Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Blacktown City Council Invites Our Group Representatives To The Blacktown City Council Transport Forum!

This is my third invitation to be invited to the Blacktown City Council Transport Forum on 20th September 2013 and our President, Angela Plows, her first time.

We both have been asked to speak at the forum and will provide you with updates, once the forum is completed.

Here is a little bit of history of the Blacktown City Transport Forum:

The Public Transport Forum was established in July 2000 in response to the need to have an ongoing structure through which public transport improvements in the Blacktown City Local Government Area can be co-operatively and effectively achieved.

The Forum has the following key objectives:

·                Act as a forum for exchange of information on local and state public transport matters between transport operators, community groups and relevant agencies.
·                Identify and consider the needs of the community with regard to public transport services and facilities.
·                Facilitate and encourage improvements to the level of public transport services.
·                Provide information and encourage input on Council's forward planning and activities in relation to public transport issues.
·                Initiate and facilitate projects as recommended by the forum and approved by Council. Sub groups be formed to deal with more complex issues that will require additional research and investigation.
·                With the assistance of Council, WSROC and any other supporting transport advocate group, lobby relevant authorities for alterations or amendments to Policy, Guidelines and Legislation (Federal Government, State Government, Local Government Association).

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Blacktown International Student Tells Us Her Public Transport Issues!

International student Ranjini currently lives in Blacktown and travels as a student to Wollongong using Sydney Trains Monday to Fridays.

She was telling of her hard case of when she entered Australia, in the recent weeks - there was no Australian website on the internet that leads you to public transport information in Australia or NSW. Especially how to purchase tickets and catch trains is where there is a lack of direction.

This is where all Australian Governments must ensure provision is made for proper public transport information is provided to international students entering our country, confirming relevant public transport details from appropriate States and Territories. Otherwise, these students are totally lost. Information provided must be on all Government  websites, providing international student with details of entering our country.

How would we feel if we places ourselves, in these international students position?

At the end, Ranjini  provided thanks for  giving her an opportunity to say and talk about Public transport in Australia.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Reserved Train Engines Ready To Replace Sydney Trains Breaking Down - Seven Hills Commuter!

Ravi from Seven Hills travels by Sydney Trains twice a week to and from Town Hall and uses the Hills Buss 700 to and from Parramatta as well.

Although he feels the services are good, he does feel disheartened when  there are sometimes problems with time table especially with trains, causing 15-20 minutes delay. Buses can also be delayed up to 20 minutes.

He claims one of the solutions is to give better training to Sydney Trains staff ( inclusive of Management), so that they can look at ways trains can be on time if everyone works together. Another solution is that Sydney Trains should have a reserve Train Engine to replaces train engines that break down or even strict and proper maintenance checks are completed ensuring trains  are in perfect service to not break down.

Great ideas - what do you think - provide feedback  to us - let us know your thoughts!

Silent Workers Provide Necessary Improvements With Bus Stop Accessibility!

I met Stoya yesterday,  who was measuring the stop where there will be another accessible access in Whalan  He works hard for his father who is contracted  to care care of concreting of kerbsides, footpaths, roundabouts, touching up of underpasses and for the concrete that provides access to commuters for bus stops.

He advised that Blacktown City Council Inspectors have to mark out the pot where the concrete slab will be placed and Stoya checks out the  engineering plans from there, ensuring that it is made to be compliant to all regulations and acts.

His fathers Company Georgievski Bros Concreting, can be contacted on 02 9677 2011  as they a qualified industrial concreters. The contracted boundaries they cover in Blacktown City Council are from ( East) Doonside to (West) St Marys  and from ( North) Dean Park to (South) Eastern Creek.

Interest facts that Stoya told myself is that the anti slip plastic strips are not  done by his company as the concrete has to cure first and although he may have some views on bus shelters he can not discuss this with any members of the community as this is not his profession.  Finally 10 - 12 concrete slabs can be laid per day as directed by Council.

