Wednesday, May 23, 2012

History of a Bus Stop In Mount Druitt Over 40 Years Ago!

A prominent lady who catches the Busways 758 & 750 told me yesterday of a tragic story that happened over 40 years ago.

I was probably a little shocked to place this story on the blog, yesterday, as I have been focussing on bus stops for a long time!

So here it is:  She told myself that  at the old site of the Mount Druitt train station on North Parade, the bus tops had an orange shelter with no seats. It had railings inside and one day a lady was waiting for a bus at the bus stop and the bus shelter collapsed on her and killed her!

Yes I was dumbfounded too (as you would have been when you just read the above), when I was told this - I didn't realise that bus shelters can be a dangerous place, if falling onto commuters. I think I'll have to now focus on safety of bus shelters for the community as well!

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