druitt Commuters Improvement Group president John Svododa urges commuters to have their say on the NSW Long Term Transport Master Plan.The state government has unveiled a discussion paper to collaborate with commuters on transport challenges facing NSW over the next 20 years.
The extensive feedback process includes forums, strategy meetings with advisory groups, one-on-one consultations, an online survey and use of social media.
A regional forum will be held in Penrith on Monday, April 23.
The draft plan will be released for public comment mid-year, with the final plan due for completion in November.

Everyone is urged to submit feedback, no matter how small their suggestion.
"Even minor changes could make life better," Mr Svoboda said. "The master plan is the first step towards a better transport system."

Mount Druitt Commuters Improvement Group will meet on Saturday at Wests Tradies at 10.30am to discuss ideas.The group will decide whether it will lodge its own submission or join forces with Western Sydney Public Transport Users.

Mr Svoboda's highest priority is better connection times for buses and trains at transport interchanges.Other suggestions include replacing announcements with electronic signal boards at Mount Druitt station, and slashing the current 12 bus networks to two.

"We're open to other suggestions for the submission," Mr Svoboda said.
Submissions on the discussion paper close on Friday, April 27.

Send your ideas to NSW Long Term Transport Master Plan team,
Transport for NSW, GPO Box K659, Haymarket, NSW 1240,
 email masterplan@transport.nsw. or complete an online feedback form at comments yet. 


We invite and encourage our readers to post comments. Comments are moderated and will appear as soon as our editor has approved them. When posting comments you agree to be bound by our Terms and Conditions.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Missed Bus on Bus Interchange!

John, from Cambridge park has been travelling around on public transport both trains and buses for many years as a disabled commuter, he has both his legs thickly bandages, strapped to sandals. Yet he is still able to commute.

His issues are when commuters reach Penrith train station and interchange for buses, he misses the buses as they are leaving 20 minutes later then timetabled (on purpose). When they leave they have  hardly each commuters, thus and will be able to meet the time table when they reach Mount Druitt.  because of this 20-30 people may miss their bus. This is a good one and amazing - I met John last Friday night.

Do you have the same problems - let us know?

Mount Druitt Commuter Happy to 'Have Your Say'!

Steven from Mount Druitt used to travel to work to and from the City for 42 years - now recently travels to Parramatta. He agrees that it is better for him to work closer to home.
He also was   

"Happy  to 'Have your say' (or in this case his say)" on the NSW  Long Term Transport Masterplan.

Have your say. on the NSW Transportmasterplan

Irene From Whalan Claims Our Original Group Was Chaired Well

Yes, on  last Friday night on the way home I met Irene who attended the 'Save Our Bus Services, Mount Druitt and Surrounding Suburbs' community meeting at Whalan Community Hall on 7th November 2009 and she thought I chaired the meeting well.

Click on the brief blog on our orginal story

She said she will get a few people to come to our meeting on 21st of this month.. This will be good as she is after more bus services in  Gasmatta Crescent, Whalan, especially after 10am.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Quicker From St. Marys To Richmond

Eunice from St Marys, another inspirational young lady claims she works at Richmond and it is easier for her to catch 2 trains from St. Marys and change at Blacktown  to Richmond then to catch a bus to Richmond from St Marys.

She also mentioned it is quicker to travel that way even including the waiting time  at Blacktown.

Seldom Commuter Not Comfortable On Trains!

Damendra from Blacktown is another commuter that is quite happy to be open about his thoughts on public transport trains.

He claims trains are not comfortable for him and prefers driving to the city as a one person is his car. He also finds it hard to relax on a train.

If anyone feels the same let us know as this is important for our future  public transport.

Security Camera Issues At Sevens Hills Commuter Carpark


This evening, coming home  from Parramatta to  Seven Hills, I met wonderful  couple called Tushar &  Mansi - both resting on each other should, totally relaxed and tired.

they advised that as they live in Prospect, the Seven Hills Commuter Car Park is convenient for themselves to park their car and ride on CityRail trains. as long as you get good 'undercover parking' ( called 'Park and Ride' terminology in transport language).

The only issue according to Tushar was that he had heard from his friends that  the video cameras are not working  as some broke into of their cars & City Rail couldn't do anything about it.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Commuter Missed Train Station Whilst Talking To Me!

An excited wonderful man  I met on the train really was interested with the transport topic that I always introduce and allow commuters to  talk about.

Ahmed from Mount Druitt had a lot to say about public transport - especially when his Mytrain quarterly ticket went from approximately $450 to $500 per quarter. It seemed to him that there was  no important changes to qualify for his dramatic fare increase.

Here is something I don't hear much: the Cityrail staff at Mount Druitt train Station ae grumpy, abrupt and rude when asking them questions and they appear that they are under pressures from the Cityrail Management. His impression of them is it appears they haven't ever done a customer service course before!

After this he said to me that he had to get off at Westmead, my throat nearly went choked when I realised we  were going past Pendle Hill. Once I told him that he missed his station I also said that is because of myself that he missed the station - he reassured myself it was no worries as we were having a great conversation - got off at Seven Hills to go back to Westmead1

Agentleman of one kind as never got upset on myself - he just dropped his jaws and gasped! What I liked about him was that he also said that he would hope to meet myself again one day!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My Future Long Term Public Transport Masterplan!

Planing for future for transport within NSW must incorporate a heavy emphasis in moving people to and from public transport that will alleviate congestion on roads and not add to delays as well. This has got to be done to cater for a growing population and a growing commuter population, especially if population expectation  is predicted to be 5,615,400  in 2031 an increase of 1,359,590 compared to 2010 Sydney population.