So when we (as community members), saying 'Council does nothing!' And this this said no matter who is in leading in Local Government - let's give a thought to one's that do work around the area directed by Council, to provide better improvements within the area.We thank these important people playing their role in bringing us into a  great and better community!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Busways On Time Running Report On Current Timetables!

We hear how commuters have issues with on time running of public transport, especially bus services and that is one of the gripes that seems to be coming up the majority of the time.

The secret is out, Busways at Glendenning Depot have provided on the notice board (for the first time), their recent on time percentages for  Region 1, resulting at 99.06% accuracy of time.

I  have seen a report recently that bus region 1:  had an on time  percentage of about 92% - when I find this will update details. If that is the case Westbus would be fractionally less on time then Busways!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Glendenning Commuter Can't Wait For The New 'OPAL CARDS' To Come Out West!

When travelling on public transport trains and buses I do ask the questions to commuters and meet great people every day. I am so surprised that so many people are talking the chance to talk, even though to them I am a stranger. They are quite open to their thoughts of improvements in public transport in Western Sydney or even Sydney, which is important.

Yesterday, I met  a very young pleasant Grace from Glendenning, who drives to Mount Druitt from home to catch Sydney Trains to Town Hall and return every day.

She is the first commuter in Mount Druitt that is that really excited about the introduction of the new 'ETS Opal Card' (Electronic Ticketing System), that will provide easier access to purchase tickets, eliminate waiting times at train stations and hopefully buses as well. She does think a lot of commuters will benefit from this new system when it comes in, understanding it is coming in to the Western Sydney in different stages, currently introduced in the inner city of Sydney circle and Eastern Suburbs line.

One of her pet issues is little or no commuter car space available in Mount Druitt as she arrives to park her car in 'Off-peak time'. Although Mount Druitt has a quite small Commuter Car Park, she finds that the initial allotment of car spaces, should have been at least 400, being 3- 4 levels of car park - similar to Seven Hills.

Grace would use local bus services, if she knew that Mount Druitt had Safety/Police Officers ensuring commuters are safe at night especially after 10pm - when rostered to work on Mondays and Tuesdays.  On Sydney trains there should be Safety Officers in the back and front carriages of trains at night as there is only guards (middle of the train carriages) who can provide little or limited protection. 

She doesn't know how this could be done by the NSW for Transport or NSW Minister of Transport, yet after only travelling on trains for a few months has only seen Police Transit Officers twice on trains at night, in that period of time.  Rooty Hill Train Station also is in need to have Safety/Security at night where there isn't anyone to be seen at night! Safety for commuters must come first!

Ending on a positive note, Grace says trains are running more on time then years ago and loves the way Town Hall has 3 Customer Service Representatives (on each platform) with their new uniform, they are all wired up talking to each other and work altogether to keep Sydney Trains running smoothly.

Check Out Barrier Counts In/out of Visual Train Station - Mount Druitt Figures!

Here is a visual  graph showing you the recent usage of daily use of barriers. Bear in mind that there are a lot of people that do not  use tickets to exist barriers especially when the wide gates are open.

If you want to check out your train stations here it is:
Click here for other Sydney Trains Barriers

Mount Druitt
Barrier counts through station 14,820  24 hours, 2012      10K

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Have You Caught The 750 Double Decker Bus From Mount Druitt Or To Mount Druitt?

Commuters are startled that we have had for a few months, a new Double-Decker bus supplied by the NSW Government  and operated  by Busways. I have had my short first ride on it last week and  so to say it reminded myself of the Double-Decker  buses that used to go around in the city 40 years ago.

It was fantastic! Here are some inside photos!


Have you caught the 750 Double-Decker bus as yet? Let us know!

Mount Druitt Train Station Has New Temporary Seating Arrangements!

I wonder how Sydney Trains would appreciate the new temporary seating arrangement on Mount Druitt train station. We have people that are really thinking hard of making their life easy, while waiting for the  train.The only problem is he is facing away from where the trains arrive!

When I checked the platform out there was ample seating as well.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Compassion Required Commuters In Need - Old Mount Druitt Commuter!

Jaspher from Old Mount Druitt travels  by Sydney Trains to Parramatta and City of Sydney. He  thinks there should be improvements in the majority of train station announcements, allowing commuters to clearly understand what is being said by using quality speech that is thoroughly understood (for the commuters that may have a hearing loss). What is need is more clarity and guidelines as commuters listen carefully, not reading as if it is a fast speech!

He feels that Sydney Trains Customer Service Representatives, should be taking commuters that need assistance in train and train carriages, inside the train and travel with them to ensure they are safe having a pleasant journey. Also former transit officers could do this as well. Some times you see 4-5 safety Offers walk around in one time maybe they can split and 2 in one train and another 2-3 in another train to provide more safety.

Reasonable Increased Of Expressed Train Services In Off-Peak Times - Rooty Hill Commuter!

A young man Pankaj from Rooty Rooty Hill, travels from Mount Druitt to North Sydney by Sydney Trains and return every day.
After 6.30pm trains stops at more train stations then he thinks is necessarily to get home. 9.30am or after heading to North Sydney, the frequency of catching Express trains to North Sydney is less than before this time - taking 1 1/4-1/2 to get to reach work.

The solution is to work out the number of people travelling: tracking down from ticketing from North Sydney or Mount Druitt, to find out if there is increase patronage, then if is it showing increased in patronage - try to increase the number of train services in off-peak and trial  for 6 months.

His belief is the numbers of train services depends on the number of ticket sales and destination of journeys, recorded.

Pankaj purchases My Multi-Three Weekly ticket and didn't realise that he doesn't have to pay for bus services from Rooty Hill to Mount Druitt, separately. So far, his wife drives him to and from Mount Druitt and use the benefits of his current purchased weekly ticket.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

We Are Invited To Blacktown City Council Public Transport Forum in September 2013

We are excited in being invited to a Public Transport Forum, which is organised by Blacktown City Council and has been since 2000 -  Both Angela  Plows (President  MDCIG Inc) and my self have been invited.

We will represent Mount Druitt at this public transport forum to seek improvements in public transport for the future using modern technologies, that are available and for future plans to accommodate increase in use of public transport.

Here is the invitation:

The Public Transport Forum was established in July 2000 in response to the need to have an ongoing structure through which public transport improvements in the Blacktown City Local Government Area can be co-operatively and effectively achieved.

The Forum has the following key objectives:

·                Act as a forum for exchange of information on local and state public transport matters between transport operators, community groups and relevant agencies.
·                Identify and consider the needs of the community with regard to public transport services and facilities.
·                Facilitate and encourage improvements to the level of public transport services.
·                Provide information and encourage input on Council's forward planning and activities in relation to public transport issues.
·                Initiate and facilitate projects as recommended by the forum and approved by Council. Sub groups be formed to deal with more complex issues that will require additional research and investigation.
·                With the assistance of Council, WSROC and any other supporting transport advocate group, lobby relevant authorities for alterations or amendments to Policy, Guidelines and Legislation (Federal Government, State Government, Local Government Association).

Council is inviting you to a meeting of the forum to be held .............. on Friday 20 September 2013. 


What would you like  us to report to the Blacktown City Council Transport Forum? Please let us know!

Busways Take Over Region One Contracts As From 7th October 2013

I have heard from two sources that Busways will take over the Bus Region 1 officially as from 7th October 2013.

One thing we must stress to everyone is Busways is not Buying out Westbus, which is what a lot of commuters are spreading as a rumor in the community. Luckily, being involved with the Mount Druitt Commuters Improvement Group Inc. we understand the process of winning a government tender for the operation of buses.

We don't see the actual done to win it, can see what is involved in winning it  and 'back to basics' the  bus operator that provides more 'real time' of time tables.

We hope that the local press pick up  from us to educate the community, in confirming that Busways has not bought out Westbus, especially when the new bus changes will occur.