Special bus lanes must be promoted as well as community ways, extension of rail services via  'Y' links to Campbelltown- Penrith, Penrith to Riverstone etc, to meet both north and south as well. Duplication of carriageway lines from St Marys to Emu Plains. Station upgrades on all  stations on the Western  & Cumberland lines to be upgraded catering for  improved access to all commuters.

Local transport planning is the primary importance to meet local transport demand and must include local transport groups or related community groups in consultation inclusive of feedback from LGA's.

Bus Reviews should be reduced down to 2 areas only - Sydney and Western Sydney with focus on local transport connecting major shopping hubs bringing in a closer community. Bus stops must be easily marked, illuminated for night for both commuters and bus drivers to see and also  made more accessible, when bus stops aren't adequately accessed. Increased services introduced based on increased patronage.

Commuters that interchange to other public transport services or interconnect, need to have planned local timetable where both transport services allow adequate walking distance to meet the other connection.

Review of transport fares to be reviewed as per same terms of office for Parliamentary Members of the NSW Parliament, no offloading price increases every 6-12 months.

Public transport must have continual advertisements, in all forms of media's to move more people off cars into all forms of public transport even the promotion of 'Maxi Taxis' for small group short trips.

Public transport should not be neglected on weekends and late at nights on weekdays, loop bus services should be provided to cover multiple routes.

More security provided through Police Transit Officers on all public transport, ensuring safety on trains, buses, train stations,  bus interchanges and taxi ranks, car-parks and all other NSW for Transports public property. State Transit officers will be employed for ticket infringement notices.

LGA's must be used as a  feedback for the local community where  Council's can make there recommendations  to the local Transport Community Task force Group- which will include relevant  transport stakeholders, commuters ( local transport group and/or equivalent)  both council Traffic officers and Councillor Officers - representing community's interests.

Free Wi-Fi should be offered on all forms of public transport from train stations, bus stops, trains, light rail, buses and even taxis - this will be a great incentive for commuters to move into public transport enjoy their trips while researching, search, meeting assignments,  just plain old simply reading, e-mailing, blogging and any other Internet activity.

Commuters input is important and decisions made must not be made without this in mind, especially when it comes down to it no one should be denied  a type of public transport service. In saying that, where there is a train station that meets a community but is main amenities are further away for walking distance, a free Bus shuttle service can be operated as long as NSW for Transport meets their obligation by publicat
on of services in all medias and ensuring it meets local needs.

Video 1 Public Transport Promotion - click here

Video 2 - Promotion for Public Transport Future - click here

Bus drivers and Cityrail staff  must not obtain their drivers licence (for bus driving only) yet go through stringent Customer Service Course(s) on the focus of  presenting a great image for their industry and reviewed at least one day per year. Commuter competitions  to award Cityrail staff , bus driver, taxi driver best customer service transport operator etc

Although there are no smoking sign placed on train stations there doesn't seem to be any policing of this, with financial infringement notices issues. This will create revenue for the NSW Government and also a healthier community or environment for commuters to commute in. Adding to this should is bus interchanges and bus stops should be free of commuter lighting up cigarettes.

Refer to Non Smokers' Movement Australia

Non smokers on station platforms

Instead of widening roads, creating eventually more clogging of traffic in the long term future - maybe look at 'Bus Only' streets and car only streets ( limiting cars travelling around)! Taxi only shortcut routes- technology announcing which is the shortest route and cost of before departing to destination!

Light Rail or Trolley Buses can used in the local  community, to provide links in loops services around the desired routes  ensuring more commuters are make more accessible to more public transport. In services that have high demand for patronage then bring back the 'Double-Decker buses'!

A Light Rail Sydney
An English "Reading' Trolley bus
File:Tr├ądbuss Landskrona.JPG
A Swedish Trolley Bus
Increase in penalties, sentencing regarding missile throwers on public transport vehicles, transport officer and the general public  - including for juveniles, defacing/graffiti  public transport property made to  decorate public transport property with consensus of the  local community, increasing 'community pride' for first offence and  let these offenders  reach out to the general community and tell others of all the negatives of doing so. Community encouraged to take photos/ videos of these offenders and refer to crimestoppers
Do not collect $200!

Colourful buses, trains & taxis to  make the community feel more proud of how transport feels and looks in their area:

The colorful jet ferry

Maxi taxis can be use to take up to eleven commuters to relevant short distance and an economical rate when the fare is divided equally. Also another form of transport that was used in Mount Druitt before was the 'Westbus Nippers' then they were pulled out of service for unknown reason.

 For the enthusiast there must be access provided for bike ways and  allowing for leisure, pleasure and to commute to various destinations. This form of public transport should not be omitted in local transport discussions from within the community right up to Transport for NSW and local Government areas. Designated routes should allotted for this purposes, even though one lane way may be used up on major roads.

Promotion of Government regulated carpooling can ultimately reduce  near empty private cars off the road  which in the long run can  provide healthier lifestyles to the community and there will be overall reduction of petrol used. NSW for Transport should ensure this is considered with all Local Government's plans.

car pool

The best way of  planning future public transport is from within the local community, people discussing through transport local advocacy groups. community groups and meeting though Local  Government Transport Forums - open to the community/areas, representations made to local State members of the NSW Government.

The final result is that you as an individual cam also have a Transport Long Term Masterplan - not everyone's is correct. Where similarities occur that is when there seems to be an overall movement to a popular suggestion and other unpopular may also get through -

Have your say at NSW Long Term Transport Masterplan - there are community forums coming up that you may wish to share your views as well - my suggestion is two fold - either provide your feedback no matter how big or how small direct to NSW Government via the Masterplan or your local member of Parliament or you may contact our group and we may be looking at referring it directly  to the NSW Government via  WSPTU to the Long Term  Transport Masterplan.

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