From bus drivers, I have heard there are some Westbus bus drivers that are upset with their new contracts, especially when they were paid  overtime on weekends and the weekend penalty rates for Busways is less than the overtime rates for Westbus drivers get paid  by 0.25 - Busways offering 1 1/2 times for Saturday and overtime for Westbus was 1 3/4 times.

I'm sure Busways is doing their best to make Westbus drivers happy to join them!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Elderly Commuter With Less Paying Windows in Mount Druitt - Rooty Hill South Commuter!

Chris from Rooty Hill South is a regular commuter  that has various issues in relation to public transport within Mount Druitt.

He has to travels to the City various times in a week for medical reasons and that because there are no accessible lifts in Rooty Hill as yet, he catches taxis to and from Mount Druitt as he has a walking cane, used by each hand to assist his ability to walk. This, in itself is very costly for him, if if there was a lift at Rooty Hill  his  living costs would have been down.

When he reached Mount Druitt yesterday morning, at around 9.20am - there was a very long queue and only one service counter available  for him to pay his concession fare. His train was due in 8 minutes. When he peeked in the the office of Mount Druitt Train station he had seen 2 employees doing paperwork. He felt that it is the NSW Government's responsibility to ensure that at least 2 windows should be open, to accommodate commuters to pay for their fares, ensuring there is ample time to reach his train.

As a major Commuter train station in Sydney, in Mount Druitt, he is not in a position to use the electronic ticketing machines because of the concession tickets, they have to be verified by Sydney Trains Customer Service representatives. Every day this happens and if he misses the fast train for this, the next train is all stations, making his journey longer.

Monday, August 12, 2013

More Carriages - Penrith Commuter!

Annette a commuter from Penrith train station to Wynyard train stations return and has been commuting on trains for 29 years.

She would improvements on the Country train that leaves Penrith at 6.05am weekdays that normally she stand up the entire trip to Wynyard and would suggest that the train carriages are increased from 4 carriages to 6 carriages  so that everyone can sit down. It was a six car train before  and she doesn't understand why that was changed!

On a positive note, she is eagerly excited about the roll out of the new Electronic Ticketing System, which she would like to be released. She feels that she is looking  to the convenience of getting the  ETS , tap and go and payment over the phone!

Older people will pick it up this system better and later then us.

Allow Pregnant Ladies To Sit Down On Sydney Trains - Bungarribee Commuter

Jimmy from Bungarribee ( new suburb in Mount Druitt), with his wife his pregnant travels by Sydney Trains from Doonside to North Sydney and return.

He sees a lot of people/commuters on trains sitting on disable seats not allowing  pregnant ladies to sit down sit down. Also people getting in and out of trains, don't notice these ladies they will  sit down first.

Solution is you can't change the way people act, yet he will always do what he does and that is help the community and senior citizens to provide them with their seats that they should have.

He then noted that I as I told him this blog will be published , he may be able to change the way commuters react to a better positive way.

Do you give seats up for pregnant ladies or senior citizens - let know your stories/comments?

Solution To Squashed Commuters On Sydney Trains - Blacktown Commuter!

William from Blacktown travels on Sydney Trains from Blacktown train station to Meadowbank train station and  transfers at Strathfield train station.

He believes that he as a commuter doesn't like to be squashed like sardines in peak hour on trains. More carriages can be introduced, increasing from 6 to 8 carriages as this will provide more comfort to him and other commuters on long journeys.

A mate of his from Melbourne claims they have more frequent train services  down there and we should have done the same in Sydney, which means less commuters waiting on platforms on trains.

Does this makes sense to you and do you agree - let us know through your comments!

Smelly Sydney Train Trains - Westmead Commuter!

I met a young man yesterday that travels from Westmead train station to Strathfield Week days and return.

He claims half the  trains he travels on are new ones and the older trains stink. He claims cleaners can place some chemicals to fix the smell on trains.

Also he has issues with trains from North Shore don't  not stopping at  relevant trains or go past his stations without stopping!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

More Safety Officers And On Time Trains Required On Western Line - Bidwill Commuter

Tariq from Bidwill travels from Mount Druitt to Parramatta and returns to work almost every day and is another commuter concerned of cancelled or delayed trans that may prevent him to get to work on time.

His suggestion is for Sydney Trains to probably place more staff on to get the services running on time, ensuring properly maintained and service checks are completed. He does understand the reasons for these setbacks and breakdowns feeling that in general all trains should be properly checked and fix it up, as well as the tracks they run on. This is vital to reduce the effects of breakdowns and delays of Sydney Trains.

Another issue he feels should be fully addressed by the NSW Government is the issue of 'Commuter Safety'. Safety in Public Transport travelling is important. He feels that more and more safety officers, should be placed each and every train trip around Sydney and Western Sydney. This is so that commuters do not have to face possible intoxicated commuters causing potential problems for other commuters. These officers should be made ready and available to control these issues if they are at the spot of causing trouble.

Modern Mount Druitt Train Station Information

Here is great information for Mount Druitt commuters and even the wider commuter community.

We normally do not understand how important and big Mount Druitt is as a public transport hub until we compare against other train stations, especially in Western Sydney. So here are some interesting acts been provided to myself yesterday from a NSW transport Officer.

Now the NSW Government is steering away from the labeling employees of former Sydney Rail as Station Assistants, they are now been given a different image of representing Sydney Trains as Customer Service Representatives. This allows them to  really become the forefront of Customer Service for Sydney Trains, allowed to provide information that promotes the best interests for the community.

In the Western Sydney sector of Western Sydney ( which covers within the train stations of Carlingford,Richmond, Auburn, Emu Plains), Mount Druitt is 3rd in Revenue Sales and Ticket Issues. Parramatta being 1st and then Blacktown 2nd. Ticket issues are not perceived as complaints from commuters it is the ticket office issuing tickets to commuters.

The current Western Line Customer Service Manager position is still vacant at the moment, whilst the job's area of responsibilities has been reduced substantially. At present the station Master for Penrith is the acting Manager. The reduced areas of responsibility are from Emu Plains all stations to Blacktown*. Once a month the New Customer Service Manager comes to each train station to complete all the book work for the month, providing assistance to each station, also responsible for smaller stations and their revenues. At present Duty Managers from each train station are responsible for each stations day to day running.

The other thing that is educational for us, is the Electronic Indicator signs/boards compared to what Sydney Trains use. All to do with information technology, the electronic indicator boards/signs we see is called an 'LIC' system, which although is showing what we call the real time of a departure. It is still not accurate meeting actual departing times. 

'LIC' is controlled in a central building and is well controlled, secured and well staffed.

The problem I had was that it had indicated on the board 3 minutes to go on the public electronic board/sign yesterday, yet on platform 1 the train was leaving. This can set frustration with other commuters as opposed to myself who can take it calmly!

In the Station office, the they also have the 'TLS' system, which is the train locator system, which works on sensors on the tracks which indicate where the train is. This system is more reliable and not integrated with the 'LIC' systems as yet. If it was it would provide more accurate information systems to Mount Druitt commuters and also commuters from all over other places.

*Emu Plains, Penrith, Werrington, Kingswood, St Marys, Mount Druitt, Rooty Hill, Doonside and Blacktown train stations.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Extra Electronic Signs Required - The Reason Why & Part Solution For Vision Impaired Commuters!

A NSW Transport Officer had indicated to myself that Mount Druitt, was short-changed with  electronic sign boards. What is needed in Mount Druitt is another electronic indicator board that allows to show express train services or special train services  for special events, as other major train stations have.

Also a part solution for vision impaired commuters voice announcements being made. This saves them having difficulty reading signs and is only a part solution.

Click here for one blog on New Electronic Signs At Mount Druitt

Click here for second blog on New Electronic Signs at Mount Druitt

Increase In Safety Required By Doonside Commuter!

I met a commuter that likes standing on trains in our Western Line. This I find unusual but I did make him sit down, when we had this discussion.

A young Ernest has is requesting for more safety and security as he travels weekly from Doonside to Central and return. Claims there is  a potential risk  in travelling in public transport and providing  an increase in safety and security officer, not he would feel safe but other commuters. There NSW Government should provide these on all Sydney trains services, were possible!

Kingswood Commuter Requires Less Train Stops At Night!

Dave from Kingswood travels from Kingswood to Parramatta  and return by Sydney Trains for work and sometimes travels at night.

His main issue that he would like to see improved is longer travelling at night as to reach Kingswood he has to catch an all stops trains from Seven Hills to Kingswood where he would like to see more faster service trains from Parramatta, fir stop Blacktown and all stops from Mount Druitt.

Apparently he has met the NSW Young Liberal President and he has told Dave that Barry O'Farrell is attending to ensuring better time tables are coming!

We know October 2013 is when the next lot of new Sydney Train time tables and matching bus time tables as well. My understanding after speaking to  the NSW Minister of of Transport, Gladys Berejiklian -  they are trying hard to match  both times for commuter interchange from one mode of public transport to another.

How do think the new time tables are coming out, do you think we will all be satisfied - let us know!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

'Peace of Mind' Required on Sydney Trains On Western Line - Doonside Commuter!

More and more Western Sydney commuters are opening up to myself as while asking them important questions in relation to improving public transport, using their views.

Today talk to Kabir from Doonside, who travels with Sydney Trains from Doonside and Parramatta in return every day for work, created  some interesting comments (overhearing the conversation), from a lady commuter. This proves word of mouth spreads!

 Kabir likes quite morning  compartments in carriages as he feels it is a personal choice rather than listening to loud talking or loud piping music, which can be annoying.

He also would like train time tables maintained rather than cancelled or delayed for various reasons. He finds it is the responsibility of the NSW Government to take ownership and provide more trains to alleviate train time table issues and disruptions to commuters life.

The final thing that gets Kabir is that on the North Shore line there seems to be comfort trains and comfort train carriages. In comparison, the western line is cold and uncomfortable in winter. Then a lady overhearing us was saying that she has heard the Western Line tracks are not made for the newer trains and can only facilitate the older trains. If true, that would mean that tracks would have to be altered to suite the new trains that the North have - their tracks are adaptable to the newer trains.

If Kabir had the power to make the above public transport improvements, he would increase and improve the number of quiet carriages. Importantly, he suggests there should be a major campaign to promote 'Quite Carriages' on many billboards, radio stations and the television media, this would then leave him being more considerate to other commuters. Leave  peace of mind to all.

What do you think of these suggested improvements? Do you agree or disagree?

Migrant Student's Suggestion On Public Transport Fares For Migrants - Mount Druitt Commuter!

Every day, our  Australian, New South Wales and Mount Druitt population grows arising from natural birth, natural migration or as refugees.  So today Tadese from Mount Druitt has provided his belief of how immigrants should be treated in relation to public transport.

Tadese has two months ago migrated from Ethiopia and catches the Westbus 780 bus to and from Ropes Crossing to Mount Druitt 4 days a week. He stated that the improvements in public transport he would like to see is, ' When I see the public transport there is  not any bad but the price of each trip is much expensive for people to have no work, especially immigrants. People need to move from place to place. 

They need transport especially when you take my cost  is a day $7.20 per day and it is difficult one, having no work. Public transport should be free or if possible  half-price fares should be paid. I stand from my problem because I'm a student in Macquarie A.M.E.P.  (Australian Migrant English Program).'

Those were Tadese's actual words as he told, he was a former teacher in Ethiopia and would like to be given a chance to teach in Australia shortly.

How do you feel about Tadese's improvement for public transport. Do you agree with his proposal to have free public transport or half-price fares, let's  hear from you!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

New Advertisement For NSW Transport Officers Seen in Mount Druitt Buses

On our Buses we have the advertisements for the new  NSW Transport Officers, who will be covering trains, buses and ferries.

These NSW Transport Officers will replace the previous NSW Transit officers (in the long run).  They are to tend to fare evaders  also disruptive commuters and ensure the comfort and safety of commuters. I haven't seen one yet but would like to extend to the community any stories of if you have seen  a New NSW Transport officer and share your experiences with us s a comment.

This is the new NSW Transport Officers
Advertisement on our buses

Friday, August 2, 2013

International Student Requires Fair Public Transport Student Fares!

A young gentleman Student, Saqib from St Marys, travels daily by Sydney Trains from St Marys train station  to Central train station. He also fits in ten minutes of walk every day to and from St Marys train station and also to and from Central to UTS ( University of Technology).

As an international student he is paying at least $250 per month for public transport trains and is not provided a discount as an international student, where domestic students are provided a 50 percent  fare reduction. This fare should be charged at the same rate for each student, as the cost for international students is expensive. 

Saqib was saying you cannot distinguish between either domestic or international students, there are all students, and should be treated equally, which he considers is important.

The other issue he has, is that on the Western Line, Sydney Trains are providing a lot of older train carriages that don't have a temperature control system and it is hard to travel in comfort when the weather is 6 degrees and you have gushing cold air circulating on commuter faces. the immediate change need to be done to provide  more improved, modern temperature controlled carriages.

This is not too bad from an international student, concerned of fares and commuter comfort, what are thoughts? We invite your comments?

Sydney Train Customer Service Representative at Blacktown Takes Control Of Hundreds OF Commuters Re Near Mount Druitt Station Fatality!

It  is rare to see the previous City Rail employees or the current Sydney Train employees, be congratulated for taking control on an unfortunate situation that arose, upsetting the entire Sydney Rail train network and throwing the system into chaos.

Because of a fatality, near Mount Druitt train station, immediately the management of Sydney Trains had to prevent trains from  travelling  in between Blacktown to St Marys train stations. Details were unclear of the specifics of the fatality but never-the-less not many commuters did want to  find out about that. I came to the Customer Desk at the barrier where a commuter was getting upset and I took over the situation by asking calmly questions and then reassuring commuters nearby that Sydney Trains are taking control of situation.

What commuters didn't know is that the Blacktown Customer Service Representatives - a lot of them were due to go home at 9pm when it happened and stayed on to look after and  make it easier for  commuters , while the Blacktown Station Duty Manager organised immediately 5 buses from Busways, one from Carlingford and one from Granville to take commuters to all stations to  St Marys Train Station, where trains took commuter further west.

Rachelle. Sydney Trains Customer Service Representative, deserved accolades for calming commuters as they were arriving bear the Blacktown train station barriers. She didn't lose her voice as (their PA system all of a sudden wasn't working).

Finally buses came, as we were asked to walk down to stand 1. By then there was hundreds of people waiting to get home. Rachelle was still trying to calm the situation, until people made it onto buses.

There was an elderly gentleman that could barely stand for long periods - he was due to go to the Lower Mountains, a few of us called for clearance as a few of us  aided him as he struggled to get on the bus . Some commuters would push in front of him , not caring of his situation. He finally made into the bus - there was an Australian man who offered to walk him him and ensure he was safe getting into the bus as well.

One lady in a pink top suggested that if buses come  all stations to St Marys  and also express to Penrith, then commuter going to Mountains stand on the  east part of the bus stand and the rest on the west, Rachelle thought it was a good idea starting to tell commuters to do this bus buses started coming.

Thank you for the NSW Government to make the transition of commuters from buses and trains in Blacktown go smoothly, all employees should  be applauded for the work they do, as it always starts from the ground staff  as well. 

A commuter made a comment that contingencies should be in place for the New South Wales Government to properly provide an emergency plan to prepare for these further situation to arise. It was then said by the same commuter that.

If you faced this issue last night provide your thoughts on what your feedback is?

Save Our Bus Services

Read our story on how we made it our priority to ensure bus services are re-instated from services taken away in 2009.